tagLoving WivesMaggie is "Taken" By The Law Ch. 02

Maggie is "Taken" By The Law Ch. 02


I recently wrote a story about my hot wife, Maggie, who was roughly accosted by Lieutenant Collier of the Sheriff's Department. I am a volunteer Deputy and hold the title of Senior Sargent. As such I report to L.T. (as we call respectfully call him). At a party at the Sheriff's home (after he was re-elected to his position for a fourth term) LT found my wife in a bathroom and forced himself onto her while she was seated on the toilet. He kissed her, pushed his cock into her mouth and then bent her over the lavatory and fucked her doggy style. She told me he was rough and very in charge and while Maggie was surprised by his actions, she told me she liked the aggressive approach and willingly had sex with him. When we got home we had great sex and she told me that she told LT that she would have sex with him again and make me watch. It was a major turn on for both of us.

Last week my fellow deputies and I were on the firing range practicing for qualifying with our weapons (Model 22, .40 caliber Glock), which we do once a year. LT. was there and we kept our distance for most of the day. However, as we concluded our practice session and I was packing up my ammo, LT approached me and asked if we could talk in the parking lot. I told him that was no problem and we packed our bags and walked out in silence.

When we got out our cars he looked at me eye to eye and said, "I owe you an apology. I kind of jumped your wife at the Sheriff's party. I didn't really plan it but she is such a tease and she was looking so fine, something just came over me and I had to have her. I am sorry if I offended her or you. I hope you will allow me to make it up to you both."

I looked at him differently than I had previously. He was no longer my commanding officer but a guy who had taken my wife by surprise and left her with her torn thong around her ankles dripping his cum out of her. I didn't know whether to be pissed or sad or worried.

He is a former Army Ranger and is very fit and a few years younger than me. For a moment I thought about a physical confrontation but ultimately thought better of it. I always try to "take the high road" and did so on this occasion.

"LT, my wife tells me she did not invite your advances but obviously she did not try very hard to fight you off. In fact, she told me she enjoyed being treated roughly and gave in to your advances without much resistance. You guys have been flirting with each other for two years now and it is has been obvious to me and perhaps others. However, I want you to know that I harbor no hard feelings but this has changed things between us."

He looked at me "mano y mano" and said, "Fair enough. You are right. Things have changed and I find your wife very attractive and extremely sexy. Somehow I don't think you and your wife are complete strangers to, shall we say, an alternative lifestyle." He smiled wickedly waiting for my response.

I smiled at his comment but gave up nothing. "Brad, how did you come to that conclusion?"

It was his turn to smile. "Somehow I felt like you and your wife were...different and not your typical couple. I guess I sensed it, maybe because I think we are very much alike."

He smiled again and said, "I think you guys are kinky and open minded and I know I am. I have done lots of wild things in my life and somehow I connected with your wife on a very sensual level. I think she felt it too and that's why she was always flirting with me and did not fight very hard to stop me at the party."

In spite of his apology and comments and in spite of the fact that he was right, I still felt a bit uneasy. We were crossing a line with a colleague that my wife and I had never crossed before. I asked Brad what he thought we should do next. He invited Maggie and me to come to his house for dinner on Saturday night. I told him I would discuss his invitation with Maggie and get back to him. I had mixed emotions about our conversation and the seemingly harmless invitation but we shook hands and parted ways.

When I returned home I told Maggie about my conversation with Lt. Collier. It had been several weeks since the incident at the Sheriff's home. Maggie smiled and told me she had expected to hear from LT before now but he made no attempt to contact her or me.

Maggie smiled and asked me to tell her about the conversation with Brad. I reported the content of the discussion and concluded by telling her that he wanted us to come over on Saturday night.

Maggie seemed intrigued. "What do you want to do?"

I looked at Maggie and asked her own question back to her. "What do you want to do?"

She smiled that sexy smile and we both knew what that meant. We also recalled that LT told her and me that he was going to fuck her again. I looked at Maggie and asked if she recalled his comments...and hers. She shook her head, yes.

"Okay, you know what that means don't you?"

