tagIllustratedMaggie's New Life Ch. 07

Maggie's New Life Ch. 07


This story was inspired by the recent news about the NXIVM secret society, DOS. The lead character, Maggie, is desperate to rejuvenate her marriage to her husband of many years. She is befriended by a couple who are members of the cult. By the time Maggie realizes what the cult really is, she is in too deep to escape, although her husband isn't interested in escaping. This chapter is the continuation of Maggie's week long punishment. The next chapter will be the last and detail Maggie's start as a Frat slave. It will feature BDSM, bondage, slavery, non-consensual sex, humiliation, incest, body modifications and spanking. As you can see Rebecca has again rejoined me in a collaborative effort for your entertainment. We welcome your feedback and comments.

This work of fiction has no persons under the age of 18 and as always, is a work of fantasy. The treatment of women in this way should never happen and is not encouraged. I would also like to thank Rose_A_Leigh and Bydasea for their help in editing this chapter. Their help and advice was very welcome.

Maggie's night was the night from hell. Her legs were screaming from trying to stay on her toes all night to keep from being whipped. But somewhere deep inside her she found a strength she never knew she had. Yes, she was whipped, but that inner strength and probably her training managed to keep it to a manageable amount. However the last few times the intensity was to a point where it was sapping her strength. Maggie wasn't sure she could last much longer.

Maggie hadn't heard from Dick Weasely for a long time and assumed he had gone home. Her mind was praying her next "sitter" would show up soon. Although she didn't know if that would be a curse or a blessing, but anything to get away from this evil contraption would be better than being constantly whipped.

"Do you want to get out?" a voice asked.

Maggie realizes that she made it through the night, but she also recognized the voice. It was Jay Lee, Maggie's best friend Mei Lee's husband and Sam's godfather. Maggie nodded and dropped her head. She never wanted Jay or Mei to know about what had happened to her and what she is now. Maggie was a sweaty mess, her body covered in stripes from her whipping and her pussy was dripping once again. She waited to see what would happen and if she would be humiliated by him.

Jay reached up and grabbed Maggie's left tit. She grimaced when he squeezed it; her night of torture left it very tender and bruised. Maggie felt him slowly release her and remove the blindfold. When free, Maggie's legs gave out and she slipped to the floor.

"Go clean up, you smell bad. You have one hour to meet me in the living room." Jay said and walked out of the room. Maggie looked up at him and wanted to speak to him, but she was still gagged.

Maggie sat on the cold cement floor for almost ten minutes. Her legs just wouldn't move. Finally she managed to get to her knees and crawl upstairs to the bathroom to shower and clean up. Once inside, she turned on the water in the shower and crawled inside. The cascading warm water rejuvenated her body and relaxed her muscles. However after the long night, she was exhausted and made thinking difficult. She managed to get off the shower floor and crawl to the sink. Maggie brushed her hair and looked at her abused body. Her bruised breasts looked as bad as they felt. She tried to fix her face, but there was little she could do. Finally she worked her way back downstairs and to the living room where Jay was sitting on the couch reading a book. He was naked from the waist down and his large flaccid cock lying against his thigh.

Maggie walked up to her Master's godfather and knelt down in front of him. She was gagged but it didn't matter, she wasn't allowed to speak unless spoken to.

* * * * * * * * *

Jay was sitting on the couch when Maggie came into the room and knelt in front of him. He thought back to when Sam asked if he wanted to watch over Maggie while he and his dad went to the college. Jay asked why Maggie needed to be watched over, and was shocked when he was told she wasn't Sam's mother any longer but his slave. Jay never expected that, even in his wildest dreams. Sure he had thought about Maggie is his dreams; she was the most beautiful woman in the neighborhood. He also knew at least casually about the club. Everyone did but no one ever talked about it. It was the neighborhood's dark secret. Now all of a sudden, Jay was experiencing it first hand and with Maggie to boot.

Mei and Maggie were best friends. Mei had been by Maggie's side for years when she and Tony were going through their tough times. Over the last couple years, Maggie had stopped coming by and was rarely seen any more, Mei was told by Ray she was away at school.

Mei and Jay had been married for twenty years. Jay loved her but she was very conservative in bed. Their sex lives consisted of mainly missionary and with the lights off. Mei had never given Jay a blow job. She said she would never do such a nasty thing as to put her mouth on a man's penis. When Jay walked in Tony's house and went downstairs to where Maggie was bound, his cock almost exploded out of his pants. He wanted to fuck her right there, but she was filthy and smelled. So he told her to clean up and meet him.

Now Maggie was kneeling in front of him naked and would do anything her told her. At the top of his list was that long desired blow job. Jay put down the book and smiled at the gagged slave in front of him. He knew he should feel guilty, but his lust pushed those thoughts to the very back of his mind. Seeing Maggie like this, gave him other thoughts though, that what would it be like to have Mei just like her best friend, a slave.

