tagMatureMaggie May Ch. 03

Maggie May Ch. 03


This is the continuation of the first two chapters in this series. You'd be doing yourself an injustice if you didn't start at Chapters 1 and 2 before commencing on this journey.


Thursday 2:23 P.M.

"Cum on my face, cum all over my face!"

With that encouragement to John, Maggie released the snug grip of her pursed lips from John's twitching cock with an audible 'pop', a strand of her saliva dripping from the tip of his cock, and held her head back, opening her mouth wide to await the pending assault of John's ejaculate.


The first thick stream of cum landed on Maggie's cheek as she flicked her long tongue frantically to catch it, reluctantly releasing her hands gripped on the base of John's cock as she correctly anticipated the timing of the burst, but misjudged the intensity, and thus, the distance to her throat.


The next four hard, thick streams landed successively on Maggie's forehead, eyelid, lip (Bullseye!), and chin, respectively. She licked at each spurt determined to taste each in her mouth, like a playful kitten trying to catch soap bubbles wafting in the breeze, her head jerking wildly with each thrust of her young prey's orgasmic display of gratitude for her recently concluded display of oral magic.

Three somewhat less intense streams followed shortly thereafter in two-to-three second intervals, and Maggie caught at least two directly in her warm mouth, perched wide open to receive the hot jism. She was helped by John's strong hands pulling the back of her head directly over his still pulsing cock head (such a gentleman, that John!), allowing her to savor the tangy flavor of his cum.

She then reached up and began to lick the residue of hot sperm from John's shaft, licking up and down the base to collect all of the milky white gift, while at the same time, reaching to her face and torso, now dripping with loads of cum, and gobbling the small crescent of gushing cum into her mouth, swishing it to and from in her lips as she would a morning mouthwash. She unconsciously dipped one of her long fingers to the top of her mons and groaned in tandem with John's primal grunt, as he deposited one last, long, burst of hot seed directly onto Maggie's top lip.

John had been in Maggie's suite within the Great Valley Sheraton on this Thursday afternoon pre-planned sexual rendezvous for approximately fifteen minutes, and his cock had been firmly between Maggie's lips, in her mouth, clutched and stroked in her tight palms, or rubbed over her long, pert, protruding pinkish-brown nipples for the last, oh, fourteen minutes and thirty seconds or so.

Immediately after John had entered her room after receiving Maggie's text with the room number, Maggie had lightly kissed John on the lips, and then went to her knees in the foyer, pinning him against the door, unbuckling his belt and suit trousers expertly, and gazing deeply into his eyes lustfully as she swallowed almost the entire length of John's long dick in one deep gulp . John gave not the slightest of resistance, especially once he saw Maggie's attire for the afternoon's festivities.

Maggie was dressed in virginal white lace from head to toe, with the exception of her leather, ivory five-inch stilettos, which served the purpose of having Maggie tower over John's own five-foot-eleven-inch frame. (Well, at least until she quickly dropped to her knees, of course.) Maggie had pirouetted around first before paying John his oral homage, displaying her bright white lacy bra which barely covered the nipples on her firm, A-or-B-cup (John estimated) perfectly formed tits, and her transparent teardrop petticoat lace mini-slip with the tiniest of white g-strings that was pulled tightly into her camel-toe, which was already plainly dripping with small puddles of heated, anticipatory moisture. She also wore opaque thigh-high stockings on her incredibly long and lean legs, and lace, fishnet arm stockings, which allowed her impeccably manicured fingertips to poke through the holes in her palms. The incredibly sweet aroma of her sex simply permeated the small entrance vestibule of the hotel room, and John allowed himself to be the grateful recipient of this 'en fuego' cougar's oral talents.

Maggie raised herself from the floor, while simultaneously scooping up the gobs of cum that had spurted all over her face and neck, and dripped onto her tits. She pulled John's face to her wow, still stroking his big, throbbing cock with her talented hands, noticing that John had not lost any of the hardness that she had evoked, and tested him to see if he would drink his own cum from within her mouth. John passed the test swimmingly, hungrily slurping his tongue onto Maggie's, sucking it within his own lips, extracting the hot, white liquid that was oozing within her mouth, and eagerly tasted his own flavor for the first time.

All Maggie wanted now as to have John's cock deep inside of her dripping cunt, rough, hard, and long. great minds thought alike, as John lilted Maggie up, carried her halfway across the room, and tossed her onto the mattress of the four-post bed.

Maggie lay on the bed with her legs spread wide, pulling on her nipples lightly, as she watched John remove the rest of his clothes. He still was clad in his shirt and tie, his pants bunched awkwardly around his ankles. He kicked off his shoes and bent down to reach for his socks (always an agonizing few seconds of stumbling when a couple was ready to fuck, Maggie thought). As John stumbled to get appropriately attired (i.e stark naked) for the next sustained session of carnal aerobics, Maggie couldn't help to pose a question out of curiosity.

"So, what did you tell Madeline so that you could play hooky for the afternoon?"

