tagMind ControlMagic, Mind Control, & Tentacles

Magic, Mind Control, & Tentacles


She wakes up. She grumbles and groans at her alarm clock. Then, she tosses it across the room because just the day before, she broke the "snooze" button on the side. She sighs, then rolls herself out of the fluffy red covers and onto the floor.

The three room apartment is an absolute mess, just like its tenant. She stumbles to her feet and looks out the window, hoping for at least one ray of sunshine to brighten her morning. She is only met with the dreary grey smog that blanketed her small town. With a roll of her eyes and a disappointed scoff, she drags herself to her bathroom.

Of course, she has no care for the gloomy world outside of the steamy, tiled room, so she takes her time. Thirty minutes pass and the door finally opens.

She takes the time to admire herself in the somewhat-out-of-place gold Victorian-era mirror that took residence in the secluded corner of her bedroom. She practices her glare, then she practices her wink and beckon, then she starts to position her waist-length bleached blonde hair in several styles. Her gaze soon drops to her breasts, those round, heavy wonderful things that attract the attention of everyone in front of her. With a lick of her lips, she takes a damp breast in her hand and squeezes it gently. She twirls, and with a smirk, gazes at her own finely-shaped backside. Her free hand travels from her breast to her belly, biting her lip as she longs at that beautiful image in that mirror. Her fingers barely brush that pink, shaved slit...

...when her alarm clock blares again. 8:00.

She groans, and quickly dresses in a matching black set of underwear. She stares at herself in that mirror longingly once more, then throws on a scarlet, tight-fitting tank top. She personally loves this top, since it made those 36DD's on her chest look even more appealing to the wandering eye; she herself loves to gaze and play with those playful mounds of flesh as much as everyone else longs to.

After tugging on a pair of tight jeans, her red fingerless gloves, and her usual knee-high boots, she sadly turns away from that beautiful mirror to a messy apartment that reminded her of the sick reality (of being lazy and messy).

She falls to her knees and tosses various clothing items to the side, hoping to find that one book...

"Gotcha," she says to herself, pulling a plain Moleskin journal from under a pair of discarded lace panties. She flips through the pages and approaches the mirror again. Under her breath, she starts vocalizing sounds that even she doesn't understand. But, as she reads from that journal, she presses her finger to the flawless reflection and watches.

Felicia, of course, is not that stereotypical blondie slut that goes around having sexual relations with everything that breathes. If you're hoping for that eventual special guy to pass by for her to drag home and fuck, this isn't the tale for you. She's a magician, and not that kind that plays on the stage or for children. This is where her story differentiates from most erotic passages involving a "bangin' hot blonde".

She smiles, and she smiles right back. Felicia stood before an exact copy of herself, a doppelgänger. She keeps that tacky mirror for a reason, and the double that stands before her is that reason.

"I'm gonna go to work," Felicia starts, keeping in mind that she can't command her double as a slave; doppelgängers are mimics of their original's personality as well. "You can lounge around while I go, but you have to clean up the apartment while I'm gone."

The double smirks and snatches the journal from Felicia's hand, flipping through the pages randomly. "Can't I just banish all of this crap away?" the double teases, laying her finger on a scribble of text that read "Black Hole".

Felicia is already out of the door. The doppelgänger Felicia lets out a long, whiny groan, falling face-first into the unmade bed before her.


Felicia drops her bag at her workbench, plopping herself lazily into her chair. With no work so far, she pulls her DS from her leather bag. Of course, she angles herself in such a way that her supervisor doesn't notice her playing Pokémon while on the job.

"Ten hours left..." she grumbles to herself.


The doppelgänger sits herself on the bed, cross-legged with the journal full of spells on her lap. She flips through the pages, musing from spell to spell, looking for something more entertaining than folding.

Summoning, read a subtitle in the journal.


"I swear, Liz, I wasn't playing on my phone this time."

"This is getting real fucking old, Felicia. You have so much more work to do, and you're lounging around, doing whatever God knows what on that phone."

"I wasn't-"

"You can start with the piano in the front. It's out of tune."


"Abra... Kadabra," the doppelgänger says as she motions to the spot on the bed next to her, not looking up from the journal. In a puff of white smoke, a miniature, pink ribbed dildo (that was the size of a toothpick) appears to her side.

An hour has passed. Having nothing better to do other than her chores, the double decides to screw around and try to find something that could help her get off. Those toys hidden in a chest under Felicia's bed are nothing new to the double. She wants something fun. That dildo she summoned was supposed to be a giant-dicked lizard-man familiar.

