I walked in the door of the building, a nondescript looking place off of the interstate. The sign outside was cheep neon, in red letters, “The Rose.” I heard of this place from postings over the net. A seemingly low class nude-modeling studio, where you could find much more than you would ever bargain for.

Inside, the light was low. A few couches filled two walls, and a large counter was directly across from me. As the door shut, a girl in a tight micro dress stepped to the counter. She looked Hispanic, maybe Cuban.

“Hello, welcome to the Rose. Have you been here before?”

Her accent was not too thick. Enough to let you know she was not of American birth, but could speak excellent English.

“No first time. Heard this was an excellent place to come to.”

She cocked her head slightly while staring at me, weighing my statement. “And where did you hear about us sir?”

“Over the Internet. Guy in a chat room suggested this place. Said his name was Texas Red and that he was a regular. Said to ask for the Fabulosa special.”

She smiled when I said Fabulosa, realizing what I meant. “ Yes, I know the gentleman you speak of. Well then, please follow me.’

She stepped from behind the counter and I followed her down a small hallway off the right, away from the door I would have figure I go through to the modeling rooms. She opened a door and I followed her down another hallway. She stopped before a second door and turned to face me.

“You do understand the payment for the Fabulosa is up front?”

“Of course.”

I reached into my wallet and handed her the amount that Texas Red had advised I bring. $400 in twenties. A large amount, but according to Red, a small price for what I was about to experience.

“Good, and the remaining payment please?”

I had wondered if Red had truly been serious about this second part, regardless of how many times he told me over E-mail and the phone about this. I reached into the pocket of my coat and pulled out the three small glass vials containing the herbs I had procured. What they were exactly, I didn’t quite know. Some of the ones on the list I had recognized from my studies in college and from reading I had done on witchcraft and sorcery. A little shop in Houston’s China town had provided these, the owner looking at me oddly when I asked for them.

“Why you want these? They do no good for any ache or pain. No good for medicine.”

“I was told to ask for them. They’re part of payment for some folks.”

At this his eyes had narrowed and you could see sudden comprehension of my plans come over him.

“You go to whorehouse with these, yes?”

“Uh, might be. Listen I just need these herbs, can I get them or not.”

He sat the plants down and looked at me. “I give you these things, but you listen closely first, then decide you still want them.”

Separately, all these herbs were just plants, the old Oriental had told me. But together, mixed properly, they could be used to create a brew to cast spells over, to control the mind and the senses. I had enough experience in dealing with the Asian culture to take the old mans words deadly serious.

“Only one kind of person ask for these to use. A women who is not a women, who will devour your soul if she use this. Listen well to me.”

He told me all he knew of this, and I listened intently. Finally when he was done, I still took the herbs, and paid extra for his knowledge and an antidote to anything this brew might do.

I now handed the girl the vials and she held them up to the light to examine them. She smiled recognizing the plants inside. “Excellent, follow me please.”

We stepped through he door into a large room. The lights here were a bit brighter, large lamps shining softly, The furniture here was much more expensive, the floor covered with what seemed to be thick Persian style rugs. A large four poster bed with a silk canopy dominated the room.

“Please make yourself comfortable. The Fabulosa will begin momentarily. “

I stripped down to my underwear, wanting the girl to finish for me. As I folded my jacket, I reached into the inside pocket, and pule out a small vial, containing a deep green liquid. I attached it to the leather strung beads on my neck already. It looked to be just a pendant now, nothing unusual. If I did get into trouble this would be my escape, maybe the only way out.

A door at the far end of the room opened and in walked three women. To call them beautiful was to be unkind. They were unlike any women I had ever seen. The first was a blonde, tall and lithe, her breasts seeming to want to burst from the leather bustier she wore. The second, Asian, possibly Korean I thought. She wore a black and red bikini set, her hard muscular body tan and firm.

The third was the most striking. A redhead. But not simply red. Fiery, explosively beautiful red hair cascaded past her shoulders down to the middle of her back. She wore a simple gown, thin straps holding it on her shoulders, breasts large but firm, nipples hard through the black silk.

