tagRomanceMagic in the Woods

Magic in the Woods


I sat next to my computer again, and looked out the sliding, glass doors. Outside, the sun shone bright and vibrant onto a cool autumn day. I watched the multi-colored trees blow in a light breeze. I smiled as a memory began to play in my mind. I remembered days in autumn that I spent with you. I remembered the corny jokes you always told me as we walked along the river in the woods.

I let my mind linger on one evening, in particular.

You brought a basket into the woods. Packed inside were a blanket, sandwiches, a bottle of seedling red wine, a bowl of fruit salad, and assorted dishes. We headed off of the major trail, and walked to one of my favorite spots near the water of a stream that led to the river. It was a rock that jutted out over the river. We spread out the blanket on the rock. You filled the two plates with two halved sandwiches and half of the fruit salad. We sat down, and I looked into the clear water. The trickle sounds of the stream soothed me blissfully.

You cut the sandwich into smaller pieces and offered me the pieces. I watched as your mouth opened slightly as you fed me. I smiled as I chewed the delicious combination of salami, ham, cheese and Italian bread. I picked up a piece and offered it to you. You covered my fingers with your mouth and sucked at them softly, before you let my them go. I picked up a spoon and ate some of the fruit salad. We watched each other as we ate. I sipped on the glass of sweet, rich red wine you poured into a glass for me. You sipped yours. We let only the soft sounds of the wind blowing through the trees and the clinking of our dishes be the only sounds around us. We didn't speak at all.

As we finished the last of our meal, you cleared all of it off of the blanket, and put it into the basket beside us. Leaves drifted from the trees above and landed on the blanket. We laid back on our elbows and looked up at the fall trees. I remember the poignant seduction of the woods that day. It was only natural that we ended up in a kiss more passionate than usual. It was natural when you started to unlace my dress, and slipped it down to my waist.

I unbuttoned and slipped off your shirt, and you folded it up and put it on the basket. You folded my dress when I slipped out of it. You gently placed it on top of your shirt.

Your hands were cool as they started to touch me. You covered my breast with your hand and put your mouth to mine. We kissed as if we were still hungry and tasted each other with forceful rhythm. I lightly scratched your back. You pinched my nipple very gently. You ran your hand down my belly, and caressed the soft down of my stomach. I let my mouth cover your neck, and I kissed your ear. I gently licked at your earlobe and sucked at it more aggressively. I gently let out a breath through my nose onto your skin. You stretched your neck to accommodate me better. You moaned and grunted a little as I teased the area of you neck just below your ear.

Your hand was busy with my breasts and my nipples again. I guided you to my back. I turned so my back would face you. I pulled my curls off of my back, so you could scratch without hindrance. I indulged in your nails, and then you started to massage my weary muscles. I had a very physically demanding job, and a massage anytime was welcome. You dug your hands into my shoulders, and moved down to the sides of my back. You motioned for me to lay down and relax. You removed you pants. I felt your thighs on my butt, and the silk of boxers was all that separated my skin and your hardened penis. You rubbed it gently in soft strokes as you pushed your hands into my grateful back.

I kept my feet up in the air with my thigh-high stocking still on my legs. You put your hands onto my legs, and stroked the soft stockings. Your hands went up and down my legs. I turned over, and held each leg up to you. You kissed my foot, and ran your tongue over the fabric, up to my waiting sex. I arched my back and pushed myself up to your mouth. You sucked and lapped at me expertly. Years of training were evident in your technique. I ooh'ed and ah'ed, moaned and sighed, and let the pleasure spoil me.

You positioned yourself over me, and I pulled your penis into my mouth. I licked, sucked and curled my tongue around it. You pushed it a little deeper into my mouth. I heard you sigh and moan, and felt you lose concentration on my sex. I pulled away from the circle after a few moments. I was ready for more than a little tongue.

I straddled you. I held your penis and guided you into the very wet, warm mouth between my legs. A light breezed caressed me. I looked down at the water. I looked back at you. I felt you thrust, and followed your lead with my own rhythm. I wanted to tell you that you felt good inside me. I wanted you to know that I craved you all the time. I wanted to say anything you might want to hear, but the moment seemed to demand silence. Your pleasure leaked into my own pleasure. The more you felt, the more I felt. The sharp pain of desire was the most blissful, encompassing sensation I had ever felt. It built in me like all the desire and pain of the world flooding into my body. It released and flowed out of me in a huge climax. You were just waiting to feel me and hear me let it all go for you. You reached out into the depths of my pleasure and pulled yourself into my soul, and your shorter, more forceful thrusts followed in the wake of my orgasm. You cried out a little, then repeated my name a few times.

I laid down beside you, and we continued exploring each other as the cool air cooled us, and blew our energy out to the world.

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