Maggie looked at me like she did not already know the answer. "Why, Jack, what are you talking about?" She smiled sexily. I grabbed her and crushed her breasts up against me while grabbing her cute little butt.

"So, are you sure you want to play with the Lieutenant? Is that what you want?"

Maggie was as demure as ever. "Jack,

you know that I will never do anything that you don't approve of. If we get together with Brad, you will be a part of it and I would only do it if you don't think it would not compromise your position with the Sheriff's Department."

I thought about the implications of taking things to another level with LT. Could I trust him? Would getting together with Maggie interfere with my law enforcement duties? Would LT tell any of the other deputies about Maggie and me? I told Maggie I thought there were some risks but if she wanted to get together with Brad, I would support her decision. However, I also knew that I needed another heart to heart chat with LT before going to his home.

Later in the week I called LT and told him that Maggie and I had discussed his invitation. I then told him that Maggie was disposed to accepting his invitation. However, I told him I had grave concerns about getting together. He asked for more details about my concerns. I told him I was concerned about my position with the Department, my personal reputation and Maggie's reputation. I told him we were very selective about who we "played" with and how we managed our "alternate lifestyle."

I must confess that LT was more empathetic and sensitive than I thought he would be. SWAT guys tend to be very macho and insensitive. On the other hand, I knew he wanted another round with Maggie so I had to take his comments with that fact in mind. LT assured me that if we got together it would be a secret between the three of us and no one else would ever know. He further told me that he felt like he needed to "make amends" with Maggie so that she did not think he was a first class jerk.

It is safe to say that I was surprised by Brad's apparently compassionate and empathetic attitude. I told him that we would accept his invitation and see him at 7:30 PM on Saturday evening.

When Saturday rolled around I could tell Maggie was a little nervous but somewhat excited about the evening. She asked me to help her pick out her clothes for the evening. We selected silky black pants and a scoop neck silk blouse (not too revealing) She put on a lacy black thong and fuck me high heels. She topped off the outfit with a simple string of pearls. She looked very elegant and sexy and in my mind, slightly overdressed for the casual evening.

I should mention that Maggie is 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs about 120 pounds. She has 39 D breasts perched on a very petite frame. She has shapely but slender legs and is tanned year round due to her Native American roots. She has dark hair, deep brown eyes and a million dollar smile. She is whip smart and has a wicked sense of humor. She has a dark, furry bush which she keeps trimmed for bikini wear but she knows I like her pussy hairy and full. She never wears a bra.

We had a glass of wine at the house as Maggie put the finishing touches on her evening makeup. She added some Chanel #5 perfume and looked and smelled like a million bucks. When we got in the car I could tell that Maggie was already giving off sexy vibes and thinking about what the evening might hold.

We arrived at LT's house at precisely 7:30 as requested. Maggie appeared a bit nervous as we walked up to the surprisingly large and well-kept home in a very nice and upscale neighborhood. I wondered how a Sheriff's Deputy (even with the rank of Lieutenant) could afford such a nice home.

Before we could ring the doorbell, LT opened the door with a warm smile. He was wearing a starched white shirt, grey dress trousers and Gucci loafers. He welcomed us in to the house with a flourish and wave of his hand. He extended his hand to shake with me and took Maggie's hand and kissed it lightly before leaning in for a light kiss on the cheek.

We entered the living room which featured high ceilings and tasteful furnishings. It appeared that there was a woman's touch in the interior design and with the fireplace crackling with a wood burning fire it was warm and cozy.

We took a seat as he asked for our drink order. Maggie asked for white wine and I requested scotch on the rocks. LT joined me with his own scotch on the rocks. It was a bit awkward as we sat down. LT looked at Maggie and told her she looked fabulous. She blushed slightly but she knew she looked sexy and elegant.

LT spoke first. "Maggie, I owe you an apology. After seeing you around for two years and knowing you are Jack's wife, I didn't treat you with the kind of respect you deserve. I hope you will forgive me."

Maggie raised her glass and nodded her head in the affirmative as if to say, "Go on."

LT raised his glass in a slight toast to Maggie and said, "To a very nice lady and her husband, welcome to my humble home." We were both surprised at his rather humble and genuine attitude.