They stood at the foot of the bed, seemingly for minutes, letting me stare at them, them at me. Something in their eyes seemed almost inhuman, predatory. I waited for them to speak, the old mans admonitions running through my mind.

“Welcome, to the Fabulosa. I am Lilith,” said the red head. “This is Ling, pointing to the Asian girl, and this is Lysette,” motioning to the blonde.

“What would you care for this evening good sir?”

I had been told about this question and told what to ask for.

“I want to you to make me feel like no women ever has, to satisfy every part of my body and mind. Make me feel like I never have, Can you do that?’

The laughed in unison and Ling and Lysette began to crawl across the bed towards me. Lilith walked to a table across the room and I saw her pick up the vials of herbs. She began to empty them into a small bowl I had noticed earlier and sat this on a holder directly over a candle. Then she added some water from a small pitcher. My blood chilled a the sight of her beginning to mix this brew.

My attention was brought back to the bed by the feel of Lings tongue slowly sliding up my leg. Lysette was now face with me. Her mouth pressed hard to mine and our tongues began to intertwine. My hands began to roam across her hard body and I felt he cool leather of her corset under my hands.

Ling had reached my crotch by now and began to kiss the growing bulge in my shorts. Her mouth seemed unbelievably hot through the fabric and I longed to feel it on my skin. I arched up and she dragged them down off my hips, my erect cock springing into view.

‘Oh my, such a nice cock you have,” she murmured. Her tongue snaked out and began to lick all over it, seeming to wrap around it. I wondered just how long her tongue could be, and pushed the sudden thought of what she could really be from my mind.

Lysette was still busily kissing my face and neck, my hands grabbing her breasts through the leather. She sat up and reached around to begin unlacing the garment, allowing me free range at those lovely tits. I bowed my head to suck her nipples as I felt Ling engulf my hard rod with her mouth, her lips sliding all the way down to the base. The sensation was exquisite her mouth incredibly hot, and she sucked harder than any women ever had.

Lilith was now back beside the bed watching he carnal show in front of her with a smile. She held the bowl in her hands, steam rising from it. I noticed the apparent heat of it didn’t bother her and more warnings flashed through my mind. The other girls stopped and sat up to look at her.

She held the bowl out to me. “It’s an ancient potion that will enhance the pleasures you will feel. Theirs no danger in it, the herbs you brought are all safe, natural.”

The brew was a rich red color, almost like a wine. It smelt slightly spicy and not unpleasant at all. “ What will happen if I don’t drink this?” I asked. I just wanted to see how far I could push them before one made a mistake.

The redhead turned a bit red, I noticed at this. “But it’s all part of the experience. If you knew to get the herbs you knew why”

“True, I did know why. But I also know what they can do when mixed just right. And I also know who the only beings in the world are who would wan such herbs.”

My words seemed to leave a silence. All three girls looked at me, something between fear and rage beginning to build on their faces. I quickly rolled backwards of the bed, landing on my feet and ripped the pendant off my neck. I popped the lid off and held it up for them to see.

“Drink anyone? No, then I’ll do it.”

I sucked down the green liquid as I heard one them gasp with realization at what I was doing. As it hit my stomach, I felt the sensation the old man had described. My head seemed to spin for a minute and I closed my eyes trying to steady myself. Suddenly the burning started and I t felt as though my veins were on fire. I breathed deeply concentrating on my breath, trying to stay calm, to let it pass. Although it was only a few seconds, it seemed like minutes before it quit. I opened my eyes and realized all the old man had said was true. The green liquid would save me, but would also allow me to see through the haze of spells that surrounded this room.

What had been three beautiful women was now something different. They still looked like women and were quite attractive. But the little details the magic had hid were now revealed. The slight point to the tops of their ears, the rather reptilian slant of Lings eyes, the claw-like appearance of Lysettes hands now. And all had the fangs, those wickedly beautiful little fangs he had warned me of. I walked across the room slowly, never turning my back to them and grabbed my pants, and slipped them on.

“Don’t worry I’m not leaving, just would rather be dress a bit a this point in time.”

I reached into my pocket to pull out the last item that the old man had given me. It looked like a small knife,, which it was. But it was spelled to take care of these lovely creatures should they prove to be not so lovely.

