tagMind ControlMagic Lessons Part 1

Magic Lessons Part 1


This story contains scenes of non-consensual, reluctant, and mind-controled sex, including bondage, fetishism, male-female, and female-female sex. Readers below the age of eighteen should stop reading now.

* * * * *

Chapter One

Michael's 'troubles' began when Miss Calvin moved in next door. Michael's father had died several years earlier, and Michael lived with his mother in a quiet suburban neighbourhood. The house next door had been empty for several months and it did not take too long for Michael's mother to volunteer him for the task of tidying up Miss Calvin's back yard.

Michael grimaced at the sight of it. It was summer; Michael was on summer break before returning to his final year of high school. The weather had been baking hot for the last week and the hot spell showed no signs of breaking. The yard had been a pleasant back garden, but now it was an overgrown mass of unruly grass and bushes. Even the paved areas were covered in straggling runners from the bushes in the border. Brandishing a huge pair of shears, Michael began trimming back plants.

Miss Calvin would appear at the back door every so often. Frequently there was a tray in her hands, a cool glass of lemonade resting on it for Michael to gulp down. She was an attractive woman in her early thirties. Truth be told, if Michael had been a little older he would have described her as stunning. As it was, his late-teen eyes were more concerned with the unattainable target of bedding Lucy Clayton than women almost twice his age.

Miss Calvin had high cheekbones and a firm jaw-line. Her pale blue eyes were striking and the overall look was dramatic, even slightly frightening. She had a body many models would have killed for. Firm, moderately large breasts, slim waist sliding into fuller hips, and long legs which she chose to show off by wearing very short skirts. This afternoon, her choice of garment was a figure-hugging mini-dress that pushed her breasts into a delicious valley of cleavage; which Michael was managing to not notice in his hurry to get the garden finished.

By five that evening, and despite as short a lunch break as he could manage, it was clear to Michael that he would never finish the garden today. At the very least he would be mowing the lawn the following day.

Miss Calvin appeared at the door while he leant on a rake, looking at the devastation he had wrought. "Not quite finished then, Michael?"

"Guess not, Miss Calvin. I'll come back in the morning and finish up."

"Would you like another glass of lemonade?" She was carrying another tray and Michael looked down at it. The glass had, it appeared, slipped on the tray leaving a trail of water where it had moved. It now rested almost touching Miss Calvin's breasts and, for the first time that day, Michael really noticed the woman who had been serving him drinks. He was suddenly uncomfortably aware that he had not been wearing a shirt for hours and that the dress she was wearing left little to the imagination. He was also uncomfortably aware that his jeans were beginning to tent alarmingly.

Flustered, Michael said, "err, yeah, sure," and grabbed the glass from the tray. As he did so, the backs of his fingers grazed the bare flesh of her left breast. There was an almost visible shock of static as their flesh touched. For a brief second Miss Calvin looked shocked before controlling herself. Michael almost dropped the glass. "Hey, wow! Static or something." He quickly began gulping lemonade to cover his embarrassment.

"Yes," Miss Calvin responded, "or something. You have a pleasant evening now. Just leave the glass on the step and I'll see you in the morning. Oh, and sweet dreams, Michael." Then she was gone leaving him with one last image of her lycra-clad bottom disappearing into her house.

Chapter Two

Michael dreamed of a date with Lucy Clayton. They were sitting on the back row of the local cinema and Michael had just managed to get Lucy out of her bra when someone sat down beside him. Uncomfortable with having someone watching him, he looked round... into the pale blue eyes of Miss Calvin.

"Hello, Michael," she said, as though absolutely nothing was wrong. "Don't let me interrupt you. I'll just watch the film."

Michael shook his head and turned back to the patiently waiting Lucy. Her nipples beckoned and he lowered his mouth to one of them. She groaned appreciatively, just the way he expected her to.

He stopped and looked around. Miss Calvin was still sitting there, dressed in a long, flowing, wrap-around gown in a blue that matched her eyes. She had to be wearing a bra, because her breasts were embellished with the same stunning cleavage as they had been that afternoon.

What was odd was that Miss Calvin seemed more real than Lucy did. He had never seen Lucy naked, and his imagination was taking care of the details from her neck down to her hemline. Miss Calvin appeared solid, almost as if she was physically there.

