tagFetishMaggie Ch. 03

Maggie Ch. 03


Justin walked into the apartment Friday evening, after a long day at the office. His wife was out of town, again, with Sarah. She had been going away a lot lately. Not that he minded, that just gave him more time to spend with his mistress, Maggie.

The apartment had been a filled with buddies of his over the last few weeks wanting to fuck Maggie. Now, Justin was happy to have her all to himself. He was falling in love with the young woman carrying his child. She loved sex, and yet she was a very intelligent person. They had had some really deep conversations from time to time. He knew there was more to this relationship than the physical.

Justin walked into the bedroom where Maggie laid on the bed naked. She was wiping a washcloth all over her body. He knew she was warmer due to her pregnancy. He stripped off his clothes and went into the bathroom to get a fresh washcloth. He wet it with cold water, and moved back into the bedroom and slid into bed next to Maggie. He started caressing her body with the wet washcloth. He started with her neck, and worked the washcloth over her shoulders, and over her swollen breasts, paying special attention to her sensitive nipples. A moan slipped from her lips as he moved from one breast to the other. The gentle caresses down her body were followed by kisses. His lips started on her neck. Nipping, and biting, and then licking her collarbone. The washcloth moved down over her swollen tummy. He moved the washcloth in circles around her tummy from the outer edge, to the center of her belly. His lips moved over her shoulders and to her large tits. He suckled her left nipple, and then her right into his mouth. Again, eliciting a moan from her lips. Justin pinched her right nipple, and Maggie cried out. Her nipple was extremely sensitive and sore. Justin's mouth moved to suckle her right nipple, and he pinched her left nipple, again causing her to cry out in pain. The washcloth moved down her legs, while his mouth moved down to her belly. He covered her swollen belly with kisses while his hand, with the washcloth, moved up and down Maggie's legs.

By this time, Maggie's hips started to gyrate and buck. He could tell she was getting aroused by the attention he was giving to her body. He was getting aroused himself. His cock was so rigid, it hurt. He couldn't wait to put it inside his sweet Maggie. He was going to have to wait, though. He wanted to taste her honey pot, first. Justin brought the washcloth up to her mons, and rubbed up and down her folds. His mouth followed suit and his tongue was soon licking up and down her slit. His tongue circled her clit, causing her hips to buck harder, and faster. His tongue found her hole, and pushed through. Licking back up to her clit, and back down to her hole. After a few minutes of licking back and forth, he moved his head away.

"Don't stop, Justin, please don't stop." Came Maggie's cries from above. Her hand found his head and tried to push his mouth back onto her.

Justin had other ideas, though. He thrusted three fingers into her tight hole. Pistoning them like it was his own cock going in and out of her. After he got her worked up from the thrusting fingers, his mouth clamped down on Maggie's click, sending a shock wave through her body. She started clawing and thrashing about as her climax overcame her. Justin continued to work her clit and cunt, and another wave came over her. When she finally settled down from her wild ride, Justin moved back up her body, kissing her belly and her tits on his way up. He lips captured her, his tongue penetrating her mouth to explore its inner depths.

He pushed back from her, admiring her beautiful body. His hands found her belly, and started rubbing and massaging where his child was growing.

"How are you Maggie? Is everything okay here? Do you need me to get you anything?" Justin asked her.

"I have everything I want right here. Come inside me, Justin. I want to feel you inside me." She whispered back to him.

"Oh baby, I will be inside you, very soon. I just want to make sure you're comfortable with your pregnancy. I want you to be happy." He replied.

"I am comfortable. You are more than I could ever want." She raised herself up on her elbows to get a better look at his cock dangling over her pussy. He was too far away from her, so she couldn't reach his cock over her large belly.

He told her to get on all fours. They found this was the easiest position for the two of them with her belly being so big. Once she assumed the position. His cock worked its way into her tight pussy. His rhythm started slowly at first. His hands found her breasts, and massaged them as his cock pounded into her cunt. As his pounding increased, his hands moved down to caress her swollen belly. That was his child growing inside of her. This beautiful teen was pregnant with his child. She was more beautiful than his wife, and was falling in love with her. The thoughts going through his head were too much for him, and he slammed into her one last time to unleash his load deep inside of her.

"I'M CUMMMINNGGG!!!!!!!!!!" Justin screamed.

"I'MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM . . . CUMMMMMMMMMMINNNNNNNNNGGGGG,,, UNGH" Maggie was right behind him with her orgasm.

When her pussy was done pulling the last of his seed out of him, she lay on her back and took his cock in her mouth to clean him off. As his cock softened in her mouth, Justin laid down beside his beautiful Maggie, wrapping his arms around her.

"I love you."


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