tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMagic Awakening Ch. 01

Magic Awakening Ch. 01



Sunlight blaring across my eyelids awakened me, a silent alarm clock sending waves of pain through my temples with a steady beat. I swallowed hard through a dry throat wondering if I should tempt fate and open my eyes. My muscles aching I tried to stretch them out. My eyes snapped open as I realized I could not move my arms. Struggling with the fear that now swallowed my previous hesitancy to open my eyes, I tried moving other parts of my body feeling instantly that I could do little more than blink my eyes.

Ridding my eyes of the blurry vision I noted the glaring sun was coming from above my head. I could not see much but a white haze. After a moment, I concluded there was a white linen cloth or bag over my head preventing me from seeing my surroundings. I wriggled my limbs and body trying to get some purchase or at least figure out what was going on but to no avail. The space I now occupied was a very tight fit at best. I took a deep breath trying to relax and not to panic. After a few moments of this, and counting to ten, I ran through my thoughts systematically hoping to get some clue as to how I arrived at this dilemma.

"What was the last thing I remembered?" I thought to myself. The last thing I remembered was talking on the phone to my friend Val in my room as I curled up on my bed for the night.

I tried shaking my head to clear out the cobwebs, but something pressing against either side of my head preventing this. Panic not withstanding, I went back to sorting my thoughts, and remembered being awakened by a loud bang sometime during the night. It was coming back but slowly.

Whatever I was confined in moved suddenly, immediately bringing my attention to what was going on outside. What sounded like hammers or pry bars were tearing at the container I was in letting me know it was made of wood. The wood now screeching with each pull of the tools sent my eyes fluttering in my skull. As the headache returned with pounding abandon, I felt my whole body move and my nether regions all were pounding in rhythm with my throbbing head. It only took a moment for the panic to rise once more as I finally noticed my cunt and bunghole were packed fully with something.

Not being able to see what had been done to my now bruised-feeling body was making my heart race with the panicking speed of a racecar. The container was finally opened to some extent as I could now feel a breeze giving some relief to the dripping humidity of being inside it. I felt some kind material being removed from around me, making me shiver as the breeze accessed more of my nakedness. I now knew that I was covered in straps of something keeping me immobile along with some type of bars preventing me from moving around in the wooden crate, because the air did not brush these areas. Some of the bars were now being moved away. With a shock of mighty cramping, I tried to move about only to receive a sharp shooting pain across my thighs as I was hit with something from behind.

"Do not move, a stern voice said, you have occupied that crate for close to 24 hours. Let your body relax on its on for a few minutes. I will tell you when you may move again."

Shocked beyond words I gasped with the pain now running through my body in wave after wave. When the cramps finally started to dissipate, I heard the disembodied voice speak once more.

"You may now move. Do not attempt to rise. You will be carried or drug as convenience allows, the voice stated calmly."

My trembling continued but now with stark terror as it finally dawned on my foggy brain that I was utterly and completely at some unknown persons absolute control. I was totally unprepared for this realization. My body doing what my vocal cords could not I arched my body and bucked against my captors hands as they touched my bare skin to move me. I tried to scream but all my tightened vocal cords allowed was a high-pitched squeak.

The hood on my head was jerked away roughly and the blaring light was startling enough to shock me into stillness for a brief moment. The people around me took full advantage of this by latching onto whatever was handy. For one this meant my hair. Not very long but extremely curly it didn't take long for the man, as I now new him to be, to get a good grip and begin to drag me across what my skin was telling me was painted concrete flooring. Struggle as I might I could not bend in any way to get loose from his grip.

As I was being drug across the floor, I now got a good look at what had been done to my abused body. My ankles were tightly encased in a leather strap pulled tight by some quick fastener such as children's back-packs are tightened for their shoulder straps. This continued to be the theme as my eyes traveled up from there. I was bound the same way below the knees as well as above them. Another strap followed at the waist and just below my breasts. The last two also secured my arms to my back in whatever encasement they had been slid into.

What was fast sending my mind into a frenzy was what I was seeing on my breasts, as I was jerked roughly one way and then the next across the strange room. My nipples had been pierced and two hoops now rode my nipples each about an inch in across and thicker than pencil lead. At this sight, I bucked mightily once more only to be thrown to the side roughly. Not being able to catch my self from this fall, my head struck the floor for all appearances with a resounding clang. As I felt consciousness slipping from me I heard the voice once more as my eyes slid shut.

"Damn it Phelps be more careful with my property or your bonus is forfeit, he shouted"

Property I thought to myself I am no one's property! Nevertheless, something nagged at the back of my mind as I finally lost the battle and fell into oblivion.

