Magazine Girl


Lately I'm off a lot. Got my 2-year sheepskin in a dresser drawer that says I have the qualifications to be a technician. But I haven't been at the bench very much recently. We are all building a great pyramid. Now that this pyramid's complete, what do we do? What do we do.

I sat in my car at the park this morning, smoking a cigar. The temperature was in the twenties, and the car heater kept it almost sixty.

I fell asleep for a moment and woke. I heard some guys yelling. There were four or five cop cars. They told me to get out of the car. One officer had a pistol aimed at me. "Put your hands in the air!"

I wasn't the guy. The wind chill was considerable and my best cap was at home. I had no gloves. The police found out everything except who delivered me. My hands were out at my side. As icicles formed on my balls, I wondered if Dunkin' Donuts delivers.

I got back my driver's license and they all said thanks. The beefy guy was through giving me a light haze, and thanked me. Always happy to help. Go get some donuts.

Right after my liberation I got coffee(no donuts) to thaw my hands and feet, I went to the store where they have the good stuff from the Dominican Republic.

"That'll be $14.88, Mr.---"

"Don't do that, please." I told the guy to save it. Always that guy. I bought an 18-year old cigar, and some factory throw outs for a buck a piece. I paid in cash and flipped off the Indian. ......................

I had a lukewarm shower when I got home. My masculine organ was able to get aroused on its own. The knowledge I can get it up satisfied me. The warm water felt very good but I didn't jerk off. It seemed a good idea, after being out in sub-freezing cold.

My utility scissors were in the kitchen drawer. I cut the imported cigar just beneath the band. Elsa Benitez clipped a corona that way. I saw her do it in a beer ad. She used a cigar cutter.

I heard a knock on the front door I did not recognize. I debated about going to the door. I had on my powder blue boxers and moccasins. Maybe it was the guy collecting for the newspaper. It could be the guy's wife. I put on a pair of cutoff jeans and went to answer the door.

"Hi, how are you, sir? I am selling magazines to pay my way through college next year."

I raised my hand. I knew the spiel she was about to give me. I looked out past her. Down my street two young Mormon guys rode by on bicycles. "Isn't it cold to be out selling things?" I looked back at the girl. She was a couple of inches shorter than myself.

"Yeah. But I'm doing it." She grinned at me. She was pretty, wrapped up in a heavy red coat. Long, wavy russet hair fell out of her black baseball cap.

"Come in, I can't heat all of the outdoors, you know. She looked at me standing at the door with no shirt on and bit a nail. She appraised the situation, believing that she was soliciting a single man. A single man who bunked alone.

I moved aside. The girl walked in, popping her cap off.

"I'll leave the door open, if you feel more comfortable. What is your name?"

She was pulling off her coat. Depending on the bra padding, I was looking at a young woman with healthy mammary glands. She therefore ate food for lunch, instead of artificially sweetened breath mints.

"My name is Celia. It's alright, you can close the door. I'm not worried."

You have a damn nice body, I thought, closing the door. Maybe you ought to worry. Celia looked to be half my age, or less. Twenty-three or twenty-four. She was engaged. I never asked her age, or about the ring either.

"Can I get you something to drink?"

Celia was opening her folder, with the sales information inside. "I'm fine."

She looked up, pausing to notice my stomach. Yep, I got one.

"Coke alright?"

"If you are." Celia smiled, warmly this time.

After finding a shirt I walked back to the kitchen to get two Cokes. I looked back once at the hall mirror. Celia was sitting in my favorite chair, an old gray overstuffed chair with a neck rest.

I brought back the Cokes and set the cans on the coffee table. I'm going to enjoy this, I thought. I liked her. I like everybody.

"Come sit down on the sofa, so I can check all your, ah, sales info." I sat down. A friend gave me the sofa a few months back. The seat cushions were big and soft and perfect for a sweet little scam artist.

I took a swig of an ice-cold drink and listened while Celia went over all the magazines I could buy. She told me how much five subscriptions cost, plus other little additional costs. I set the Coke down, finally, and turned toward Celia.

"So what do you think?" Celia asked. She was looking over at me, casually. The girl had beautiful eyes, larger than average. Her eyes were tiny blue and white galaxies.

"I think you're crazy." I said, sounding highly amused. "I'm not going to buy any magazines today."

"But why not?"

"Celia, I have one friend downtown. He's not a cop. But he knows a few.

Celia said "What do you want him to do? What are you saying?" Celia was looking down at her glossy, just a tad perplexed.

"Celia, how long have you been selling the magazines?" I was thinking about the cigar lying over on the unfinished end table. I'd enjoy a smoke after my catch of the day.

"About three months. You're going to get the magazines." Celia rubbed her face, a bit agitated.

Celia had on an embroidered button-down shirt and a maroon tank. The top three buttons of the shirt were undone. I could see a little cleavage from my position. She looked real enough. Celia had very fair skin, just a few sun freckles.

