tagIncest/TabooMagic Leads to Out of Body Incest

Magic Leads to Out of Body Incest


This is my Halloween Contest 2017 entry, so please be kind. High ratings are welcome! Comments too are welcome! Also, magic is involved, so if you do not like incest stories with magic, this might not be for you. But hey, it's Halloween!


It happened on my 18th birthday. I learned much later from my Dad that it was always on one's 18th birthday. My birthday is in August, and I turned 18 just before I entered college, so I did not have to deal with it in high school. My Dad never warned me, so it took me by surprise, and it was quite a while before I understood what was going on.

On my 18th birthday the middle finger of my right hand got red hot, and then turned ice blue and tingled for a long time (about an hour). I began to panic, and around the time I decided I should go to one of those walk-in MD clinics, my finger returned to normal. Crisis over. Good. So other than having experienced one of the weirder moments of my otherwise normal life, I was fine.

Now, I'm a normal guy. Nothing special, average looking, and not a girl magnet by a long shot. But I'm kind of a math geek, so I figured out that there are so many girls, and different people have different taste, and so odds are at least one girl, somewhere, somehow, should find me attractive. And one girl was all I needed. I really wanted to experience sex. I just had to find that girl!

Well, let me tell you, that mysterious girl who would be drawn to me, was doing a good job of keeping herself scarce. It was my first month in college. I was frustrated, and feeling quite lonely. I decided to take myself to the movies, for a nice distraction. At least I could watch Jennifer Lawrence for a couple of hours, or something. In line for the tickets (I could not deal with the surcharge for the movies the apps like Fandango added on), I was behind a small gaggle of gorgeous girls.

These girls were dressed to torment. Short skirts showed off plenty of bare leg, and they were probably wearing pushup bras or something, or else God was kind to them when handing out boobs. They had luscious hair, and pretty faces, too. This was just what I did not need: It reminded me of how pathetic my life was.

Actually, I'm not sure they were gorgeous; my judgement may have been affected by being so chaste. Okay, I was also virginal, you know? I was trying to hide my erection from just standing so close to three pretty girls. They were even wearing perfume that made my head swim. How pathetic is that?

One of the girls, I learned later her name was Melissa, was gesticulating wildly while making some unimportant point to the rest of the bevy. Her hand brushed against mine. No big deal, but she made the polite apology for having inadvertently touched me. I did not mind.

Then everything became weird. Her face turned bright red and then ice blue, the same colors my finger had turned on my 18th birthday. Unlike my finger however, her face stayed blue. Actually, her entire body was now blue, at least the parts of it I could see (which was a lot of it, given her short skirt, and her halter top with no bra). To make things weirder, her friends did not notice her color change; nor did she! It appeared to me that only I could see it.

It's hard to describe the blue skin Melissa had. It was the most beautiful shade of blue I had ever seen. I had worked in a paint store during summers while in high school, and the closest shade might have been a cross between cadet blue and sky blue. I guess the closest approximation using standard colors, might be baby blue, but there was also a certain glow to it. Sort of like the effect of a car with metallic paint. She kind of glistened, she sort of glowed.

I was completely freaked. I was seeing things nobody else was seeing. That's a sure sign of insanity. Was I losing it? What the fuck was going on?

Then it got more and more strange. Melissa froze in place for a minute or two. Her friends asked if she was okay? She nodded, turned around facing me, and introduced herself. "Hi, handsome. I'm Melissa. You appear to be alone tonight. Can I be your date?"

I just stared at her. I had no idea what to say. Things like that just do not happen. Melissa was anyone's dream girl with a body as hot as the sun, a dazzling smile, and eyelashes that really did bat. I finally managed to say, "I'm Mark. It would be my pleasure."

Melissa explained to her friends that she and I were old friends from Jewish summer camp. We were not. I'm not even Jewish! She stayed with me, and her two friends went their merry way. Once we were seated in the movies, Melissa was all over me. By the time the previews were over, we were kissing passionately.

I had never kissed a girl like this before, nor had my kisses been returned so passionately before. It was so wonderful, I thought I was dreaming. Melissa had opened her mouth, and our tongues were becoming acquainted. Our tongues liked each other, even if Melissa's tongue (yes, even her tongue!) was blue.

