byParis Waterman©

"Yes," Leslie replied, "she has touched me there."

"Has she put anything into your cunt?"

"Why are you doing this?" she said, pleading with me. For what I didn't understand, so far everything I'd suggested to her had been promptly followed through on. But she deserved an answer, and I gave her one.

"Because you were so curious about my cock, it's only natural that I'd be curious about you too."


"Did she? Did Amanda finger fuck you?"

That did it. The dam burst with that last question.

"No, not with a finger. She used a dildo that was hidden in a drawer next to the chair. I swear I didn't know she was going to do it. She had waxed me several other times without anything happening, but this time..."

I felt Maggie's tongue attacking my ass. Apparently, she too had gone over the edge. The one question I couldn't answer myself was how in the hell had I refrained from coming myself?

"You let her use it on you?"

"Yes, she... she caught me by surprise and I was horny as hell at the time."

"Think she saw you getting wet?"

"Possibly, I was certainly ready for it. It went in without any difficulty."

"Are you tight there? I mean have you had experience with big cocks?'

"Not really. I mean yours is the biggest I've ever encountered and I..."

"You haven't encountered it yet, Leslie. And put those tits back against the glass and really rub them into the window."

As she pushed her tits into the cool glass her hand slipped between her legs and she began masturbating.

"I see what you're doing," I sang, taunting her.

"Don't care... gonna come soon."

"DO NOT COME!" I shouted into the phone and a startled Maggie slipped and fell on her ass at my feet.

"Okay, okay!" she answered weakly and removed her hand.

"Will you be coming over here, or shall I come over there?"

I looked down at Maggie. "She wants to know if she can come over here?"

Maggie shook her head negatively. "I'm not going to share you with her." She said empathically and that was good enough for me.

"Turn around and bend over," I said without answering Leslie.

After she'd complied, I said, "Now you can Jill off to your heart's content. Just stay right there until you finish coming."

"Thank you," she said softly.

"Good bye Leslie," I said and disconnected the phone.

"Get your luscious ass into the bed, ' I told Maggie who anticipated me by a fraction of a second.

Once we were on the bed I renewed the tickling, but she quickly begged me to stop.

"I need something more substantial," she said looking straight at my cock which was jutting up toward my belly button.

"More substantial, eh? I laughed. "Okay face down, my winsome bitch."

"Ohhh, I like it when you talk dirty." She purred, "what have you got planned?"

"I know I should have something really depraved in store for you, especially after talking with Leslie, but I have nothing planned. I'm going to wing it. Ever been winged?"

"Sounds like fun, have at it, or me. But you know I never knew she'd get off on that stuff." Her voice had grown husky.

"Let's see if this gets you off," I said and slapped her ass twice.

"Umm, I do like it, but really want a different kind of hardness at the moment." Then she giggled.

"Oh, all right, we can get fancy later on. You're right, you know. I mean we've only just met and everything is so fresh and vivid..."

"Will you please fuck me?" Maggie implored.

I rolled her onto her back and supporting my weight with my arms on either side of her lithe form, brought the tip of my cock to her moistened slit and touched it."

"Oh, Christ, that feels so good."

"It's not in," I said to tease her.

"I know that damn it! But it does feel good."

I cocked my rear and drove it in.


Easing all the way out, I slammed it home again.


"What the hell are you a dog?' I asked.

She took a moment to respond. "No, I'm not a damn dog. You just knocked the air out of me with that thing of yours."

"Want me to stop?"

"Fuck no! Just..."

But I was already pounding back into her again.


This time I thought I detected a happier tone to the woofing.

Maggie brought her legs up and wrapped them around my waist. That action took her clear off the bed and close to my stomach. We kissed feveredly while I mauled her lovely tits as she moaned contentedly beneath me. I took my time with her, not wanting to hurry things, I would have preferred that this coupling last forever and so we found ourselves several minutes later, Maggie on her side facing me, pressed tightly against me, my cock deep inside her as she covered my face, neck and shoulder with loving kisses.

I moved her shoulder a little to the side in order to get at her fantastic tit again. I rubbed the nub gently, tickling the strawberry tips so that they quickly stiffened from my attention.

