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Okay, show of hands here. Have you ever had those annoying visits from people trying to sell magazines, often so that they can afford a trip out of the country? You have. Well good. Now, have they ever fucked you to sell a subscription? Didn’t think so. Well, I have. It happened while in my second year of college. This is what happened.

I was sitting in my room, watching TV. I had no roommate this year, so the room was all to myself. All of a sudden, I heard a knock at the door. I got up and went to the door, and opened it to find two beautiful women. Well, one looked a bit better than the other in my books, but they were still great looking women. They asked to come in, and I let them. As they stood there, telling me why they were there, I suddenly asked, “Are you selling magazines?” The reply was no. Okay, I let them continue. They went on, and finally said, “We’re selling subscriptions…” You could understand why I was upset. They had just told me they weren’t selling magazines, and now they were asking if I would like to subscribe to some. Well, I jokingly said, “Ok, if you fuck me.” I never expected a yes. I did a double take, and asked if they had said yes. “Yes, we will fuck you, but you have to buy a subscription from each of us.” “No problem,” I replied. I doubt any of you would have said otherwise. They had just one request, that I wear a condom. I had no problem with that. While I was out of them at the moment, thankfully the vending machine downstairs had some. I sent one of them down with some money, while the other one helped me move both of the beds together. Since they were single beds, I didn’t want to have someone accidentally fall off.

Now both girls were dressed nicely. Not “going to church” dress up, but “going for a nice night out” dressed up. One was wearing a dress, while the other wasn’t. Their names were Angela and Rachel. Angela was a bit more developed than Rachel, but not much. And Rachel had red hair, while Angela’s was blond. Angela was the one I mentioned was a bit better looking, mainly because I’m a breast man. Of course, Rachel was the one who went to get the condoms. We had finished putting the beds together, and cleaning a few things off of one when Rachel got back. Apparently, she had bought four packs of condoms. Guess she was looking for more than I was expecting. No problem there. She locked the door, as people sometimes will come and just walk in once in a while on my floor. Boy, were these girls horny.

As soon as my door was shut, Angela began tearing off my clothes. It was such a sudden occurrence that before I was aware what was happening, I was already naked. At the same time, Rachel was getting onto the bed. When Angela finished with me, she got down on her knees and had my dick in her mouth before I could figure out what was going on. At that moment, Rachel pulled me over and sat me on the bed. She laid me down, and then stood over my chest. I was still in disbelief that they were doing this and was expecting something to happen any minute, but nothing did. I told Angela I was rolling over, and she maneuvered with me, licking my dick up and down all the way. I was beginning to feel the effects of her work. I could tell that several times she deep-throated it. Once I was on my stomach, I urged Rachel to get in front of me and lay down. When she did this, I helped her move closer to me, only I made sure her dress didn’t get rolled up past her knees. I slowly wiggled inside her dress, up to her pussy. I could feel her pantyhosed legs rubbing against my back. I realized that she wasn’t wearing panties when I looked up to see her pussy lips in front of me. When her pussy was finally within tongue reach, I reached around outside her dress and grabbed her hips, as I began to lick her pussy. I did this through the pantyhose. It might have been a new experience for her, as she kept telling me how that felt good, and how Angela should try it. I suddenly squeezed her hips as I orgasmed. I could tell the Angela didn’t have her mouth around my dick, but she was holding it. I assume she got it into the mouth, but I didn’t care if she did or not. I had been trying to lick Rachel while this happened, but I’m pretty sure I was jerking a little bit. When it subsided, I continued with licking Rachel’s pussy.

When I finished, Angela cleaned me off with her tongue and climbed onto the bed. Helping Rachel out of her sweater and bra, she began to tongue Rachel’s breasts. I took a quick peek out from under the dress to see her doing this. I then went back down continued. I brought my hands down below and used them to massage her clit as I continued to lick her pussy. The only thing I couldn’t do was insert my tongue, but I was able to push my finger in a little bit. Apparently, Angela decided to help out by putting her hand down the pantyhose and inserting a finger for me. As she did this, I decided to remove the dress. It was hindering me a bit. When I got it off and onto the floor, I took Angela’s hand out and pulled her pantyhose down a bit. I pulled them down just enough that I could slip my head up between them and her pussy. I then continued my work. As I glanced up, I realized that Angela was now getting her pussy licked by Rachel as well. Pretty soon, Rachel orgasmed, filling my mouth with her juices. Some of it escaped and dripped onto the bed, but do you think I was worried about that at this point. I massaged a little bit into her pussy, and then rammed three fingers in. It definitely caught her off guard. I removed them, and got up from my post.

