tagSci-Fi & FantasyMaggie's Month Ch. 01

Maggie's Month Ch. 01


Maggie nervously looked around the room. The receptionist had taken her to the room she would live in for the next month.

"There are clothes in the armoire. Change out of your clothes and into something in there. You should find something that you like. Don't forget to remove your underwear and bra. You won't need them while you are here. Your handler will be in in just a moment." The receptionist smiled at Maggie and shut the door behind her as she left.

There was a large television on one side of the room. In the center of the room an oversized chair. The chair had gynecological stirrups but with more padding. It looked fairly comfortable. Tables flanked either side of the chair. The one on the left held a large gaming system, controller, a wireless keyboard and mouse. A small bed was tucked in the corner. Beside her was the armoire with the clothes in it.

She moved over to the doors and opened them revealing the contents of the armoire. She tried to take a deep breath to calm her nerves but it came in shakily doing nothing to help. There was one empty shelf on the right side of the armoire. On the other side it was filled with dresses on hangers. She tentatively looked through them.

She selected a simple white cotton dress with blue flowers embroidered on the bottom. Maggie stripped off her clothing and folded them, placing them on the empty shelf. She shivered as she slipped the dress over her naked body. It was huge on her. It looked like a tent on her. It was gathered just under her bust but the body of the dress was massive. It felt as if she was wearing a large sheet around her.

She looked at herself in the mirror on the side of the armoire door and sighed. The dress was massive on her. As she looked at herself trying to find her body under the fabric the door opened startling her. A tall woman with dangerous curves and large perky breasts walked in.

"Hello, Maggie. My name is Anne. I'll be your handler while your with us. Don't worry about the clothes. I know they look big but you will fill them out in no time. If you are ready we can get started." Anne motioned Maggie over the chair.

Maggie sat down in the chair but didn't put her legs in the stirrups.

"We understand that you enjoy video games. The television has internet access. We have a large account of games but if you want a game we don't have let us know. We will add it to our library. You will also be able to watch whatever you want a serf the internet." Anne smiled cheerfully at Maggie.

"It's alright to be nervous. I will be here with you through every step. I won't go over the process again since you've heard it several times already. We have you scheduled for a month with us. The money you earn everyday will be wired into the account number you gave us. The more you produce the more money you will receive. We will ask you each day what you want to produce and adjust accordingly. We will start you out on five today. That way you can get a feel for it. You can increase or decrease it tomorrow if you like. If you place your legs in the stirrups we will begin." Anne smiled reassuring her.

Maggie leaned back in the chair and drew her legs up. The cold air made her shiver as she opened her legs and placed them in the stirrups. The chair was tilted so that she was comfortably sitting up with her vagina just over the edge of the chair. Anne knelt down and examined Maggie. Apparently satisfied she stood up.

"Everything looks great." Anne stated as she handed a vial of liquid to Maggie from her pocket. "Drink this and everything will begin. Over the next two hours or so you won't be able to do much of anything. After the main size has been achieved things will slow down and you will be able to play games and what ever. We just as that you stay in the chair." Anne tilted the chair back a little.

"Toward the end of the day you will finish. Just follow you instincts. Don't worry about the eggs falling. When the time comes the floor will open beneath you and they will land in a nest of cushions. It's all very easy. I promise. If you need anything there is a button on the top right of the keyboard. The room is sound proof so don't worry if you enjoy yourself." Anne knowingly grinned. "I will check on you at lunch, and dinner. Since you already ate breakfast earlier you can go ahead and drink the elixir. Have a good morning. I'll give you some privacy." Anne walked briskly out of the room.

Maggie held the vial in her hand. It was glass with a round glass stopper. The liquid inside was an opaque cobalt blue. Nervously, Maggie removed the stopper and lifted it to her lips. Letting out a nervous breath she quickly tilted her head back allowing the liquid to flow into her mouth. She swallowed without tasting it. Replacing the stopper she set it on the table. After a few moments the butterflies in her stomach calmed a bit and she began to feel a warmth spread through her. Minutes passed and nothing happened. After ten minutes Maggie began to get bored.