They all stared at me uncertain of what to do.

“Please, sit, lets chat and then maybe we can pick things back up. Just need to clear the air a bit now.”

Lilith walked over to a couch and sat down staring at me.

“Why did you come here and do this. You knew what we were and you still came. Why?”

“Call me crazy, but I like adventure. And when I heard of a whorehouse here in Austin where for a small price a guy could get fucked silly by three women, I jumped at it. The money did seem low, but then I was told about the herbs that you had to bring for the ‘Love Drink.’ So when I went down to Houston to get the herbs, I went down to Chinatown and asked one of the old pharmacists about all this. He asked me a lot of questions about why I needed this stuff, where it was going to, put two and two together and realized what you all were really doing. Pretty intense idea really. Three semi-immortal witches, demons almost. I can’t remember the Chinese term he used for you. But he figured your were using your power to seduce men, take a little cash and get what you really need to live. Male semen and a little blood. Ingenious concoction you gals use to keep alive. Ever thought about going commercial?”

The humor of my words was lost on all but Lilith who laughed softly. “You do have us figured out. And even bring a spelled blade for protection. You truly are brave. But why did you take the potion to reveal us. Why didn’t you just get fucked and leave. A little semen and maybe a bite wouldn’t hurt you.”

“True, but I also know that that bite would be the way you infect me, get me hooked to you. You keep these men coming back month after month, a steady supply of cum for you. And you use them, break them financially, and destroy their marriages. No thanks ma’am, I don’t need a blow-job that bad.”

She smiled again. “Then what do you want?”

“Exactly what I asked for. Just because I know the truth doesn’t mean I’m no less turned on here. And I think I’d like a drink of that fine brew over there now. The effects will be different now, but I’ll still get something out of it. What do you say.”

Lilith considered the idea carefully. She sat thinking for long moments. I looked at the other two, sitting silent on the bed. “Well? Any takers?’

Lysete jumped up and walked across to me. The anger in her face was obvious. “I will not be part of this. You risk our existence with your little stunt. If I were stronger I would tear you from limb to limb. How dare you sit here and think yourself equal to us. I am 500 years old, DO YOU HEAR ME! I have seen and learned more and forgotten more than you will ever know. May you burn in Hell mortal. I will not be your whore tonight.” She stalked from the room and slammed the door.

Ling sat in silence, obviously thinking. She looked at me and slowly nodded her head. “I’ll stay mortal. If you are smart enough to discover us, then you may be wise enough to actually pleasure a women.’ We both turned to look at Lilith. She sat staring and thinking.

“You may have him first Ling. I want him alone. I sense this one has a fire I have not known in ages.”

With that she turned and walked to lock the door, and motioned me to the bed. I stripped back down and walked to where Ling was now laying. She was still beautiful in a animalistic, surreal way. Her skin was still exquisitely smooth over her firm muscles. As she licked her lips I saw that her tongue was at least twice as long as a normal humans and she could control it very well.

Lilith walked back to the bed and sat down across from me. “You know the secrets of what we are, and why we do what we do. But you don’t know everything mortal. Let me tell you why we use the brew. It allows the spell we use for disguise to remain intact at all times. You see sex is one of our weaknesses. We need it to exist, to get what we need to survive. This crude little whorehouse set up has worked well. We only need to drop in here about twice a week, and the rest of the time, we live a life of relative luxury. Two hundred dollars times 10 men a month keeps this place open for the real owners who we also control through our means. The problem comes in during the act itself. You see when we have an orgasm the spells weaken, waver a bit. Its like the subconscious part of our mind that keeps them woven breaks down and if we were with someone, they would see the true us. Then we’d have to kill them. So the potion distorts reality a bit, keeps the illusion real and makes the sex better. But because you know have taken that little vial of fluid, you see us as we are. All the brew will do now is allow me to use my magic more effectively on you to enhance tonight. You’re totally safe, as I’m sure you know. So drink now, I want to see you perform.