"Is something wrong, Michael?" she asked.

"Why are you in my dream?"

"You're dreaming about sex. You must find me sexy. Isn't that logical?"

"I usually just dream about sex with Lucy," he replied, indicating the silent girl beside him.

Miss Calvin stood up, slid one leg past him, and ended up sitting on the back of the chair in front of Michael, her legs straddling his. Her dress was forced open below the waist where it tied, revealing that, while she might be wearing a bra, she was not wearing any other underwear. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a dark patch above her pussy and Michael found himself able to do little more than stare.

Forgotten, the dream-Lucy faded away in the chair beside him.

"Perhaps," Miss Calvin began, reaching down to unzip Michael's fly, "you want something a little more experienced than little Lucy." She reached into his pants and withdrew his rapidly swelling cock. "Perhaps, you just didn't realise that something better might be living next door." She bent, from the hips, to wrap the head of his cock in her lips. He let out a groan. She slid his cock, slowly, achingly, into her mouth and he knew that he would come at any instant, but he did not. She slid her way back up his shaft and straightened up. "What do you think, Michael?"

He couldn't answer. All he could do was nod. She smiled and slid her knees onto the chair on either side of his hips. Her hands reached down to slide him forward on the chair a few inches. He gasped as she slid his cock into her pussy with no more warning than that.

"Yes!" she hissed as she drove down onto his shaft, lifting immediately only to slide back down. She kept up the same constant rhythm for several minutes (hours it seemed to Michael, lost in a world of pleasures untold), until he felt her vaginal muscles tighten around him and knew that she was going to cum. His own orgasm began with that realisation and suddenly, as her muscles began milking him for all they could get, he came into her for all he was worth.

He woke up, sweating and sticky, his body still in the throws of the orgasm that had claimed him in the dream. "Jesus Christ!" he stammered when he had the breath control to speak at all.

As he cleaned himself up and changed the sheets on his bed he had one overriding concern. How was he going to look Miss Calvin in the face having dreamed of fucking her brains out in a cinema?

Chapter Three

Miss Calvin was not going to make things easy for him. She greeted him the next morning dressed in a black, mesh cover-up over a bikini that Michael thought looked quite small. She had erected a lounger on the (now clear) patio, and it seemed obvious that sun bathing was the order of the day. She thanked him for coming again and vanished into the house.

Michael heaved a sigh of relief, only to have Miss Calvin emerge a minute later with a tray of lemonade, and without the cover-up. The bikini was as small as he had imagined and his cock responded to it in the time-honoured fashion. The bra consisted of two small triangles that more or less covered her nipples, connected together with string. The bottoms covered (barely) the area Michael remembered as having pubic hair over it with thin cord stretching from the top corners of the lycra triangle high over her hips. As she turned to set the tray down, he could see that the cords joined with a third cord that disappeared between her buttocks. From the back, she could have been naked.

Michael thanked her for the lemonade and attacked the garden with considerable ferocity in the forlorn hope that he could forget about the naked woman lying in the sun a few yards away.

"Michael." It was Miss Calvin calling from the back door of the house. He looked up and saw her standing there, the cover-up back in place. "It's after midday. I told your mother I'd get your lunch today, come on in when you're ready."

Michael swallowed hard and tried to span out picking up a few loose twigs for as long as he could; which turned out to be about a minute. Then he trudged up the garden and in through the back door.

There was a sink to his left and he washed his hands and face there before moving on into the house in search of Miss Calvin. He found her seated at a table in what he took to be the dining room. In front of her was a large plate of sandwiches and two large glasses of lemonade. He sank gratefully into another chair and, as she waved for him to tuck in, reached for a sandwich. He didn't realize how hungry he was until he had disposed of half the plate while Miss Calvin was just starting her second.

She laughed and made a comment about growing boys. "You eat up. All I've done is lie on a lounger all morning." She pushed the last bite of her sandwich into her mouth, chewed for a second, and swallowed. "Just wait there, I want your opinion on something," and with that she stood up and went out through the door leading into the rest of the house.