Jay wasted no time before he removed Maggie's gag. When he tossed it aside, he growled, "Suck my cock slave."

He watched Maggie's expression when he gave her the command, and was pleased when she simply nodded and leaned forward and licked his cock. At first she only worked on the growing head, but soon was lavishing her tongue up and down his shaft. Over and over she licked the entire length, and every two or three strokes she dropped to his balls licking each one. Jay's cock had never been this hard before, Maggie's talented tongue and well trained mouth was rapidly bringing him to an orgasm. There was no way he was going to cum before he had his cock buried in her mouth, grabbed her ears and shoved his needy cock down her throat.

Jay was very surprised when Maggie took the entire length down her throat and barely gagged. He thought he would have to force her to take him completely, but again she surprised him and fucked her own face taking his cock completely each and every time.

Jay stood no chance with the well trained slut sucking his cock as his balls exploded and sent rope after rope of his cum down her throat. Jay fell back on the couch while his orgasm continued for what seemed like an eternity, as Maggie made sure she sucked all of his seed down her throat.

It was at that moment Jay knew that the first thing he was going to ask Sam and Tony when they returned was how he can get Mei trained like Maggie. Jay made use of Maggie's mouth and ass for the next couple hours. He even fucked her tits. All the while thinking about what it would be like to have Mei doing exactly what Maggie was.

Jay knew he wouldn't last much longer and decided to bring someone else over to help watch Maggie, someone that needed to be fucked and fucked proper. He stood and pulled out his phone and called Sam and Tony. While Jay was talking on his cell, he pointed at his cock and Maggie once again started to suck his cock.

Sam and Jay spoke at length about Maggie and how she was now his slave. They talked about Jay bringing over his son Ray to enjoy her too. Sam agreed that wouldn't be a problem, in fact he encouraged it. When Jay was about to end the call, Sam said something that would change Jay and his son's Ray's life. "If you like, I can train my godmother to be a slave just like my slave mother." As soon as Jay heard Sam say that, his cock exploded all over Maggie's face.

Jay ended his call and turned to Maggie still kneeling at his feet, her face covered with his cum. He handed her his phone and told Maggie she was to call Ray and tell him she was sorry for missing his 18th birthday and wanted him to stop by tomorrow so she could give it to him. Maggie was obviously nervous to be asking her godson over because she knew she would have to at least give him a blowjob and probably a fuck. What Jay didn't know was that Maggie had already fucked him at the party. Only this time she wouldn't be hiding behind a mask.

The next few hours, Jay enjoyed having his personal sex slave. She served him drinks, massaged his body, and sucked his cock repeatedly. His mind was thinking of how much he was going to enjoy seeing his son fuck the slave. Maggie didn't exist any longer in his mind, she was replaced by the slut slave she was trained to be.

The rest of the night Maggie served her newest Master and finally they went to bed, Jay in the bed and Maggie in her cage.

The next morning Jay told Maggie to do her normal exercises. He wanted her hot and ready for when Ray stopped by.

"Okay slave, Ray is coming over soon. You're not to tell him I'm here. You're to offer yourself to him as his birthday present and you WILL answer any questions he may ask about your slavery.

Maggie dressed in her exercise outfit of red stretch shorts and sports bra. Although her tattoo wasn't completely exposed, the words 'Property of' were. She had just finished her exercises when Ray knocked at the front door.

Maggie opened the door and a very surprised Ray was standing on the porch. He looked at Maggie standing in front of him; he blushed looking at his godmother as she stood in front of him in her tight exercise clothes. She watched as he scanned her body and her eyes were drawn to his cock. She watched it grow as his eyes were filled with lust. Maggie was now blushing because his eyes were locked on her stomach and her new tattoo. She glanced down and was somewhat relieved that only "Property of" was showing, but she knew he would be asking of who she was property of. In seconds his expression changed from boyish lust to leering at a piece of meat.

Maggie knew that Ray would be asking about who owns her and decided to take charge. "Ray, I just finished exercising, please come in and let me change into something more comfortable. I'll only be a few minutes. Why don't you go to the living room and I'll be right back." Maggie said and headed for the stairs.

Maggie's mind was conflicted; Ray was like a second son to her. She knew that in the next few minutes he was going to learn of her slavery and she would have to submit to him. God how she wished she had followed her orders and told the strangers on the street who she was owned by. The physical torture of the last couple days had been tough to handle. It weakened her physically, but this was mental torture and was equally as draining. With each person she meets, her mental torture was just as painful as the physical torture.

When Maggie got to the top of the stairs, Jay was standing there with a scowl on his face. "What are you doing? Are you disobeying my orders?" He demanded.

"No Sir, I am changing into something sexier for him. Please Sir let me change and make it really special for him." She told him hoping he would believe her. Actually she was just trying to buy some time, putting off the inevitable.

"Okay but be quick, I want you to make a man out of my son tonight." Jay demanded.