She picked up keyboard and hit a key. The television came to life. The screen was already on the movie library list. Maggie scrolled through the list and selected one she had already seen. It was a no brainer comedy but the familiarity she hoped would calm her nerves. Putting down the keyboard on the table she began to watch.

Twenty minutes passed before Anne began to notice things changing. She could feel warmth spreading throughout her body. A small moan slipped past her lips as she began to become aroused. Maggie leaned back into the chair breathing heavily. She squirmed with pleasure as waves of pleasure washed over her.

The heat began to concentrate itself in her abdomen. Her hands grasped the fabric over her stomach ringing it with each jolt of pleasure. In what seemed like an eternity Maggie finally was sent over the edge and experience an incredible orgasm. It was so intense that no sound escaped Maggie's opened mouth. Silently Maggie screamed in pleasure. Her abdomen raised almost imperceptibly.

Maggie gasped for air as she began to calm from the intense orgasm when she felt the warmth in her body begin to rise again. The waves came fast and increased in intensity. Each orgasm came fast and was better than the last. She was so preoccupied with pleasure she hardly registered what was happening to her body. Each orgasm was accompanied by an small rise in her abdomen. It was around fifteen minutes later when the orgasms began to slow. After twenty minutes they had ceased.

Maggie shook from her inflamed nerves as she lifted up the massive tent of a dress. She glanced down at herself. Where her flat stomach had been a slight bulge was. She gingerly touched the increase. It was soft and pliable just as her skin had always been. Heat began to spread through her slowly. She decided not to replace the front of the dress and placed her hands over her belly.

The next half an hour was a blur of pleasure and amazement. She watched as her belly slowly grew before her eyes. The guy on the television was making a declaration of love to his co-star when she finally was able to think more clearly again. She looked down at herself in shock. She had doubled in size.

Maggie went through one more intense session. She panted as the last orgasm released. It had been at least two hours because the credits were rolling across the screen. She looked like she was six months pregnant. Maggie moaned as she rubbed her beautifully large belly. She didn't think that she would love seeing herself like this but she absolutely loved it.

Maggie rested as she felt the happy content feeling that always came after an orgasm. She closed her eyes and soon fell asleep.

"Well, things seem to have gone well so far." Anne smiled as she set down a tray of food on the table. "Let me check you and then you can eat." Anne knelt down in front of Maggie.

Maggie sleepily complied. Anne probed the new mound of Maggie's stomach kissing it when she was done. She parted the lips of Maggie's sex and began to probe inside. Maggie took a sharp intact of breath as Anne thrust her fingers into Maggie. She felt around and the removed her hand. She reached for the towel on the tray of food and wiped her hand.

Anne stood up, "everything looks great. The next stage will probably happen after dinner so you have time. Enjoy yourself. You can get up and move around now if you would like. The bathroom is just on the other side of the hall. I'll stay with you after dinner since this is your first time." Anne patted Maggie on the shoulder and left.

Maggie smelled the food and didn't realize how hungry she was. She scarfed down the food as fast as she could. She lifted her legs out of the stirrups and stood up. The dress fell back down into place. She could just barely see her new belly under the fabric. She walked over the the armoire and opened the door. Looking at herself she was surprised by how much she glowed. Her breasts were looking great in the dress. She could be sure but they seemed firmer and a little large. She placed her hands on top and under her belly, pulling the fabric back. She looked gorgeous and plump. She had a cute 'baby' bump where she was once flat. She lifted the dress to examine herself better. Her belly button looked so cute on her now. She never realized that she had always wanted to she her belly button on a beautiful mound. It was slightly stretched but was just perfect. She rubbed herself as she smiled broadly. She had always been pretty but looking pregnant suited her body even more.

