Magic Leads to Out of Body Incest


"Boys still come after me, mostly when they're horny and want to get laid, thinking I'm this amazing slut who will fuck anyone. One boy was so upset when I politely declined his offer of sex, that he beat me up. That's when I realized I had to go to a different school, and I transferred here. I hate this curse on my finger. It's now caused me to fuck at least ten guys! I think all told I've had about 40 orgasms while I've been orange. At this new college, so far nobody knows about my infamous gangbang. That's my story," Annabel looked at me, waiting for my response.

I did not speak. I was speechless. I just got up, walked over to her, and gave her a big, long hug. I kissed her neck while we hugged, and mumbled, "Well get through this, Sis."

We talked some more. I tried to reassure Annabel. We both trashed our Dad for not having warned us, but it was especially disastrous for Annabel. Annabel now repeated her question: how many girls my first months at college?

"One girl on purpose. She's named Abby. There were two other girls before I figured it out. Melissa (she was my first), and her friend Gail," I said. "Then my lab partner Mary accidentally touched my finger. I was not at all attracted to her, but when she was blue, I found her irresistible."

"Yes, that sounds about right. Not so bad. No gangbangs. One has to be very careful. I like your finger glove. Where did you get it?" Annabel asked. I explained.

"Clever," Annabel said. "But then, you always were a clever one."

After a pause, Annabel said, "You know, Mark, I'm curious. What do you think would happen if we touched our magic fingers together?"

"I think I would turn burnt orange, and you would turn blue, and we would fuck each other's brains out. You're sexy, even hot, as I'm sure you know, but you're my sister, and that would be incest," I said.

"There's another possibility, Mark. Maybe the two fingers would short circuit each other? Then we would be free of this finger curse."

"It might be fun to find out what it's like to be under the spell, you know? I've seen what it can do to four different women, one of whom was a virgin, but of course I have not experienced the magic myself, you know?" I said. After a moment I added, "Although it does affect me, too. But I assume it's less intense than with the girls."

"But this would be with your sister. Doesn't that give you pause?" Annabel said.

"I could do worse," I said. Annabel yelled "Thanks a lot!" and threw a pillow at me. I ducked, laughing, while Annabel giggled.

"If we do it, we have to agree to be okay with whatever the consequences are," Annabel said.

"Are you really thinking of doing this?" I asked. I was surprised. Incredulous, actually.

"Annabel?" I asked hesitantly.

"Yes, Mark?" she said, when I did not continue.

"Can I see you naked first? Before you become blue?" I asked.

"So, you really think we're going to go after each other under the spell?"

I nodded. "I'm convinced," I said. "And I'm okay with it."

"But you admit, it could cure us?" Annabel asked, a bit plaintively. I realized she was clinging to this false hope. It was this false hope that was letting her take the risk that she would soon lose control of herself and feel compelled to fuck me, her brother, until my cock fell off. I myself really liked the idea! I had always lusted after my sister. I suspected that at the least, she did not find the idea of us making love to be distasteful.

There was one thing that worried me. When a girl touched my finger we both became like animals, and were capable of nearly everything sexual, and basically craved it, too. If both our fingers touched, would the effect be magnified? And what would that mean? The unknown can be frightening.

"Yes, I admit it could cure us both," I said. I wanted her to do it. And after all, what did I really know? Nothing.

"Well, why don't you undress me first. But don't get fresh -- don't try anyting. And for God's sake, keep your finger in your special glove!" Annabel said. And she sexily unbuttoned the top button of her blouse, looking at me with her best bedroom eyes. Annabel's best bedroom eyes are damn good bedroom eyes. I don't see how any man, anywhere, could resist her if she used her bedroom eyes. My best guess is that most men do not resist her, actually.

I went to Annabel. I slowly, carefully unbuttoned her blouse, and softly pulled it off her shoulders. I unclasped her bra, removed it, and watched her glorious boobs spill out. I had dreamed of this exact moment so many times growing up. Now it was reality!

I resisted kissing her breasts. Instead, I went behind her and unzipped her skirt. I pushed it down and she stepped out of it. The only item left that gave Annabel privacy was her panties. They came off, too, with not even a hint of protest from my lovely sister. There she was, au natural, in her God given color, and not at all blue. Lordy, she was a vision. I could not get enough of her perfect body.

