tagLesbian SexMaggie Plays at Lottie's House!

Maggie Plays at Lottie's House!


‘So Jim liked the idea of Lottie joining them in their sex games.’ Maggie couldn’t decide whether she was really happy with the idea or not. On the one hand Maggie had never experienced as much pleasure as she had with Jim over the last couple of days, and she felt a certain jealousy at the thought of sharing him; on the other, she loved both of them, and Lottie was a special friend, who had taught her an awful lot about her own sexuality over the last few years.

Even as children they had been close, and because of Lottie’s bad, bad older cousin Paul, who had shown Lottie all sorts of naughty things, well before any ‘nice’ girl really should experience them, Maggie had learned from an early age as well. Lottie would come round on sleepovers and tell Maggie everything. Sometimes she would bring a video, or a magazine that Paul had given her. Once she’d brought a huge dildo and had taken great delight in demonstrating how to use it. Maggie had watched open mouthed while Lottie, who seemed to relish an audience, had peeled down her panties, and then lying on the floor with her knees drawn up, and legs wide open, had run the massive rubber cock up and down her pussy lips.

Lottie was a natural blonde. She kept her hair quite long, and as she’d lain stretched out on the floor, it spread out like the rays of the sun, around her young, sensual face. Her full lips were slightly parted, as she played the cock up and down her pussy, and Maggie could see her little pink tongue just showing between her teeth. Lottie noticed her friend staring in awe. ‘Why are you looking at my face Mags? All the action’s down here!’ she giggled waving the sex toy in the air.

Maggie moved her eyes over her best friend’s outstretched body, and took in the shape of her small, young breasts. As her breathing got heavier, they were rising and falling under Lottie’s pink crop-top. Lower still, and Maggie admired her friend’s flat teenage tummy, and then… and then…

With a gulp Maggie slid her eyes to Lottie’s mound. Her friend’s pussy hair was barely visible, and she was so fair that her full pussy lips could clearly be seen. They were pushed apart as Lottie dragged the toy down towards her pink hole. Maggie watched, fascinated, as her friend’s puffy labia enveloped the rubber cock. Pink outer lips stretched around it as breathing fast, Lottie tried to slide the life-like cock into her open pussy. She let out a gasp, and Lottie smiled up at Maggie as she eased the cock up her crack again.

‘How do you make it fit Lottie?’ Maggie asked in awe.

‘You just have to make sure you’re wet enough.’ Answered her friend ‘… and if you’re not, you can use spit or some of that gel over there. It makes it slide in real easy! I think I’ll have to use my fingers and some spit before I can fit all this in.’ as she spoke, Lottie lifted her butt off the floor and balanced her weight between her heels and her shoulders. Her pussy was pushed towards Maggie’s face and was totally exposed, as Lottie slipped her left hand behind her butt cheek and onto her mound, she parted her puffy lips, revealing her slippery, pink inner lips. Her fingers dug down, and a moment later she had two of them buried up to the first knuckle in her cunt. Maggie let out a gasp as her friend’s pussy stretched around her probing fingers. Pink, shiny inner pussy flesh glinted and winked at the observer as she slipped her own hand between her legs.

Lottie wriggled her fingers around in her growing wetness until she’d made enough lubrication for a third to be inserted. Her cunt stretched to accommodate the extra probing digit, and Maggie watched amazed as her friend’s pussy lips swelled and spread in juicy abandon. The exciting show continued for a number of minutes, while both girls stimulated themselves.

Maggie had reached deep into her panties by now, and was attempting to slide two fingers into her own, increasingly soaked pussy. She could feel her panties getting damper and damper as the scene before her got hotter and hotter. Lottie was in a world of her own as she arched her back and rammed her fingers up and down in her excited cunt.

‘I think I’m ready for this huge cock now’ she gasped, ‘Can you pass it to me?’

Maggie bent towards Lottie to retrieve the rubber toy, but as she started to sit up again in order to hand it to her friend, Lottie called out to stop. Maggie looked at Lottie enquiringly. Her friend giggled ‘don’t move Mags, I can see right down your top when you’re leaning over, and your tits are gorgeous’

Maggie blushed. Lottie had never been as forward as this before, although both girls knew that they gave each other the hots! She stayed where Lottie had asked and decided to spice her friend’s view up a bit. Reaching down the neckline she fumbled for the front clip on her bra. In a second it was undone, and her breasts, helped by gravity, flowed out of its constraints. Lottie let out a deep sigh and peered lustily into her friend’s cleavage. Maggie wriggled seductively, and felt her nipples harden against the fabric of her top.

As she watched Maggie’s delicious tits swaying before her, Lottie grasped the offered sex toy and started to play it up and down her pussy lips. With her right hand hooked around her butt she splayed her labia to reveal an expanse of shiny pink flesh and her tight little hole, with her left hand she held onto the cock and positioned it at the entrance to her womanhood.

‘Push it in Lottie!’ cried Maggie as she swayed her tits and frantically fingered her own cunt. ‘I want to see your hole open!’