Moving my mouth closer, I pushed the breast up so as to kiss it and suck on it. Maggie was in heaven. I knew I was buried in to the hilt and she just kept grinding up at me as if to persuade it to go even deeper. She was moaning continuously and used her hands to caress my face and head.

I decided to roll her over on her back, maintaining my cock's deep penetration and devoted several minutes to her other tit. My balls were resting in the crack of her ass and it tickled some because of the constant writhing and wiggling of her ass as she ground her pelvis into my stomach.

She had an ecstatic expression on her face and I knew she was in the throes of a set of multiple orgasms. Her hands left my face and sought out my ass, squeezing the cheeks briefly and then moving to cup my balls as I slow fucked her; making sure each thrust took a different angle as it churned into her.

"If... if you don't..." She couldn't seem to finish the sentence.

"What?" I said, "If I don't what?"

"If you don't come soon you'll have to call Leslie and tell her to get her ass over here."

That did it. My balls erupted and sent a long white plume of sperm rocketing into her. That served to trip her trigger and she came big time, jerking against me as I continued to spew into her. Then we collapsed and slept through the rest of the night.

Chapter 6.

Posted: March 25, 2004 - 03:37:13 pm The phone woke us at six-thirty the next morning.

Maggie answered it, giggled and handed me the phone. It was Leslie.

"Hi," she said after a pause.

"Hi yourself. What's with the wakeup call?"

"Oh," she began conversationally as though nothing out of the ordinary had occurred the night before. "I, um, didn't hear or see anything over at your place and... I was concerned that something had happened."

"I know you have a great imagination, Leslie, but nothing unusual happened."

"Oh," The one word was filled with disappointment.

"Would you like to hear what went on?"

Maggie elbowed me in the side, but I shrugged it off. This was too good an opportunity to miss.

"If you want to talk about it." One could sense the tenseness in her voice.

"Come to the window," I said.

"All right," she said quickly. I knew she was excited once more.

"Tell me something first Leslie," I said softly.


"How many times did you come last night?"

"Four," she responded instantly in a voice gone ragged.

"Only four?"

"I... I missed you... your voice, knowing you were watching... but especially your voice. I never heard one as sexy as yours before."

Maggie appeared by my side again.

"Let's see, after we left the window, I found myself inspired by your lovely ass..."

Another elbow to the ribs, but al least Maggie was grinning at me.

"And so I took Maggie's ass, but only after spending perhaps twenty or thirty minutes licking and sucking her little brown circle back there. She has the sweetest tasting ass I've ever sampled."

I could see Leslie busily fingering her pussy. I turned to see what Maggie was doing and was startled to find her making coffee and setting the table -- for three.

Back to the phone I went, plotting a new strategy for Leslie.

"Leslie?" I asked, "Has anyone ever done that to you?"

"No... but it sounds deliciously nasty."

"It is. In fact I might allow you to do me. Do you think you might like a go at it?"

There was a long silence on the line. Behind me Maggie set a cup and saucier rattling, and I knew she was listening in on the conversation, at least from my end.

"It... it might be... interesting." Leslie said so quietly that I wasn't sure I heard her.

I changed tactics, thinking I might learn more by keeping Leslie off balance.

"Did Amanda have a bushy cunt?"


"Is there something wrong with the connection?"

"No ... I just..."

"Then ANSWER the goddamned question!"

"No, she doesn't." She replied almost inaudibly.

"Describe it."

"I... oh, it's shaven except for a little red tuft that she has shaped kind of like a question mark. At least that's what she said it was, I really couldn't tell."

"How close did you get to it?"

"Why are you doing this?" she protested.

"Stick a finger in your mouth and wet it," I said changing direction again.

"Now talk to me."

"Mmmcant!" She answered obviously impeded with the digit lodged between her lips.

"Pretend the finger is my cock."

"Mmmmmm!" She said, evidently preferring this little game to the previous one.

"Now, keep that in mind and take my cock, that is your finger and work it into your rear end."


"What's the matter?"

"Nothing, it's kinda difficult, that's all. I'm getting there... it's in. It's in now." Leslie sounded kind of breathless at this.

"Work it in and out, remember imagine it's my big cock ramming into you back there."

"Mmmmm, it sort of feels funny but nice at the same time." She told me.

Maggie approached me and took the phone from my hand. "Leslie?"

"Hi Maggie, how are you?"

