Mafia Menage

byMackenzie Taylor©

"And what did you bring me today Antonio?" Morgan asked his second in charge, as he dragged a young lady into his office and shoved her into a chair.

"She saw me off Lizard." Antonio Hunter spoke in Italian, and then shrugged. "You know my policy on killing kids."

"I don't think that's she's a child," Morgan told him, studying the frightened girl intently.

Antonio walked over and looked her over just as intently as Morgan was doing. He smiled and nodded like he had an epiphany.

"The braids tripped me up," Antonio told Morgan.

"Antonio tells me you saw him kill the pimp?" Morgan asked the girl

"Well, Antonio is wrong. The sun was in my eyes and all I heard was a car backfiring."

"Hmm." Smart girl, he though.

"I knew it," she said shaking her head.

"Knew what?" Morgan asked curiously.

"I rolled out of bed this morning and hit my head on the nightstand." She pulled her hair back and showed him the bump on her temple.

"Then I missed the bus and had to walk to work." She sighed and looked up at him with her big brown eyes. "What's your name?"

"Morgan Chase."

"Are you superstitious Mr. Chase?"

"I'm Catholic."

"I am," she went on as if she didn't hear him. "Bad things come in threes."

"This is your third?" Morgan asked her trying not to laugh. He glanced up and Antonio had his fist stuffed halfway in his mouth.

"Yeah. My third. It's not fair. I've never smoked a cigarette or had a beer. I was going to vote but I had to work."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Morgan said.

"I've never had sex!" she wailed. She turned and glared at Antonio then back at Morgan. "I'm twenty one and never had sex. One of you has to have sex with me before you kill me. I've had a shitty life and I deserve something nice before I die."

"Well?" She asked after more than a half a minute of them staring at her with their mouths half open. "I don't care who. You guys pick. Rock, paper, scissors for it."

"What's your name," Morgan asked after he came back to his senses.


"Because we like to know the names of the women that we fuck."

"Oh." His crudeness startled her for a moment. "Um, Billy."

"What kind of name is that for a woman," Antonio asked.

She rolled her eyes. "Willhelmina." She threw over her shoulder at him.

"Billy it is," said Morgan to Antonio who nodded.

"Well," She sighed. "There are only two of you; I guess you could flip a coin."

"Antonio and I have been friends since we were boys."

"Cool." She started rifling through her purse.

"What are you doing?" Morgan asked.

"Looking for a coin." She stopped and checked her breath with her hand. "And a tic tac."


"Found one."

"A coin?"

"No. A tic tac." She popped it into her mouth and started going through her purse again.

"As I was saying, Antonio and I have been friends since we were boys. We shared everything. We still do for the most part."

She stopped going through her bag and looked up at him. Then she turned and looked at Antonio who raised an inquisitive eyebrow. She turned back to Morgan and opened her mouth and then closed it again. He could see the wheels turning in her head.


"Umm, wow, that's hot."

"Here that Antonio, she likes the idea."

"I wasn't finished. That's hot but it scares the bejeezus out of me more. I'm only five feet tall."


"And you're both well over six foot. You've each got to outweigh my by a hundred pounds or mor!." Her eyes were as big as dinner plates.

"What's your point?"

"I don't want to be the meatball in your Italian sub."

"I don't think you have much choice," Antonio leaned down and said quietly in her ear.

"You don't have to worry," Morgan said as he stood up and walked around the desk and kneeled in front of her chair. "Antonio and I know how to treat a woman."

She was racked by a shiver as Antonio ran a finger lightly over the back of her neck. Morgan took one of her hands in his and studied her small fingers. Her skin was extremely pale compared to his and he marveled at how tiny she was compared to him.

"She is right," he told Antonio in Italian. "We will have to take care that we don't hurt her. She is very delicate."

"We will have to break her in slowly." Antonio smiled. "You want her first?"

"Oh, yeah."

Morgan stood, pulling Billy to her feet but she was shaking so much that she collapsed back in the chair. He scooped her up as if she weighed nothing and they walked to a side door that Antonio had went to and opened. It was a large and lavish bedroom, that was dominated by a king size four poster bed. Morgan set Billy down at the foot of the bed and looked at her expectantly.

"Take your clothes off."

Morgan saw her hands clench into small fist and decided to make the decision a bit easier for her. He shrugged out of his suit jacket and handed it to Antonio who did the same thing, setting both jackets aside. Billy gasped at the sight of the double shoulder holsters that both men were wearing.

"Be a good girl," Morgan said pulling out one of the guns and running it along her cheek "and we'll let you live."

He smiled and put the gun away when she nodded. As before Morgan pulled his holster off and gave it to Antonio who put them aside. They watched quietly as Billy slipped off her flip flops and pushed them aside. She pulled her t-shirt over her head and then her tank top revealing to the two men that she wasn't wearing a bra. She unbuttoned her ratty jeans and let them slide off her hips, then pushed her blue thong down and stepped out of them.

"Now. Undress, us," said Morgan.

