Magic Lessons Part 4


Janine was breathing hard and her eyes were shut. Michael stood and moved behind her, running his hands up her thighs, over her hips, and up to the sides of her breasts. He looked at Lucy projecting, "I can feel the arousal in her mind."

"Do you want Michael to touch your breasts, Jan?" Lucy asked and got a nod in reply. "Then ask him to. He won't do it if you don't ask."

"Yes, oh god, yes, please. Please, Michael, touch me."

"Touch what, Jan?" Lucy prompted.

"M-my tits, please touch my tits." Michael's hands slid around and cupped her breasts. His fingers slid across the soft skin and Janine moaned in pleasure. He pressed her breasts together, kneading the flesh, and teased her large nipples between the first two fingers of each hand.

Lucy slipped to her knees in front of the brunette. Her fingers peeled apart Janine's naked pussy lips and her tongue darted out to flick over the clit that was exposed. Janine's knees began to shake. Lucy stood up, an evil smile on her face, and said, "Jan, what else would you like Michael to do?"

"F-fuck meee," she moaned.

"If you beg him, he might do it. If you tell him exactly what you want him to do and how you want him to do it, then he might agree to fuck you."

"I c-can't." Janine stammered, her voice low.

"Can't what, Jan? Can't beg? Is that your problem?" Janine nodded. "Too stuck up to beg, eh? I begged, Jan. I wanted his cock so much I begged for it." Lucy reached out her hand and slipped two fingers into Janine's pussy. Janine let a soft mewl, but said nothing. Lucy curled her fingers and began to rub where she knew it would do the most good. "Beg for it, Jan. You know you want it." And she pulled the fingers back out.

"Oh, god, no," Janine yelped. She turned and dropped to her knees in front of Michael. "Please fuck me, Michael. Put your cock in my cunt and fuck me 'til I can't walk. Screw me hard, please. Please?"

Michael raised an eyebrow and looked down at the brunette. "You want me to fuck you?" he said.

"Oh, god, yes."

"You want me to use you, fuck you like the whore you are?" She could only manage a nod this time. "You want me to bury my cock in your pussy and make you cum?" Another nod. "I can't hear you."

"Yes, I want you to make me cum with your big cock."

"On the floor, on your back. Spread your legs as wide as you can." She complied instantly, enthusiastically. Cheerleader training once again paid off as she spread her legs more than Michael considered humanly possible. He dropped to his knees between them and grabbed her knees, lifting her long legs up so that he could position the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. She felt the head sliding between her pussy lips and let out a soft moan. Her eyes closed in expectation of the coming sensation. Michael looked up at Lucy, standing near Janine's head and she nodded enthusiastically. He plunged in, burying his whole length into her in one go.

She was very tight. Only the fact that her pussy was flooded with cunt juices stopped the thrust from hurting the both of them. It was pretty clear she had never had a penis of any size inside her. He pulled part way out and slid in again, eliciting a groan from his victim. The stretching she was getting seemed to be of the enjoyable kind. Michael picked up the pace.

"Oh, oh, oh, yes, faster." Seeing that Janine was getting vocal, Lucy decided that it was time to gag her. Pulling up her skirt, she straddled Janine's face with her legs and pushed her pussy down against her fellow cheerleader's mouth. There was a brief moment of resistance, and then she felt Janine's tongue searching for her clit.

"Ah, that's it," Lucy sighed. "I knew you knew how to do this, slut. Oh, yeah, that's, ahhh."

Michael and Lucy looked up at each other as Michael pounded into Janine and Janine's tongue worked over Lucy's pussy. Their eyes looked, neither looked away. "It's like that first dream I was in," Lucy thought. "In the pool house, Julia sat on my face to keep me quiet while you fucked me. God, but it felt good."

"It was the first time Julia pulled me into a dreamscape," Michael thought. "I was dreaming of you the previous night, but it wasn't really you. Julia came and took over one of my dreams. Then someone arranged for both of us to be at that party. And now we're playing it for real."

"You dreamed of me before that time at the party?"

"Yes, often."

A little shiver ran up Lucy's body. "I'm gonna cum," she groaned and her head rolled back on her neck.

