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First off, thank you for reading, voting and commenting on my stories.

I have one more chapter for the Succubus Reborn tale completed, but I tend to wait until each chapter is published before I submit the next chapter. I took a few stories I enjoyed and did my own thing with them. I am not sure if this is going to be a one-off or continue this into a series only time will tell.

I hope you enjoy it.

All characters depicted having sex are over 18.


Katherine had just gotten back to her apartment as her roommate's latest sexual conquest was leaving. She looked over the woman with the disheveled hair and wondered for the umpteenth time if Ashley would ever make a move on her. Sure, there was a time Katherine would never have contemplated having sex with Ashley, or any woman for that matter. But, if the noises coming from Ashley's room were any indication, then Katherine's sex life was lacking and not from a lack of trying.

The woman had left, but Katherine had stayed. Leaning against the wall, panting from the run she had just come from and from her growing sexual hunger.

"Enjoying the view?" Ashley asked from the couch.

"Um, no. Just catching my breath for a second," Katherine replied. Finally able to breathe a little better, Katherine walked to the refrigerator to get a bottle of water. As she drank from the bottle, she admired her roommate once again. Ashley was average height with long, blonde, wavy hair and blue eyes. Her breasts, while on the smallish side, were perfectly tear-shaped. She didn't need a bra to support them, either, which she rarely did. She also had a high metabolism that left her skinny, but didn't have the need to exercise.

If Katherine didn't know better, this beautiful blonde would be the girl next door type. However, Katherine knew her roommate. She knew how she loved to corrupt straight women into lesbian affairs. In fact, one drunken night early in their first year rooming together, Ashley had leaned in and started making out with Katherine. It was Katherine that sprang up off the floor and ran into her room, slamming her door behind her. Why was I so stupid back then. I could have had what I want now. Katherine was lamenting her lack of sex as much as a missed opportunity.

Having finished her bottle of water, Katherine asked, "Do you need the shower any time soon?"

Ashley, looking up from the magazine she had been reading, "Nah. Take your time." She smirked at Katherine.

Fuck does she know what I was going to do? Katherine thought. She shook the thought from her head and walked into the shared bathroom. As she stripped out of her running attire, she admired her own body. She had to admit her body was just as beautiful as Ashley's if just different. She stood a couple inches taller than Ashley. Her c-cup breasts were still standing firmly. She had long fit legs and a trim tummy from her athletic activities. While she didn't participate on any of her school's athletic teams, she made generous use of the school's gymnasium using the weight room, racquetball courts and swimming pool as well as running through the nearby park. Her only flaw, she could think of, was her face. She had average brunette hair. Hair she could never get to style properly so it just hung straight. There was nothing alluring about her face, either, especially with the smattering of freckles around her nose.

Sighing, again with frustration, Katherine turned away from the mirror and started the shower. As she was getting into the shower, she heard a knock at the front door. She peeked out the door to see if Ashley was going to answer the door. Looking around the room from the cracked door, Katherine didn't see Ashley anywhere. The person at the door knocked again. Katherine grabbed a towel from the towel rack and began wrapping herself in it. Just as another knock sounded at the door, Ashley emerged from her bedroom. She yelled, "I'm coming. Hold on." She turned at the cracked bathroom door and smiled at Katherine, "I thought you were getting a shower. Shoo."

With that, Katherine closed the door, let the hastily wrapped towel drop to the floor and slipped into the shower that had heated up quite nicely. With her sexual hunger building, she was looking forward to masturbating in the shower. She was grinning as she lathered up her bath pouf. She loved the way the suds and water felt on her skin.


Ashley, seeing Katherine close the bathroom door, licked her lips. She really wished she could make a move on her roommate. It would make it a lot easier to have sex on-hand rather than go hunting for it. Sure, she enjoyed the chase and corrupting so-called straight women into her bed. But, at times, all she wanted was a regular fuck-buddy that didn't take time to seduce.

She got the door opened as the man on the other side was raising his arm to rap at the door once more. "Sorry it took me so long," Ashley started, "but I was in my room and it took me a little while to get out here."

The man looking down both sides of the corridor before replying, "Are you Katherine?"