Lottie gasped with pleasure at the combination of Maggie’s dirty talk and the feel of the cock pressing on the lips of her cunt. Then with a sharp intake of breath, she pushed the toy into her pussy, as far as it would go.

Oh my God!!! You’ve got to try this Mags, its unbelievable. I’ve never felt so filled up. Oh fuck its soooo goood!’ She cried as she slid the cock back up her cunt.

With her pussy as wet as she could remember, Maggie watched in awe as her friend’s well lubricated cunt stretched around its invader. Lottie dragged the cock out of her pussy, and as she did so Maggie watched her friend’s cunt clinging to it. Her inner lips were pulled taut, and looked as if her pussy was turning inside out. Then with a push Lottie was slipping the dildo back into her hole as far as it would go. She moved the fingers of her other hand to her clit and started to rub furiously. The sound her cunt was making was incredible. The cock was slurping noisily in and out as her pussy got wetter, and the wrinkled flesh around her clit was adding a further slippery sound as Lottie rubbed it round in circles.

Her pace increased, until she reached that point where she knew that with one more thrust her cunt would spasm in orgasm. Lottie’s frantic fingering slowed to a delicate feathering over her clitoris, and her pumping of the cock suddenly stopped all together. She now held it at an angle, pushing its head as hard as she could against the sensitive roof of her vagina. More than anything in the world at that moment, Maggie wanted to see her friend cum. She watched with bated breath as Lottie’s fingers stroked her clit, and her throat gave a low groan, which as each moment went by increased in volume.

Suddenly Lottie couldn’t take any more. Maggie had lifted her top and was pulling at her nipples; this erotic vision triggered a chain reaction through Lottie’s body. Her legs went weak, and then as a shiver ran up and down her spine, her cunt began to throb uncontrollably. Seconds later a shock wave passed from her own nipples to her clitoris and she came. With a shriek Lottie ejected the rubber cock from her cunt as it spasmed and throbbed in pleasure.

A slow dribble of creamy cum flowed from her over excited crack, as Lottie pushed desperately at her throbbing clitoris. The nub of swollen flesh wanted more. Lottie was desperate to cum again, her whole body craved stimulation. She looked wildly at Maggie. Her friend was rubbing at her swollen nipples frantically with one hand, while the other was pressed hard between her legs.

‘Mags I need you to help me’ Lottie cried ‘Please will you suck on my clit until I cum again, I want you to make me cum in your mouth!’ Maggie had never even thought about licking or sucking another girl’s pussy before today, but just seeing Lottie in such a state of excitement, and knowing that she in part, had encouraged it, she couldn’t deny her friend’s desperate request.

She crawled forward until her face was poised just above her friend’s pussy. Lottie grabbed her hair and pulled her down. The aroma of freshly fucked cunt was overpowering, and Maggie eagerly stuck out her tongue to lap up Lottie’s puddle of cum. The taste was overwhelmingly exotic to Maggie, it wasn’t quite like her own juices, it was saltier and creamier. As she licked her lips and prepared to dip her tongue again, Lottie pulled her face upwards.

‘I want you to suck my clit Mags!’ she wailed. Maggie responded quickly, her lips fastened around her friend’s swollen nub and she sucked it into her excited mouth. Her tongue lapped around the throbbing flesh, creating an incredible shaking reaction in Lottie. She clasped her legs around Maggie’s head and forced herself against her friend’s face. Maggie couldn’t avoid pressing her teeth into the sensitive flesh, but far from hurting Lottie, it seemed to spur her on.

‘Fingers, in me, now!’ she demanded breathlessly. Maggie obliged and found to her delight that as she inserted three of her fingers they sank easily into her friend’s excited cunt. She eased up her little finger, and pushed it in alongside the others. Lottie gasped, as her pussy stretched to accommodate this delicious invasion of her soaked womanhood.

Maggie felt around inside Lottie’s cunt as much as she could. She wanted to feel those succulent ridges of fleshy muscle rippling against her fingertips. She wasn’t disappointed; for Lottie’s pussy was everything she’d dreamed of. She strummed her fingers over the sensitive flesh, relishing the way her friend leaked cum over her wrist every time she moved. It only took a couple of minutes of this intense fingering and sucking to bring Lottie to her longed for climax. With a shout she bucked her hips against Maggie’s soaked face and came in a long drawn out wail. Her pussy throbbed and she released a torrent of juices. Maggie lapped up all she could before, raising her face to smile at Lottie. Her friend grinned back.

‘You should try the dildo Mags! Its fantastic!’

Maggie picked up the wet cock and brought it up to her mouth. With a naughty grin she licked her way up its length and back again. ‘I’ve never put anything that far up my pussy before’ she giggled. ‘Only my hairbrush handle, and that made me bleed!’

‘You didn’t hurt yourself silly. That was your hymen breaking’ murmured her friend reassuringly.

Maggie nodded. ‘I thought that’s what it was. So you don’t think I’d bleed again?’