She closed the door of the armoire. There would be plenty of time to admire her body while she was here. Now she had to pee. She walked to the door and opened it stepping in the hall. She noticed that she waddled slightly. Smiling she opened the bathroom door. After she had finished she decided it was time to play some video games. She went back to her chair and sat down. She put her feet back in the stirrups since it was more comfortable and helped accommodate her new rise.

She played for the next couple of hours. She was having a great time. Any doubts she had had left her and she looked forward to the next month. Before she knew it Anne had returned.

"I hope you had a good afternoon." Anne said as she replaced the tray with a new one.

"It's been really great. Thanks for asking. It's like taking a vacation." Maggie cheerfully replied.

"Well wait until you see the pool and your private patio. Tomorrow you can go to the pool and meet some of the others. There are a few swimsuits in the armoire. I'll take you and introduce you." Anne suggested.

Maggie ate while Anne sat with her. They watched a movie together. The chatted and found out that they had a mutual like of Cary Grant and old movies. They watched one of his movies. A little time passed and Maggie began to feel a little strange. She had a sudden intact of breath.

"Are you alright Maggie?" Anne asked. "Just a little cramp I think." Maggie replied.

"I bet it's starting. Don't worry it doesn't really hurt. Just do what your body tells you." Anne grinned.

Over the next half hour Maggie felt pressure begin to built inside of her. Anne was right. It didn't hurt it just felt a little weird; like a force was taking over her body that she wouldn't be able to control. Anne sat next to her and made soothing noises, rubbing Maggie's arm. Maggie existed outside of time as the pressure mounted inside of her. Just when it began to hurt Maggie felt the urge to push. Maggie drew herself around her belly and bore down. She grunted with the effort. Inside of her she felt something moving. Focusing on whatever was moving she pushed it with all the strength she could find. She felt herself stretching and widening to allow the egg to pass out of her womb. Grunting she bore down as the largest width of the egg exited her pulling the rest of the egg out with an audible plop.

Maggie looked down and saw that the nest under her had opened without her noticing. Anne held up the egg Maggie had just birthed.

"It's wonderful Maggie. Absolutely perfect. I think you will earn a lot of money here. This is the largest egg I've seen come from a first clutch." Anne held the egg up for Maggie to see.

It was about the size of a football. Maggie couldn't believe that it had been inside of her and there were four more. The egg was cobalt blue with a pearl finish. It glistened in the light. Maggie felt oddly proud of it. Anne replaced the egg in the nest just in time for the pressure to begin again inside of Maggie.

The pressure was mind boggling. It felt as if she was trying to explode but it didn't hurt. Maggie bore down when she could no longer stand it. The egg moved down through her. It fell into the nest with a satisfying plop.

Maggie rested in between the eggs as best as she could. She was drenched in sweat. Each time she felt the pressure another egg came. After the fifth egg Anne stood up.

"You did great Maggie. Absolutely wonderful. Let me get you a wet washcloth to wipe you face." Anne exited the room.

Maggie felt the now familiar pressure building again inside. She was confused. There was only suppose to be five eggs in there.

"Are you alright?" Anne asked with concern. Maggie couldn't answer from all of the pressure building. Maggie began to push and felt another large egg moving inside of her. Anne gasped as another egg plopped out of Maggie.

"This almost never happens!" Anne said in shock. "Here let me examine you and make sure that are done." Anne knelt down.

" I can feel one more Maggie." Anne said as she pressed into Maggie's now flat stomach. "Just one more o.k.". Anne comforted Maggie.

Maggie could do nothing but nod as the pressure built again. She felt the egg pass the lips of her sex and fell back onto the chair. She panted with exhaustion. Anne wiped her forehead with the cool cloth.

"I know this was a surprise but it's a good sigh. This means you are going to be a great producer. You can earn millions. I know what I'm talking about. I was the last one to produce extra. There are some great benefits." Anne excitedly told Maggie.

"Let's get you washed Maggie." Anne helped Maggie stand up.

Anne washed Maggie and put her in another cotton dress. "Rest tonight and we will talk in the morning." Anne said as she tucked Maggie into bed. Maggie nodded as she drifted off to sleep almost instantly.

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