She turns the page and her frown curls into a light, mischievous smile as she sees a sketch of a woman with a lovely curved figure and an arrowed, demon tail. The double excitedly banishes the toothpick-dildo and chants the words underneath the title Demonness Familiar.


Felicia and Liz hastily lock the door behind them, quickly locking their soft lips together once more. Their tongues clash and wrestle; their hands wander and squeeze. Felicia is pushed up against the wall, her hands restrained by her secret lover. All she can do is moan and giggle as Liz rushes to yank off those skin-tight jeans to get to that lustful pink flesh. The brunette circles her tongue around Felicia's cunt teasingly, looking up at her with a giggle. Without warning, she slides her tongue into her pussy, eliciting a deep moan from the blonde. Instinctively, she claws and grabs at the cold wall behind her, closing her eyes and losing herself in the pleasure.

The two secret lovers lay each other on the floor, their faces buried in between the other's legs. They moan and groan, tongues furiously working to make the other cum first. Felicia runs her fingers firmly along Liz's curvy ass, then gives the delicious cheek a slap, making it jiggle and Liz giggle. Her own pussy drips and leaks sloppily onto the floor; the pair of lips working at those swollen lips savoring the sweet, sweet girl-cum.

"I'm cumming~" Felicia coos, her face still buried in between Liz's legs. The brunette merely giggles, then used her lips to take the blonde's swollen clit and pull it. She responds violently, her body heating up and quivering as she reaches that lovely orgasm. Liz cums at the same time, too, her juices spraying all over Felicia's face.

"Damn, Lizzie," Felicia giggles with a lick of her lips. "You've been practicing, haven't you?"


"Mother of God, wha-"

The double can't finish her sentence; a thick, red appendage thrusts past her lips and into her mouth forcefully. She struggled to remove the slimy tendrils that started to wrap around her body and limbs, but to no avail. The doppelgänger suspends upside-down midair, her cries silenced and her movements restrained.

She messed up again. This time, instead of a sexy, seductive Demonness, she had conjured some sort of growth of tentacles, almost as large as her bed. It's body resembled a red spongy rock, and each tentacle was smooth and coated in thick slime.

The creature curiously probes the double's throat. Two smaller tendrils rise from the larger one and crawl up her nose. Before she could bite down on the red appendage embedded in her throat in self-defense, it squirts a hot, thick, sweet fluid into her mouth and down her throat. Her struggles come to a halt, and her eyes flutter to a squint. She is brought upright again. The creature pulls its tendrils from her throat and nose, giving her a chance to breathe.

"L... Let me go..." she whispers, her eyes following another tentacle that rose from its spongy body. This time, a tentacle with a large, bowl-shaped tip hovers in front of her face. From poking through her body, the creature found this species suitable to bond with, to serve as its next vessel. The double's eyes widen and she opens her mouth to scream, but the bowl-shaped appendage attaches itself to her face before she can make a sound.

The creature read this human's biological structure in detail while simultaneously implanting its parasitic mind into her. Her body shakes and quivers violently as the creature manipulates her sex drive to effectively brainwash the woman. Little by little, her mind changes to accept this creature. All resistance is replaced with a glowing passion to serve as it pleases.

The tentacle leaves her face as it finishes rewriting her. The double looks up at its new comrade with a triumphant smile. Her bothersome jeans are already soaked from those wonderful orgasms she had. She is let down onto the bed, the tentacles assisting in removing the clothes that got in the way.

Scrambling to her hands and knees, she presents herself to the creature. Two tendrils shoot out from the spongy creature and into the girl's dripping orifices, her eyes rolling back and her tongue circling her lips. The squishy yet firm tentacles slide effortlessly in and out of the brainwashed girl, her pussy only leaking and tightening from the insane amounts of pleasure. As she reaches to squeeze one of her sensitive tits, another tentacle hovers in front of her face. She giggles and happily takes it in her mouth.

Some free tentacles hovering around the girl wrap around her curves and limbs, moving around randomly but with purpose. They slither around her sensitive spots, making her actually giggle as she is fucked into complete submission. A tendril finds its way in between the double's breasts and starts to push itself in and out from between those soft tits.

The creature began pumping its eggs into the double's womb. These, of course adapted to the human body it just observed, would later play a part in its wonderful plan to spread its seed to more and more humans. The double eagerly accepts this gift, her eyes fluttering as her womb stretches to accommodate the cluster of eggs being pumped into her. After finishing its way with this girl, the creature pulls its tendrils from her holes, each with a satisfying "pop!" as they exit. With a smile, the brainwashed doppelgänger rolls over to lay on her back, legs spread wide open, to initiate the next part of the creature's plan.