Michael felt Janine's inner muscles starting to ripple around him and knew that she was also about to climax. She was tight to begin with and the added pressure was enough to start his balls tightening. He rammed into her hard; once, twice, on the third stroke he came, pumping jet after jet of semen into Janine's tight pussy. Janine's back was arched and her shoulders were trying to dig there way through the carpeted floor. Her tongue had gone from lapping playfully to rigidly pushing up into Lucy's cunt as the blonde came down off her high.

Lucy stood and pulled down her skirt. Michael pulled out of Janine and wiped himself on the towel he had been wearing. Then he went to the dryer to pull out his clothes. Dressed, he glanced down at Janine and noticed the little white thong lying beside her. He picked it up and pushed it into his pocket. "I'll keep those," he said. "You'll spend the rest of the night without panties on. Janine shivered in humiliation, but remained lying on the floor, breathing hard. "Shall we go?" Michael said to Lucy and, arm in arm, they left the pool house.

Brian spotted them as the entered the dining room and rushed over. Michael groaned inwardly, but Brian's face shone like a happy puppy. "I gotta talk to you, Michael."

"Look, Brian, I'm sorry about..."

"No, no, no. Don't you worry about that. You gotta try out for the team next year."

Michael and Lucy both looked blankly at the footballer. "I have to what?"

"Try out for the team. Jeez, if you can knock me over like that... Okay, so I wasn't ready for you, so maybe you couldn't do that on the field so easily. Just think about it. You could plough right through a defensive line, no trouble. You gotta talk to Coach, you gotta!"

"My life just gets stranger," he projected to Lucy. "I'll think about it, Brian," was what he said aloud. Brian's face changed to kicked puppy; that was what you said when you would not do anything about it. "I really will think about it, okay?"

Brian grinned. "Coach is gonna love you." His face became serious. "In a manly sort of way. We don't do that... kind of stuff in the team."

"Unlike in the cheerleaders, it seams," Michael thought, which sent Lucy into a laughing/coughing fit. Brian rushed off to get her a drink and the night turned into a very pleasant one. Lucy's 'crowd' now seemed to think Michael was some kind of long lost friend who had been away and now come back, rather than the member of the lower classes he had been in the previous school year. Michael had to put up with Brian fawning over them a lot to make sure he tried out, and Janine was a little to attentive to the needs of her guests. Luckily, Brian thought this had to do with his own liking for the new offensive genius, rather than the fucking the brunette had received earlier.

When the first of the other girls had come to him asking for a dance, he had started to decline when Lucy had butted in. "Go on, Michael, dance with Bethany. I'm a lucky girl to have you and I should spread my luck around a little." Michael shrugged and allowed Bethany to lead him out onto the dance floor.

She danced close, very close, rubbing her leg against his crotch the whole time. Her breast pressed into his chest and she could feel hard nipples poking into him.

After Bethany, there was Jackie, and after Jackie there was Mary Jane. When Mary Jane departed, her hand lightly groping his cock as she turned to leave, Helen stepped in for a slow dance. She held him close and he could feel her mound pressing into his cock, grinding into his cock, through her microscopic skirt and his pants. "Janine's right," she whispered as the music faded. "That cock feels fabulous."

Michael scurried off the dance floor before another girl could claim him. Lucy was waiting for him, a wicked grin on her face. "Enjoy that, did you?" she asked.

"I'm not sure if enjoy is the right word."

"I certainly enjoyed it. Watching them try and fuck you out there with your clothes on was quite a turn on. And the best bit is: you're mine."

"I think Janine has been chatting," he told her.

"Janine gossips like an old hen. One of them mentioned your huge cock did they? I've heard the rumours; seems you have a penis that King Kong would be proud of." She smirked and sipped her drink. "Maybe we could try a few of the other girls for size over the next few weeks."

"I know I made you my sex toy," Michael said, "but I really wasn't expecting Madam Whip to emerge."

Lucy put on her best butter-would-not-melt-in-my-mouth face. "Who, little me?"

The problem, of course, was that Michael's shoes were not dry. He had spent the evening in bare feet, but walking home was going to be difficult.

Janine offered to drive them. Her parents had bought her an open-topped beamer as soon as she was old enough to drive it legally and she liked to show it whenever possible. Today, she was particularly keen to point out that the passenger seat reclined a long way. Michael climbed into the passenger seat while Lucy squeezed in behind Janine.

"Should I screw her again?" he asked Lucy silently.

