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Magic Beans


Amy walked down the sidewalk with a bounce in her step and in the soft curls of her shiny brown ponytail. It was finally spring, the kind of day when it was warm enough to dig out a white sundress with blue flowers, and strap on sandals that showed her painted toe-nails. She was headed up to the end of her cul-de-sac, where up the hill there was a tree with a wide swing that looked out over the back of the park. A quiet and private view of trees and lush green grass. Amy's brown eyes sparkled as she passed her neighbor, Sam, in his yard. He wore gloves to protect himself from the juniper bushes he was trimming, but besides those he wore only a pair of tattered jeans and old athletic shoes. Amy gave his bare chest and well-toned arms a pleased, sidelong glance as she passed.

Sam watched his perky neighbor, her round breasts pushing up against the low neckline of her sundress. He caught the little once-over she gave him and turned to look at the flirty sway of her ass as she passed him and came level with his driveway. There she paused looking at something on the ground. As she bent over, displaying that lovely ass, Sam smiled smugly to himself.

On the sidewalk, just by Sam's driveway, something attracted Amy's attention. On the ground were two plump beans -- ivory skinned with a rosy brown fleck and a faint sheen of green to them as if they were just about to sprout. There was something compelling about them -- so lush and juicy looking. She bent over to scoop them up -- she'd ask Sam on the way back if he knew what they were. Slipping them into her pocket, she continued up the hill.

Amy settled on the swing and pushed off lightly, setting it rocking to-and fro, to-and fro. The warm, spring scented breeze caressed her and she shut her eyes. She didn't notice the thin green vines poke out of her pocket and gently slide up and across her lap. She drifted in a dreamy state -- there was something tickling her skin lightly, but the breeze was like a lover's breath across her aroused nipples and bare tits... What?! Startled, she opened her eyes. Her breasts had popped out of her sundress and when she moved automatically to cover herself she found that she couldn't. Thin green vines with tender little heart shaped leaves wound around her hands on the ropes of the swing. Startled, she jerked, sliding back part way off the swing so that her thighs were on the seat instead of her ass. The breeze at once blew up the back of her dress and it was then that she realized that her legs were bound together by more of the vines, which also wrapped her torso and, and up to her breasts which they had coiled about, lifting them free of her dress and pointing the pink nipples straight out into the air.

Amy struggled, frightened, but also a little dazed as if she were suddenly in a dream and couldn't quite think straight. And aroused. She couldn't remember when she had been this aroused -- trussed up to a swing by weird vines, her breasts popping forward and her ass displayed in the back, for she could feel the wind breathing across it as if the vines had lifted the back of her dress away. She could feel them moving across her skin, the tender little leaves like a feathery kiss over the small of her back, over the globes of her ass. She felt something tighten against her thighs and then give. The damned vines had broken the straps of her thong and she felt her underwear fall away. The vines slid slyly down her ass crack, brushing her rosebud and then down, and around, probing and curling into her pussy. She squeaked and jerked but there was nowhere to go. The vines circled around her opening, for all the world like little tongues licking the tender flesh. Her pussy clenched and ached, her clit poked out of its hiding place and she could feel the moisture dripping on her thighs.

Amy's pretty, rose painted lips hung open in an "o" of disbelief, her sparkling brown eyes dazed, aroused and a little frightened as the vines expertly prepared to fuck her. Though she couldn't see what was happening, she felt movement behind her as the vines twisted together, curling tightly up upon themselves to make a long, thick cock-shaped protrusion. She felt it probing at her entrance and instinctively tried again to jerk away. All the vines tightened a little, as the thick protrusion lined itself up and thrust deeply into her dripping pussy. Amy's whole body arched and a little gasping scream passed her lips, as the orgasm tore through her. Her eyelids fluttered closed and her legs strained against the binding vines. The vines fucked her hard, right thought her release and into the next one. Amy's pale, luscious body twisted and turned against her bindings, the leaves brushing her distended nipples, her erect clit, as the vine pumped and pummeled her sopping pussy. She came again and again, shuddering and whimpering.

And then there was a pause, a slowing, the vine-cock inside her was pumping lazily, and her head could clear for a moment. And an amused voice said behind her, "Well, well, what have we here?" Her neighbor Sam's voice.