Annabel then undressed me. I think she was surprised to see my erection. "Is it just because I'm a naked woman standing before you, or is your hard on for me, sweet brother of mine?"

"My penis has a mind of its own," I said. "But to be honest, Sis, I'm sure it's both," I said.

"Your honesty merits a kiss," Annabel said, and she gave me the sweetest kiss a woman had ever given me. "I know you think I'll soon be clawing after you after our fingers touch, but I'm hoping our two fingers will neutralize each other. In that case, we will have this kiss, and our nudity, to remember this moment."

"Very wise," I said, letting Annabel keep her fantasy about our fingers. Meanwhile we were hugging, and my cock was rubbing on her tummy. No way she could miss that. She did not seem to mind, either. A good sign, I told myself.

But as for touching our fingers, who knows what will happen? Maybe she could be right? An equally off the wall theory is that the effect could square, and the mutual attraction would be four times stronger than normal, or last four times as long? I had just thought of that one, so I kept it to myself.

I was now naked. We both were. And we had kissed. Annabel bent down and kissed the tip of my cock. Then she shrugged and took my entire length in her mouth and down her throat. I said, "Oh, Jesus" in almost a moan as she did that. It felt so good! And Annabel was not even blue. But after one pump in her mouth and throat, she pulled away.

"Annabel?" I said, hesitantly. Still on her knees, with her nipples just grazing my legs, she looked up at me.

"Do you want to do the deed now, before we get our fingers involved? I've lusted for you for a long time, sexy sister of mine," I said.

"Mark, it's not obvious we're going to do the deed at all. Let's leave it up to the fingers," she said.

"But that's cheating. I need to know. Do you want me now? Even without magic?"

Annabel looked at me. "I don't know," she said. "I do, and I don't, both at once. It's different for girls, you know."

"Tell me about it," I said, trying to act more knowing and sophisticated than I felt, or actually was. I figured since Annabel let us become naked with each other, and she even swallowed my cock for a moment, at the least she had to have some desire for me. That much seemed obvious, and I was clinging to it.

"So, are you ready?" she asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be," I said. I dramatically removed my custom-made finger glove. I held my finger in front of me. Annabel did the same. I said, "On three." I counted, "One, two, three." Our fingers touched.

I don't know what Annabel expected to happen. I fully expected for her to turn blue, and for me to turn burnt orange, and for us to become two wildly rutting animals. Whatever Annabel thought might happen, I'm sure it is not what happened. Nobody could have foreseen what happened.

I noticed the physical changes first. My cock hurt, and I looked down at it and it was much too big. Worse, it was, well I don't know, let's call the color magenta. Actually, all of me was magenta. I looked over at Annabel. She was magenta too, and she was now totally exaggerated: bigger boobs, bigger hips, bigger lips. Then I looked at her magenta pussy, and the lips of her pussy, her vulva, were now gigantic. They were ready, I guess, for my freakishly large cock.

Then I began to tingle and shake. I felt dizzy and had to lay down before I fell down. Anna was the same. I noticed my color had changed to blue, while Annabel's had changed to burnt orange. We were both lying there, shaking, when I suddenly realized I was in Annabel's body. I turned my head towards my feet, looking down, and instead of seeing my stomach and penis, I was staring at Annabel's (or do I say my?) boobs.

"Annabel, are you in my body?" I asked. "I think I am in yours!" I spoke these words, but they came from Annabel's mouth, and they were said in her high pitched, feminine, sexy voice.

"I guess so," I heard my own voice say from my own body. "This is too weird," my own mouth (but not me! said, "but get ready Mark, because I am going to use your body right now to fuck the bejesus out of my own body, and dammit you're going to take it like the slut sister you are!"

Well that was something I never thought I would hear the usually proper Annabel say. And she said it using my own voice, too! Annabel, using my body, came over to me, in her body, and she roughly spread my legs, climbed over me with an evil smile on her (my!) face, and plunged her (my!) now monster cock deep into my (her!) engorged pussy as deep as it would go, in one fell swoop.

"God, you feel good," she said. "Or should I say I feel good? No wonder men like to fuck so much. This is awesome! God, you're so wet, so ready for me, you're pure velvet. Shit this is like heaven on Earth, Mark! You are so fucking lucky to be a man!"