She slowly stepped forward, reached up, and started unbuttoning Morgan's shirt. Antonio came up behind her, pulled her hair ties out, and ran his hands through her hair, unbraiding it. When she was done and Morgan had slipped his shirt off she turned around to do Antonio's. As she unbuttoned his shirt he reached up and gently wiped the tears off her cheeks.

"Since it's your fist time we'll be gentle," whispered Antonio.

Both the men slipped off their shoes and socks, giving Billy the time she needed to pluck up the courage to undo both their belts, and unbutton their pants. They let their pants slide down revealing the fact that neither of them were wearing briefs. They were both semi hard at this point.

They were some of the most handsome men she had ever seen. They had classically handsome faces and both of them were tall and muscular, with the dark hair and skin tone of their Italian ancestors. Morgan was clean shaven while Antonio had a small mustache and goatee. They could easily pass for brothers.

Morgan came to stand in front of her while Antonio ran his hands over her shoulders from behind. Morgan took her hands and put them around his neck making her stand on the tips of her toes. He looked into her eyes for a few moments and then found her lips with his. They were firm and warm and it was the first kiss that Billy had ever received.

Antonio leaned down and nipped at her shoulder making her gasp. Morgan took advantage and thrust his tongue into her mouth, touching hers with his. Antonio smiled as he felt Billy shiver from Morgan's kiss. He ran his hands down her arms and lightly touched her stomach, feeling the muscles jump. His kissed the back of her neck and shoulders

Morgan stopped kissing her and nodded at Antonio, who scooped up Billy and laid her on the bed. He lay down at her side and Morgan laid down on her other side. They each took a hand putting them above her head and started running their own hands over her body, gently touching every bit of her. Morgan focused on her small breast with their small, hard, pink nipples and Antonio focused on her stomach and legs, leaving her pussy alone.

The sensations that were racking Billy's body were blissful. She had grown up with a mother who liked to slut around. Billy had never understood her mother's ways up until now. If this was how sex felt then she didn't blame her mom one bit.

Antonio and Morgan let go of her hands and she took the opportunity to start touching and rubbing the men back, wanting them to experience the same sensations that she was. Antonio took her hand, gently kissing each of her fingers and Morgan pushed her hand down to his cock. She wrapped her hand around him but let go when he let out a growl.

"Don't stop," Morgan ordered her and she gently put her hand around him again. She marveled at the hard softness of him. She pulled her other hand away from Antonio's mouth and moved it down to give his cock equal attention.

"My turn," said Antonio as he moved his hand down to her pussy. He brushed his fingers along the folds of her clean shaven pussy smiling as she jumped. She let go of the men's cocks and tried to push Antonio's hand away but Morgan caught her wrists and held them above her head, watching Antonio work his magic. He dipped his finger lightly into her fold and found her clit. He started to rub it lightly in circle, moving a little faster each time she gave a moan. Morgan leaned down and took her mouth with his as she gave a small keening cry and clamped her legs around Antonio's hand, cumming.

Antonio took her mouth from Morgan who started kissing his way down her body, only stopping when he reached her pussy. Her lips were swollen and wet with her own juices. He positioned himself between her thighs parted her lips. He ran his tongue over her clit as he pushed a finger inside of her. She was tight, wet, and hot, and he couldn't wait to get his cock inside of her. But he needed to ready her a bit first because he and Antonio had fairly decent sized cocks. And as much as Morgan enjoyed inflicting pain, he also enjoyed giving a women pleasure.

By the time that she came a second time Morgan had stretched her to fit three of his finger and he was confident that she was as ready for his cock as she would ever be. He rose up over her and positioned his cock at her entrance and pushed, slowly but relentlessly. She whimpered and put her arms around Antonio, burying her face in his neck. He could hear Antonio soothing her as he held still, letting her adjust to his invasion.

Morgan felt her body relax after a bit and started to slowly move in and out of her. He felt her quivering as she started to gain pleasure from his ministrations. Antonio bathed her nipples with his tongue and ran his hands over her body. Morgan started moving a bit faster and harder, feeling his balls tighten. She gasped and clamped her legs around his body while her pussy clamped down hard on his cock. He let loose his load inside of her yelling his satisfaction.

Antonio smiled as he switched places with Morgan, pushing his own cock into the girl. Morgan had paved the way for him. She was slick with their combined juices and her pussy was still very tight, clinging to his cock lovingly.

"I can't, please, no more" Billy gasped out.

"Quiet girl," Morgan ordered. "I think you have another one in you."

Antonio gripped her hips and moved in and out of her body, as Morgan held her hands above her head and plundered her mouth. He could feel her orgasm building, along with his. He started rubbing her clit and smiled when she cried out and tightened around him. Her pussy milked his cock as he came inside of her. When he was finished he eased out of her and rolled to the side.

Morgan pulled Billy onto his chest and she buried her face in his neck, her hot tears falling onto his shoulders. He smiled contentedly as Antonio ran a soothing hand over her back.

* * *

Antonio stared out the window at the skyline, and then started chuckling.

"What," asked Morgan, swiveling in his chair to look at Antonio.

"Rock, paper, scissors."

Both the men had a good laugh.

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