tagLoving WivesMaggie is "Taken" By The Law Ch. 03

Maggie is "Taken" By The Law Ch. 03


My hot wife, Maggie, has had many wonderful adventures with her lovers. I have been present for most of her escapades and when she releases her inner slut, it is always good for me as we have hot, steamy sex for several days after her libido has been "enhanced" by her extramarital lovers. I guess sport fucking somehow gets lost after many years of marriage. That is why I always encourage Maggie to live out her fantasies because the sport fucking between us always returns.

Recently my wife has been intrigued by my commanding officer at the Sheriff's Department where I am a reserve deputy. Lieutenant Brad Collier is a widower who accosted Maggie at a recent party at the Sheriff's home. He rudely burst in to the bathroom where Maggie was relieving herself and forced his cock in her mouth and then roughly fucked her doggy style while she was bent over the lavatory.

Subsequently I met with LT (as we call him at the agency) and he apologized for his actions. He has had an eye for Maggie for years and they had shamelessly flirted with each other before the incident at the party. After our discussion and his apology LT invited us over to his house (see Maggie is taken by the law, Chapter 2) and the three of us had a very erotic evening together. Maggie admitted that she liked his take charge style and his urgent, rough approach to sex.

LT made no attempt to reach us after our evening at his home. Several weeks passed before I saw him at the precinct where we were both on duty one evening. LT does not normally go out on routine traffic patrol so on this evening he was in the precinct doing paperwork while I was on patrol. When I returned to the precinct to file a couple of after action reports, he asked if I wanted to go "10-7" with him. (10-7 is police code for out of service. This code is given to the dispatcher or other officers when an officer takes a dinner break.)

We drove to a nearby restaurant and ordered coffee. He clearly had Maggie on his mind.

"Jack, we have not spoken since the night you and your wife came to my house. That was one steamy and sexy evening and I really enjoyed our time together. I hope Maggie had a good time."

I smiled remembering the evening. "We both did, LT. Thanks for being such a gentleman. Maggie really appreciated that and she certainly had fun that night."

LT grinned lasciviously. "I was thinking maybe we should get together again soon."

I told LT that would be entirely up to Maggie and he was curious to know if I thought she might be up for another tryst. I told him I had no idea but that I would ask Maggie.

He then threw me a bit of a curveball. "What do you think Maggie might think of inviting another couple to join us?" I asked him for more details telling him that Maggie was fairly particular about whom she played with.

LT continued. "I have a very good friend who is with a neighboring police agency and he and his wife used to play with me and my wife when she was alive. I know them well and trust them too. They are very discrete and love to have a kinky night occasionally. I think Maggie would like them too. Has your wife ever been with another woman?"

I told LT that Maggie had very limited experience with women but that she was very curious. We had talked about it many times. LT told me that the couple he mentioned were both bisexual and he thought they would be a good match for the three of us. He told me that he and his wife had played with them many times and they were both extraordinary lovers and very nice people.

I asked LT bluntly if he was bisexual. He smiled and told me that he really didn't know what that meant but that he had some contact with other men in the course of his many sexual adventures. I suppose it is difficult for an Army Ranger and macho Sheriff's deputy to admit that he is bi but that is essentially what he was telling me. Life is full of surprises.

We talked sports and law enforcement and agreed that once I talked to Maggie I would get back to LT with her decision.

The next day over breakfast I told Maggie about my conversation with LT. She smiled and told me she was surprised that he had not contacted her/us sooner. I think she was hoping that he might call as she seems to be intrigued by his demanding style.

She asked me what I knew about the other couple and I confessed I did not have a lot of information. She asked me to find out more before she would agree to get together with the other couple. She told me she would not mind getting together with LT again but adding another couple changed the dynamics for all of us. I agreed.

After another conversation with LT and a physical description of the couple along with LT's personal guarantee that if Maggie was even remotely uncomfortable, she could call it off. We agreed on getting together at LT's house on the following Saturday evening.

As the weekend approached I could sense an eagerness and anticipation in Maggie. This was new ground for her and for us. Maggie dressed in a sexy black silk dress that barely reached her knees. The slinky dress accentuated her petite and sexy body. She is 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs about 120. Her 39D breasts are perched beautifully on her petite frame. She has slender and shapely legs and they looked great in her 4 inch, fuck me heels.