Stepping out of the shop, Felicia giggles as she flashes Liz a sly wink before the door closes behind her. The chill wind makes her shudder, as she was still drenched in sweat (and some juices) from a few minutes before. She smiles... Nothing could ruin her good mood from all of that great, steamy sex.

Oh, what a night she's in for.


She groans and rubs her temples as she lay her eyes on the still-cluttered apartment. Clothes are everywhere, and the bed is in even worse condition than it was before. Her doppelgänger is nowhere to be found.

With a scowl, Felicia digs around for her journal of spells. She'll have to dispel the doppelgänger before it goes out and starts causing confusion. Just as she finds the correct spell and presses a finger to her mirror...

"That won't be necessary," her voice coos as she pushes Felicia against the wall. The double is completely nude, her body shiny with the creature's slime. Felicia's journal falls to the ground, its owner helpless and confused.

Felicia struggles and squirms about, opening her mouth to let out a cry for help. The double silences her by pressing her lips to her original's; her long tongue invading and probing the poor girl's mouth. Felicia's eyes widen as she notices two red tentacles hovering at her arms. Those tentacles originated from the doppelgänger's back.

Just as Felicia nearly breaks free from the double's grip, the two tentacles spurt a warm slime onto her torso and wrists. The slime adheres to the wall and Felicia, rendering her struggles useless.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Felicia cries out as she breaks free from her mirror image's kiss. The copy merely licks her lips seductively, several more tentacles emerging from her back. Each one wraps around Felicia's limbs and slithers up her clothes, causing the girl to shudder. A slimy tendril finds its way past her panties and begins rubbing its tip against her slit. A moan escapes her lips; she clenches her teeth to try to ignore the strange waves of pleasure that assault her body. The copy observes the delicious sight before her, her free hand already in between her legs, rubbing her swollen clit in small circles.

While Felicia was busy at work with Liz, her double had bonded with the creature she accidentally summoned. She gave birth to a number of the creature's eggs. In order to completely convert her to an alien-hybrid, one of the creature's eggs hatched into a small, tadpole-like parasite. This was one of the ways the creature could add humans to its collective hive mind- by implanting one of its own into the body. This newborn tentacle creature was implanted into the double's pussy, permanently converting her into an alien-hybrid. However, the creature had different plans for the doppelgänger's original...

A drop of slime hits Felicia's cheek from above. Weakly, she looks up to see the growth of tentacles that corrupted her double. It falls to the floor next to the double.

By now, Felicia's jeans and panties are in a slimy mess on the floor. Her legs are spread open with her double before her, on her knees. Using her fingers, the double spreads Felicia's swollen pussy lips open, then pushes her tongue into the girl's sex. The aphrodisiac slime that the tentacles coated Felicia with made every touch pleasurable, and made her pleasure spots ten times as sensitive. Felicia nearly cums right there, but the double smirks and pulls away. That was merely a teaser for what was about to happen next.

The mass of tentacles next to the double starts to shake violently. Felicia can only watch in fear and confusion; the double giggles in excitement and anticipation. Suddenly, the spongy creature ceases its tremors.

The parasite's main body shoots out from the spongy vessel it had before and buries its bulbous head in between Felicia's spread legs. Nearly a foot and a half long, the creature's true form was a worm-like parasite that was randomly covered in fungus-like bulbs. Felicia's eyes widen as the creature pushes its way into of her soaked pussy, squirming and writhing about as it delves in inch-by-inch. Her eyes roll up to the back of her head, and her mouth curls into a semblance of a smile as the feelings of the creature inside of her drown out the panic and fear.

The slime at Felicia's hands and torso give way, letting the girl fall to her hands and knees, completely silent. The double walks up to her, smiling triumphantly.

The possessed Felicia stands, giggling happily as she observes her new form. She takes a breast in her hand and squeezes it, her other hand roaming around her body.

"Mm... This form is perfect," the creature says through Felicia, running a finger gently across her own pussy slit.

"Are you ready?" the possessed double asks, licking her lips.

"Absolutely," she responds in a sultry tone. Several red tentacles emerge from Felicia's back, and two burst out from her pussy, hovering idly. The double scrambles to her hands and knees, offering herself up to her possessed comrade.



"Hi, Liz! It's Felicia."

"Hey, baby. What's up?"

"Oh, y'know. I was just feeling a little lonely..."

"Mmm, I'll be right over after I finish up some errands."

Felicia's tongue circles her lips as she looks down at her double; her head in between Felicia's legs, choking down a tentacle that emerged from her pussy.

"I can't wait."

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