Melissa was kissing me with extraordinary passion. She spread her legs and put one leg over one of mine, causing her already short skirt to ride up, revealing her legs all the way to her crotch, and even her panties. (Her panties were blue, and slightly transparent!) I could tell her panties were wet from her arousal. Melissa had her arms around my neck, and she was now running her hands through my hair as we kissed.

The people next to us were annoyed, and told us "to get a room." I guess they found us distracting, and they were worried about enjoying the movie with this sex show going on next to them. Before I could insult them with a clever retort, Melissa said, "What a great idea! Let's go to your room, Mark."

So, just as the movie was starting, Melissa and I left the theater and I took her back to my room. Her friends saw us leaving the theater. Melissa had her arm around my waist, and she put my arm around her neck. Once in my room, we resumed kissing. I took a chance, and i tentatively felt up her boobs through her clothes. Melissa moaned loudly. After a little while of this, I opened her blouse. Melissa just kept kissing me. I removed her bra, revealing her perfect blue breasts. I enjoyed fondling them.

Then Melissa simply took charge. She sat me down on the bed and slowly, seductively finished undressing. When she was stark naked in front of me, wearing only earrings, a heart shaped pendant, and a watch, she said, "Don't worry, Mark. I'm on the pill."

She looked at me. She was naked in front of me and I was still fully clothed. She was still completely blue. For a minute, I thought maybe she was a cousin of the X-Men character Mystique? Fantasy becomes reality? But unlike with Mystique, I could see everything. Every detail of the gorgeous body of this gorgeous woman standing in front of me was revealed to me. Holy shit, I thought.

Even Melissa's pussy was blue. I was wondering if the pink insides were blue, too? I thought just then I would simply love to find out!

I began to think of the Beatles' movie, The Yellow Submarine. There's a line in it that says, "That's funny, you don't look Bluish." Well, Melissa looked neither Jewish nor Bluish (even if she were, at least at that moment, both Jewish and completely blue). All I could see were tits and pussy, both of them staring at me. I could of course have seen her smiling face, had I raised my eyes. But this was my first ever naked seduction, and my eyes were glued to her charms.

Melissa said, "Mark, what's wrong with this picture?" I looked at her, confused. "You're still dressed." That clarified things. "I so need you to fuck me. Please, Mark? I will just die unless you fuck me now!"

Well, this was not how I imagined I would lose my virginity, seduced by a blue girl in heat with little romance involved. But when you're a virgin boy, horny as the devil, and you are presented with a naked girl, even a blue one, who wants you, even craves you, what can you do?

I lost my clothes, climbed on top of her, and tried to stick it in, but had trouble finding her pussy with my cock. Melissa reached down, gently took my cock, and she guided it in. She was more than ready for me. The sensations were so intense, I immediately exploded.

Melissa was understanding. "First time? No problem, handsome, just wait a little bit and you'll be hard again, and it will be much better." She kissed me. It was my first kiss after sex, even if it was 20 second sex. There is nothing like one's first kiss after sex. And Melissa put her heart into the kiss. She loved me just then with all of her blueness.

Melissa was right. She did a seductive little dance, swaying her hips, and thrusting out her pelvis suggestively, with the occasional quick fondle of her pussy with her fingers. If this was designed to help to speed my recovery, it worked. It worked splendidly. Quite soon I was ready to try again. The second time was much better. I did not even need guided entry; I found her pussy all by myself. It was a beautiful fuck, one I will never, ever forget. Melissa, however, had not had enough. She sucked me until I was ready for round three.

This was the first time a girl had taken my cock in her mouth. I really was an innocent back then. It's not the same as having it in her pussy -- nothing is! -- but it's pretty damn nice! It was not a real blowjob, because as soon as I was hard, which was soon, she stopped. But I was thrilled. Melissa was doing everything I could have asked for, and wanting to do it, too! And by the way, this girl was a prize: She was quite pretty, dressed well, was smart, and she was popular. I was in a state of shock, that all this has happening, seemingly (so to speak) from out of the blue.