A few minutes later her voice made him turn. "What do you think of this?" This was a black gown that clung to her body from the high-collar neck to her ankles. She was wearing four-inch stiletto-heeled sandals which added to her already considerable height. The dress was largely opaque lycra, but the midriff and the chest panel above her breasts was made of black stretch mesh such that the top and bottom of her breasts, and her stomach down to about three inches below her belly button was visible. She raised her arms straight above her head and turned to reveal that the back was mesh down far enough to expose the top of her buttocks. If that had not given the game away, the dress was too tight to wear anything under it; she was naked under the gown.

"Well?" she asked. He looked blankly at her. "I'm going out tonight. To a special party. Do you think I look good in this?"

Michael swallowed and tried to regain some composure. If the bulge in his jeans did not tell her what she wanted to know, he did not know what would. Mind you... "You look great," he said, "really sexy."


"Does there have to be a 'but'?"

She arched an eyebrow. "I can hear the 'but'," she replied, twitching her hips in a way that gave an alternative meaning to the word.

Michael knew he was blushing beetroot red, but he felt compelled to answer her. "It's a great dress, and you look really fantastic in it, but... you've got great legs..."

"And this gown doesn't show them off so well," she finished.

He shrugged. "Yeah."

She chewed her lip and then said, "wait right there!" Before he could say anything, she had turned and vanished into the house. He heard footsteps on the stairs. A minute or two later the footsteps returned and Miss Calvin appeared in the doorway.

Her black sandals had been replaced by red pumps, with slightly higher heels. Her black dress was now replaced by a red one, a much shorter red one. On a shorter woman, the dress might have made mid-thigh, but on Miss Calvin it was perhaps two inches below her crotch. The dress was made from scarlet stretch mesh, apart from the spaghetti straps over the shoulders and a V-shaped panel of lycra that started over her nipples and dropped down to cover her pubic area. She stretched up her arms once more and turned. The shoulder straps joined between her shoulder blades where a strip of Lycra ran down her spine to cover the crack in her buttocks, all the rest of the back was mesh. It was obvious that she was wearing nothing under the dress. Michael found himself imagining pushing her face down onto the table so that the dress would ride up. That would be all that was needed and he could be inside her in a second.

"Well?" she said, turning back to look at him. There was a huskiness to her voice. He wondered if she was thinking he could do the same thing.

"That's... a lot better." She parted her legs a little and leaned forward slightly. "Yeah, much better." He stood and headed for the kitchen. "I'd better get back to the garden." He was gone before he could hear her exasperated sigh.

Chapter Four

Michael found himself knocking on a large, wooden door. It swung open to reveal a woman dressed in a full length gown of stretch mesh. She smiled at him. "You must be Michael," she said, "Julia said you'd be coming." She stood aside to let him past.


"Julia Calvin. You'll find her out beside the pool." She indicated a door off the hallway and he followed her direction into a large lounge area filled with people apparently in the middle of a party. It was the kind of party Michael had heard happened, but never thought he would attend.

Around him were people in clothes designed to reveal as much as possible, but still covering a lot of the body. Women wore mesh and lace, men wore mesh and Lycra. There was a lot of leather and a lot of flesh. Young men and women were strapped into in various bondage accessories. Older men and women looked on.

Then Michael spotted Miss Calvin. By this point in the dream he had been expecting her and was not surprised to see her wearing the dress he had picked out for her. If anything, she looked sexier than in real life and Michael found himself getting very hard. She walked up to him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled him into a hard kiss. Her body pressed against his, her hard nipples rubbing against his chest, her groin grinding against his swelling erection.

She stepped back. "There's someone here I'd like you to meet," she said and, taking his hand, she dragged him through the party goers into another room.

In the middle of the room, Lucy Clayton was standing, naked apart from some leather bindings, surrounded by a group of admirers. Her arms were tied behind her back, both at the wrists and just above the elbows, by leather straps. The effect was to pull her shoulders back and push her breasts forward. Her ankles were shackled together, and kept apart, by a two-foot iron spreader bar. She was currently trying to stand on tip-toes to avoid sinking full length onto the ten-inch dildo that had been positioned between her legs, mounted on an iron stand bolted to the floor. The head of the massive artificial cock was just inside her pussy. Michael could see it vibrating slightly and noted the clitoral stimulator at the base; that would only come into play if her ankles gave out and she sank all the way onto the shaft.