She handed me the bowl, still warm. I sipped down the contents and felt it burn slightly all the way down. There was no other apparent effect, no shifting of the room, dizziness, or anything. I sat the bowl down and turned to face Ling, who was stretched out beside me. I slowly ran my hand up her body, across her flat stomach, dragging my fingers up between her breasts. Her skin felt like, silk it was so smooth. I lay down beside her and continued running my hands over her body. She responded by relaxing and giving into the feeling. My lips pressed to hers and our tongues began to entangle. She kissed like no human ever could, seeming to stimulate every nerve in my body with her mouth only. Our arms wrapped around each other and we hungrily began to explore each other.

My hands ran down to her small, firm breasts. I reached back with the other hand to undue her bra and set them free. Once loose, I grasped her nipple between my lips, biting it gently, sucking it fiercely. She grabbed my head, forcing more breast into my mouth. “Harder, bite it harder.” she begged. I complied bringing a long soft moan from her lips. I focused all my concentration on her breasts for minutes, pausing to run my hand down between her thighs. I could the warmth coming from her, and began to gently rub her pussy through the silken fabric.

“Why don’t you just use your mouth instead down there.” she purred.

I kissed my way down her stomach and with my teeth pulled down her panties. Her pubic hair was dark and neatly trimmed. She smelt hot and exotic, but very clean. I ran my tongue over her slit, bringing more sighs and moans. I began flicking her clit, lightly, teasingly, sliding my tongue up inside her sweet hole. She placed her legs over my shoulders and wrapped herself around my head, grinding her pussy in my face. I licked feverishly, wanting to please her, focusing all my efforts on making this beautiful creature succumb to my tongue.

Her breathing became faster, more shallow and she got louder and louder. Her nails dug into my scalp and I was amazed at the strength in her legs. Suddenly she began to buck and then arched her back, her legs still wrapped around my head. I felt my upper body being lifted off the bed by her strength and she screamed out her orgasm, cumming like no women I’d ever seen. Her pussy was dripping wet, juice flowing almost like cum from a cock. I licked and slurped like a fiend, my face covered with her juices, it dripping on to my neck and chest.

She finally relaxed, and released my head. I sat back, gazing at her. She was covered in a glow of sweat, looking like a goddess of lust, purely made to fuck. She sat up and grabbed my cock, suddenly engulfing it in her mouth, swallowing it to the base. She sucked hard for a few moments, then released me. She turned to face the headboard, getting on hands and knees.

‘Now fuck me, fuck me like you want me to die from it, like this is the last fucking I’ll ever get and you want it to last me forever.”

Her brazen words made my cock swell even more, if that were possible. I turned suddenly to look across form the bed, where Lilith sat watching us. She had her gown pulled up and was propped up on a couch, fucking her self with a large dildo while we performed for her. ”Don’t mind me. I just couldn’t help but get all wet. I’ve never seen Ling cum that hard. So know let’s see you fuck her.

I ran the head of my cock slowly over her outer lips, stroking her clit with it, She wiggled her ass against me, wanting me to quit and just put ti tin. Knowing now how tough these ladies were, I simply drove it in, all the way on the first stroke. Ling stifled a scream, then moaned long and loud at the sudden invasion of her pussy. I leaned over her and reached around to rub her clit as I began to fuck her.

Her body moved with me and we soon were fucking at an unbelievable pace, I surely should have cum by now, but the brew was beginning to work. I looked over and saw Lilith mouthing words at me, moving her hands in slight, rhythmic patterns. The feeling of impending orgasm faded and I knew I would be able to fuck as long as these ladies asked me too. I rode Ling unmercifully, my hips slamming into her, driving her down onto the bed. I held myself up and began to fuck her harder still. She cried out under me, begging for more, her hands gripping the headboard, nails digging into the silk sheets.

Suddenly I felt an odd sensation and looked over to Lilith, She chanted more words now and I felt myself and Ling begin to rise off the bed. With no leverage to push against, I pulled myself up onto her body, intertwining out legs, and wrapping my arms around her waist. My hands grabbed her tits, twisting the nipples, bringing more moans and screams. We floated some three-foot off the bed. I felt us begin to rotate, still fucking like animals. Ling reached up to grip my face and asked me to stop for a moment. She muttered a few words and began to lower herself to the bed, leaving me floating in mid air, looking somewhat hilarious I suspect.

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