tagIllustratedMaggie's New Life Ch. 06

Maggie's New Life Ch. 06


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

This story was inspired by the recent news about the NXIVM secret society, DOS. The lead character, Maggie, is desperate to rejuvenate her marriage to her husband of many years. She is befriended by a couple who are members of the cult. By the time Maggie realizes what the cult really is, she is in too deep to escape, although her husband isn't interested in escaping. This chapter finishes Maggie's training as a slave. It will feature BDSM, bondage, slavery, non-consensual sex, humiliation, incest, body modifications and spanking. As you can see Rebecca has again rejoined me in a collaborative effort for your entertainment. We welcome your feedback and comments.

This work of fiction has no persons under the age of 18 and as always, is a work of fantasy. The treatment of women in this way should never happen and is not encouraged. I would also like to thank Rose_A_Leigh and Bydasea for their help in editing this chapter. Their help and advice was very welcome.


Maggie knelt on the floor while the creepy tattoo artist/owner slowly walked around her, like he was stalking her. Just the sight of him gave her the creeps, but she wasn't about to resist. Her Master had told her to do as he said. Being a slave, the thought never entered her mind to walk out the door and leave. Besides, she was naked and marked as being owned by her own son. Even if she ran away, she would surely get caught and arrested, or at least detained. The questions alone would be unbearable.

"Oh, you kinky slave. Just me touching you is making you excited. Now I see how you ended up a slave to your son." He said.

Maggie wanted to tell him it wasn't true. She wanted to tell him it was the months of training that caused her body to react to any attention. To be deprived and any relief for so long, that any human touch caused her body to crave more. But she didn't answer, again her training of not being allowed to say a word for so long left her mute to give an explanation.

"Sir, what may this slave do to please you?" She asked, hoping it would be over quickly.

The man was kneeling behind her, grunting as he slid his cock up and down her ass crack. Each stroke was bumping against her plug. Each jolt sent pulse after pulse directly to her pussy. Maggie was panting now, her body reacting to the cock teasing her ass. She moaned, disappointed when he moved in front of her and pulled her face to his cock.

"Well slave, let's put that pretty mouth of yours to good use." He announced, pushing his cock into her waiting mouth. Maggie didn't resist and had opened her mouth as soon as she saw his cock in front of her face. Her training had taught her that she was there to be used, and to do her best to please the man in any way he desired.

It didn't take long before the disgusting man was shoving his cock deep down Maggie's throat. Maggie gagged and drooled all over her tits, down her chest. But she didn't complain, and when his cock exploded she let him paint her face.

It took Maggie a couple minutes to catch her breath. The man was sitting on the floor in front of her, he too was panting. He was obviously out of shape and needed the time to recover.

Maggie took this time to ask him, "Please Sir, how should I address you?"

"Fucking polite slut, aren't you?" He growled while gasping for breath. "Now get back down on my cock and make me hard again. You can call me Sir Cock." He laughed.

Maggie slid down his body and started to lick his balls, making sure she sucked each one. It took almost fifteen minutes before his cock showed some life, but Maggie's magic tongue coaxed it back from the dead.

Sir Cock played with Maggie's pussy for a while. He knew he wasn't allowed to fuck either her pussy or ass, but he wasn't told he couldn't play with them. Sir cock had Maggie massage him, lick his ass, and spanked her tits and ass for the next two hours. He decided he needed to open his shop again, so he had Maggie use her tits to bring him off once again, painting them with his seed.

"Now slut, I heard your son Master tell you that you have to answer any questions truthfully. If asked, you must admit he is your owner. So go clean up and get dressed. When you get back, I will decide whether or not I will give you a ride home." Sir Cock said.

Maggie stood and walked to the bathroom, picking up her clothes on the way. She was horny as hell, her body craving to cum. Because of her new piercing and the plug, the evil shop owner had only teased her and hadn't given her any satisfaction. A few minutes later, Maggie walked back to Sir Cock. She got into the slave position she had been trained to take when entering a room.

"Please Sir Cock, may I leave now? Would you give me a ride?" Maggie asked, her voice nervous. She wasn't sure if she was allowed to speak.

"Well slut, first I need to instruct you on how to wear your clothes. You will always have your tag out and exposed. It needs to be in plain sight, always showing the world who owns you." He ordered and pulled the tag out above the top of her skirt and placed it so that it dangled it in front of her waist.

"Now, just so you understand, if anyone asks about your tattoo and who owns you, you will answer them with 'My Son Sam'. If you are gagged, then show them your ownership tag, or pull down your skirt or bikini bottoms and show them your tattoo. No exceptions." Sir Cock explained.

"Now you know why your Master chose this outfit. Your tattoo is clearly visible. I don't think you want to walk the two miles home. You would certainly be asked about your tattoo, especially with your new slave collar. So I'll make a deal with you. You answer me truthfully about how you ended up a slave to your son and I'll give you a ride home. It shouldn't be that difficult because I heard your Master's instructions that you had to tell the truth." Sir Cock said.

