Mage of Shadows


Michael and Buffy lay snuggled up in bed together in Buffy's bed.

"I wish I could stay here forever, it's so warm and comfortable." Buffy said.

"Mmm, me too." Michael said and pulled Buffy even closer to him.

Buffy squeezed Michael and held him close.

"OK, oxygen becoming an issue here." Michael said.

"Oo, sorry. Didn't mean to crush you."

"It's OK." Michael said massaging his ribs.

"Hey what's that?" Buffy asked noticing a black shape on Michael's arm.

"I don't know, I seems to have appeared since I did that... err... spell the other day."

Buffy took hold of Michael's hand and pulled his arm to her so she could get a proper look at it.

"It looks like a goats head in a circle." Buffy said.

"I think it is." Michael said. "It could be as a result of that spell I did, but I don't see the connection."

"I think you should show it to Giles, I'm sure he can work out what it is."

So the next day Michael and Buffy went down to the magic shop to see if Giles was there. He was, again, he was busy stocking the shop.

"Morning you two." Giles said as Michael and Buffy entered the shop.

"Hey Giles, we've got something to show you." Buffy said. "Michael show him the mark."

"Mark?" Giles asked.

"I've got this mark on my arm, it appeared after I did that spell the other day." Michael said and pushed up his right sleeve, showing Giles the mark.

Giles put on his glasses and studied Michael's arm.

"It appears to be a goats head." Giles said.

"Yeah we got that." Buffy said.

"Sorry, I was rather stating the obvious."

"Have you ever heard of spells leaving this kind of mark on people?" Michael asked.

"No, no I haven't, though I'm sure you're going to want me to look into this."

"Well we'd like to know if it means anything, i-i-if anything's going to happen to Michael, I wanna know."

"We can start searching." Giles said going through several piles of books. "But it's hard to know where to start."

"Let's just start anywhere."

So Giles, Buffy and Michael began their research into the mark on Michael's arm. They spent a long time searching for the mark in Giles' books but came up with absolutely nothing.

It wasn't until Kaz came into the shop that they found an answer.

"Hey guys, what'cha doing?" Kaz asked cheerfully.

"We're researching the mark Michael has on his arm." Giles said.

"Mark?" Kaz asked.

Michael pushed up his sleeve and showed the mark to Kaz.

"Oh my God!" She exclaimed.

"What?" Buffy asked.

"What is it?" Michael asked.

"Do you have any idea how long we have been looking for the person with this mark?"

"We?" Giles asked.

"How come I didn't see it before?" Kaz said, talking to herself more than Michael.

"It's only appeared recently, after I did that spell."

"Of course, it waited until Michael had shown some sort of connection to really powerful magic..."

"What? Kaz, what's going on?" Michael asked.

"You're the sixth." Kaz told him.

"Sixth what?" Buffy asked.

"The sixth Mage."

"You're still not making sense." Michael said.

"The six... Magi." Giles said.

"Yes. The six Mages of the Elemental Gods. The Mages of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light and..." Kaz pointed at Michael, "Shadow."

"Mage of Shadow?" Michael asked.

"Into every generation six Magi are born, each one is born to serve one of the Elemental Gods, the oldest Gods. Each Magi has some of their God's powers at their disposal. It appears that Michael is the Mage of Shadows."

"Kaz, how do you know all of this?" Michael asked.

"I am a Mage myself." Kaz pulled up her top and showed them her left shoulder.

"I am the Mage of Water."

"Woah, this is mind blowing. So, you're saying I have the power of a Shadow God at my disposal?" Michael asked.

"No, first you must prove your worth." Kaz said.


"In the Shadow Temple." Kaz said.

"But that's a different plain of existence." Giles said.

"Don't worry I can get him there, and back."

"What so you just take Michael to another plain of existence so he can prove his worth? How do we know it's safe?" Buffy concerned for Michael.

"If it were really safe then it wouldn't be much of a challenge."

"OK, I-I guess it's what Michael has to do."

"When do we go?" Michael asked.


Michael and Kaz stood in front of the Shadow Temple on a very different plain of existence.

"The Shadow Temple," Kaz said. "Several challenges lay ahead of you before we reach the Shadow Throne Room."

Michael and Kaz walked up the stone steps of the temple and went into the first room.

"What's the first task?" Michael asked.

"He who wishes to be the Mage of Shadows must be able to walk in shadow and only in shadow." Kaz said.

They stood at the edge of the room and looked in. The room had been lit in such a way that it was possible to cross the room completely in shadow. However, it wasn't going to be easy as the shadows were narrow.

"What happens if we step into the light?" asked Michael.

"Why don't you find out?"

So, Michael picked up a stone and threw it into the light. A spike flew out of the wall and struck the stone.