"How long has she been doing this?" he asked Miss Calvin.

"About ten minutes. She's good; I think I'd have fallen by now."

The odd thing Michael could not help noticing was how real she looked. When he had dreamed of her in the past the parts of her anatomy he had never seen were fuzzy. Here they were clear, distinct. He could see a small mole on the left side of her groin. Her pussy hair, always very poorly visualised, was neatly clipped and shaved.

"Why is she here?" he asked.

"For you to play with. Well, after she's finished entertaining us here."

It was then that Lucy noticed him. "Michael? Michael Peters? Is that you? You've got to help me!"

Michael walked over to her. "I can't, Lucy, I don't know how."

"I... I know this is a dream," she moaned. "I need to wake up."

"Maybe you should let yourself cum," he suggested.

She shook her head. "No, not in front of all these people."

Michael dropped to his knees in front of her. "I'll help," he said, and pressed his mouth to her clit.

Lucy let out a moan of pure pleasure. Her ankles gave way, and Michael pulled back as her pussy engulfed the entire length of the vibrating dildo. Now the clitoral stimulator was doing the job without Michael's mouth. He sat back and watched as the teenager's orgasm overtook her body. Her breast rose and fell dramatically, and her body shook as she screamed out her release. After a minute or more she sagged and Michael caught her while two other men undid her bonds and lifted her clear of the dildo.

"What am I going to do with her now?" Michael asked, hoisting her naked body onto his shoulder.

"We'll take her to the pool house," Miss Calvin suggested. She started out toward the back of the house, and Michael followed, Lucy groaning slightly as she bounced on his shoulder.

At the back of the house was a mid-sized swimming pool. Various couples, trios, and one foursome, were engaged in sex in and out of the water. One woman, her enormous breasts clad only in a miniscule bikini top was lying on an inflatable lounger in the middle of the pool while a man ate her out, treading water as he did so. Two men were engaged in fucking a blonde woman wearing a leather collar. She was face down over one man while the second ploughed her anus. A redhead was holding the blonde's head up by the ring on her collar and forcing her to lap at her clit while bobbing up and down on the two men.

They walked around the pool toward a low, stucco building with large, sliding windows down one wall. Miss Calvin pushed one open and led the way inside. The room was lit by subdued wall lighting and fitted out with odd furniture. Plush couches lined two walls with a padded stool-like thing positioned so that people sitting on the couches had a good view of it. To the right was a pool table, somehow incongruous among the sexual tension of the party.

"Put her on the spanking bench and tie her down," Miss Calvin said, "I'll get some cuffs for her wrists and ankles."

Michael figured the 'spanking bench' was the padded contraption and, on closer inspection, he found that it was fitted out with rings for tethers at the base of each leg. He laid Lucy face down on the padding, positioning her feet beside the rings at one end. She was facing the large window and would have a good view of the pool and its occupants when she regained her senses. Miss Calvin returned with four leather cuffs lined with sheepskin, and they attached Lucy to the bench by her wrists and ankles.

"What now?" Michael asked without really thinking. Miss Calvin sat down on one of the couches and looked at him. "Oh," he said and began to undress.

Lucy began to come out her stupor as Michael pushed his cock into her pussy. She was very wet after her experience with the vibrator and entering her was easy.

"W-where am I?" Lucy mumbled. "What's going..?" She twisted her head to get a slight look at the owner of the cock inside her. "Michael?" He began to stroke inside her, pulling out until only the head of his cock was inside her, then sliding back in. "Are you... oh god... are you f-fucking me?"

"Yes, Lucy. Do you want me to stop?" He reached between her legs and began to stroke at her clit. It was an awkward position, but he managed it.

"Uungh... no, oooh, please... all those people can... see me being... fucked, aah... no... please don't, uungh, don't stop."

He began pumping harder and faster, and had to remove his hand. She did not seem to mind, all she did was moan more and try to move her hips in time to his thrusts. He was amazed at his stamina; when masturbating he would have cum by now, but inside Lucy he felt he could go for hours.

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