tagSci-Fi & FantasyMagic Milk Farms

Magic Milk Farms


Anna sat in the brightly lit room alone, wondering when someone would come for her. She briefly remembered watching a woman who seemed to be lost in the midst of a powerful orgasm screaming her pleasure as she gave birth. That was right before she lost consciousness, right before she was brought here.

She knew she had somehow been drug to the point of passing out, but something didn't make sense. She was not tired, drowzy, or weak. She felt like she could run a marathon if she weren't trapped in this modern-looking room.

She was naked, just as before. She noticed her long, slender legs were shiny and smooth. She smelled clean. Her hair was soft. Yes, she decided, I have been bathed.

A man walked in. He seemed of average height and weight, nothing too special about him. He looked directly at her but spoke not to her, "Anna is awake!"

Two more men came in. One was tall, blonde, and muscular. The other was short and unattractive and older. She was confused. Both men seemed sexy for some reason.

Anna remained sitting against the wall because she wasn't sure what to do. "Please don't hurt me."

"We aren't going to hurt you. We're just interested in you. Do whatever you want to do," the average looking man told her.

Anna remained silent.

"Do you want to go home? We'll take you home now if you like, Anna."

Yes! I can go home, she thought. "Yeh-"


"No, don't take me home," she replied.

"So you just want to sit here?"

The other men began to laugh. The drugs had obviously done their magic.

Anna stood. "I, I, oh god!" She threw herself at the average-looking man. She violently ripped his sweater off and leaped upon him. He fell to the floor, with Anna above him.

"Take me! Please fuck me!" she pleaded. She tried to lower herself onto his hard five-inch cock, but she couldn't control herself enough. She was impatient and radical, very unlike her usual self.

The man saw her position and did his duty. He laid her body down and fucked her mercilessly. She screamed and panted like a whore. Her fingertips had planted themselves into his back, her thighs and calves were squeezing his thrusting waist. "Cum! Cum in me!"

"Are you sure, Anna?"

She didn't know anything about this man except that she needed him and his cum, "Yes! Please!"

He nodded his head and the other two men held Anna down firmly. "AHHH, What the fu-" The man's cock was growing to no end inside her tight pussy.

The short man had grasped Anna's golden hair and pulled, "Take it, whore."

The average-sized cock had become a twelve-inch monster inside her. The sheer hotness of it had caused her tiny hole to squeeze and contract hard, making it all the more unbearable.

Finally it erupted. He came for a whole minute, sending thick syrup straight up to her fertile womb and overflowing, splashing to the floor.

The three men quickly ran to the other side of the room and watched the helpless little whore. She was squirming and twitching. It seemed as though she was uncomfortable, but she had had a wonderful orgasm mere minutes ago.

Anna was out of control. Her body rolled back and forth, she hit her limbs against the ground. "Help me! What's wrong with me?"

The men merely watched.

She had sweat like mad. She took all of the energy she had left and stood. "You," she pointed at the blonde man, "Come here!" He obeyed and she screamed, "Fuck me!"

He also took advantage of the helpless young woman. He made small, frantic, powerful thrusts. He was thrusting at twenty pumps a second! She shook and sunk her teeth into his neck, to shut her mouth and to keep her balance on his standing body.

The other two men were jacking off, of course. They couldn't wait to see the effects the magic sperm had had on her.

She fell off of his body after she came. He came with a proud, low grunt, and let his cum trail over her nasty body.

Once again he joined the others across the room. Anna began rolling and moving oddly again. "You," she pointed at the unattractive man weakly.

He smiled and ran to her side. "It's okay," he told her, "I'll take good care of you, pet." He grasped her slim waist and positioned his stiff cock at her hole. "Dirty slut, beg!"

"Please take me! Fuck me! Help," she cried.

He laughed fiendishly, "Stupid, filthy cunt!" He plowed into her sopping pussy, making squishy noises. She screamed again, her voice now scratchy. She could smell her pussy in the air, and feel the sticky cum of the blonde man all over her body. The average man's cum was swimming in her, and resting and settling beside her egg.

He pulled out of her and ran spun her around. The blonde man held squeezed her round ass and pushed his mighty fist right up her drooling cunt. "Ahh, thank you, harder!"

"I know you want it harder, slut!" He pushed.

The less attractive, older man had taken use of her mouth. She was sucking furiously, needing his cum in her throat.

Finally Anna collapsed. Her pussy ached as it came on the tall man's fist. She swallowed every drop of cum that was given to her.

Once again the men grouped across the room. She was screaming and panting, but this time she was still. Her body was changing.

The men cheered. They knew they had accomplished their goal: they would be paid well today.

Anna screamed in horror as her stomach stretched and stretched into a huge, round dome. She would barely be able to walk when she stood. Her breasts had also grown into weighted burdens. She cried. She was pregnant: magically pregnant.

The nasty slut looked like she was twelve months pregnant with triplets. She wobbled pathetically as she attempted to crawl toward her lovers.

"I'm not okay," she said, feeling whatever was inside her kick her belly.

"You are now part of our organization. We're taking over the world, one pretty young slut at a time," explained the average-looking man. "You'll no longer want to have a career, or a husband. Now your soul desire and purpose is to serve."

"Please-" Anna began."

"Please what?"

"Please fuck me!" She stuck her ass out, barely able to hold her pregant form up.

The blonde took the oppurtunity and began reaming her magical pussy. The other two men kissed and massaged her sore, big breasts.

Frustrated tears poured down her lovely face, "Suck them!"

The men took as much of her fat tits as they could into their greedy mouths. She was exploding in ecstacy. She whined and moaned as she was fucked and sucked into heaven.

The men at her breasts moaned as her tasty milk streamed freely into their mouths. Her chest felt so heavy and full, like it was going to pop. She held their heads firmly at her chest, needing them to take as much milk as they could.

Anna screamed yet again as her cum drenched the cock inside her. He sent stream after stream of cum up her already soaked, filthy pussy.

The men at her fat tits also released their grip on Anna. They had a look of simple-minded oblivion on the faces. Creamy, feminine milk poured down the chins and dribbled to their chests. The sight made Anna giggle with delight.

"Tomororow," said the blonde man, gaining composure, "we will send you to the farm. You'll be pumped ruthlessly for milk, for hours on end. Don't worry though, we'll see to it you'll have at least a hundred orgasms from a few of our most capable employees."

The thought made Anna feel sleepy and weak, she cuddled her body into the average-looking man's accepting arms. He stroked her lovely face and pregnant belly.

"As you can see, you won't be able to survive like this forever," he continued. "In a few days we'll induce labor. You'll get a day off after the birth. Then, you'll continue the lactation. Five days from now, this cycle will begin again. It will never end for you, Anna."

Anna had so many questions she wanted to ask, but she was too spent to bother. She was feeling the urge to lactate and give birth already. What the hell is in me, she wondered.

"At least," her eyes closed slowly, "pump or suck a little of this out of me now."

The men knew it was out of policy, but had mercy on the new recruit. The average man began sucking her left tit while the less attractive man fetched a pump.

"Sorry I couldn't get two," he told her, attaching her hard nipple to the machine.

"That's alright."

Then the men brought Anna some pillows and blankets; getting comfortable in her condition wasn't going to be easy. In a few hours they brought her something to eat.

"Look at this," the blonde said, checking the large pump, "it's almost full."

"I knew she'd be a good choice," said the average-looking man.

"Oh, she's wonderful."

"And it's just the beginning."

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