Amy felt a rush of embarrassment at being caught like this, at the unreality of it all. She was embarrassed that a plant was ravishing her? She couldn't think straight, but she struggled futilely and gasped, "Sam, help! Get this thing off me."

"Ok, calm down." Was that a note of laughter in his voice? "I know how to deal with this." She hoped that meant he had his garden clippers with him and would cut her free. She heard some rustling and then felt his heat as he came up behind her. He reached for the vines pressing into her pussy, but she was on a swing and as he moved into her from behind the swing shifted forward. His strong tanned hand came around to brace against her belly, holding her still as he got a grip of the vine and began pulling it out of her pussy. However much Amy wanted to be free, her pussy was reluctant to give up its source of pleasure and she couldn't help whimpering with pleasure as the thick length was dragged out of her and her inner muscles tried to squeeze it back in. It popped free with a wet, sucking sound and she felt a little burst of pleasure shudder through her.

She expected for Sam to then start cutting or even ripping the vines off her, but to her astonishment he adjusted his stance. She could feel something writhing against her -- the vine was struggling with him, trying to get back inside her body. Sam held it firmly and rubbed it -- rubbed it! against her rosebud. She yelped and jerked, crying "What the hell, Sam?!"

He rubbed again, spreading some of her capacious pussy juice up across her ass and she felt to her horror the vine begin to worm its way into her backdoor. "Oh my God! Oh my God!" she babbled at the feeling of the stretching invasion. "That is not what I meant! Oh my God!"

"Hush, baby, I know what I'm doing." Sam still sounded like he was almost laughing.

The vine in her ass seemed thinner than the one that had fucked her pussy, but thick enough and long. It was slippery and slick and soon was pumping slowly in and out again as she let out little gasping breaths. Then there was more movement behind her, Sam shifting, bracing, and before she knew what was happening his hands slid up to sharply pinch her aching tits, just as his hot, thick cock plowed deeply up into her empty pussy.

Amy screamed in pleasure at the orgasm that exploded through her at the double penetration of writhing vine and thick, meaty cock, and the sharp pull on her nipples from Sam's nimble fingers. Then they were both fucking her hard and fast, man and plant in synchronization as if Sam had two cocks and was able to double spit her all himself. His hands tweaked and tugged at her breasts, one of the vines rubbed and tickled her clit, and his hot lips kissed the back of her neck as he made her come again and again -- writhing on his huge cock, her lips open and drooling, her eyes dilated and unfocused.

Then all at once he stopped and she hung there gasping for breath, shaking and quivering, the aftershocks rippling though her. He was buried deep, deep inside her and so was the vine. It almost seemed as if his cock was swelling even bigger, filling her, stretching her as she had never been filled. He held so still, she tried to struggle against him, to get just that bit of stimulation to set her off again. His fingers tightened on her nipples but his cock didn't move. She had no purchase, between the swing, the vines, his hot hands, his cock impaling her, throbbing in her. She whimpered, and writhed, whispering, "Please, please, Sam. Sam. Oh God! Fuck me, Sam. Please fuck me!" The tension grew, and grew, her whole body throbbed in time with that big cock deep inside her. "Fuck me!" she whimpered.

And he thrust -- just a tiny thrust and pinched her nipples just a little bit harder. And she came. She came so hard she saw exploding colors and then blackness. Her body arched, her toes curled, she threw back her head and screamed.

The fantastic contractions in her pussy pulled Sam right over the edge and with a horse shout he began to come as well, pumping cum into her and then pulling out, stroking himself with his hand, spraying cum across her back and her ass and the confining vines.

Amy felt through her post-orgasmic daze the heat in her pussy and then the pulses of wet, sticky heat across her back. She felt the vines break at the contact, the one plugging her ass, slipped out with a plop. The others snapped free, falling away, so that she had to tighten her exhausted grip on the swing so as not to tumble forward.

She felt Sam step forward, pressing against her back, his cum sticky between them. His lips caressed the back of her neck, one hand fondled her breast still hanging out of her dress, his other dipped into her pocket and retrieved two ivory beans she had unwittingly slipped there.

"You're a fantastic fuck, Amy." He said, his breath hot against her ear. The he was gone.

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