"How many houses are you going to before your ride comes back?" I glanced with a slight interest at the magazine list.

Celia was taking a pull from her Coke. Her throat was dry now. "Well. I have this block. Eight houses. One house is for sale."

I touched my chin. I shaved about eight that morning. My face felt good. I had on some balm. I thought I was edible.

"How much do you expect to make in sales? On this street I live, where people work hard for a paycheck? How much?"

Celia looked out the corner of her eye at me. Then she looked at me, fooling with her shirt. Part of her shirt came out of the front of her jeans. She said "About eighty dollars.". The magazine girl took a big drink of her Coke. She held a fist over her mouth, burping.

Better act now, I thought. Celia was sitting up on the couch and I lay my arm down behind. I didn't touch her. "Celia, I'll buy $72 worth of magazine subscriptions."

"You will? But you..." She wanted me to finish her thought.

"But I'll never get my astrophotography magazine. Too bad."

Celia looked over at me. She wasn't sure what she'd like right then. Then she relaxed, resting her head on the back of the sofa. She adjusted her jogging pants. I thought she wanted to pee.

"I am not putting you in a corner. I won't do that." I was telling her the truth. I didn't tell her I make Eagle scout, but that was true. I thought Celia might want to call a third party to rescue her. Or participate, but that was not likely.

"Do you want to go to the bathroom?" I asked. Very obviously I looked down at her cell phone. I gambled and I don't usually gamble. Except when I leave the casa. I was scratching Celia's lower back lightly.

Celia pulled her phone out of her side pouch and pressed a key. Someone answered right away. "Hey. How are you doing?" Another female voice talked for a minute or more then Celia said "Yes. I'm leaving 401-B now. I think I will need about an hour. Maybe a little more." Pause. "Yep. I'll see you down on the next corner."

She ended the call.

"Are you engaged?" I asked her.

"Yes. I might not stay that way."

Then she said "Mind if I use your bathroom?". The girl took off the belt that held her phone.

When she laid the phone on the coffee table I said "Celia".

I was lying back on the couch. She gave me a playful smile and said "What? WHAT is your name?"

I told Celia my name and laid my hand on her waist. In a silent, non-aggressive way, I asked for a kiss. She leaned over and her lips grazed mine. She stretched and excused herself. Celia had an ass-shaped pear.

In less than two minutes I picked out some magazines. I filled out the stupid form and lay my credit card on the coffee table. It was the last time I'd use that plate.

Celia came out of the bathroom holding her clothes. She lay them on my favorite chair. Celia was wearing her panties and her bra.

She came back to the sofa and sat back down next to me. I noticed a blue butterfly just above where her panties covered her butt. "Nice butterfly" I remarked.

"Thank you. It lives in the Amazon." She took off her watch and laid it on the coffee table by my credit card.

"Is there a clock around here, by any chance?"

I pointed at a brass clock with a dial over my stereo. "It's five minutes fast."

I thought Celia was self-conscious now, in her underthings. So I said, "I like your body. Do you think I can touch it?"

Celia said "Are you going to stay like that?"

"No. I want to take all my clothes off. You're fine like that for the moment."

Celia knew I was in charge. I just wanted to secure my prize. She asked, "How long ago did you with someone?" She was more than interested.

My shirt was off and I unbuckled my belt. "Six months." I thought some more. "No, seven. Seven months."

Once again the truth was my middle name. Celia believed me. I did not have to worry about her worrying.

"You aren't into rough stuff are you?" Celia asked. She was a little worried.

"No, honey. Not my cup of tea. Can you do something, please?"

"Yes. What?"

"If you turn that way I can unhook your bra."

Celia turned her back to me. She moved her head from one side to the other. I heard one good pop. "Bet that felt good" I commented.

Celia's bra fell off and I rubbed her shoulders. She started to turn but I said gently "Celia. Be still, baby."

I got up as close as I could to Celia on the sofa. I put my hands on her shoulders again and tipped her against the back of my couch. Stuffing my leg behind the seat cushion, I put a pillow behind me. Celia relaxed while I put the moves on her.

I placed my arms around the girl's waist and kissed her on the back of her neck. I lay moist kisses in a widening group on her neck, and down the back of her neck. Celia was soft around her shoulders, with a little baby fat.

Celia turned her head, sighing audibly. I kissed the girl underneath her ears with my mouth open wide. Celia's hands were lying against my calves while I plied her with kisses.

She grabbed one of my hands and laid it over a breast. I placed both my hands on her breasts from the outsides. Celia pushed her hands against mine, pressing her tits together.

In one motion I leaned Celia back on a big flat cushion against the back of the couch. Then I got on the carpet down on my knees. I played with Celia's breasts and was not rough. She had soft, pretty tits. I handled each one, discovering the texture, the amount of firmness, the weight of each one.