I was busy dealing with my own feelings and emotion. Annabel seemed to have no problem adapting to being a man, namely me. But it was over the top strange for me to be fucked up the vagina! I felt somehow submissive, and no longer the macho dominating male feeling I had already grown to love when fucking all four blue lovers. Now I was the burnt orange recipient of one of those fucks.

I could not access, however, my usual macho, male emotions. They were just not there; they were gone! I had my brain, but Annabel's body and hormones, and womanly being. I suddenly felt Annabel's cock (my cock!) fulfilled me; it made me whole. I wanted to be taken. I wanted to be dominated. I wanted this wonderful man on top of me to drive me to ecstatic pleasures I never imagined. I had become a woman; Annabel had become a man. At least, that is, for this moment and this particular sexual liaison.

I had a sudden realization. I was having a never in a lifetime chance to experience how a woman felt when a man fucked her, and vice versa for my sister Annabel. Well, in reality, I was already experiencing it, as Annabel was already in the throes of fucking me with the enthusiasm of the possessed! Literally.

I also noticed that my body was responding with equal enthusiasm! And that was my last thought as Mark the man. I became Annabel, the woman, letting my brother ravish me with his giant cock as nobody had ever done before.

Mark reared up, withdrawing his cock almost to the tip, and then plunged down all the way, over and over again. He was grunting with the effort, and Annabel was screaming out moans in return. Annabel had wrapped her shapely legs around Mark's back, pulling him ever deeper inside her, and she began to claw at his back with her fingernails, driving him crazy with ever more lust.

It was a lust filled fuck of the first order, but it was much more than that: It also was shaped by the extraordinarily deep sibling love the two of us shared, and the narcissistic feelings of not knowing who was really fucking whom? Mark's body was giving it hard to Annabel's body, but what exactly did that mean here?

Mark, or Annabel, or whomever was inside Annabel's body just then was forced to stop thinking, as she built towards what was clearly going to be a mega orgasm. When the inevitable happened, and Annabel's body climaxed, both lovers passed out momentarily. All Mark could see was an explosion of colors. It was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. The colors were swirling, one blending into the next, like clouds of colored gasses intermingling. He wanted it never to stop.

But it did stop, and Mark woke up to find his body and his cock had resumed its relentless fucking, as Annabel was positively gleefully fucking her own body mercilessly. Mark looked at her eyes, and wondered if she were possessed? He could only see whites. Where were her eyeballs? "His" pussy and vaginal canal was sending waves of pleasure up to his (her!) brain and they were very different from the type of pleasure he had experienced when he had fucked those four blue girls. It was equally wonderful, but different.

Annabel's body was building towards climax number 2. Mark realized women could have multiple orgasms during only one long fuck. Good to know. He lost the ability to think as the erotic pleasure waves washed over him (or her), and Mark simply gave in to it. He could tell it was only seconds or a minute away, then suddenly the cock went deep and stopped, and he felt the cock ejaculate its load inside him (her). What a feeling! Then it did it again! And again! And then, nothing.

Annabel's body wanted more, and it tried to coax Mark's body into more motion, more activity, more something! But it was not to be. The cock was done for now, and what's done is done. Mark's body collapsed onto Annabel's body, and just lay there. Mark could feel his body's chest pressing against Annabel's boobs, and it felt nice. Of course, he was using Annabel's boobs to feel his own chest resting there.

That's when the panic began. Was he going to stay inside Annabel's body? Had he permanently become his own sister? Annabel was having the same panic and at the same time! Could they undo what they had inadvertently done? Was it time to pray?

Annabel (in Mark's body) stood up, totally panicked. Mark, in Annabel's luscious body found his/her legs too rubbery to quickly stand, and almost fell over. Annabel caught him. She understood what Mark did not. They looked at each other.

Suddenly they could exchange thoughts without speaking. They had a lightning fast debate. To an outsider, it would have seemed that two siblings, having just engaged in passionate sex, with exaggerated sexual organs and once again both colored magenta, were just staring at each other. But they were in fact conversing.

They had decided what to do. Mark (using Annabel's body) counted to three, and they touched fingers a second time. Mark saw the clouds of intermingling colors again, and his mind went dead. He felt as if he were falling through time and space. Even though I'm in Annabel's body, I'm Mark, so I will tell this in my own voice.

