tagTransgender & CrossdressersMagic Dress - Diana Pt. 02

Magic Dress - Diana Pt. 02



We were told to come early, and I could change into my outfit at Jason and Lucille's house.

Lucille greeted us, looking very pretty and very feminine. She could easily pass. We went upstairs with our bags, and I was transformed in my favourite green dress.

When we came down there were another couple of women. One had a big bust and quite curvy hips, but the makeup could not disguise the face of a man. I guessed she must have padding. The other I guessed would be her wife.

"And who is this vision of loveliness?" said the padded one.

"Er, Dave," I said. They laughed.

"Really, David," said Lucille. "That's not good enough! I hereby christen you Diana, the Green Goddess!" It turns out that Diana Moran was a model and TV presenter who wore a green leotard when demonstrating exercises, and was known as the Green Goddess. Everyone but me seemed to know this. So I was now Diana!

"Suits you," said Gwen.

Our new curvy friend was Sarah, with her wife Betty.

Further people arrived, mostly couples. Many arrived part-dressed: for example, one was in a long coat covering a dress with jeans under it. Another exchanged trousers for a skirt. One had a parka with the hood which covered her hair, and which was too short to cover a skirt. However, when she took off her jeans, I saw an extremely short skirt! They had basic makeup but not eyes or lipstick, which was added on arrival. Others changed as we had done.

One wore a leotard with not a trace of cock and balls, so must have had an operation, as must have been the case for a couple of others with tight skirts, including Sarah with the curves.

I was not sure what I was expecting, but it was just a group of happy women in the evening. Food was nibbled. There was very little drinking (quite a contrast to the rugby club) and no mention of things like cross-dressing. People talked about jobs, visits they had had, and possible visits for the future, and many compliments were exchanged. There was the occasional camp remark, but mostly not. Everyone talked softly, though the voices were on average low. A couple had made theirs quite sexy.

They were kind to the new girl, but I had the feeling that the compliments were genuine and there was no bitchiness. Just nice people in nice clothes. Towards the end of the evening we danced to a few songs, then everyone prepared to go home. A few went as they were, I suppose because it was dark or just because they were confident. Most disguised themselves or changed as did we.

I said there was no talking about cross-dressing. But that was only how it seemed to me. Gwen had hoovered up a lot of information and tips from the wives. This included a list of the safest toilets and two places where you could change in the city.

One was a university students union near the city centre. Entry was restricted in the evening, but during the day members of the public could visit it, mainly for the bookshop and café. As well as Ladies and Gents toilets, they had a number of unisex toilets in the form of single cabins, wheelchair accessible, so quite large. Those on the second floor were rarely used. For a man to go in and a woman to go out (or vice versa) would not have caused alarm or even a raised eyebrow among the students. Another was a church, which had a choir changing room beside the toilets which was generally free during the day. It welcomed all people, and there was no need to skulk. There was no charge (though there was a donation box by the door) and you could even sit and have a cup of tea along with the pensioners if you came at certain times.

The ones I was sure had had an operation were in fact intact, but had special pants to tuck the meat and two veg out of sight. We were surprised and impressed, and somewhat curious.


Lucille and Jason invited us for my first walking lesson one evening, so we went round to their house and I changed. I practised a little indoors, but too soon I was taken outside. The advice was smaller steps, knees more together, shoulders back and try not to worry. It was just Lucille and me.

"If you're nervous of other people, you might like to know that Lucille has a black belt in karate," remarked Jason.

It was agreed that we would just walk to the first corner. Then as I was doing so well, we turned right and went to the next corner. And the next, at which point it was no shorter to turn back, so we completed the square. There were a few people about, walking dogs or hurrying somewhere, but no-one gave us a second glance.

"You've lost your virginity!" said Lucille. "Well done!"

I felt emotionally exhausted but proud and pleased. For just walking round the block, taking short steps!

Gwen and I sneaked out a couple of times, just to the post-box and back, and I tried to practise walking at home.

At the next meeting at Lucille's house we were introduced to Betty, Sarah's wife. She worked in the women's clothing section of a department store and was the group's expert on breasts and undergarments. In the bedroom she measured me in a surprising number of places, and sat down on the bed with Gwen while I went downstairs for girly chat with the others.

Gwen later told me the outcome. Betty said that men dressing or wanting to be women generally desired enormous boobs, which was understandable, but drew attention. She generally advised some more modest ones to pass as a woman in everyday life, and perhaps two sizes larger for special occasions and among company like this. She felt that breasts about the size of Gwen's would suit me and the green dress, and suggested two basic sorts of bra: one as sexy undies and one plain and smooth as domestic which would also allow them to wobble a bit more. The straps would have to be quite long on me, so there were models which she would recommend if we wanted to buy at the store. However, we could buy where we liked. She also recommended a company selling artificial breasts of good quality and suggested a model and specifications to suit my colour and chest. They were not the cheapest, but people had found them satisfactory. If I wanted larger ones occasionally, cheaper ones would probably do. It was tremendously technical, but very helpful.