"I don't have an imaginary cock up my ass, if that's what you mean."

But I could see that Maggie was blushing after uttering those words.

"I'm sorry Leslie, we've been mean..."

"Oh no," Leslie stammered. "This ... this game playing, I only wish..."

Maggie interrupted her to say, "Leslie, get your skinny ass over here, throw a coat on and come as you are. I'm going to let my man pluck that cherry ass of yours. Now hurry up!"

She hung up the phone and hugged me.

"I shouldn't have done that, but she... you know, I've never felt this wicked in all my life!"

I was cupping her mons and after we finished a soulful kiss I whispered in her ear. "Before she gets here would you like me to stick my finger up your ass, you know, so you two start even?"

We were still laughing when the doorbell rang. As Maggie went to answer it, I managed to say, "Let's be sure to have a substantial breakfast first, shall we?"


I was determined to be kinder to Leslie now that I could physically take her as I wanted.

As soon as she had entered Maggie's apartment she made that very clear and surprisingly Maggie was supportive in every respect. No digs or derogatory remarks. Everything was lovey dovey between them. We had breakfast and Leslie kept her coat on until we'd finished and it was Maggie who prodded her to remove it, saying, "Come on, let's see what all the fuss is about.

Leslie was as game as they come, placing a long, lovely black stocking clad leg up on the kitchen chair, and slowly, tantalizingly revealing it to a shockingly white mid-thigh while carefully hiding the rest of her all to lovely form.

I got one wolf whistle in; when with Maggie chanting "Take it off," Leslie whipped the coat from her body and stood nude before us except for the black hose which were thigh highs and a beautifully pair of pierced nipples. I hadn't known that her nipples were pierced, for she'd worn no rings in them last night or this morning and I stared at them.

"I added them just before I came over," she said with a smile. "Like 'em?" she asked as she twirled around so we had a better view.

"Love 'em, I replied while Maggie just stared. Obviously, Leslie had come prepared to give her a run for her money and Maggie was just figuring it out. I already had and my decision was to screw them both and somehow keep Maggie, for as gorgeous as Leslie was, Maggie topped her by a mile. And I still couldn't believe my luck in bedding her.

"I'll let you two get started in there," Maggie generously said, pointing to the bedroom.

"Thank you, Maggie," Leslie said. I gave Maggie a curious look and she put her hands out and shoved me in the direction of the bedroom. I wouldn't let it go that easily. And as Leslie sauntered into the bedroom wiggling her million dollar ass, I stepped back to Maggie and grabbed her, pulling her into my arms. "You sure about this?" I asked. "I won't go through with it if you have the slightest reservations about it.

She smiled at me. "Go on, I'll be joining the both of you in a while. Don't worry, this was inevitable. I knew Leslie would die to get her hands on you the first time we made love. Of course, being best friends I had to tell her everything and that was my mistake."


"Get your dick in there. Give her the best you've got. I'll revive you afterward, I promise, loverman, now go."

I went, Leslie, lovely Leslie lay sprawled on the bed waiting for me. As I entered the room she held her left breast in her hand and stuck her provocative tongue out and licked the nipple.

I hardly needed an additional stimulant, but had to admit we were off to an incendiary start.

Her breasts were my first target; after all she'd drawn my attention to them hadn't she?

Leslie's nipples were quite dark, and lay flat against the surface of her skin. But as the cool air in the room touched them, they started to grow. Leslie cupped her hands under her breasts, lifting them off her chest. Offering them to my mouth. Gently I bit down on her right bud as she massaged both breasts. I lay a series of kisses on her neck and shoulders, watching as she took

both nipples between her fingers and started working on them. Soon the ends responded and stood more erect. Then she was still for a moment, seeming to savor the attention I was giving her with the wet, soft kisses. I watched her chest as she breathed, with each breath, her breasts moved up and down in rhythm with her chest.

"So you really like watching me, do you?" She asked and I nodded.

Tiny beads of sweat were forming between her ample cleavage as she smiled at me and then kind of shuffled her rear end a little so as to propel her but back against the headboard. She wet a finger in her mouth and sent it between her legs.

In and out. In and out. I looked on mesmerized as she plucked the finger from her cunt and using both hands spread her labia apart.

"You really couldn't see it from across the street," she hissed, "now could you?"