Celia's aureolas were beautiful brown like cedar, and were centered with lovely dark nipples. I kissed the lobes of her breasts, holding them together and sucking her nipples gently. Celia's hands lay by her side.

We were both moaning and sighing, I was vocal about enjoying Celia's full, nice tits. I got off my knees and toppled Celia over. She looked up, and said. "I'm taking my medicine like a good girl."

I kissed the girl on the lips. "What if I want to go down on you?" I asked.

"And you'd like the same treatment?" Celia said. We laughed. Celia put her arms around my neck and looked over at the clock.

"I only have thirty more minutes before Gail comes back."

"I understand, Celia. But where are you from? Where do you live?"

"Tennessee. Knoxville. Listen, I wouldn't mind doing something to make you feel good, Larry. But I don't want you down on me, because I'm kinda nasty down there."

"We have time to do both. I don't mind if you're not showered, Celia." She could see she didn't have a choice again.

I stroked her hair and said "I'm not gonna have sex with you, Celia. I mean try to get you to have intercourse with me."

She knew that somehow. I don't know how she knew. I'd have the main course with someone else later. Star scout, that's me.

"I think you're probably right." Celia said. "I've been lucky so far. I have friends back home who don't agree."

I sat her up on the couch and gave the woman a long slow kiss. I kissed Celia's stomach while she relaxed, each time slowly pressing my tongue against her soft young skin. When I put my tongue in her belly button, Celia put her hands on my neck. I kissed Celia's stomach down to her curly red vulva. Celia's hands fell away.

I took more advantage of Celia now, and had the pleasure of cunnilingus. I went down on Celia and she pulled her legs up. She held her ankles so I could get in deep with my tongue. I pushed my middle finger in a little, testing how tight she was. My finger went way into the girl.

"You are's so good. OH, YES!" Celia cried out. I found Celia's cherry still there, and she churned around on the couch, stifling whimpers. I reached up and positioned Celia back on the green cushion.

I put my face between the girl's thighs and pulled her lips open just a little more with my fingers. Touching the red flesh inside with my nose made Celia react by rolling her hips. My lips slid up against her vagina, feeling Celia's dampness. I wanted very much to go the distance. At that point she would have approved.

Instead I licked Celia all around her clit, slow at first. I sped up the oscillation of my hardened tongue, and held in my hands the globes of Celia's silky ass. Celia made me stop. "I want you inside me. Inside me so damn bad." she said.

"I wanted to yell out in ecstasy" Celia said, after I sat back beside her , "but I'm sort of shy." Then she said "This whole thing is exhilarating though. You could have been a lot different."

We met strangers, but would not be when she left. I told Celia to stay there on the couch. I put two cushions on one of the arm rests and sat up there. Celia acted very natural, turning toward me. She put my balls in one hand, the other hand on the arm rest. She held my rocks like they were glass. Watching me get bigger, the girl put me in her mouth and I got a full, towering erection.

Right away Celia took my cock out of her soft, really wet mouth. She wiped the top off. Then Celia sat up on her knees to face me. Celia gave me head slowly, taking my cock out and putting it back in her mouth, again and again. Each time she took it out of her mouth, I felt her lips slide over the shaft.

All the time she gave me oral I couldn't shut up. "Celia, Celia, oh, sweet baby, oh gosh, baby, Whew!" I had one hand on Celia's shoulder and another on the head rest, keeping myself still.

Celia anticipated my orgasm, and grasped me in her hand. "Come baby. Come on." Celia said. Celia's hand loosely pumped me until I released my load. It splashed onto Celia's breasts. She grinned at me.

I sat back down. Celia and I had a kiss. After a little relaxing, I soaked some paper towels in the bathroom sink. I came back to clean the girl up. She looked at me with some affection.

"You want some more loving?" I inquired after a short time.

"No, baby. I'm happy. But I feel like I'm paid for those subscriptions." She bit a thumbnail this time.

I shook my head at Celia. "I took advantage of you. You aren't anything."

But then I wagged my finger at her. "You are part of a ripoff operation. You magazine peddlers were going to steal from me. I shrugged. "Sugar, you don't get the money I gave you." Celia looked out the window, absently.

"I could give you the $72 and you can tear up the contract. Help you out a little. You can put it away for school."

Celia rolled her eyes. She didn't take that offer so bad. She didn't take it at all.

We kissed at my front door. She was a pretty damn good kisser.

"So do you feel guilty about anything? Besides scamming me for money?" Celia looked at me like I asked her to translate Japanese.

She was about to go. A good looking young woman, I thought. She was brushing her hair. She dropped the brush into her small purse, and applied some lipstick.

"No, Larry. I feel a little sad. I like you. You are nice." Celia held out the lipstick. I put the lipstick in my pocket.

Celia pulled the front door open, and put her hand on my old storm door. Her engagement ring never left her hand the whole time she was here.

"I gotta find another way to earn money to go to college." Got any ideas?"

I chuckled. "I'll let you know. Okay?"

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