John wriggled his pants off of his ankles, trying unsuccessfully to look poised and suave. "I told her that I'd be fucking Maggie at the Sheraton for the rest of the day, and was not to be disturbed. Isn't the truth always the best?"

Maggie nodded in mock consent with John's sarcasm, playing along with the charade.

John continued, as he climbed onto the bed next to Maggie, unsnapping her bra in one swift motion, leaning down to take her tits in his mouth, sucking and pulling her eraser-sized nipples with his lips. "Why? What did you tell your lady co-workers how you were spending your afternoon off?"

Maggie leaned up to watch John, feeling his hot breath on her breasts, as a small spasm of pleasure coarsed directly to her sex. She nearly trembled with the anticipation that within minutes she would finally have that big cock filling and piercing her pussy. "I told a bunch of the girls that I'd be covered in my boss' cum for the rest of the day. But they said, 'Who hasn't'?"

John began to lower his head down Maggie's firm, thin stomach, but as his head reached the petticoat slip that was now pulled up to her navel, Maggie pulled John by the back of the head and stopped his approach.

"Not yet, no, not yet, don't eat me just yet. I need to be fucked now, I need that cock in me, I need to be fucked."

Maggie raised her hips and yanked the slip down her legs, while moving the sheer strand of fabric covering her slit over so that her glistening slit was now fully exposed, swollen, wet, waiting. She curled one index finger seductively at John in a 'come hither' gesture and commanded, "Fuck me. Now."

Instead of immediately following her command and entering her with her g-string still on her body, John forcefully gripped the thin fabric of the strings on her hips and ripped it into shreads with one violent yank. Maggie gasped, now indescribably aroused. Despite her emotional attachment to John, this was to be Maggie utlimate 'revenge fuck' fantasy come to life. The recent forays with the Hilton Head 'boy toys' had been just a warm-up to today's main event, at least in Maggie's mind. This was the young, virile man that she had lusted after from the first minute that she had laid eyes on him months ago.

John eased his bulbous, engorged cock head into Maggie's gaping hole, but Maggie withdrew, admonishing him with a rather forceful slap of rebuke.

"I'm not one of your prissy little whiny harem girls, I'm a WOMAN, damnit, and I need to be fucked." She grabbed his big dick and lowered it to her cunt, and brought her legs over his shoulders, her long legs spread so lewdly that her heels dug into his shoulder blades.

"Hard." She squirmed as his cock penetrated her folds.

"Deep, that's it, oooh, yes." John got the message now, grabbing her ankles with his strong hands and began to pump in rhythm to Maggie's own pelvic thrusts.

"Harder, faster, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK me, don't hold back!" John pounded Maggie viciously in response to her exhortations, his full balls, slapping her ass, the sound permeating the room, echoing off the walls, adding to the intensity of the act.

Maggie looked at John with eyes that were filled with a look that John had never before seen, animalistic lust, pure uninhibited wanton sexual craving, a true woman in the throes of demanding satisfaction while giving her body for the cause.

"Use my cunt for your pleasure. Fuck me, fuck me hard. Stick that magnificent cock in me, again and again and again. Feel my cunt muscles pull you in, sucking your cock with my cunt? Yeah, baby, take me, fill me up. God, yessssssss, fuck me, Oh, that's it, hard, rough, I want it rough." Maggie screeched her demands, pinching her nipples, her pelvis gyrating and humping high off the mattress, scratching John's buttocks with her fingernails as she frantically pulled him deeper into her sex.

John flipped Maggie over on her side, lifting one leg high in a 'bow and arrow' position, and in this way could rub Maggie's clit and assist her in pulling roughly on her erect nipples, now standing at attention at least a half-inch in excitement. In he next hour, he acquiesced to Maggie's demands by fucking in in perhaps a dozen positions, including several that Maggie had not imagined. She was amazed and aroused at not only the incredible stamina and skill of her new young lover, but also at his creativity and intensity. In between too many orgasms to count, she thought to herself that this was the sexual partner that she had waited for, one with whom to share many future adventurous explorations, one with whom to live out all of her long-repressed desires and fantasies.

"Jackpot, lucky me", she thought, before her body wracked in yet another spasm of ecstasy.

John was still relatively humble about his own sexual skills. he was blissfully unaware that rare was the man who could demonstrate such impressive stamina. After John came for the first time, he could literally fuck without another orgasm for extended, inordinate periods of time. John assumed this was natural, his only real basis for comparison being the few porn flicks that he had watched with some previous frisky ex-girlfriends. he was just dawning on the extent of his carnal abilities, urged on by Maggie's wails, and moans, and expressive, obscene shouts of instructional direction.

John took Maggie on a virtual 'around the world' tour across the large king-sized mattress, waiting until Maggie spasmed in orgasm in each position before embarking on the next.

He rolled her onto her hands and knees and fucked her doggy-style, his hands grabbing and tugging at her hair. paying close attention to those incredibly sexy strakes of gray on Maggie's temples. he ruminated that he had never seen a lock of Maggie's perfectly coiffed hair out of place before, so he took particular pleasure in assuring that Maggie would exude that 'freshly fucked look' when he was done with her.