Pulling her pantyhose a bit further down, I slipped on the first condom, and decided to give Rachel a good fucking. Slipping in between her crotch and the pantyhose, I slowly inserted my now rock hard 7” cock into her moist lips. As I began to insert, her hands gripped the bed, getting a good hold while pausing in her licking of Angela. Once I had the head in, I pulled it back out and did it again. I did this several times, each time going a little bit further. When I finally got to having most of my cock inside her, I began to fuck her. Grabbing her hips, I pounded myself against her body. Her right hand slid down and she used her index finger to massage her clit while I fucked her. It didn’t take long before she orgasmed again. I continued to pound away while she was orgasming. It prolonged it a bit further, as I began to let loose myself. When I finished, I pulled out and stood up on the bed. Maneuvering around in front of Angela, she cleaned off my condom for me before she removed it. She then tipped it upside down over her open mouth and proceeded to empty it herself. At this point I had no doubt that she swallowed everything earlier. It was now her turn.

Pulling Angela off of Rachel, I told her to lie down. However, she decided to be defiant and got on her hands and knees instead. Just as I was about to slip on another condom, Angela stopped me. I look at her quizzingly, as she was the one who insisted on using condoms. I was about to ask when she took the condom from me and turned back around. Not wanting to piss them off and have them leave, I went along with her and forgot the condom. If she wants it au natural, I have no problem with that. As I got ready to insert myself, she stopped me. I was baffled. Here she was, about to get what she wanted, and she stops me. It became clear though, as she pointed at her ass. They weren’t worried about protected sex as much as they were about getting pregnant. As I was getting ready, Rachel got under Angela in a 69 position. Hey, if Angela wants it in the ass, who am I to deny her the pleasure. I’ve never fucked a girl anally before, but what the heck, there is a first time for everything. I could feel Rachel’s head down below as I spread Angela’s ass cheeks. I spit onto her hole and rubbed it in, then grabbed the lube from the condom packages. Spreading some onto the condom, I placed the tip of my penis against her hole. I took it carefully, not wanting to do something wrong, as I slowly began to push my way in. The feeling is a bit different going in this way, as it seems a bit tighter. When I got my head in, there was a soft popping sound, and a moan escaped from Angela’s lips.

At this point, I pushed myself in a bit further, and stopped. As I was about to pull back out, Angela looked up and around at me and said “Deeper.” Once again, why not. She asked for it. So I pushed in further as she watched me. Once I had pushed my full length in, she smiled and went back to licking Rachel’s snatch. I decided to push it a bit further and slowly began inserting my index and ring finger into Angela’s ass as well. It caught her off guard, but she didn’t say anything, so I did this with my other hand. Now, her asshole was probably stretched a good 3 and a half inches. I then proceeded to fuck her with both my cock and fingers. I didn’t have a lot of room to pull out, but it worked. After a little while, my right hand slipped out on accident, but I just continued without it. This didn’t take long to bring her to orgasm, covering Rachel’s face. Soon after, I let loose my load in her ass. I then pulled out, with a slight popping noise as the head came out.

After this, I wanted to give Rachel a fair shot at blowing me, so I got up and helped her off the bed. Angela helped her clean off her face by using her finger to wipe her clean. I then sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned Rachel down between my legs. She didn’t resist, and was almost as quick as Angela in getting her mouth around me. As I lay back, Angela sat on my chest. I told her to turn around and had her lay down to help Rachel service me. Grabbing Rachel’s pantyhose, which were laying next to me on the bed, I put my arm up one of the legs. I then began to massage Angela’s pussy. She shuddered a bit, and looked back to smile. At this point I pushed my other arm up the other leg, and began to rub her ass. Nibbling on her cheeks, I moved my right hand back to her pussy and began playing with her clit. As I felt two tongues moving up and down my cock, I began to try inserting my pantyhose covered hand. As I got one, then two fingers in, I finger fucked her a few times, before inserting a third finger. I soon got up to four fingers, her moist lips helping to lubricate her. I could only feel one tongue on my dick, and assumed that she was too busy enjoying the pleasure. Eventually, I was able to get my hand in, up to my wrist. Now this is a feat for a first time fisting, let alone when you have pantyhose covering your hand. And the feeling had to be incredible. After letting out a few gasps, she urged me to continue. So I began to fist fuck her. She must have been itching to let loose, as it took about a minute before she orgasmed again.

When I pulled out my hand, the pantyhose were soaked with Angela’s nectar. She didn’t take long to turn around and clean it off, obviously enjoying her own taste. She then took the pantyhose off my arms. Now this next part surprised even me. She then put the pantyhose over Rachel’s head. She didn’t pull them down so that Rachel’s head was in one of the legs though. She stretched it a bit and put her head in as well. They moved around on the bed and laid down, kissing each other. At this point, I decided to give them double treatment, and got between their legs. Beginning to massage both their pussies, I watched as they continued to kiss each other under the pantyhose. As I began to finger fuck them, I noticed that they each pulled the pantyhose down so that their heads were each in a leg. They then began pushing their tongues out and trying to touch each other’s tongues through the pantyhose. Looking back at their snatches, I had two fingers in each of them, and began to lick both of their clits together. As they enjoyed themselves up above, I was giving them a full treatment down below. About five minutes later, Rachel let loose, followed by Angela soon after.

Unfortunately, we ended it soon after this. They had other rooms to visit. I purchased two magazine subscriptions from them. One was Playboy; the other was Entertainment Weekly. Oh, Angela and Rachel began making routine visits to my room. They usually averaged about twice a week.

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