Maggie listened to Sir Cock and nodded, "Yes Sir, I agree. I will explain how my son became my owner." She answered.

Sir Cock asked a series of questions. He wanted to know how it all started and Maggie told him everything. She explained how she originally wanted to rejuvenate her marriage and how she met Rosa and Master Bryan. She told how she signed the contract and voluntarily agreed to be trained as a slave.

Sir Cock listened intently to her story. He finally asked about the end of the training and the results of the voting. He already knew how it worked out as he was also a member of the club.

Maggie's head dropped; it was hard to admit she was owned by her son but now she explained the end.

"Sir Cock, after the vote, I was told that in order to be accepted into the club, I had to take Sam as my one Master. I never signed up to be a slave to my son, but I had no choice. I was forced to accept it. If I didn't, they had lots of videos of me during my training that would have been sent to all my friends and family. So I accepted my fate, and now I am slave to Sam, my son and Master."

Sir Cock sat back and smiled, he grabbed her chin and pulled her close to his face. You are not being truthful to me or to yourself. When you agreed to be a slave, you relinquished any right to choose. When your training was over, you had already accepted that you were a slave. A slave has no rights, and as such does not get any choices. So no you were not forced, but had already accepted a Master when you started. You just didn't know who it would be. So I will not give you a ride. You better start walking, your Master is waiting." The evil Sir Cock barked and shoved Maggie out the door.

What Maggie didn't know was that Sam was watching and listening to the entire exchange. The new slave collar locked around her neck, had an HD web camera, paired to her cell phone and was broadcasting everything back to the server. Sam could watch and listen to anything she did.

Maggie stood outside the tattoo parlor. The neighborhood was rough with prostitutes and homeless people on almost every corner. She looked down at her stomach and the 'Property of' part of the tattoo was clearly visible. With each step, the tag attached to her clit glistened in the sun attracting attention.

Maggie had only walked a few blocks when she passed a man standing on the corner. "Hey girl, who are you property of? Who own your ass?" He barked.

Maggie quickened her pace. She walked past him thinking no one would know she didn't answer.

She knew if her Master found out she would be punished, but the humiliation of admitting being her son's slave to a strange man overrode her fear of being punished. She took off running as fast as she could.

Maggie could hear the man laugh as she ran away. She ran for almost two blocks before she realized he wasn't chasing her. She slowed down then, but her adventures weren't over yet. Over the next mile or so of her trip back to her house, she was asked by several persons, both male and female, about her tat. Each time she ignored them and walked or ran past. The closer she got to home, the more she feared that her Master had set her up. Deep in the recesses of her mind,a twinge of doubt was growing that she wasn't obeying and would be punished. Her only reprieve was the thought that there was no way he could know she didn't answer the questions.

Maggie finally made it home and walked up to her front door. She started to go in, but then she noticed a note attached to the door.


Remove all your clothes and leave them at the front door. Walk around to the back door and ring the bell. Get into position 8 and wait.


For some reason, Maggie was embarrassed to be stripping on her front porch. Maybe it was because the orders were from her son, and obeying his instructions was more humiliating than Master Bryan's orders. But that didn't stop her from complying. She stripped and walked around the house.

A few moments later, she rang the bell and got into position.

Maggie knelt by the door for over fifteen minutes before Her Master opened it to acknowledge her presence.

"Crawl in slut, and follow me. Did you enjoy your walk home, slave?" He asked.

"No Master, I was frightened, the neighborhood was not very good." She answered.

"Did anyone talk to you slave? Did anyone ask about your tattoo?" Sam asked, already knowing the answer.

"No Master, I was lucky. A few looked at me but didn't say anything." Maggie lied.

Sam was leading Maggie towards the basement and said, "You were lucky if no one asked or even spoke to you. I would have guessed a pretty slut dressed like you would have garnered a lot of attention."

Maggie was getting nervous because her Master wasn't leading her to the bedroom, but to the basement.

Sam led Maggie down the stairs and to a room at the bottom. The first things Maggie saw on a table just inside the door was a large red ball gag, a blindfold, and five heavy cuffs for her neck, wrists, and ankles. Off to the side in the corner was metal stand mounted to the floor. It had several rings and appeared to be adjustable. She was starting to panic after remembering spending several weeks in Master Bryan's basement dungeon with all of his apparatuses.

Sam stopped and turned towards Maggie who was still on her knees behind him. "This is your last chance to tell the truth, slave. Do you want to come clean or are you sticking to your story? He asked as he picked up the gag.

Maggie looked up at her Master. She thought that he must be bluffing, there is no way he could have known what happened on her walk home. But before she could answer, she heard him speak again.

"You know it will only be worse if you don't tell me the truth?"

"M-M-Master I..." she stuttered.

"What slut?" Sam interrupted.

