Magic Lessons Part 3


“That's fine, Michael. I, um, never really thanked you for what you did for me.”

Michael swallowed hard. He was trying to be altruistic here. “There's no need…”

She pulled open the bow on her belt and allowed the wrap to slip off her shoulders. Michael could smell the musky scent of her sex; she was wet and expectant. “Why don't you get out of those clothes?” she suggested.

He stood, reaching for his belt, and she began unbuttoning his shirt. Soon he was naked, standing in front of her like an expectant school boy. She reached down and took his cock in her hand. “You have a good dick, for a white guy,” she told him. “I want it inside me.”

Michael took in a breath, which seemed to take more effort than it should. “Get on your hands and knees,” he said. A smile played across her lips and she turned around before dropping to her knees, and then leaning forward until she was on all fours. She spread her legs and Michael dropped to his knees between them. He could see her pussy lips glistening, and he slid his cock between them, pushing up so that he brushed over her clitoris, eliciting a moan from Kelly. He slid back down the length of her slit, then pushed the head of his cock into her and kept it there.

“Umm, yeah, more,” she grunted. He slipped another inch into her, and then pulled out again, sliding his cock up to brush her clit once more. “Ungh, teasing bastard. Put it in me.” He slipped a couple of inches into her pussy again, and pulled out once more. “Pleeease, Michael, I need it now!” He pushed in, and this time began to fuck her. His hand snaked under her body and began to play with her clit while he pumped into her.

Kelly's back arched, dropping her chest down to the floor, and changing the angle he was thrusting at. He felt her fingers on his, pushing him aside, and she took over the work on her clit. He could feel her cunt muscles fluttering around his shaft. He took a firm hold of her hips and began to pump into her hard and fast.

“Oh, god, yes Michael! That's it! That's what I need. I'm cummmmming…” He kept fucking her as her body exploded into orgasm in front of him.

As she came down, she sagged forward, slipping off him, and rolled onto her back. She looked at his throbbing cock and immediately spread her legs wide. “This way up next,” she said.

He moved forward, taking his weight on his arms and looking straight into her eyes as he pushed into her dripping pussy. “Ooooh,” she groaned. “You really are big for a white guy.” She was breathing hard and her breasts were putting on a fantastic display below him. Each inward breath pushed her nipples into his chest. Slowly, he began to slide in and out of her. He had half expected her to wrap her legs around him, but she kept her thighs spread wide apart, allowing him full freedom to slide in and out of her as deeply as he wished. It did not take long for him to feel the beginnings of his orgasm growing at the base of his cock.

“I'm gonna cum,” he told her.

“Do it, baby,” she whispered. Her hands came up to grip her breast, squeezing them hard. Her eyes closed and her back arched up, lifting her feet off the floor. He felt her muscles clench once more around his cock and the extra friction pushed him over the edge. He slammed into her once more, twice, and then he was unloading his balls into her body. She jerked with each spurt of cum, twitching to the rhythm of her own climax.

Chapter Sixteen

It had been two weeks since Cleopatra warned Michael that he might be in danger. Kelly had not phoned with word of strangers in her bar, and Cleopatra had never mentioned it again. She had taught both Michael and Lucy a lot about Michael's powers. Every night was a strain on Michael's mind, and every night ended with a three-way sex session that left both of them bleary-eyed in the morning. This morning, however, things were different. Cleopatra had sent them off early with a task to accomplish.

Michael had been learning the principles of possession. Now Cleopatra wanted him to try them out for real. A willing host was best to begin with, and who better than Lucy to be that host. She was now sitting up in bed, waiting for Michael to either take control of her body, or call to tell her he had failed. So far, nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

And then the world seemed to lurch sideways…

Michael looked down at Lucy as she sat in her bed. She was looking around as through expecting to see Michael appear from nowhere at any minute. Despite what she had learned recently, she still could not see into the astral plane, so she was not going to spot him.

He closed his eyes, concentrating on pushing himself into her mind. Cleopatra had explained the technique several times, but this would be his first attempt for real. He did not want to mess this up, even if the result would probably not harm Lucy.