He pushed he down roughly on her stomach so that her face was buried in the billowy pillows, and grabbed the cheeks of her firm as, rubbing his thumb around her brown-puckered asshole, and grinned as he watched her clutch the sheets firmly with her outstretched fingers, her cervix being assaulted in a mix of pain yet intense pleasure, as john relentlessly pounded her from behind. he enjoyed this position immensely (as did Maggie, apparently, from her muffled screams and groans) because he felt he could get deeper into Maggie's tight, sopping cunt in this position than any other. The more Maggie squirmed and yelled out her torrential demands to "Fuck me", the harder he pounded her. They were both getting exactly what the craved, but more than they both ever imagined.

Even though this was pure fucking, not even the pretense of lovemaking, the intimate connection that John and Maggie were commencing on their initial marathon session was indeed laced with affection.

John rolled onto his back and pulled Maggie on top of him, completely in control of her body now, perspiration pouring from Maggie's taut torso, her face contorted into a crimson maze of lust and energy, the constant stream of shouts never-ending despite Maggie's condition. "Yes, keep fucking me, don't stop, roll me over, fill all of my holes, do anything you want, you're incredible, amazing, fuck me ,use me, take me, fill me up, God, yes, do me, anywhere, just keep fucking my cunt, I'm streaming with cum, fuck me."

Maggie now rode John in a reverse cowgirl position, well into the second hour of their aerobic carnival. Maggie couldn't begin to count the number of orgasms that she had, but little did she know that the coup de grace was fast approaching. John admired the sight of his extended cock pounding into Maggie's pussy lips as her firm ass bounced up and down on his cock, each thrust met with an audible exhale of pleasure from Maggie.

Maggie was slender enough that he could try this next position, John thought, with the slightest of trepidation. He had seen it displayed only once, in a sexual instructional video that he happened upon while surfing the Internet one particularly lonely and horny evening, yet had always longed for the proper circumstances to attempt it with the right partner.

While Maggie still rode him in the cowgirl position, he scurried down to the edge of the bed and sat up on its edge, so that Maggie now rode him in while he was in an upright position. he extended his legs out from the bed, and with his feet, tucked Maggie's own feet behind his calves, locking them into place. he grabbed Maggie tightly around her waist with one hand, while with the other hand, he grabbed both of Maggie's wrist and pulled them behind her back.

In one motion, he stood up abruptly, suspending Maggie into the air so that the only gravity that could catch her on her descent was his strong, huge cock. he lifted his won pelvis into the air, grunting with each thrust, as Maggie time and again fell directly onto his cock, deeper than anything she had ever felt. he lifted her, and lifted her, and held her more tightly, realizing he was virtually pummeling her cunt. Maggie's screams now at a decibel level so that the two house keeping maids in the hallway scurried to the door to listen, curious as to the type of activity that could evoke such pleasure, their own pussies melting into secretions of envy.

John pumped Maggie's hot cunt savagely a few more dozen times before the intense pleasure building up in his balls finally culminated with a pending explosion. he turned around and tossed Maggie roughly onto the bed, barely realizing that she was on the verge of passing out from the arousal, and pulled her face to his cock, and spurted all spurt after spurt of cum onto Maggie's face,neck, and tits, her eyes rolling into her head as she literally collapsed and passed out from exhaustion and the sheer intensity of her countless orgasms, her body still shuddering in mini-explosions, as Maggie lapsed into a temporary sex-induced coma.

John fell back onto the bed himself, snuggling next to Maggie, stroking her cum-matted forehead tenderly, anxious that she would be all right. He was encouraged that her erratic breathing was gradually returning to normal. As he caressed her face, pulling her body closer to his, his eyes scanned the rest of the hotel room suite for the first time, and stopped when he saw the video camera on the dresser, its lens pointing towards the bed. He got up from the bed, and leaned cautiously into towards the camera, unwittingly giving the lens a close-up of his now flaccid cock, as he reached for the handle.

He picked up the camcorder and saw that it was still in 'record' mode. "Well, I'll be damned," he thought, and switched the toggle to 'off'. At first, he was angered and nervous by the realization that the previous seventy-five minutes or so had been documented for the archives, but as he sat with the camera in his hand and contemplated the possible implications, his exhausted cock began to twitch involuntarily again, against all odds.

He was aroused, he admitted to himself, he liked it, her surreptitious recording turned him on tremendously. This was wild. Maggie began to resuscitate, softly purring and moaning, and now rolled onto her side. John waited patiently for her revival with the camera in his hand, and switched it once again to 'on', and swept the camera over her body.

He zoomed in on her cum-splattered face, and then lowered the lens to her swollen and sweetly battered pussy, which oozed a mixture of juices and precipitation down her thighs and ass, the remnants of an explosive vaginal orgasm of Maggie's, the large puddle of their mutual cum soaking the bed sheet. "This could be very, very, very fun," he decided.

More to follow, stay tuned.

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