"OK so, I won't be stepping in the light," Michael said.

Michael and Kaz then edged their way round the edge of the room, keeping to the shadows. It took them several minutes to traverse the room, but they managed it safely.

They stood in the doorway leading into the next room; it was pitch black inside save for one single flaming torch just inside the door.

"What's the next task?" Michael asked.

"Task two: He who wishes to use shadow must also be able to push it back into the corners of his mind." Kaz said.

"I guess I have to use the torch to see my way across this room."

Michael went into the room and took the torch down off the wall, then he and Kaz took a look, as best they could, at the room they were in. They appeared to be standing on the edge of what looked like a shallow pool of water; they couldn't see the other side of the pool, as the torchlight didn't reach that far. There were quite a few holes in the floor, but it was still possible to walk across the pool.

"Bet if I were to step into one of those holes I'd get sucked in." Michael said.

So, Michael began to walk through the pool to the other side, Kaz simply walked on top of the water. It wasn't long before Michael realized that the water was getting deeper and the holes were getting bigger.

It wouldn't be long before Michael had to start swimming, the other side of the pool was in sight now, but there was one last very big hole in front of it and Michael would have to choice but to swim across the hole. So, Michael threw the torch onto the dry land. He began to swim over the hole, but it was hard going as the hole was trying to drag him under. Eventually he reached the side and pulled himself out.

The next room they came to was well lit and so Michael abandoned the torch.

"What's the next task?" Michael asked.

"If you wish to proceed you must pass the stone shadow guard," Kaz told him.

"That doesn't sound too hard."

"Nothing is ever easy though." Kaz said.

Michael and began to walk down the corridor, as they neared the end they came across the huge stone shadow guard. When they got within only five feet of the stone statue it sprang to life.

"Oh fuck," Michael exclaimed.

Kaz didn't have time to say anything herself as she had to duck under the stone statue's large sword.

Michael, however, was not so lucky, he was hit in the chest by the statue's large fist, and he was thrown into one wall and was winded.

Kaz ran toward the shadow guard and dived between its legs, she managed to reach the door.

Still wheezing a little Michael got up off the floor, Michael realized that for the moment the guard's attention was else where, so he made a dash for the door.

Michael was, however, too slow, the statue turned and grabbed Michael by one of his ankles and held him upside down.

"KAZ DO SOMETHING," Michael called.

"WHAT?" Kaz asked.

Michael swung himself up and out of the way as the statue swung its sword.

"ANYTHING," Michael shouted back, he now dangled by one ankle again.

Again, Michael had to avoid the stone sword, "HURRY."


Michael remembered a levitation spell. Suddenly it all clicked, Michael raised his hand and said "Innare gladius."

When the guard swung its sword again the sword stayed handing in mid air. Michael then made a gesture with his hand and the sword crashed into the statue's neck, knocking the head off of the statue. The statue dropped Michael who promptly scrambled out of the way as the guard crashed to the floor.

"Shall we proceed?" Kaz asked.

"What's the next clue?"

"Well it says: He who wishes too use the shadows must also see what they hide." Kaz said told him.

When they went through the door Michael and Kaz found themselves on the edge of a large shadowy chasm with no way of getting across.

"I'm guessing the shadows hide a bridge," Michael said.

"Do you want to test that theory?" Kaz said.

Michael went to the edge of the chasm, put his arms out, and stepped out into nothingness, his leading foot met nothing and he tilted forwards and off the edge of the chasm...

Michael fell for about half a foot before his leading foot landed on something very hard; it was a stone bridge.

Michael looked about, he now could just about make out the bridge that he was standing on, it was not much more than a three foot wide stone 'path' suspended in the air.

Michael crossed safely, and Kaz followed.

Once Michael and Kaz had crossed the bridge they came to another doorway, they went through and into the next room. This room was a large 'throne' room. There were stone pillars lining the room, all of which were covered in strange carvings. Apart from these stone pillars the rest of the room was just plain stone walls, floor and ceiling.

"What is this room?" Michael asked.

"This the Shadow Throne Room."

"Sit on the Shadow Throne and recite the words: Shadow God of old, I invoke thee, give me the power of the Mage of Shadows and imbue me with the shadow lore." Kaz said.

Michael sat on the throne and repeated what Kaz had told him.

Dark purple shadow energy flowed around Michael, a stream of purple energy sunk into his face and turned it paler. His eyes also went black with purple irises.

A thick purple mist swirled around, so did a turquoise light.

"The powers of the shadow are mine." Michael said in a gruff voice.

On the floor in front of Michael was the Shadow Book, two short swords and the Blade Of Dusk.

"It is time for us to return home." Kaz said.

When they got back, Michael went to find Buffy in the back of the magic shop. Michael found her using the punch bag, she had her back to him.