"Yes, I think so, but let's find somewhere interesting to do it."

"Turn left here," Michael instructed Janine, and she swerved the car around the corner, thankful for the power steering and automatic gearbox.

"But I thought..." Janine began.

"Thinking is not what you are here to do," Michael snapped at her. "You are the chauffer and the fuck toy, that's all. Right at the next, then second left." Glancing right he could see the colour rise in Janine's cheeks. He could also see her breasts rising and falling in a very exaggerated way.

They drove for another three miles before Michael had Janine pull over onto the side of the road. The parking spot was quiet, the traffic very light, but they could not expect to go unobserved if they stayed there for long.

"Take off your clothes," Michael instructed Janine.

"H-here? Someone might see."

"Yes. Take them off, and then I'll fuck you."

Janine's eyes widened, but her hands began to work the buttons on her blouse. She had not put her bra back on when she had dressed after their earlier session, and her breasts sprang free of the thin silk as soon as the buttons were loose. "No bra," Lucy commented, "you really are a slut, aren't you, Jan?"

Janine looked up at the other girl as she began to unzip her pants. "Yes," she said, "but it's okay 'cause I'm gonna get fucked." She stood up on her car seat to peel her pants down her legs. It was not easy trying to balance and she had to use one hand on the seatback to stay upright while she worked the spray-on slacks down her legs with the other. Naked apart from her shoes, she sat back down on the seat.

Michael reclined the chair he was in. "Undo my pants," he told her and she complied with the eagerness her new position as fuck toy deserved. Michael slipped his pants and briefs down his legs and undid his shirt. "Get on top of me and then you can start fucking."


"What's wrong now, slut?" Lucy snapped.

"I-if someone drives past, they'll be able to..."

"See you bouncing up and down like the little whore you are, yes. Get on with it."

Shaking slightly, Janine climbed on top of Michael Straddling his hips was easy in the wide seat. Her wet pussy made it easy for her to impale herself onto him; she groaned as she drove his length into her core. Slowly at first, she began to pump up and down on Michael's shaft. As the pleasure seemed to soak into her bones, she forgot about the danger of being seen and concentrated only on the pleasure. She looked down and found Michael and Lucy kissing passionately. They were ignoring her. She was being used only for sex. Used as a sex toy by this boy she would not have given the time of day to a week earlier. She groaned as the humiliation washed over her; it felt so good.

She was dimly aware of car lights and the honking of a horn. She ignored it and increased her pace, twisting her hips as she rose up and down in Michael's lap.

Michael had his hand between Lucy's legs, three fingers in her pussy, his thumb working her clit. Her tongue was pushed so far down his throat he swore she could lick the back of his tonsils. He could feel her coming orgasm in his mind and worked her pussy faster to push her over the edge. She screamed her climax into his mouth as another wash of headlights lit up Janine's bouncing tits and another motorist sounded his appreciation on his car horn.

Michael felt Janine's orgasm starting in a far more direct way as her inner muscles tightened around his cock. She became frantic, bouncing up and down on his shaft like a maniac. Her eyes widened in climax just as another car drove around the corner. She could see the man behind the wheel, eyes wide at what he was seeing. His wife in the passenger seat looked incredibly shocked. They could see her, see her breasts, see her fucking someone invisible behind the car body. Janine's head rocked back and she screamed out an orgasm so hard she felt like her heart would burst.

She came down and rolled off Michael into her own seat, noticing that his cock was still hard. "You haven't finished," Michael told her. "I didn't cum. Finish me off and then suck me clean." Her cheeks went flame red at the thought of not being able to make him cum. She quickly got on her knees, pulled her hair back, and wrapped her mouth around his cock. Her technique was still dreadful, but Michael was close enough anyway that he began to spew jism into her mouth a few seconds later. "Swallow it, whore," he ordered and she did her best to suck it all down. When he had finished, her tongue lapped around his slowly softening cock, cleaning their combined juices away. "Good girl," Michael told her, straightening his clothes while she sat meekly in the seat beside him. "Now get out."

"W-what?" Janine looked terrified.

Michael raised his seat back to its upright position. "Get out. I want Lucy to drive us to my house. You will sit in this seat."

"W-why?" she said, opening her car door and stepping carefully onto the tarmac.