Maggie finally surrendered to the thoughts she had buried deep in her mind. He must already know, that's why he had brought her to the basement. "Master, I'm sorry I didn't tell the truth. I was frightened, and afraid I would be raped. It was late and getting dark. Please Master, I'm so sorry." Maggie pleaded.

Sam didn't say a word but shoved the ball gag in her mouth and placed the blindfold over her eyes. He pulled her to her feet and over to the metal rack mounted on the floor. Maggie was trembling, she had no idea what was about to happen, as once again she was gagged and blind.

It took a few minutes for Sam to get her into position. When she was locked in place, he whispered in her ear, "You disobeyed a direct order and then lied about it. Your training is to obey any orders without hesitation or question. You did not do that. You will now stay here overnight and your punishment will start tomorrow. I'm tired now and I'm going to bed." He growled at her and walked away.

Maggie was now uncomfortably attached to the stand. Her neck, wrists, and ankles were tightly locked to the pole that was extending from the stand mounted to the floor. She was on her toes and forced to stand very straight.

Maggie was already moaning, her body was tired after the long day, and to be mounted on her toes, blind and gagged as well, was extremely uncomfortable. In seconds her feet were hurting and her body trembling.

Time passed very slowly for Maggie. In the darkness, she was forced to concentrate only on her body, and each passing moment another pain appeared. At first it was her toes, then her ankles. It seemed as if the pain migrated up her legs, to her back, arms, and neck. By the time she finally heard footsteps coming down the stairs, her entire body was aching. She actually was praying for her punishment just so she would get out of the stand.

Sam and Tony walked into the room, both naked, and saw Maggie groaning on the stand. It was clear she was in pain and having trouble maintaining her position. Both of their cocks were hard and pointing at the slave.

"Well Dad, what do you think? Do you like it?" Sam asked.

"Like it, I love it! I always knew you had an active imagination, but this is beyond anything I could have thought of." Tony gushed.

"Now how about we get her down, I can't wait any longer." He continued.

Tony and Sam unlocked Maggie from the stand and she collapsed to the floor. They took off the blindfold and gag, and removed the pear plug from her ass. Then they pulled her to her feet and began to double team her, fucking her mouth and pussy simultaneously.

Maggie was so happy to be off the stand, she attacked their cocks with a passion. She no longer cared if it was her son or her husband's cock entering her. Her only thoughts were to please her Masters.

Sam and Tony took turns fucking Maggie, using all three of her holes, going from mouth to pussy to ass to mouth. To Maggie there was no difference. If there was a cock in her mouth, she was to please it in any way she could. The two men continued to use their slave until their cocks were drained and unable to penetrate her any longer.

Finally they stepped back allowing Maggie fall to the floor. Tony inserted the pear plug back in Maggie's ass and headed off to the shower, while Sam ordered her to lick a drop of cum off his foot.

Maggie eagerly licked his foot, her mind only on pleasing her Master. "Slave, I want you to go shower and clean up. You have one hour to report to my room." Sam ordered and walked out of the room and back upstairs.

Maggie was still on her knees, her body still exhausted and sore, recovering from her night on the stand. She slowly crawled up the stairs and waited outside the bathroom for Master Tony to finish.

Master Tony walked out of the bathroom and passed Maggie. He hardly even looked at her as she knelt just outside the bathroom door. Maggie watched him walk away and she realized that he no longer thought of as his wife, but only a slave and a possession. He was not her true Master like her son, but a man that she had to serve. She wondered when that change had happened.

Maggie showed up in Sam's room with two minutes to spare. She stepped inside the door and stood in her presentation position.

Sam looked at his mother and grinned. He knew the next week would be very hard on her, but by the end of the week, she would never disobey him again.

"Slave, I have decided on which college I will be attending. Now Dad and I will be going to visit it for a week. You were supposed to go with us, but because you didn't obey my simple commands, you will remain here for the duration. Now, for your punishment. Since you cannot seem to obey simple commands, and tell strangers you are your son's slave, I have arranged for seven slave sitters, one for each day. You refused to tell strangers who owned you, so now your sitters will be persons you know. They will each be responsible for punishing you for one day. I'm sure by the end of the week, you will regret your decision to not follow my commands. Dad and I have to pack now as we will be leaving in a couple hours. Your first sitter will be here shortly. So while you're waiting, clean my room." Sam said and walked out.

Maggie stood there in shock. 'God, I wish I had only followed orders. I'm afraid of who will be watching me this week.' She thought. But as soon as her Master was out of sight, Maggie went to work cleaning his room. There was no way she was going to misbehave now.

Maggie cleaned Sam's room for the next hour, and then knelt in the. middle, waiting for him to return. It was about an hour later when Sam walked back in the room, carrying a set of arm binders. He pulled her to her feet and bound her arms behind her. Maggie's body started to react at being restrained again. Her training was ingrained in her mind that whenever she was bound she would be aroused.

Sam smiled at her and clipped on the leash. "Let's go meet your first sitter, slut." He said and pulled her towards the door. Maggie followed her Master down the stairs and towards the living room.

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