LT continued. "Maggie, I hope you will allow me to demonstrate tonight that I know how to act like a gentleman." Maggie nodded again speaking not a word as she sipped her wine.

LT was not finished. "I must tell you that since the first day I met you I thought you were one of the sexiest women I had ever met and I still feel that way. You remind me so much of my wife who was killed in a car accident many years ago."

Maggie immediately felt empathy and sympathy for LT and I could tell that he touched a nerve. She spoke, "I am sorry for your loss."

LT looked at Maggie intently and said, "I'm not sure what came over me at the Sheriff's house but I guess I had enough to drink and you were looking so damn sexy that I just had to have you. And I have to tell you that you were fantastic that night and I hope that you won't hold my actions against me tonight or ever for that matter."

Maggie looked at me and then at LT. "Don't think another thing about it. Although I was surprised and somewhat overwhelmed by your aggressive actions, I certainly didn't waste any time in having some pleasure myself. I guess you noticed."

LT grinned. "Indeed I did. I could not believe how quickly you climaxed in spite of my rudeness."

Maggie smiled at LT. "I guess I had enough to drink that I didn't try that hard to fight you off and as I told my husband, I have always thought you were kind of cute."

That broke the ice between us and LT took us on a tour of the house (at least the top two floors of it). Finally we all went in to the kitchen where he was putting the finishing touches on a nice salad. We had another drink and soon were treated to the first course.

The evening flowed quite nicely and there was plenty of "cop talk" and some occasional sexual innuendo. As the evening went on and the wine flowed, I noticed Maggie occasionally touching LT's arm or him brushing up against her breasts pretending it was accidental.

After dinner LT asked if we would like to go outside to the hot tub. It was a cool evening but mild enough to enjoy a soak in the tub. We told him we did not bring suits and he said there were no suits allowed in his hot tub. He mentioned that he had robes for all of us if we wanted to go outside.

I love a hot tub but Maggie is not a big fan. She said she would rather sit around the fire and chat. We returned to the living room where LT put another log on the fire and renewed the flames. Maggie settled in next to me on the sofa. After refreshing our drinks, LT sat down on the other side of Maggie and snuggled up against her. No one spoke as we sipped our drinks and watched the flames dancing over the logs. There was soft music playing from somewhere. I had not noticed it before.

LT moved up against Maggie and said softly, "Maggie, I would love to show you how I can properly treat a woman if you will allow me the honor." Again I was surprised by the softer, gentler side of this Army Ranger and SWAT team member.

Maggie looked at me and said softly, "Are you sure you are okay with this?"

I looked at Maggie and then at LT. "Brad, I am cool with this as long as you honor the promises you made in our meeting this week. And as long as Maggie is cool with you and what you are doing, I am cool with it as well."

With that Maggie turned to Brad and they embraced in a deep, dueling tongue French kiss. It started slowly but soon turned in to a full on body embrace with LT rubbing her breasts softly through her blouse. Within seconds Maggie reached for his crotch. She was already horny as hell as she had been thinking about the evening for several days.

Soon Maggie and LT were locked in a passionate embrace on the sofa. I got up and moved to an overstuffed arm chair to watch the action. LT was like a man possessed. He was all over Maggie and she responded by kissing him deeply and rubbing his crotch vigorously through his trousers.

After molesting her breasts through her blouse, LT reached for the buttons and started working her blouse open while they continued to kiss. Soon he had her gorgeous breasts exposed and her blouse pulled back on her shoulders. He expertly tweaked her nipples and I knew that Maggie was over the edge and ready for some hot action. Once she releases her inner slut she is a magnificent and almost insatiable sex machine.

LT soon moved down to take her nipples into his mouth. He used his lips, his teeth, his tongue and his fingers to manipulate Maggie into a writhing and highly aroused nympho. LT moved back and forth between her breasts...first one and then the other. When he was not sucking on one he was tweaking the nipple of the opposing tit.

Finally LT stood up grasping for his belt buckle. "My God, Maggie! You are incredibly hot and sexy. I need to see you naked." Soon he was down to his boxers with his cock straining obscenely against the cotton fabric. He helped Maggie out of her blouse and then her heels and pants. Soon she was standing in the soft flow of the fireplace light in her tiny thong while Brad was still in his boxers. He moved back and looked at her admiringly.