Right after round three, Melissa noticed my finger was back to being icy blue, and it was throbbing. I tried to hide it, and accidently touched my flaccid penis with it. Instantly I became hard, and my cock even grew to almost twice its previous size. "Oh, yeah," Melissa said. "Now we're cooking!" She climbed on top of me and fucked me cowgirl style, yelling cowboy type yells (eg, Yeehaw!, and my favorite, Yippie-i-yo-ki-yay) while she rode me.

After that time, she said, "Touch your cock again! Go ahead, Mark, touch it again for me. Do it for your Melissa? Please?" While she said this, she licked her upper lip and fondled her own boobs. I touched it again. It got hard instantly again, and this time it grew to well over twice its normal size. Okay, this was strange. I was inexperienced, but I knew stuff like that does not happen. It's not normal; it's not natural.

Melissa though seemed thrilled. I can't really say we made love, it was more that we continued to fuck like animals, two more times, at that. After that fifth fuck, where I lasted 35 minutes, Melissa was finally sated. Well, I'm not sure she was sated. She was just too sore to continue. I thought about using my finger to touch her pussy, but I was scared about what might happen. So, Melissa finally left, but only after I promised to take her out the next night, too. Her parting words were, "I'll count the minutes, lover."

When I saw her the next night, however, she was no longer blue. (She was never blue, I guess, even if she was convincingly blue to my eyes, there's no question about that!) She kissed me hello, but it seemed pro forma and without passion, and then she explained that she had no idea what had happened the previous might, how she had practically raped me, and how embarrassed she was.

I tried to be nice, and to reassure her. She let me kiss her again, and I could tell she was trying to rekindle the passion of the previous day, but it was just not to be. I could tell she just was embarrassed. She did not understand how she could have so desperately wanted the sex yesterday, and yet today have no desire? She was flummoxed.

I tried fondling her boobs through her clothes, right there in the foyer of her shared room, and she did not mind. I reached down , pulled up her skirt, and I had a quick fondle of her pussy through her panties and pantyhose, and she giggled. I stuck my hand down her panties and found her pussy and gave it a direct fondle.

Melissa said, "That feels nice, Mark, but I just can't do this." She did not pull away, however, and I kept my finger in her pussy, as her breathing changed.

Finally, Melissa, now hot and bothered, said, "No, Mark. I'm sorry, I just can't. I like you a lot, and I'll always remember last night, probably I'll even masturbate to the memory of our time together, but it was not me. Something took over, and compelled my outrageous, although enjoyable, behavior. Frankly Mark, I'm scared of you and the power you seem to have over me. It's not normal. It's not right. Can we at least stay friends?"

I knew she meant it. I knew right then she really did care for me. She had bleeping even just let me finger her a little, right in front of her roommates. But all boys hate, truly hate, the phrase, 'can we be friends.' I was no exception just then.

I suspect she just wanted never to see me again. I was grateful that the girl was a sweetheart about it. I think she felt so guilty, that if I had been sufficiently hurt, or insisted, she would have gone out with me and let me fuck her again just in order to let me down easier. It was tempting to see if I was right.

But I also think she was afraid I would cast another spell over her, because that's what it must have felt like to her. She told me she will always have fond memories of our wild times together, and my magical cock, but we are just not cut out for each other. She hoped I understood. That we were not right for each other was about the only thing I did understand!

Melissa had told both of her friends from the movies, Abby and Gail, what had happened. Apparently, in particular she told Gail everything, even the details of my cock growing to over twice its natural size. Gail became curious. I was supposed to take Melissa out that night, and we had just kissed, and I had fingered her a bit, but Melissa asked if Gail could go out with me in her stead. Gail had already agreed.

I was feeling vulnerable, having fucked Melissa five times the night before and less that 24 hours later was getting dumped. I was getting dumped with kissing, boob fondling, and fingering, but, bottom line, I was getting dumped. So, I said yes to taking out Gail as my consolation prize. Gail and I walked awkwardly together to the restaurant where I had reserved. I did not know what to do, how to behave, so to test the waters, I tried to hold Gail's hand as we walked. I did not succeed.

Gail I'm sure felt awkward, being a consolation prize, but she was a trooper. She forced herself to act nice.

At dinner, Gail told me some of what Melissa had said. "She said you are the best lay imaginable. You gave her pleasure she did not know it was possible to receive. She had 14 orgasms with you last night. She told me she felt as if she were about to lose her mind. Yet strangely, she could not get enough of you."