He felt a sudden sense of displacement…

Michael opened his eyes and found himself looking out at the real world. In particular, that part of the real world that was Lucy's bedroom. It occurred to him that the viewpoint was her bed and he looked down to discover that he now sported a pair of tits, currently hidden under a cotton nightdress. He reached up and cupped them experimentally. Fascinated by the feel of his hands lifting this new set of body parts, and feeling those body parts being lifted, he was a little surprised to hear a cough come from somewhere behind his left ear. He looked around sharply, but there was no one there.

Shaking his head, he undid the top of the nightdress and was just about to look down the front when he heard the voice.

“Just what do you think you're doing, young man?” He looked round frantically, trying to find the owner of the voice, but he was alone in the room with Lucy's body. Then it hit him. “That's right, I'm still conscious,” she said, still apparently from just behind him. “Cleopatra did say it was possible to do it this way, and you obviously did it by accident.”

“Um, sorry Lucy,” he thought in her direction. “I guess I got a bit carried away by the thought of having breasts.”

“I'll forgive you.”

“Can you feel what I'm doing with your body?”

“Yes, but it feels a little distant, like I'm in the early stages of anaesthesia. I think you should forget about playing with my tits and practice being someone you aren't.”

“Okay. The plan was that I would walk you over to my house. Is that still okay with you?”

“Sure is, but I think you forgot some of the challenges that lie in wait for you.”


“You have to get me dressed for starters.”

Michael grimaced and climbed out of bed, almost overbalancing at the unfamiliar body shape. “Looks like standing up will be my first major challenge. I hope this kind of thing gets easier or doing this in anger could be really difficult.” He walked over to Lucy's wardrobe and opened the door. “What would you like to wear today?” he thought.

An odd sort of shudder seemed to run through him. “Why don't you… pick something you would like me to wear?” she replied.

He grinned. “You mean like… well, I could put on a bikini and have you walk all the way to my house wearing that. How would you like me to do that?”

Lucy moaned softly. “I wouldn't like that at all,” she said.

“What's the smallest bikini you've got Lucy?”

“I-in the bottom drawer on your right.”

Michael bent down and pulled the drawer open to find various bits and pieces of clothing that he had never seen Lucy wearing: a few very frumpy nightgowns, a couple of old T-shirts that looked several sizes too small, and a collection of one and two-piece swimsuits.

“The red one is the smallest I have,” she volunteered, so he reached into the drawer and took out a microscopic, shiny, red tie-sided bikini. He looked at the scraps of glossy fabric, slightly perplexed. Then he hung the halter strap of the bra around his neck, settled the tiny triangles over his nipples, and pulled the ties around his back. Then he stepped in front of a mirror. The nightgown spoiled the effect a little, but he got the general impression of how it would look.

“Maybe another time,” he said. “First, while I know it would be you walking around wearing almost nothing, it would feel like it was me. And second, I'm not sure I could figure out how to tie this thing on any time this week.” He took off the bra, dropped it back into the drawer, and began to hunt through the wardrobe.

Fifteen minutes later he had managed to figure out the intricacies of putting on a bra and was completing Lucy's outfit for the day with a pair of relatively low heeled sandals. He had wanted to try high heels, but she had pointed out that a sprained ankle would do neither of them any good. He was wearing the tightest little cropped top he could find, with the lowest front, so the bra was the quarter cup one he had had her buy when he first enslaved her. He had managed to find a very short, pleated skirt that showed off his new legs nicely, and had put on the skimpiest thong he could find in Lucy's underwear drawer.

Lucy still accused him of chickening out. “You had your chance to really humiliate me,” she said, “and you blew it.”

“You haven't seen what trouble I can get you into before I get you back to my house,” he replied.

He heard a mental gasp. “No, I suppose I haven't.”

“But first, I think you're hungry.”

Another gasp. “You'll have to talk to my Mom!”

Michael grinned. “Yeah, I suppose I will. What will she think of this outfit?”

“Oh, she won't mind that. You haven't met my Mom yet. Oh, go on, down the stairs and to the right you'll find the kitchen. I normally have a bowl of cereal. You'll find the bowls in the third cupboard on the left and the cereal in the next left from that.” Then she fell silent as Michael headed out of the bedroom.

The cereal and bowls were exactly where Lucy had said they would be, and Michael found the milk in the refrigerator and a jug of freshly made coffee sitting on the hotplate, but of Mrs Clayton there was no sign. Michael heard Lucy breath a mental sigh of relief as he settled her body down at the small breakfast table and began to eat.