"You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen. Jack is a damn lucky guy...and so am I." Maggie looked stunning and extraordinarily sexy. I could tell she was so turned on that she wanted to cum right away. It was as if I was not even in the room.

She moved to Brad and grabbed his cock. "Let me check out this cock of yours. I really didn't get a good look before." Brad laughed and dropped his shorts exposing an impressively thick cock about 8 or more inches in length.

Maggie dropped to the sofa and sat down so she would be at eye level with his impressive man meat. She grabbed the base of his cock and stroked him lightly before moving her hand at lightning speed up and down several times. She wanted him hard before she took it in her mouth.

Brad's head rolled back and his eyes were closed tightly. Maggie took his cock in her mouth and licked it softly a couple of times getting it wet and ready. Soon she took it all the way down her throat except for the base where her petite hand still gripped it tightly.

Maggie is an incredible cock sucker and can take the biggest cocks deep in her throat. She stroked him with one hand while sucking him deep into her mouth. Soon she removed her hand to cup his balls and took his entire love pole all the way down her throat. Her lips were on his pubic hair and soon she assumed a sucking rhythm that had LT begging for her not to stop. She was like a woman possessed as she sucked, stroked, licked, cupped his balls and stroked his prostate gland.

Within minutes LT growled deeply and announced that he was going to cum. Maggie redoubled her efforts and continued to suck harder and faster. Brad was on his toes now grabbing the back of Maggie's head screaming, "Don't stop...oh my God...don't stop Maggie. I'm cumming..."

Maggie never missed a beat. She kept on stroking and sucking as LT emptied his balls into her waiting throat. Maggie did not spill a drop and sucked him until he began to soften. Finally she released his big cock and looked up at him. "How do you feel now Lieutenant?"

Brad collapsed on the sofa, spent for the moment. Maggie stood over him triumphantly in her black thong with her impressive rack standing proudly over the Deputy. She looked down on him like a Roman gladiator who had just defeated his arch nemesis. He looked up and simply said, "Incredible! I have never experienced anything like that."

Maggie looked down on him. "Well, consider us even now. You made me cum when I really didn't want to before so I hope I have returned the favor." Maggie is always ready for brinksmanship. LT simply reached up and took Maggie's hand. He pulled her down to the sofa and said simply, "Thank you."

Maggie sat beside Brad on the sofa while I refilled our drink glasses. It was an erotic sight as Maggie's magnificent breasts stood proudly while she was still clad only in her thong. LT was totally naked and at least temporarily flaccid. I sat smiling fully clothed wishing I had my camera. Brad's hand lay softly on her left breast.

We had an interesting discussion about why LT decided to take a chance with Maggie months ago. He told us that he and his first wife had an open marriage and used to swing regularly. They had many threesomes and they were usually MMF trysts. He was no stranger to this type of activity and it made Maggie curious.

Maggie asked LT, "How did you know that your advances with me would not be met with anger or an ugly confrontation?"

He reached for Maggie's petite hand and said, "Maggie, as a cop you have to develop instincts that help you make decisions that could save your life or someone else's life.My gut told me that you were not only extremely sensual and sexy but I somehow knew that you would not repel my advances. I just knew. I always thought Jack had some kink in him just like I do. Not sure how I knew that but I sensed that as well. More than that, I told you that you remind me of my wife...hot, sexy, confident and always ready for action. Looks like I was right about that."

Maggie smiled smugly. "Well, am I going to have to wait all night for somebody to please me?" LT smiled and pulled her towards him. They kissed deeply as he reached for her nipples again. He slid her thong off her hips and Maggie assisted him. It did not take long for him to insert first one, then two fingers into Maggie's sopping wet pussy. She came within seconds. LT moved his fingers to Maggie's prominent clitoris and he soon had her cumming again and again.

LT pulled Maggie to the edge of the sofa and dropped to his knees on the carpet. He spread her legs wide and admired her lovely pussy before moving his mouth to her hairy and wet vagina. I could smell her sexy excretions from my chair a few feet away.

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