"It was as if she were under a spell, or something. Then she told me that you had a way to double your cock size, and with the extra size, came some sort of other feature, that she could not describe, but which was so intensely pleasurable she almost fainted. She said that she will remember it for the rest of her life. She thinks you are amazing. And, she says it was your first time, too!" Gail said, articulating her words as if they were coming out of a machine gun.

"She told me she would love to have another go-round with you, just for the sex. But that's not Melissa. She cannot have sex with a man she does not love, or is in the process of falling in love. She wants you, but her make up is such that she just cannot do it. Do you understand?"

"She wants me, and yet, she does not want to date me anymore?" I said, dejected. For a boy, it was hard to imagine having great sex with a girl and then not wanting to have it again! Girls must be different, I figured.

"Mark, you are young. We're all young. But Melissa thinks she needs love, not just the best sex imaginable. She hardly knows you. How could she love you already? She is terrified of the situation. She's a sweet girl," Gail said. "Plus, the sex was unprotected. She's considering taking the morning after pill." I felt guilty.

"Well, I think I love her," I said.

"Oh, Mark. Boys always think they love the first girl they lay. Maybe you can do some of that with me tonight, and I can help you realize that Melissa, while a wonderful girl, is not your true love. You'll find your true love. Patience, Mark," Gail was condescending with me, but she meant it sweetly, and that's how I took it. Plus, unless I misunderstood, was she offering to have sex with me? It sounded clinical, but I did not care!

Gail had pulled her hand away when I tried to hold it earlier, and my heart had sunk. But now, in a comforting gesture, Gail placed her hand on mine. Suddenly, Gail became blue herself, just as Melissa had become the previous evening. Her entire attitude changed, and she became flirtatious. She became lewdly suggestive. In the restaurant, she undid so many buttons of her blouse I could see her bra without making an effort. Everyone could.

Gail excused herself and went to the restroom. She returned without a bra or panties. That she was now without a bra was obvious. That she was also without panties only became obvious when she dropped her panties in my lap. I enjoyed looking at her boobs throughout dinner, even if they were blue.

The entire meal conversation was nothing but sexual double entendres. Impatient and frustrated, Gail said, "Let's skip dessert. Take me somewhere and fuck me, Mark. Take me anywhere; I can't wait long enough to get back to the room." I thought just then she was ready to fuck under our table, right there in the restaurant.

There was a park close to the restaurant. Gail found a bench that was free, and she pushed me down onto it. She unzipped my fly, noticing that I had a nice erection already. That was just from studying her boobs at dinner. Even her nipples had been easily visible. She proceeded to lift her skirt and to sit down on my cock. She lost it, humping me frantically, and moaning continuously. I knew other people in the park could tell what was going on, that this blue girl was fucking me silly right there in a public park.

After our park fuck, we went to my room, and Gail begged me to do the trick of touching my cock to watch it double in size. Then we fucked again. And again. Like Melissa before her she could not get enough, and we kept fucking until, again like Melissa before her, her pussy too became too sore to continue. I had to promise to see her the next night. It was freaky how much this followed the pattern with Melissa.

When I went to get Gail the next night, it was déjà vu. Gail was scared even to get close to me. She kept her distance. She told me she could no longer see me. She was not sweet and gentle about it as Melissa had been. She did not kiss me even, as Melissa had. She was brief, simple, and brutal. I saw Melissa standing nearby while I was there to collect Gail. Melissa blushed and giggled coquettishly. I almost felt she wanted to kiss me, to try again to rekindle the passion.

Gail however had confirmed to Abby (the third girl in the gaggle I met in the movie queue) what Melissa had already said: Both Melissa and Gail consider me to be a sexual marvel. But they found me so seductive, or irresistible, that they were scared of becoming sexual slaves to me. I was laughing bitterly inside at the absurdity of such a fear. It was a laughter that hurt.

I ended up not getting close enough to Melissa to kiss her (she blew me a kiss from afar). I took out instead another (and the last) of these girls, Abby. I took her to the local jazz club. This time I was careful not to touch Abby, just to see what would happen, or what would not happen. Abby however seemed to be determined to experience this sexual marvel that Melissa and Gail had described. So even without the benefit of my touching, she was flirtatious.

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