Michael said, "Umbra Amplificäre."

The purple mist and turquoise light swirled around him; his eyes went completely black. Michael crept up behind Buffy, she was now looking in her training bag she'd left near a wall. As Michael approached she swung a punch behind her, Michael caught her hand, spun Buffy round and slammed her against the wall, pinning her hand up by her head. She looked at Michael in surprise for a Moment, then said.

"You're strong, that's good. You're hurting me... that's good too."

Michael kissed Buffy passionately on the lips.

"Come on, let's see what you've got." Buffy said.

Buffy was throwing jabs at the Michael. They were circling each other.

He was dressed in tight leather pants and a dark purple velour top. Buffy was in a white long sleeve shirt and blue jeans.

She threw few more jabs and Michael blocked them and countered with a one-two combo Buffy easily ducked under. They continued to circle.

Buffy launched three roundhouse kicks in quick succession. Michael blocked the first two then sidestepped the third got up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

"Are you pulling back?" Michael asked smiling.

Buffy grinned, "Are you?"

"Maybe a little." Michael shrugged.

Buffy suddenly span out of the hold and Michael was thrown off his feet, spinning before hitting the floor on his back. He looked up. Buffy is smiling down at him.

"Maybe a little, too."

Michael smiled and kicked himself to his feet. They began to circle again.

"I'll go all out if you will." Michael said.

"Are you sure?"

"Here we go." Michael said seriously.

Michael stepped in with a combination of hard swinging hooks that Buffy was quick to block. She ducked under his last punch and captured his legs in a scissor hold and took him down with her. Michael quickly rolled out of her legs and scrambled to his feet. Buffy was quicker and was waiting for him. She hit him in the chest with a side-kick that launched him into the air. He flew across the room and over a vault horse.

Buffy had shocked expression on her face at what she did.


She ran over to him, he looked winded.

"Are you hurt?"

Michael got into a crouch and smiled maniacally at Buffy, then without warning sprang forwards and Speared Buffy. His shoulder slammed into her stomach and knocked her to the floor.

It was Buffy's turn to be winded.

"That was some tackle."

"Did I win?" Michael asked with a wicked grin.

"Oh I don't think..."

Michael stopped Buffy talking by kissing her passionately, as he lay on top of her on the floor.

Michael and Buffy went into Michael's room, kissing. Then Michael moved away from Buffy and stretched out on the couch in his room. Buffy made to move forwards.

"Uh-uh. Stay there missy." Michael said.

Michael raised a hand a stream of purple lightning flew from his hand and wrapped around Buffy.

Buffy gasped and her eyes widened, she began to pant heavily as the very intense orgasmic feeling grew in her crotch. Just before Buffy came Michael stopped the magic flowing into her. Buffy stood weak kneed and panting.

"Hey Mikey, I think she likes it." Michael said. "Wants some more?"

"Hell yes." Buffy replied breathlessly.

That following night Buffy, Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya went down to the Bronze to see Michael's band Bloody Roses play.

While they were waiting for Bloody Roses to come on they got a bit of a shock, Giles turned up at the Bronze and sat down with them.

"Giles... what are you doing here?" Buffy asked.

"I was invited by Michael, just because I'm a little older doesn't mean I can't enjoy rock music."

Before anything else could be said the lights went out and the people on the dance floor cheered.

An intro piece of music began to play and a low light shone on the stage and one by one the band members walked out onto the stage, first was Miss Kitty (Kaz), carrying her bass guitar and wearing a Twiggy Ramirez dress, then Panda who was on keys, then Zodiac came out and sat at her drum kit.

Then Zim Zum (Michael) came on stage, and for a few minutes strutted about the stage, getting the crowd going, like some kind of dark, mysterious raven. Zim wore a long-sleeved, black top, a pair a black of black shorts, a pair of black pantyhose and pair of big black leather boots, kinda like jackboots. Zim picked up his guitar and they began to play their first song Hearts and Flowers, they then followed that with Vociferous, Witch, The Sunset Bears Such Grace, Of Wolves And Red Roses and Love At Death.

The next day Michael was round at Tara's talking about the band.

"We've got a problem, Panda's finally decided to quit the band, last night was her last performance with us."

"Has she been wanting to leave for a while?" Tara asked.

"About a month now! She wanted to start up her own band... I don't hold it against her or anything..."

"I'm not sure…"

"I'll persuade you eventually."

"You think you can?"

"Tara, we've known each other for nigh on twenty years, you should know how persuasive I can be."


"I mean, I persuaded Buffy to dye her hair red… and I think I can get you to dye yours blue."

After careful consideration Tara said, "OK, I'll join the band, but you have to promise you'll teach me all your pieces on keys."

"Of course. I'll teach you to be as good as me… or better."

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