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Maggie's Farmyard Stories


Maggie, at nineteen and still living at home with her aunt and uncle, was used to being unfairly punished, but this time was different. Uncle Jim and Auntie D had decided to make an example out of her.

Her cousins looked on as Auntie D gripped her by the arm and dragged her towards the shed. Paul smirked at her as she looked back at him, but little Jimmy looked frightened.

"Please, Auntie D," she begged, "I didn't do it!"

"I have had enough of your back talk. You have to learn to mind, girl." She gripped Maggie's arm tightly, and pushed her into the gloomy shed.

Uncle Jim was waiting for her. He'd rolled up his shirt sleeves and had Mister Pete sitting at his feet. Mister Pete was ordinarily a quiet and polite farm hand, but when Uncle Jim needed him to help discipline Maggie, Mister Pete was frightening.

He was tall and skinny and quiet. He never said a word during punishments. Sometimes Uncle Jim just made him watch. But he always dressed up in a black rubber suit that fit him snugly from head to toe. It had to be stiflingly hot, but Mister Pete never complained. Uncle Jim patted him affectionately on the head.

"Put her over the table, ma." He told Auntie D.

Auntie pushed Maggie over the table so that she fell, leaving her bottom up in the air. Uncle Jim stood up slowly, and lit a cigarette before walking over. Maggie stared up at him in terror. Almost lazily, he tied her to the table, making sure her wrists and waist were secure. He knelt down beside her and secured her knees to the legs of the table.

"Ma, pull down her pants."

"No!" Maggie begged, twisting against her bonds. She knew she was in for a spanking and it was humiliating every time.

"It'll go worse for you if you fight, girl." Uncle told her quietly.

"Please..." she said softly. "Please..."

Auntie D reached around her and undid her jeans, yanking them to the floor. She stood bent over the table in only her underwear and her shirt.

"You've been a bit of a bitch, Maggie," Auntie D said. "And if you want to act like a bitch, you'll be treated like a bitch." She pulled down her underwear sharply, leaving Maggie naked from the waist down.

"Mister Pete is going to fuck you like a bitch, Maggie." Uncle Jim said calmly.

Terror washed over her and she strained hard against her bonds, twisting and turning. She watched Mister Pete rise slowly from his crouched position and saw that he had a perverse dildo strapped to his groin over the rubber suit that bobbed when he moved. He giggled, a high pitched sound that sent a chill down her spine. Uncle Jim smiled grimly.

"We have the finest specimen. We were going to give it to Daisy," he said, referring to the sweet dairy cow Maggie had to milk every morning, "but we thought you'd appreciate it more."

"Cost us a pretty penny, mind," Auntie D said crossly. "So you had best appreciate it." She gave Maggie a sharp slap across the ass, making her jump.

Mister Pete stood behind her, and positioned himself between her legs. She shook her head furiously, but to no avail.

"Be still!" Auntie D shouted. "If a drop of this is wasted, it'll come out of your wages."

Uncle Jim reached over her and took something in his hand. "Get on in, Pete," he said.

Maggie felt something cold and slimy poke at her thigh. Mister Pete thrust gently against her until he found her slit, then pushed up, sliding the peculiar little dildo inside her. It was slim, with a little bulb at the base. He thrust in and out, but the dildo was too slick to achieve much. The bulb was thicker and he took pleasure easing it in and out of her.

Despite her humiliation, the sensation of the bulb made her moan softly.

"I think she likes it, Pa."

"Not for long, she won't," he grunted.

She heard him squeeze something in his hand, and Mister Pete thrust into her again. The bulb was growing inside of her. Mister Pete pushed harder against her, driving the dildo as deep as it would go. Uncle Jim inflated it with agonizing slowness. Maggie felt her cunt throb against the intruder, and Mister Pete swayed, giggling, and lay so that his full weight was on top of her.

Uncle Jim looked down at her and brushed her hair out of her eyes. Suddenly, he kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and squeezing again so that the bulb got bigger. He thrust his tongue and squeezed, again ... and again... until Maggie was filled completely.

"You like that," he said, breaking the kiss finally. "You'll like this." He flicked a switch and the bulb began to vibrate intensely, causing her teeth to chatter. It felt as though her pussy were as tight as a drum and shuddering madly. She gripped the table top and held on, moaning wantonly.

"Give it to her, Pa. She's a little bitch. Give it to her."

"N-no..." Maggie moaned weakly.

"But this is the best part, girl," Uncle Jim said, his breath hot on her face. "The finest bull gave his seed and we got it just for you."

"Noo..." she cried.

Mister Pete roused himself and pushed his hips flush against her, as deep as he could go, then gently wiggled, trying to pull out slightly, but the bulb prevented them from separating. He did this again and again, making Maggie groan in ecstasy.

"What a little slut," Auntie D crooned, her cold fingers gripping Maggie's ass, before slapping it again. "Give it to her, Pa..."

"In good time, ma," he said crossly. "Let Pete have his fun."

The lanky man was writhing against her, his breathing loud and irregular. Finally, he stopped, his entire body going rigid, and he shuddered letting out a low wail. Auntie D reached around him and felt below the dildo where his privates were and rubbed them gently through the rubber suit.

Uncle Jim pressed something and the bulb began to release, but as it did, Maggie felt herself being filled with a strong stream of something liquid. She writhed against it as it filled her quivering cunt, spurting endlessly inside her.

After what seemed like an eternity, Auntie D pulled Mister Pete out of her, the dildo slipping wetly from her throbbing hole. Her cum had mixed with the bull spunk and leaked out, dripping down her legs and onto the floor. Mister Pete trembled and moaned in Auntie D's arms, and she crooned at him like he was a child, and held him against her massive teats. Uncle Jim undid her bonds and handed her her clothes without a word.

Maggie dressed hurriedly and on shaking legs returned outside to the bright farm yard.

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