“Oh, hi honey,” said a voice from the back door. Mrs Clayton had been outside, and she walked past her daughter, giving her a quick peck on the cheek as she did so. She was carrying a small basket of cut flowers from the garden. “I thought you were going to spend the entire morning in bed.”

“No, Mom,” Michael answered. “I’ll be going out after breakfast.”

Mrs Clayton stopped at the door into the rest of the house and looked back at her daughter, eyes scanning up and down. A big, evil-looking grin appeared on her face. “Looks like you plan to get laid by that mysterious boyfriend of yours. You really will have to bring him over some time so I can get a look at him. He must be some hunk to have you craving his cock like you do.”

Michael could feel Lucy’s mortification at her mother’s words. “Um,” Michael stammered, “Mom, if I wanted it that badly I’d just dress up in a bikini and heels and walk ‘round to his place. Wouldn’t I?”

Mrs Clayton’s laughter filled the kitchen as she turned to walk away. A few seconds later Michael heard the TV go on in the lounge. “Your mother is quite a looker,” Michael commented to Lucy. Mrs Clayton was something like an older version of her daughter, the same lithe body and beautiful features, but aged a decade or so. He noticed that her breasts were a little larger, even hidden under the loose, cotton shirt she had been wearing. Michael suspected that the older Clayton had not been wearing a bra.

“Yeah, I hope I grow old as gracefully. But her mouth!”

Michael grinned. “It’s… refreshing to hear such an open attitude between mother and daughter,” he said.

“It’s a shame Dad’s not the same, I guess. They don’t get on too well anymore. I’m afraid a lot of it is me. Dad doesn’t approve of you or anyone else who isn’t drawing a six-figure salary, dating his little girl. As for what we do in bed, well, let’s just say he thinks I’m still a virgin. Mom, on the other hand is quite happy for me to do anything sexual as long as I don’t get hurt. I actually think she’s tried to get some of my cast-off boyfriends on occasion.” There was a short pause. “You… wouldn’t be thinking of fucking her, would you?”

Michael blinked Lucy’s eyes in surprise. “No…” He trailed off, thinking about it. “I suppose if I’m honest I’d quite like to, but it would probably hurt our relationship, and I won’t risk that.”

Lucy seemed satisfied with his answer and remained silent while he concentrated on getting food from the bowl to his (her) mouth without spilling it. It was surprisingly difficult, and as for getting the coffee mug in the right place. “I am never going to take the simple act of eating for granted again,” he griped. However, by the end of the little meal he had Lucy’s arms and hands pretty well under control.

With breakfast over, Michael started out for his home. He kissed Mrs Clayton goodbye, and started out the front door, running straight into Janine Kirkbride and Martine Blakelock as he did so. “Oh shit!” Lucy muttered in the back of his mind. “It’s the glee club committee.”

“Lucy! Hi!” Martine bubbled. She was, Michael seemed to remember, like this all the time. The term bubbly blonde had been invented for her. Unfortunately, dumb blonde also fitted her perfectly. A little shorter than Lucy, she was no less attractive, with ample breasts and a trim figure. As with most of the cheerleading squad, she had long legs.

Hers were, however, nothing to Janine’s. Janine was the tallest girl in the squad at almost six feet, and her figure matched her stature. Her breasts were large, her hips wide, but well in proportion. The only thing that marred her appearance was the perpetual sneer her face wore. Looking closely at it for the first time, Michael thought that she would probably be stunningly attractive if she would only smile.

“Hello, Martine, Janine. How’s your holiday been?” Michael said. He was really unsure how to act around these girls; the cheerleading squad had never been somewhere he could hang out and survive.

“Three weeks in the Med does improve your tan,” Janine replied.

“We’re here about the party,” Martine enthused.

“I assume you’d like an invite?” Janine added. “Or should I be putting you down for two?”

“What party?” Michael thought in alarm.

“I forgot about it. Before the holidays started we all decided to throw a party at Janine’s place. We don’t have to go.”

Michael thought for a brief second. “Yes, put me down for two.”

“Ooh, who’s the lucky guy?” Martine asked, her eyes lit up like Christmas lights at the thought of new gossip.

“You’ll see when I get there,” Michael replied. “Now, I have to be going; I have a date.” He edged past them and started down the street.