Maggie dashed into her room and quickly pulled out a special yellow outfit she and Rosa picked out for Tony several months ago. She had never worn it before and it left little to the imagination. The skirt was barely six inches long and the matching thong was clearly visible when she walked. The halter top was thin and hardly contained her tits. When she was just about to leave her bedroom, Jay walked in and smiled.

"Is this Okay Sir?" she asked.

"Yes but lose the panties, slut slaves don't wear panties." He demanded.

Maggie knew that without the thong panties, her chain and ownership tag as well as her pear plug would be clearly visible. But she didn't have a choice and slid them down her legs and kicked them aside.

Jay looked her over and growled, "Now go make my son a man, slut."

Maggie made her way to the living room. She saw Ray pacing in front of the couch. She could tell he was very nervous and didn't know what to think. As soon as he turned and saw Maggie, he almost fell down. His hands flew to his head and he exclaimed, "WTF is going on?"

Maggie strutted to the middle of the room and took the required presentation position that had been drilled into her brain. Her hands behind her head and her legs spread wide. Ray was speechless; he never ever expected to see his godmother almost naked in front of him and displaying her body.

Maggie didn't say a word but maintained her position her eyes locked on his crotch. She could tell he was in shock. She could hear him sputter and stutter but no words were said. She waited until he could speak but instead, he dropped to his knees in front of her and grabbed her ownership tag.

Maggie felt him grab her tag and could see him read the "Property of" side and turn it over to read the other side. This time it was Maggie blushing profusely as now another friend of Sam's and her godson now knew what she was.

Ray looked up at Maggie and tried to speak, "H-How, when, why..."

But Maggie interrupted him, "I am Sam's slave. I've been in training for the last several months. I can't answer why, but I will tell you I am yours to be used in any way you wish. I am your birthday present."

Ray looked at her and blushed. Maggie knew he wasn't a virgin, but how he was reacting and the fear in his eyes; she knew he was frightened. At the party with the other boys there, he was able to hide his fear. Now alone with her almost naked it was very different. She was surprised when he stood and said, "Maybe I shouldn't be here," and started to leave.

Ray was on his way to the door and Maggie knew she would be punished, quickly pushed her skirt down her legs dropped to her knees and started to beg. "Please Ray don't go. I want you to make love to me. I will do anything you wish. Please Ray stop."

Jay was listening to what was going on downstairs and hurried down and stopped his son just before he made it to the door. He knew Ray was shy and blamed his wife Mei for him being that way. Ray almost jumped out of his skin when his dad called out behind him.

"Ray stop, don't go. It's okay this was planned by me and Sam for you. The slut in the other room is now a slave and she is your birthday present. Please son, come back with me, I'll be here for you." Jay said to his obviously nervous son.

"Strip slave, show Ray what a slut looks like." He barked.

Maggie pulled off her top and placed her hands behind her back. Her legs were spread wide and in perfect position.

"Look your mother has kept you under her thumb for so long it's no wonder you're still a virgin. I will fix that and she will be punished. But right now just look at her, she will do anything you desire son. Take her to Sam's room and let her make you a man." Jay said as he walked up to the kneeling Maggie.

Ray was noticeably calmer with his dad's permission and encouragement. He smiled and looked down at Maggie.

"Stand up slave." Jay growled and Maggie quickly jumped up. Ray took one more look at his dad and saw him nod and grabbed Maggie's hand.

Ray took Maggie to Sam's room and sat down on a chair. He was a lot more comfortable now and orders Maggie to dance for him. Maggie turns on the radio and starts to dance for the young almost virgin man/child. She rubbed her ass on his cock and unbuckled his pants. She pushed her tits in his face and her hands slowly removed his pants.

It wasn't long before Ray couldn't take it any longer and pushed her face to his cock. It was one of the first times in his life that someone other than himself had ever touched his cock. It was only seconds before he exploded. Maggie lapped up his seed and smiled at him.

"You taste wonderful Ray, I love how your cum tastes." She cooed trying to let him know it was okay to cum so quickly. She went back to his cock and slid her tongue up and down his shaft. Like any young man of 18, it was only seconds until his cock had recovered and was standing proud once again. Maggie looked up at him, smiled and swallowed it down her throat. This time Ray didn't climax so quickly and Maggie made sure she kept him on the edge for as long as she could. Her mind accepting that if she had to service her godson, then she would make it the best experience she could for him.

Maggie sucked and fucked Ray over and over, teaching him how to please a woman. He wasn't her godson any longer but a young potential master she had to please. Maggie was succumbing to being the slave she was trained to be. No longer was she Maggie, a mother and wife, her identity was gone. She was now an owned slave and servicing Ray was no longer humiliating but a joy knowing she was giving him pleasure. Jay was watching in the doorway and noticed the change in her as she performed for Ray. Her face and body was giving her away as she worked to please the cock in front of her.

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