Betty also suggested buying me a couple of nightdresses, without sleeves because of my rugby muscles. She advised against wearing the boobs at night, because of the risk of sweat rash, but said a different bra would be required if I wanted to.

Once the breasts had arrived, we visited the store, ostensibly choosing underwear for Gwen. They had a larger fitting room for bra fitting, we all got in and I was actually fitted for a bra, which Betty said more women ought to do. She reckoned half of them had the wrong size bra and would be more comfortable if they got it right. So Gwen bought a new one as well, and said it was indeed more comfortable.

I did like wearing nightdresses as well, but did not bother with the boobs at night.

For our next major step, the club did something so trivial, but it meant so much to me and the others.

Taking a day off work during the week we went to a leisure complex which had a multi-screen cinema and watched a film. The film was at 11 a.m. and there were very few people around. There were two other people in the auditorium apart from the group of eight in the walking club.

We walked around a bit before, then watched the film (a new science fiction one which would be packed in the evening and weekend showings). We went to a relatively deserted café for lunch, and walked around the complex. Some places were closed, some had a few customers. We walked around most of the complex, and I improved my gait with some helpful comments and encouragement from the others, who also demonstrated how to use the arms, and deal with a handbag. I realised how much simple time like this must be desired by so many women not fortunate to be in the walking club, and was so grateful to Lucille and her friends.

A visit to a shopping centre (some distance away) was the next adventure. Just window-shopping, going slowly around like hundreds of other women, at a time when they were not too busy. A coffee in the food court, and use of the Ladies' loo. Just life en femme. However, Gwen bought me my first high heels (though they were not very high). Everyone said I had been so brave in the shoe shop.

Our weekly dinner ritual continued, including the lovemaking, and my culinary skills improved, so there were some more adventurous recipes. My pyjamas were put away and I slept in a nightdress. I also spent more time as Diana at the weekend.


If you have not been in a similar situation, it is hard to express how much the walking club meant to me and others like me. There were about 50 in the club, from early twenties to late sixties in age, though who turned up varied a lot, mostly less than ten at a time. We got 18 and their partners to attend a pantomime with Jamie Jones as the dame, which was brilliant. Most pantomime dames are presented as unattractive, but Jamie Jones continues the glamour tradition of Danny La Rue.

Eventually I found myself leading little groups from the church. We walked around inside while the vicar or someone else pointed out features of interest and told us the history. Some did not get further than this, the first time. Next was a walk around the building, then back into safety. With some encouragement the little group went along the quiet streets nearby, aiming for 30 minutes. It sounds little, but it meant so much to some.

One of the women I mentored in this way became a church volunteer. She was allowed to keep a change of clothes and an apron there, and came along to do cleaning, sorting of hymnbooks and similar things. She joined the rota for providing flowers, and eventually served tea to the pensioners at the weekend.

We went to the local transgender support group, which was marvellous in giving support to people at all stages and their partners. I had no intention to go further, and was not trying to live publicly as a woman (at work and so on) so did not need much other than friendship, but I was able to tell those who asked about the walking club.

Meanwhile, Betty and her husband advised me on body shaping clothes. Sarah had some quite advanced ones with a corset and silicone padding to get something like an hourglass figure. She also demonstrated how her cock and balls were put away. She had a longer cock than me, which went back between her legs and partially between her bum cheeks, while her balls went up into cavities in the body. Visiting her home, she even looked good in a swimsuit!

Betty gave me the details and we bought online what was called gaff pants. They looked like panties, but were firm enough to hold my cock and balls in place. I was advised to use medical tape to keep everything in place for dancing, but found it worked OK without. It was odd at first. I could only wear it for half an hour at a time, but persisted until I could wear it all evening, though I was cautious about longer walks.

Again, I took her advice and bought pants with some but not a lot of padding but did not go to waist reduction. Her judgment was of course good. The padding made my Green Goddess dress just perfect: subtle but just right. However, it did not seem right to wear the gaff pants with it, and it did not really need it. However, I was now able to buy other garments for which flat front was appropriate and got some compliments. (When I say "I bought" I mean Gwen was able to choose, with Betty's approval.)

There were a few women who were either fully surgically transformed, or well on the way, and they tended to lead the more adventurous activities.

One was a trip to Chester, staying in a guesthouse which was friendly to people like us. It was a great place to walk around, being very compact but full of things to see. It has mediaeval walls which you can still walk around. I spotted a young woman in another Green Goddess dress, being photographed by a friend, and glimpsed her again later but not close enough to speak to.

I found the military museum fascinating and touching, because it had some information about the regiments and battles in which some of my relatives had served and died during both World Wars. Unfortunately, I did not feel I could talk with the staff to learn more, but I plan to go back as Dave some time. The only time we felt uncomfortable was in one teashop where we thought people were staring at us, so left.

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