Maggie has black hair in a close cropped cut and she has deep brown eyes with sexy and very kissable lips. Her nails are always manicured professionally and her hands are strong and sexy. A single strand of pearls around her neck made her look both sexy and elegant.

We had a glass of wine before leaving the house and drove to LT's in anticipation of an exciting evening. I could not resist tweaking Maggie's nipples which stuck out prominently in her silky dress. She never wears a bra and her nipples just begged to be tweaked or sucked. Once I started playing with her nipples she spread her legs and found her clit. She started stroking her clit but I moved her hand out of the way and did it for her bringing her to a quick and noisy climax. Once she recovered she pushed her skirt down and once again became a demure Southern lady looking like she was getting ready to attend a charity fund raiser.

We arrived at LT's house and once again he opened the front door before we had a chance to ring the bell. He was dressed in a navy blazer, white button down collar shirt and grey trousers with loafers and no socks. He did not look like a cop. He is about 6 feet, 2 inches tall and very fit. His sandy brown hair is close cropped (military style) and he is handsome in a rugged sort of way.

As we entered the house he embraced Maggie with a big hug and a kiss on the lips. He was clearly glad to see Maggie and he quickly extended his hand to me. We shook and entered the house. The other couple had yet to arrive.

We found the living room, scene of some serious fucking last time we were there. LT poured us a drink and we talked like old friends as the fireplace crackled and warmed the room. Soft lighting and light jazz music added to the overall ambiance of the nicely furnished home. Once again I wondered how a Sheriff's Deputy could afford an obviously expensive home like his.

We sipped our drinks and made small talk waiting for the other couple to arrive. Within five minutes the doorbell rang and LT jumped up to answer it. We heard them talking and laughing in the foyer and as they entered the room Maggie and I were both shocked. We were introduced to Seamus McMann, a six foot, six inch tall Irishman with slightly shaggy brown hair and his wife Erin, an incredibly attractive Irish woman. She stood about 5 feet, six inches tall, had beautiful strawberry blonde hair. Her breasts looked to be at least as large as Maggie's and she was dressed in a tasteful white blouse with a knee length navy skirt. She was wearing wedge sandals and had beautiful feet with her nails painted bright red. She was simply stunning.

Coupled with her husband they made an awesome pair. He was attired in tan slacks, brown loafers and at 6 feet, 6 inches (or maybe a bit more) he looked almost intimidating.

He had an athletic build (we found out later he was a rugby player in Ireland before he immigrated fifteen years ago) and he had clear blue eyes and a million dollar smile. He extended his hand and it was huge. He could easily palm a basketball with his long fingers. He reached for Maggie's hand and kissed it lightly. Erin gave me a big hug and pressed those delicious breasts into my chest making my cock twitch at the thought of playing with them later in the evening.

The five of us hit it off immediately. The Irish couple was affable, funny and interesting. Turns out he was formerly in the Irish Republican Army before moving to the States. His scruffy hair appeared inconsistent with his law enforcement role until we found out he did extensive undercover work.

His wife, Erin was delightful. She worked as a nurse technician for a well-known doctor who specialized in robotic surgery. They were smart and fun and we would have never known about their kinky side unless previously informed by LT. It was easy to see why he and his wife hung out with the Irish couple.

We had a delightful meal prepared by LT. He was quite the chef. We had steak (pan seared) with sautéed mushrooms, baked yams, a lovely salad and several bottles of a California Pinot Noir.

The conversation was almost predictable with the guys talking mostly about sports, politics and law enforcement. The girls got along great and talked non-stop throughout the evening. During the evening Maggie learned that while Erin was indeed Irish, she was born in America to an Irish couple who left Dublin several years before her birth. They arrived in the Atlanta metro because of Irish relatives who already lived in the area.

Maggie learned more about Seamus and Erin's activities with Brad's wife, Joan, who had been tragically killed in an automobile accident several years ago. When Maggie and Erin started whispering to each other I assumed they were talking about some of the "sex-capades" that they had previously experienced. They got along famously from the very first moment.