"Because, slut, I'm going to play with your tits all the way back to my house."

"I-I'm going to be topless?"

Lucy had climbed into the driver's seat by now and started the engine. Michael climbed into the back and waited for Janine to get into the passenger seat. "You're going to be naked," he said. "Now get in before I change my mind and leave you here."

Janine hurried to get into the car, and Lucy pulled away before the brunette was fully in her seat. Michael's arms slid over Janine's shoulders and he pinched her large nipples between thumb and forefinger. Janine moaned in pain and pleasure; her hand went down between her legs. Lucy began to laugh. "Fucking slut," she commented as she drove through the night to Michael's house.

There was a car on Julia's drive that Michael had never seen before; a large, black sedan with New York plates. He shrugged, figuring it had to be a friend of hers staying for the night. He kissed Lucy and told her he would see her in the morning. Then he padded into his house, trying to stay as quiet as possible.

Things were going to be all right, he thought. Perhaps he would try out for the football team; maybe he could get a place. Whatever, he would be among the popular kids at school, rather than one of the also-rans. He had Lucy, who loved him and adored his cock, and Janine (and probably half the cheerleading squad) would be happy to be humiliated any time either of them wished to use her. Yes, things were working out well.

The light was on in the lounge and he could hear the sound of the TV set. He walked in, wondering what his mother would say about the state of his clothes, and came to a sudden halt.

His mother was tied to one of the upright dining room chairs, a large ball gag rammed into her mouth. Bruises showed around her face and her dress was torn. Her eyes widened as she saw him and she seemed to be trying to tell him something as he rushed toward her.

Pain exploded across the back of his skull and he realised what her message was. Whoever it was that had tied her up was still in the house. Unfortunately by that time the world was fading rapidly to black and it was too late.

Chapter Eighteen

Michael woke up in a white room. At first he thought it was a hospital bedroom, but as soon as his senses returned he knew that this was a dreamscape. For one thing, hospital bedrooms had beds in them; Michael was lying on the floor. He was still wearing his party clothes, bare feet and everything, so the self-image had come from his current real-world status. He stood, and located a door that opened when he pulled on the handle. It opened onto a white corridor and Michael was beginning to wonder if this dreamer needed to get a new decorator.

He padded down the length of the corridor. All the doors he passed were locked, and anyway he somehow knew that the room he wanted was at the other end. After trying a few doors he gave up and ran down to the door at the far end of the passage way. He opened it and light flared around him causing him to cover his eyes.

The room that emerged from the light was large with oak-panelled walls and huge chairs padded with red fabric. It looked like a kind of court, something like he had seen on TV; the Old Bailey in London maybe. Except that no judge he knew of was a six-foot stick of a man dressed in a long, black coat with skin as white as chalk. Four other figures, who appeared to be quite similar, floated behind him. They appeared a little translucent as though they were not really there.

Several large men were standing around the room wearing business suits and sun glasses. They looked like Secret Service agents or FBI, but with a hint of menace that neither of those groups could muster.

Two of them flanked Julia, and the sight of her made Michael's heart drop in his chest. She had been winched into a leather corset that had to be breaking ribs. Her breasts were forced out the top of it in a manner that he would have found very appealing under normal circumstances. Her wrists were fitted through a yoke that had been clamped around her neck. Her feet, fitted into horrific looking eight-inch ballerina-style spiked shoes, were kept wide apart by the iron spreader bar fixed between her ankles. Her mouth was spread wide by a dental gag with a ratchet fitting that had been opened as far as it would go. Her face and arms were bruised, her nipples reddened and sore; there was dried spunk plastered over her face, breasts, and naked pussy. Michael had never seen her looking so... beaten.

"Mr Peters." The tall man's voice rang out across the room. "You have been called here to hear the judgement that has been passed upon you and those who know you."

"What judgement? I don't..."

"You will be silent before your betters. You are not required to understand, only to hear our judgement and to receive it."

Michael felt anger overcoming fear. "I don't know what you're talking about. What have you done to Julia? Was it your people who attacked my mother?" He took a step forward and two of the goons flanking the judge's throne stepped forward, drawing bulky-looking automatic pistols from under their jackets.

"We are the presiding judges of The Council," said the dark figure. "Ours is the power to seek out and pass judgement over all transgressors of the Council's Rule."

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