"No." The man's face fell again as he looked at the card in his hand with the address printed on it. "I am her roommate, though." This perked up the man's demeanor.

"Is she around? It is most urgent I talk to her."

"She just stepped into the bathroom for a shower. I can deliver a message to her when she gets out if you like."

The man, again, looked down both sides of the hallway. "Can I come in? What I have to tell you is very important and I don't want to take the chance of anyone hearing me."

Ashley, a little suspicious of the peculiar man, was curious what was making this man act the way he was. She nodded and opened the door to let the man in. "So what's to important?" she asked as she closed the door behind her.

The peculiar man led Ashley to the kitchen bar. He laid down an intricate, wooden box. On top of the box was a letter written in stylized calligraphy. "I am Eugene Eckhardt," the man said while producing a business card, "and I represented Gail Stafford. Upon her death, I was to hand deliver this package to her granddaughter, Katherine. It was an addendum to her will and the information was not to be privy to any other of her living relatives."

"What's in the box?" Ashley asked.

Shaking his head, Eugene replied, "I have no idea, but the firm I work for told me they had received many angry calls from the inheritors regarding this box and its contents. Can you please see to it that Katherine gets this?"

"Of course," Ashley agreed.

"Thank you, but now I must leave." With that, Eugene opened the door, looked both ways and started walking briskly away.

What an odd man that was. I wonder what all the panic was for. Ashley began absent-mindlessly fiddling with the calligraphy-written note as she was recounting her conversation with Eugene. She shook the thoughts from her head and began walking back to her bedroom, but after taking two steps saw she had the letter in her hand. She looked down at the note and curiosity once again reared its head and bit her. She began reading the note. It said:

"My dear Katherine, you may not remember me since your father all but disowned me when you were 5 or 6. I can't say that I blame him, really, but that is the past. If you are reading this, then I have passed from this world. I have constantly looked into your life, from time to time, and have come to the conclusion that you may be the only one of my relatives that might have the fortitude to withstand the temptation of the gift, nay the curse, I am troubled to pass on to you. I wish that I did not have this burden to make, but the contents in this box cannot be destroyed. Hopefully, you can keep this safe. I pray your aunts and uncles and cousins, believing your parents never reconciling with me before their untimely death, never realize you are the recipient of this package. I urge you to stash this away somewhere safe and never be touched again. Love, Gramma Gail

P.S. I also left you some money in your name. I had been depositing money into an account for every year you were born. It isn't much, but it should help clear any student loans you may have incurred."

Now, terribly stricken with curiosity, Ashley never paused to open the wooden box. Inside was another note that said:

Mind Control Crystals

Place the crystal horizontally across an image of the person to be controlled. Place the thumbs, index and middle fingers on opposite hands together to form a triangle. Place the ring fingers on either end of the crystal. Recite these lines three times:

ego sum suae potestate esse mens et corpus animae

Underneath the note, were six clear crystals. They were identical in every way. Ashley picked one up at random and examined them. They looked absolutely ordinary. Mind control crystals? Yeah, right. I wonder what goof planned this. She went to put it back in its spot, but her hand wavered for a second. It wouldn't hurt to try it, would it? I mean the way that man was acting didn't seem fake. Did it? So I need an image of someone. May as well try it on Katherine, but would an image from a phone work? Only one way to know, I guess.

With her mind made up, Ashley laid the crystal back down and rushed to her room and grabbed her phone off the nightstand. She went back to the kitchen counter and retrieved the note. She took the items to the front room and laid them on the coffee table. She sat on the floor with her legs crossed. Ashley, then, started looking through photos on her phone for a picture of Katherine.

Having finally found one, Ashley placed the crystal horizontally across her phone. She looked back at the note to try to discern how to place her fingers. She tried a few times before she got it. Or at least she thought so, hopefully. When she went to place her fingers properly on the crystal, she noticed her phone had gone to sleep. So she re-opened the phone and placed her fingers in the proper position and recited the words:

"ego sum suae potestate esse mens et corpus animae

ego sum suae potestate esse mens et corpus animae

ego sum suae potestate esse mens et corpus animae"

Unsure if it had worked or not, she got up and sat on the couch eagerly awaiting Katherine's emergence from the bathroom.