At one point during the evening I noticed that Brad and Maggie had both disappeared. When they returned a bit red in the face, I knew that had snuck a couple of sexy moments together. I later learned that Brad caught Maggie in the bathroom again (not unlike he had done at the Sheriff's house) and kissed her deeply and stuck his hand between her legs finding a very wet thong. He acted surprised and asked Maggie what had made her so wet. She told me that she told him she was excited about the possibility of being with three men and a woman, something she had never done. Brad assured her that it would be a very rewarding evening.

After dinner we all retired with our wine to the living room where Brad punched up the fire and soon had it crackling again...nothing like a nice, toasty fire and some good wine to set the mood for the rest of the evening.

Maggie was seated on the sofa between Brad and me and Erin was curled up in the overstuffed arm chair while Seamus sat on the floor in front of the hearth and fire. Seamus looked at Brad and said, "Lovely evening, Brad. What did you have planned for the rest of the evening? Is there a floor show?" We all laughed.

Brad looked at Seamus and said, "Yea, you're it."

Brad asked if we all wanted to go downstairs and Maggie told him she really liked being by the fire. She asked if we could stay upstairs and Erin agreed that was a good idea. Brad said, "Why don't we play strip poker?"

Maggie laughed and said, "Why don't we just strip each other and forget about the cards?" Everyone agreed that was an even better idea.

Erin got up from her chair and said, "Let me get this party started." With that she walked right over to Maggie and leaned down and kissed her full on the lips. If she was startled Maggie gave no hint of reservation. In fact, they were soon kissing deeply while their tongues dueled in each other's mouths. Erin pulled Maggie to her feet still kissing deeply. She unzipped Maggie's dress in the back and pulled her dress right down to the floor. Maggie was standing in heels, a lacy black thong and a string of pearls. Damn she looked sexy.

Erin quickly leaned down and took Maggie's left nipple in her mouth while tweaking the other one with her thumb and forefinger. All three men were rubbing their cocks as the erotic scene played out in front of us.

Maggie soon began unbuttoning Erin's blouse exposing her large and lovely breasts encased in a pink bra. She looked very sexy as Maggie quickly stripped the blouse off her shoulders. The two women were still standing right in front of the sofa where LT and I had ring side seats. Brad leaned towards me and whispered, "Just wait. You are in for a real treat."

Maggie reached around Erin's back and expertly released her bra. She pulled the bra off of Erin and flipped it to the floor. Maggie then stood back so she could look at Erin's magnificent breasts.

Maggie has large and lovely breasts but I have to say that Erin might have the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. They were perfectly shaped with no sag at all. She had lovely and long nipples and dark brown areolas.

Erin stood completely still while everyone in the room stared at her incredible breasts. Maggie grabbed them both, one in each hand and pushed them together so she could tongue each nipple in rapid succession. Maggie took the left one and then the right one in her mouth. She repeated her action over and over and soon Erin was grabbing Maggie's head while rolling her eyes towards the ceiling.

I was amazed and highly aroused watching my wife do something I had never seen her do. She acted like she had been doing this all her life and soon had Erin groaning and whispering soft mewling sounds while Maggie continued to nibble, suck, lick and kiss those large and lovely breasts.

Meanwhile I had not noticed that Seamus had taken his shirt off and soon had his shoes and pants off as well. He was now in only his boxers sitting in the arm chair previously occupied by his wife and he was staring intently at the two almost naked women. They looked absolutely gorgeous together with the fire casting flickering shadows on the erotic scene.

Maggie recovered from her trance-like staring at Erin's gorgeous breasts. She moved in to Erin and grabbed her face in two hands. She kissed Erin deeply while mashing her breasts up against Erin's impressive chest.

Meanwhile, Brad had stripped off his clothes and was sporting a huge erection. He stood up and moved behind Maggie. He slowly peeled her thong off of her petite little ass and dropped them to her ankles. Maggie stepped out of the thong leaving her with nothing on but the string of pearls. Seamus was still in his boxers with a huge boner pushing the front of the cotton fabric straight out. He pulled the thong off of Erin who was now also naked.