“Hmm, yes,” Janine mused. “It certainly looks like you have.”

Michael looked back at her and tried to make his grin look as dirty as he could manage. Then he continued on his way. Behind him he heard Janine’s voice. “Well, I hope the little cocksucker enjoys herself.”

“Jan!” Martine admonished. “That’s no way to talk about a fellow squad member.”

“Put a sock in it, Marty. Who’s next on the list?”

The rest of the journey to Michael’s house went without incident and soon he arrived at the door. It was then that he realised that, without his own body, he did not have a key to let himself in. He rang the doorbell and waited for his mother to come to the door.

“Oh, hello Lucy,” his mother said on seeing her.

“Is Michael in?”

“Um, yes, but I think he’s still in bed.”

“I’ll go up and get the lazy so-and-so up, shall I?”

Michael’s mother smiled at her son’s girlfriend, and glanced down at her outfit. “Yes, dear, why don’t you do that.”

Michael hurried past his mother and up the stairs to his room. His body was lying where he had left it, on the bed, laid out like a corpse. “Made it,” he said and sat down beside himself. An evil thought crossed his mind and he got to his feet once more.

“Aren’t you going to go back to your body?” Lucy asked.

“Shortly,” he replied and began to undress. “One of those little curiosities I have is what it’s like for you when you cum.”

Lucy’s mind gasped behind him. “You’re going to make me masturbate?”

“Don’t make it sound so bad. I didn’t stop to do it in the street.” Naked, he laid her body down beside his own and slid her hands up around her breasts, stoking the skin, teasing the nipples. He let out a moan, and it coincided with a moan from Lucy. He carried on playing with her breasts for several minutes, revelling in the sensations that were so far different from those of his own body.

“God this feels weird,” Lucy gasped. “It’s like, ooh stop that a minute, like I’m playing with myself, and I can’t stop, and, oh yes, and it’s really someone else doing it.”

Michael slid a hand down between his legs, feeling the soft fur and the delicate skin. The feeling was incredible, like nothing he had ever felt before. He parted his pussy lips and slipped a finger down the length of his slit until he found the opening of his vagina. He was already moist from the breast massage and it was easy to slide his index finger down into the hole. It felt so good! He pulled out again and slid two fingers in. Oh yes!

“Hook your fingers up a little and push a bit further in,” Lucy suggested. “Ah! That’s it. Can you feel that?”

Michael was speechless for a second. He rubbed over the same spot again, feeling another intense burst of pleasure ripple through his loins. “Th-that’s what you feel when I hit your G-spot?” he asked.

“That’s it. Now try my clit.”

He moved his thumb up between his pussy lips until he found the familiar raised bump, and slid his slick thumb over it. His hand clenched involuntarily at the jolt of sensation, pressing his fingers into his G-spot and teasing his clit again. “Oh, jeez!” he moaned out loud. He slid his other hand down so that he could massage his clit and do a proper job with the fingers he had inside himself, and soon he was lost in the incredible pleasure of bringing someone else’s body to orgasm.

When it came, it felt different from his own climaxes. It started in the pit of his stomach and spread rapidly down his legs. Surges of sensation lashed from his pussy up to his nipples and back down, like lightning strikes seeking Earth. Then a wave of pleasure rippled out from his cunt, washing over his whole body. His spread legs stiffened and his back arched as his fingers continued their frantic work at his clitoris. In his mind he could hear Lucy screaming out her climax and his ears filled with her voice as he screamed out his own.

He collapsed onto the bed, breathing hard. His body was covered in sweat and there was a delicious sense of exhaustion seeping through his limbs. “That,” he said, “was quite something.”

“Y-yeah,” Lucy stammered. “Next time we’ll have to try it with a multiple.”

Michael groaned and allowed himself to slide back into his own body. “If I have to go through that multiple times in quick succession, I’ll croak,” he told her. Then he slipped the covers off himself, moved on top of her, and slid himself into her sopping pussy in one easy motion.

Author's Note: For those who don't know, the lyrics and the video described in Chapter Twelve are from Kylie Minogue's “Can't Get You Out Of My Head”. I would imagine this is copyright to Polydor, her record label. No infringement of this copyright is intended or implied; I just thought the song fitted Julia's mode rather nicely.

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