Katherine emerged from the bathroom refreshed from her shower, as well as a couple orgasms, wrapped in a towel. She noticed Ashley at the couch. There was a wooden box on the coffee table, but Ashley was just fiddling with her phone.

"Who was it at the door?" Katherine asked.

"Just a lawyer dropping off some crystals your grandmother left to you in her will."

Katherine, not sure if Ashley was pulling some kind of weird joke on her, asked, "My grandmother? Gramma Ruth?" Last time she had heard, her only living relative was still alive and well.

"No. This was Gramma Gail, your dad's mother."

What kind of sick joke was this? "My dad's parents died when I was a little girl. In fact, I haven't seen or heard from anyone on his side of the family since I was about 6. Maybe 7. So what exactly are you getting at, Ashley, because this is not funny." She had started walking to the couch while she was talking. Each step was making her angrier and angrier.

"Stop," Ashley ordered. To Katherine's disbelief, she stopped with one foot off the ground in mid-stride. As much as she tried, she couldn't move a muscle.

"What the fuck! What the hell did you do? Why can't I move? Ashley, what the fuck is going on?" Katherine's anger was rising full force.

"Quiet." Once Ashley said that one word, Katherine fell silent. Her mind, however, was in turmoil. She had no control over her body. And she had no idea why, but obviously Ashley was now in control of everything except her mind.

"Holy shit. I wasn't sure this would work." Ashley noticed Katherine was wavering on one foot and continued, "Put your foot down you look silly like that." Katherine immediately put her foot down, but was unable to do anything else except look at Ashley. "So, apparently, your dad's mom—Gramma Gail—has been alive for sometime and just recently died. Her lawyer dropped off these crystals for you, but I got curious about them and decided to try them out myself. They allow a person to control others, as you can see. Let me show you."

Ashley tapped her chin trying to decide how best to show her roommate her knew found powers. Having decided, she told Katherine, "Crawl to me. Crawl to me like a cat."

Katherine got on all fours and crawled to Ashley. Katherine found she had her voice back as well, sort of, as she started mewling towards Ashley.

"This is fucking awesome. So like a cat includes mewling! Hahaha! This so so great." Ashley had started recording her roommate crawling and mewling. Once Katherine got to where Ashley was seated, she sat on her legs and began licking her arm and backs of her hand then running her arm over her face and hair. Ashley couldn't stop the gleeful (Katherine thought sinister) laughter from escaping her mouth.

When Ashley was able to get her laughter under control, she looked down at her little kitty Kat. She rubbed her head and addressed her roommate, "Okay. So I will let you speak. However, you must remain civil and you cannot lie."

"You did this to me? Using my own grandmother's, my own...inheritance, I guess?..against me? Why? How could..."

Interrupting Katherine mid-sentence, "Okay, scratch that. You can only speak when you are asked a question and again only with the truth. Do you understand?"

"Yes," it was all Katherine was allowed to say. Inside her mind, thoughts were racing, though. How is this possible? Is there any way out of this? She said crystals, but if I can't move on my own how do I get to them? Perhaps, I can do something when she goes to sleep? I'll just have to endure this until then or some other opening.

"There is so much I have always wanted to know, Kitty Kat." Katherine bristled internally at that infernal nickname, but continued acting like a kitty cat. "Hmmm. Okay. If you had magic crystals and knew they would work like these obviously do, what would be the first thing you did with them? Oh and stop acting like a cat, but stay seated just like you are."

Katherine stopped licking her arm and running her arm over her face and head, but her eyes bulged out. Fuck! I can't tell her what I've been fantasizing about. Things I've wanted to do to her. Or things I want her to do to me. I just can't! Even as her mind raced, her mouth disobeyed her and responded, "I would ask, no order, you to seduce me. To use me like one of your nightly conquests. To eat me out until I came. Then to keep doing that until I passed out. When I would wake up, I would order you to allow me to do the same to you."

"I thought I'd detected a certain...attraction...you had for me lately. What was it, exactly, that got your mind changed from that first drunken kiss?"