"It does look better from here," I managed, but my throat was dry and I don't know what came out.

Her labia was thick and pink, but not as fleshy pink as her interior. "Can your cock do this?" she hissed again, sending two fingers completely into her love box. I thought of someone being swallowed by quicksand as they disappeared into her. But when they reappeared I knew it was safe to enter her with my pride and joy. Sometimes I get these bizarre thoughts when I'm around new pussy. I think it has something to do with being told the pussy can swallow you and tear it off as it digests one's dick. I know, I know, it can't happen, but as a 12 year old you hear these stories and you believe, man. You believe.

Anyway, Leslie was breathing kind of heavily at this point and I decided I had better mount her before Maggie wandered by.

"Can I get on top?" Leslie asked.

"Then you can suck on these," she held her breasts in her hands, "while you fuck me from below."

"I believe I invited you over," I said.

She nodded understandingly.

"Let's do it my way, shall we?"

"Anything you say, baby, anything."

I noticed a half-filled glass of wine; I think a Merlot, from the night before, on the bed stand and reached for it. Then I gently pushed Leslie down from her quasi-sitting position so that she now lay prone on her back. As I recall, we started, really started my fucking her with my tongue licking a drop or two of the Merlot off her upper lip. I was surprised at the arousal this brought on. Later I thought about it and realized Leslie's little furnace had been stoked long before we got to the bedroom, so it shouldn't have been a surprise at all. But I digress.

Some wine had trickled down her neck. I went after that and when my tongue probed into the hollow of her throat she moaned for the first time and clutched a breast tightly with her left hand.

I moved downward, kissing, kissing, kissing. The hollows next to her hip brought a quivering tremble. And by the time I reached the smooth edges of her thighs, she was whimpering and pleading with me to savage her.

Those were her very words, "Savage me!"

"Oh, goddamn it," she yelped as I lay my tongue in the fold of her thigh, pulling on both nipples as if that would relieve her of the sexual arousal raging through her body.

Just then I noticed Maggie enter the room and take a seat in the chair at the foot of the bed.

She nodded her obvious approval to me and motioned for me to be silent about her presence.

"You know," Leslie said as I hovered over her; her breath harsh and gasping, "you're..."

Then she giggled, as my tongue drew circles in her belly button.

"Watch out, I come too easy and too hard."

"Come as often as you like, I've got all day."

She giggled like a fourteen year old in church.

"And all night, too, I should add."

Maggie was trying to stifle a laugh as well I noted and decided that I had better get on with it, and so I rolled Leslie over and propped her up on all fours.

"Woof, woof," she managed between giggles.

That caused me to remember the night before and Maggie's sounds as I'd pounded into her.

What the hell was it about these two women with the dog noises, I wondered.

I steered my faithful companion into her juicy slit and found it tough going as I worked into her. Leslie was tight, tighter than I'd thought she would be. Her breaths were coming in short gasps and grunts. Reaching around her shoulder I found her breast and squeezed it. She shuddered.

"Almost there," I heard her moan. Hell, I'd barely started.

She shuddered again. "Yes! Here it comes! Oh God, here it comes!"

I rammed into her as hard and as deep as I could under the circumstances and began whispering to her as the orgasm ripped into her.

"Is my breath too hot on your neck?"

"Oh, god," Leslie groaned, "coming so much!"

"Don't move!" I commanded, and like last night and early this morning, she readily complied.

But she did make noise. "Naugh! Shit! Oh Christ!"

Slowly I pulled out from her juicy sheath.

"Ohhh, please... DON'T!" She plead, grasping the sheet with both hands, her brown hair in wild disarray and sweat trailing down between her shoulder blades.

Swiveling my hips I sent my dick back it at warp speed.

And sent her to the moon.

Leslie's total emotional package went haywire. It figured what with all the game playing she'd been through, a virtual tit-wringer from having her press her tits against the window with god-knows-who looking on; to leaving her to get herself off last night and renewing the torment again this morning before inviting her over. And she had borne it well up to this point. Well maybe sexual gratification is worth what she was going through.

"She told me when she really gets off, she can't stop coming for ages," Maggie said into my ear. I kind of jumped, figuring she was sitting in that chair, but she had moved in closer to watch.

My cock was jumping around until Maggie took it in hand and jerked it a few times to calm it down.

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