I came too groggier than ever realizing I was more trussed than ever before. My knees had been brought to my chest and secured there with a rough hemp rope. Another encasing my entirety lifted me into the air. I was swinging slowly in a back and forth motion about four feet from the floor. My jaw hurt and I realized I had been gagged with something rubber. I made the assumption it was a ball gag with thick straps that ran to the back of my neck. On each side of it were other straps that went from the base strap to the center of my eyes to meet in one strap along the top and back of my head. The last one going under my chin obviously to keep me from spitting it out once I was alert again.

I wonder vaguely why I had not been blindfolded as well. Surely, they would know I would tell the authorities their descriptions once I escaped. This startled me because I now thought of something else. They didn't expect me to escape at all.

As I rotated in the air, I heard a noise and jerked my head around sending my elevated body into a slight spin. As I rotated, I noticed a door in the room opening. A tall man in casual clothes entered the room I now occupied. Not a tall man, but with an aura of confidence he carried himself swiftly to my side. He took my head in his nimble fingers and moved my face slowly one way and then the other. During this procedure, I had time to notice him and my surroundings.

He wore button up shirt in a vague color of gray over black jeans. These fit well but not snugly across his body. His face at first glance had a tentative rounded look to it but add in the features, and his face, even in this situation, was quite startling. He had an almost aquiline nose that was saved from this by a small thickness near the front, full lips that seemed to almost smile of there own accord, and eyes thick with lashes piercing my own each time he moved my head. He was standing slightly to the side of me in the room.

The room I now resided in was not large but there was plenty of room with only me in it. There were no furnishings that I noticed, only concrete walls of the same gray as the floor. There was a drain in the center of the floor near me and opposite the door. I didn't want to think why it would need to be here.

Jerking my chin up to meet his eyes, I grunted as much as the gag would allow at the swift motion of his hand on my chin. Slowly that almost smiling mouth broke into an all out grin as he spoke his next words.

"Hello Sable, he whispered softly."

I looked at him with confusion. This was not my name. Why was he calling me Sable?

"I see you do not yet understand the predicament you have found yourself in yet my dear, but let me say to you now you name IS Sable and it will be for as long as I own you. Your training is soon to begin so I will not keep you. Just let me leave you with this advice: the quicker you progress the less chance there is of you having to be put down, he said turning elegantly around and exiting the room on panther feet."

My mind screamed silently at his words. If I didn't do what they wished, I would be killed. I tried to think of someway to save my self from this torment. Nothing I could think of could get me out of this mess.

I thought then of something that I had seen on television in the past. Grabbing the gag between my teeth as best I could I pushed out ward with tongue and lips knowing I could not get it all the way out. I moved it just enough where I could get air through an opening. Slowly I started convulsing my throat muscle flipping my head back to maneuver. So involved with this I had not heard the door to the room open once again, but it was to late I felt my tongue slide back as I relaxed. I had no airway now. Let them do what they wanted now; they would be doing it to a corpse.

I felt the light-headedness sink through my body, and for a moment felt peace within my being. This moment didn't last as I felt my head jerked back by the hair near the same spot as the last time.

"Oh no you don't bitch, a coarse voice sounded near my ear."

I felt calloused hands unbuckle the straps to the gag on the back of my neck and the gag pulled away roughly. Vaguely I felt this same person move something above me. Suddenly I was crashing to the floor with enough force to bring me fully awake for a moment. By this time I had lost enough oxygen, I could feel myself convulsing on the floor within my bonds. I felt an unknown pressure around my jaw and a hand forced it way into my mouth, which I tried to bite with no success. Unexpectedly my body started gulping air compulsively.

"Just let me die, dear God, just let me die, I sobbed brokenly."

I opened my eyes to watch this new man above me rubbing his slobbered covered hand across his coveralls. He was giving me a look that said I would pay for what I had done, but given the chance I would do it again. I believe he saw that in my eyes as well since his next words got my attention with dread.

"No worries you wont have a chance at that again after today. You are someone else property now, not your own. You do not have the right to kill yourself that is the right of your owner only and at his convenience, he snarled from a few feet way."

The door was opening and several more people came into the room pushing what looked like a gurney of some kind made all of stainless steel. A woman and a man gathered me up and laid me on the gurney after untying the rope restricting my knees to my chest. I was strapped down to the gurney relentlessly at head, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. As I was pushed along, out the door, and down a long hallway I watched the inset lights of the ceiling pass by. I could only guess what was going to happen next.

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