As I fell, I passed all sorts of things. I somehow knew I was seeing our ancestors; all of them had glowing fingers, as they appeared before me and then disappeared, one by one. Their dress was of their own time, and I knew just barely enough history to guess what century each ancestor was in.

Being a math geek, I counted the centuries as I descended through time. I count everything, you see. I went back all the way to the 12th century. I was fairly sure I was standing in front of Merlin, the most famous magician in history.

"What century are you from, you gorgeous vision?" Merlin asked. Remember, I was still in Annabel's body, and I was still naked. Probably I was dripping cum, too.

"Twenty-first," I replied.

"And you're still stupid enough to touch fingers?" Merlin shook his head in despair. "I expected more progress by then."

"Sorry, I said. It was my sister's idea, you see. My brain is inside her body."

"Oh! So you're going to fuck your own sister? With each of in each other's body? This is working better than I ever imagined. Can I watch?" Merlin asked. I looked at him.

"Sure," I said. "Whatever you want." After I said that, suddenly I was back in the present.

Annabel appeared before me, still in my body. As soon as I saw myself I knew my body was going to plunder Annabel's, which was now mine, and Ged, did I want him to do so. I felt so submissive, wanting that big strong cock inside my renewed and hungry pussy. I just had to be taken, and taken roughly, too. "My blue God," I said to myself/Annabel. Annabel took my hand and led me to a bed that had just magically appeared.

"Merlin wants to watch," I said.

"I know," my sister said, using my deep bass voice. "I don't care who watches! I need you now, you gorgeous sexpot. Spread your legs," and Annabel roughly pushed me down, forcing my legs apart. He leaped onto me, and with the haste of the possessed, he found my entrance and plunged right in. I was wet and ready for her/me, and my/her exaggerated vagina grabbed her/my exaggerated cock and held on, not that there was any danger we would not stay there to fruition. During the sex, while Annabel was fucking me as strongly as she could, and I was submissively loving it, our brains returned to our own bodies. It took me a minute to realize I was now fucking my sister in her own body, and the moans were coming from my sister, no longer from me inside her body. My dream was becoming reality!

I loved being a man again, being in charge of my own body, and the gay panic from having so enjoyed being Annabel while she was royally fucked, left me as quickly as it had entered me. I fucked her for all I was worth, needing to validate my male macho nature, and judging from her moans and little cries, she enjoyed it as much as I did, if not more.

When I finally came, she of course wanted more. She sucked me hard, and then she said, "Rear entry, you bastard." She got on all fours, wiggling her sexy ass at me. I accepted the invitation, with enthusiasm. I loved watching her enlarged boobs bounce around as her body rocked under my onslaught. God, this was fun!

We fucked like that seven times, and we would have fucked more, but I suddenly ran out of steam. "You're no longer burnt orange, lover," Annabel said. I looked at my blue sister and I watched as the beautiful blue color quickly faded away, leaving her natural color behind.

A voice said, "Thanks, kids. Great show. I have to go." We looked around. There was nobody there. But I recognized the voice. So too did Annabel. "Merlin," we both said at the same time. I then laughed, and Annabel giggled. Annabel told me later she got even more turned on at the idea someone was watching, even if he had been dead for around 900 years.

"You just lost your blue. I looked at my cock: it was back to normal. So were Annabel's pussy lips, but perhaps as a souvenir, her enlarged boobs seemed to stay that way. She looked at them and frowned. "No such thing as boobs that are too large," I said. "You look even sexier."

"Look, Sis. I need to fuck you without the aid of magic." Before Annabel could protest, I pushed her back down, forced her legs apart, and I plunged right in and began pumping away. Annabel never said yes, but she never said no, either. Instead she simply began to moan, wrapping her legs around me as I now knew was her signature move, and I kissed her boobs, and then in a fit of courage I kissed her lips. Thank God, she kissed me back.

It is really sexy to kiss a woman while the two of you are fucking. I felt her nipples brushing against the hair on my chest as we kissed. I loved it.

Having already fucked her seven times during her blue period (and my burnt orange period!) I had lasting power. This became a 40-minute fuck before I was able to unload inside her, and fill her even more full with my load. She did not seem to mind, but I felt she was glad when it finally ended. Who could blame her?

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