Brad pulled Maggie from behind and sat down on the sofa with Maggie between his legs. His cock was poking Maggie from behind but Maggie was totally engrossed with Erin, who moved along with Brad and Maggie. Brad settled down on the sofa while fondling Maggie's large breasts. He knew just how to tweak her nipples in order to push her to an erotic high. Erin knelt down in front of Maggie's now obscenely spread legs and started licking her way down Maggie's torso. Brad continued his aggressive assault on Maggie's tits and nipples with Maggie laid back on his chest.

Soon Erin found Maggie's honey pot and she started first with her tongue licking up and down Maggie's furry slit. Maggie was writhing on the sofa and moaning loudly. I was sitting on the end of the sofa and had a ringside seat looking at Erin's gorgeous ass which was just inches from my face. Erin found Maggie's prominent clitoris and soon started nibbling it with her teeth. Maggie erupted in a volcanic climax and Erin backed off to allow Maggie time to recover.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Seamus moving towards the sofa. He had removed his boxers and was moving menacingly towards the pile of flesh on the sofa. When I saw him full on I was absolutely astonished. His cock and balls looked like they should have been on an animal. His cock was standing straight out and looked like a baseball bat. It was at least eleven inches long and as thick as a soda can. His balls completely filled his scrotum and they were as large as a pair of oranges. The skin on his cock was dark, almost chocolate brown and the huge head was pink and mushroom shaped. The guy was an absolute freak of nature.

As Seamus stood over us I looked up and said, "How big is that thing?"

He smiled and said proudly, "Twelve inches of Irish love, darling."

That comment got Maggie's attention and she opened her eyes to spy the enormous cock waving in the air above her. She exclaimed, "Oh my God! Is that for real?"

Seamus smiled and stroked it as if to say, yes it is and you can have it. Seamus then looked at Brad and said, "Maybe you should get her ready before we do the Irish Initiation." Brad smiled knowingly and moved out from under Maggie.

Erin sat up on the sofa and reached for the enormous cock. She grabbed it by the base and moved her lovely lips to her husband's love pole. Brad moved around to mount Maggie who was still spread wide on the sofa. She could not take her eyes off of Seamus's huge cock, which was now being sucked expertly by Erin.

Brad was rock hard and moved his cock to Maggie's waiting and wet pussy. In keeping with his assertive style Brad stuck his cock straight in to Maggie with little fanfare. Maggie responded by pulling him tightly to her with her arms and legs. Brad soon established a furious pace fucking Maggie like it was his last time before he expired.

Erin was sucking the huge cock and looking at me. She pulled Seamus towards me and asked if I would like to taste the giant cock. I declined but she reached for my hand and put it on the cock. He wrapped my hand around it and started stroking it tentatively. It was enormous and felt huge and hot in my hand. As I stroked it Erin resumed sucking on her husband. We soon established our own rhythm while Brad was furiously fucking Maggie. It felt odd but good to stroke the massive dick while bumping up against Erin's lovely lips on each stroke.

Meanwhile, I could hear Maggie cumming over and over while Brad fucked her hard and fast. He was also talking dirty to her telling her what a great fuck she was and how hot her pussy felt. She dug her heels into his butt and urged him on faster and harder.

Soon Brad could hold out no longer and he roared like a lion in the jungle as he emptied himself into my wife. She screamed out herself with yet another orgasm as they came in unison. He collapsed on top of her while the three of us looked on.

Brad soon recovered enough to move off of Maggie. Both of them were panting heavily after the steamy session. However, we all knew that this was just the first round. Seamus looked at Brad and said, "Is it time for the Irish Initiation?"

Maggie looked at Seamus and said, "What's that?"

Erin moved over to Maggie and whispered in her ear. "The Irish Initiation is something you are going to enjoy. Relax and let yourself be pleasured by my husband. We have done this many times and always do perform the initiation rights for a woman's first experience with Seamus."

With that Seamus reached for Maggie's hand and led her to a blanket in front of the fireplace. He helped her lay down on her back and Erin quickly assumed a position on Maggie's left side. Brad snuggled up on Maggie's right side. Both were stroking her breasts and torso as Seamus got down on the floor. I sat in the arm chair watching intently.

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