"All those women. The noises that came from your room. The lack of satisfaction from the guys I dated. I started to...I started to long for your lovers to cum. I longed to hear their cries of ecstasy as I masturbated so I could orgasm with them. Dreaming it was you doing it to me and not to them," Katherine blurted out no longer in control of what she did or said.

Smiling seductively, or sinisterly depending on perspective, Ashley asked, "So do you have any other plans today?" It was Saturday after all. Ashley's plans for the rest of the day had, due to unforeseen circumstances and irrevocably, been changed. She had no interest of forgoing these new plans, but needed to make sure her roommate wouldn't be missed so needed her to cancel her plans beforehand.

"I had a study session with Nicole scheduled," she glanced at the clock quickly to see she only had less than a half-hour to meet her at the library since Nicole was always punctual to the point of being early. "We are going to the library to study for an upcoming test." Maybe this was the way out. How to truthfully state something in deceiving her roommate to let her out of this bizarre situation? That was trickier. "She would be really worried if I didn't show up."

Nodding her head, Ashley responded, "Alright. Go get your phone and bring it here." Katherine turned and began crawling to her room. "Hehehe. I forgot I never told you you could walk. Never mind, though. Watching your cute ass crawl away is too much."

It was impossible to crawl and keep her towel wrapped around her. Somewhere between the couch and her bedroom door, the knot keeping the towel tied had come loose leaving Katherine completely naked. Having gotten to the door, thankfully kept ajar, she bumped the door lightly with her head to swing it fully open. She crawled in and located her phone on her nightstand. She agonized over how best to carry the phone while crawling around bare-ass naked. Finding no other alternative, she put it in her mouth and began the trek back to the couch and Ashley.

Ashley took the phone from Katherine. Katherine turned to retrieve her forgotten towel, but Ashley had other plans. "Hold it, Kitty Kat. I think I like you like this even better. Now, unlock the phone for me, please," Ashley ordered. Katherine, hearing please for the first time, hoped that was merely a suggestion. That hope soon evaporated, though, when her hand came up and traced the lock-pattern on the phone.

Ashley took the phone back and started going through Katherine's contacts. "Thanks. You are most helpful." She soon found Nicole in the contact list and began dialing, but before she hit the button to dial she looked back at Katherine. "I am going to give you the phone back. However, you are only to tell Nicole that you would prefer to do the studying here at your place rather than the library. Tell her," Ashley stopped to think about it, "you have drinks and snacks here that can't be taken int o the library. Think that will work?"

Resignedly, Katherine said, "Yes. We are often stopping for snack breaks when we study."

"Good. And when you are finished, find a picture of her—and only her—on your phone." Ashley handed Katherine the phone, put the phone on speaker and pressed dial.

Katherine and Ashley heard the ringing of Nicole's impending doom. Praying that Nicole wouldn't answer, but knowing it wouldn't matter since Nicole would likely come here if Katherine didn't show up to the library, she heard the line pick up.

Dishearteningly, Katherine started talking, "Hey, Nicole. I was wondering if you might want to head to my place to study."

"Well, I don't know. We might need some of the books the library has to offer." Ashley pushed mute on the phone and told Katherine to suggest using the Internet.

When Ashley unmuted the phone, Katherine replied, "We don't need the books do we? We can always use the Internet." Again, Ashley muted the phone and ordered her to do whatever it took to get Nicole here. "Instead of some stuffy, old library, we could study on the balcony since it is a nice day."

God, do I want her here or not? No, I don't want her subjected to this depravity. But on the other hand, what else would happen if I don't get her here? Katherine was torn with confusion. On the other end of the phone, "Yeah. That does sound better. Okay, I'll meet you in a few minutes!"

A few minutes? No! It can't be that time, yet. She glanced at the clock and sure enough about twenty minutes had passed.

"Very good, my pet," Ashley cooed at Katherine as she pet her head. Katherine, having found a picture of Nicole, passed the phone back to her roommate. Or her mistress now? She was unsure. "Wow. She is a stunner. I am surprised I hadn't tried to get in her pants sooner. Well, you better go get dressed. This time stand-up and walk. We don't have time to waste. Pick out a nice summer dress, but under no circumstances are you to wear any underwear. Okay?"

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