‘Never babe!’ said Lottie emphatically. ‘Try it out, you’ll see. And I’ll bet you’re already wet enough; no one could make someone cum like you did for me without wetting their panties. Let’s have a feel?’ Maggie shivered with anticipation as Lottie thrust her hand between her friend’s legs. She found her legs parting automatically to accommodate Lottie’s probing fingers. And then with a start she realised that contact had been made. With a gasp she thrust her pussy forward to meet her friend’s touch.

‘You’re absolutely soaked!’ exclaimed Lottie. ‘Look you’ve made the duvet all wet! Come on let’s get your panties down.’ She grasped the elastic of Maggie’s soaked underwear and tugged.

Her friend had quite a full bush of dark red pussy hair, and Lottie marvelled at the way it had been flattened by the soaking panties. She ran her fingers lightly over the curls, pressing down to feel the scrunching sensation. Her own pussy leaked a bit more juice, which trickled down her inner thigh as she continued her investigation.

‘Look I can see your clit Mags!’ exclaimed Lottie. Maggie opened her legs a bit further and glanced down. Lottie had her face really close to her friend’s pussy now, ‘its all shiny and hard. Can I touch it?’

Maggie nodded and held her breath. Suddenly a tingle ran through her as Lottie gently pushed back the little hood of flesh that covered her clitoris. Exposed to the air this way, her hot nub of flesh swelled even bigger. Lottie gasped and quickly darted out her tongue to taste the morsel. Maggie screeched and pushed her friend’s head down to meet her desire. Her cunt was throbbing with lust.

‘Lottie for fucks sake, please push that cock up me!’ she groaned.

Lottie giggled ‘Are you getting desperate Mags? Come on tell me what you want.’

‘I want that fucking toy pushed right up my cunt, you pussy teaser. Please ram it in!’

Lottie grabbed the dildo and positioned it over her friend’s soaking pussy. ‘Open your lips for me!’ she demanded ‘I want to see right inside your cunt!’

Maggie immediately did as she was told. She placed her fingers on either side of her pussy lips and stretched them apart. Lottie was dribbling with lust. Here before her was a wide-open cunt, acres of pink, shiny flesh, dripping with juicy cum. Around it, matted and soaked was Maggie’s glistening dark red bush. Her hole was spread open ready to receive the rubber toy.

Positioning it above her friend’s tunnel of lust, Lottie asked if Maggie was ready.

‘Just shove it in Lottie. I want you to fill my whole cunt!’ She cried. Without another pause, Lottie slid the cock down into the depths of Maggie’s womanhood. She was so well lubricated, that Maggie had no trouble accommodating the toy. It slipped with ease into her cunt and as she felt it touch the end of her tunnel she gave a mighty groan of pleasure. Never had she been so filled. Never had she felt more satisfied than at this moment. All she wanted now was to see Lottie’s tits.

‘Get your top off Lottie. I want to see your nipples! I want to see you play with them!’ Lottie needed no second requests. With practised skill she tugged her top off with one hand while holding onto the rubber cock with the other. She was braless and her breasts flopped down as the top rose over her head.

Lottie’s nipples at that age were at the delicious puffy stage. Her areolas were swelled and pink capped by huge fat nipples. Maggie gasped as her friend dangled them above her face.

‘I want to suck them!’ she demanded. ‘Give me your tits, I want them.’ Lottie lowered her tits towards Maggie’s open lips and suddenly let out a gasp as her friend sunk her teeth into her left nipple. The pain was mixed with an intense pleasure as the bite turned to powerful suction. If she could have released milk she knew it would have flowed. Even so, Maggie tasted a sweet drop of liquid at the nipple’s tip. Her sucking was inducing Lottie to produce something, even if it wasn’t actual milk! Quickly she moved to the other tit, and proceeded to give it the same treatment. Again the excited teat leaked a clear honey tasting drop of liquid.

Maggie was overcome with lust. Lottie through all the tit sucking had managed to continue pumping her friend’s cunt, and she knew that Maggie was just about to climax. She slowed her movements a little and then tilted the cock to rub against Maggie’s most sensitive spot. She yelped and humped her hips into the air.

‘I’m cumming Lottie, Oh fuck, I’m cumming girl.’ Her cunt contracted wildly around the cock and the next second she spurted. A splash of cum shot into the air, and covered Lottie’s arm, she looked down as the hot liquid trickled towards her hand. Maggie was panting wildly, and the rubber cock, still buried deep in her cunt, was bobbing up and down in time with her breathing. As she caught sight of it she started to giggle, and then with a contraction of her pussy muscles she pushed it out with a slurping plop. It was followed by a stream of cum, which dribbled between her butt cheeks and onto Lottie’s duvet.


As she remembered this highly erotic episode with Lottie, Maggie felt her pussy filling her panties with her creamy juices. Her mind was made up! She wanted to share herself with both her friend and her brother, and the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to watch as Jim and Lottie explored each others bodies!

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