tagLesbian SexMaggie's Touch Ch. 02

Maggie's Touch Ch. 02


The terry cloth bathrobe hit the dorm room floor. Maggie stood there naked. Silent.

Rachel was reading a book on her bed when her roommate had come into the room from the showers. Now Maggie was standing there with wet hair and an almost lost look in her eye. "I want you," Maggie said. Rachel looked up from the page. Her face slack with disbelief. Then it changed to mild annoyance.

"I'm not going to do it. You don't know what you want but whatever it may be it isn't from me." Rachel stood up and crossed the room to the door, about to walk past Maggie's naked form. "I'm going to step out for fifteen minutes when I come back we'll pretend you never saw me last night and I'll forget all about this." She stepped to the door.

Maggie grabbed Rachel by the shoulders and pulled her close. She pressed herself onto the unsuspecting lips of her roommate... And stood there just holding her. Rachel's lips felt soft to Maggie. She gently drew her tongue across them. Finally she let go and stepped back. Rachel just stood there making no step to the door. "I need this. And I need you to do this," Maggie said.

She pushed the curly, bleached hair out of the way and ran her tongue over Rachel's ear. Circling the ridges and pools. Wrapping her lips around the soft puffy lobes and pulling down on them. Rachel just stood there. Her breathing slightly shallower. Maggie began kissing up and down her neck. Maggie's hands started on Rachel's sides. Slowly each moved up as Maggie's lips advanced across Rachel, until each hand cradled a breast.

Rachel just stood as Maggie got on her knees and slowly lifted Rachel's tight black shirt, revealing a soft, curved belly. Maggie kissed it. Running her tongue in circles, gently sucking the navel. Maggie worked the shirt higher. She worked herself higher as well. Massaging and kissing the entire way. She pulled the shirt over Rachel's black bra, kissing between her breasts and then leading herself up to the collar bone. Finally pulling the shirt over Rachel's head and off her arms, leaving her standing there.

Rachel looked up into Maggie's doe-ful eyes. Reaching behind herself she undid the clasp on her bra, sliding it down one arm then dropping it to the floor. Her full, round breasts swayed against her chest with each breath.

Rachel grabbed Maggie by the back of the neck and the other hand around her waist. Forcing her face onto Maggie's, her lips and tongue melded into the inexperienced girl's. Maggie cradled one of Rachel's breasts, her other hand grabbing her ass pulling the two in closer to each other. Maggie squeezed at Rachel's erect nipple gently. Rachel kissed her deeper. Putting the bundle of nerves between her thumb and finger she pinched and twisted. Rachel's legs went weak. She broke away to moan in pleasure. Her eyes fluttered.

"You're being a bad, bad girl," Rachel said duskily, looking into her eyes. Rachel twisted Maggie's arm behind her. "Now get over there." Rachel shoved her roommate toward her small bed, stumbling. Maggie steadied herself against the bed, her back to Rachel when she felt Rachel step up behind her. Rachel ran her fingers lightly from the curve of Maggie's ass along her side, over the gentle, soft skin of her breasts, up between Maggie's shoulders.

"Touch me," Maggie begged, looking over her shoulder. "I want to feel you, smell you, taste you."

Rachel's clothed leg was placed between Maggie's spread legs. "Stop talking so much." Rachel grabbed Maggie's hair. Pulling her head back, she licked the girls face slowly then nibbled her ear. Maggie let out a soft whimper. She began to grind her aching pussy into Rachel's leg, drawing circles with her cunt.

Rachel let go of Maggie's hair and placed her hand between the girl's shoulders and pushed her down to the unmade bed. Maggie, still standing, now had her ass presented to Rachel. "I have to admit I've toyed with the idea of taking you before." She ran a finger down Maggie's spine, slowly taking a nail over her asshole, and then just the tip of Rachel's finger ran between her lips until finding that swollen clit. Rachel placed fingers on each side of it and cupped her hand over the dripping, wet pussy and began massaging. Maggie shaking.

Maggie let out a sigh. "Please..."

"Not good enough for you?" Rachel removed her hand. Maggie tried to stretch, looking for that source of pleasure. Then with a sharp crack, Rachel slapped Maggie's ass. Maggie made a startled squeak. Rachel slapped Maggie's other cheek. She was only able to gasp. Where the hand had struck was now hot and stung. Then Rachel smacked Maggie's pussy and clit. The girl's knees buckled and she collapsed against the bed. "Get up there, bitch."

Dazed, Maggie rolled onto the bed, lying on her back. Rachel undid the button on her jeans and slid them over her full hips, shaking them to the floor. She had on a pair of boyshorts. She hooked her fingers into the top of them, pulling them straight to the floor, revealing her full bush. Maggie had started rubbing her clit. Rachel got up onto the bed, Maggie kissing her, her mouth trailing down between Rachel's full breasts as Rachel mounted herself over Maggie. Maggie's fingers now moved furiously over her center. Rachel now towered above her. Maggie moaned as Rachel lowered herself onto the girl's face.

Rachel ground her hips into Maggie. Maggie licked, flicking her tongue along Rachel's pussy, playing at her clit. Rachel moaned, sweat beading on her brow. Rachel circled the girl's mouth. She gasped as Maggie began fucking Rachel with her tongue. Maggie's own hand bringing her close, her hips bucking into her hand, her pussy dripping. Rachel squeezed her thighs against Maggie, riding her face. Rachel began drawing circles over her clit; her face contorting into what could have been pain, her breath now staccato. Every muscle was tight in Maggie's body. It was all she could do to keep licking at the fruity moistness of Rachel. Rachel spasmed, her eyes squeezed tight, she arched her back. Rachel let out a sharp moan at the ceiling as the orgasm rippled through her body. At this sound it was more than Maggie could take. Her legs clinched her hand in tight. She took in breath only in short gasps. Writhing under her lover Maggie bucked and spasmed her body shaking as she became aware of every sensation across her body. The feel of the sheets. The weight of Rachel on her. The warmth coming from between her legs and spreading over her body.

Rachel fell next to Maggie, each girl having a smile of satisfaction as she fell asleep.

Several hours later the room was warm with the afternoon sun. Maggie stirred and slowly blinked her eyes open. Rachel sleepy eyed looked back, tucked into the same small bed. "Hello," Maggie smiled.

"Hello, yourself," Rachel grinned. "So what am I supposed to do with you now?"

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