tagLoving WivesMagic Pills Ch. 06

Magic Pills Ch. 06


Linda called and said that she and Judith would be over about 2 o'clock. I told her to just come around to the back yard, I would be back there. It was Monday and we estimated that Jude had been on the magic pills about three days by now and it was time for us to reinforce the treatment.

Linda and I had spent the weekend in Vegas with our hubbies and had an absolutely great time. We were fired up and ready to start helping Judith along the path to happiness.

I heard Linda and Jude open the side gate and come into my yard. I sat up to greet them and as they approached asked if they would care for an ice tea, or maybe something stronger. I was naked of course.

Jude looked a little uncomfortable with my unabashed nudity, but before she could speak up I turned to the house to retrieve the promised refreshments. Her eyes followed me each step of the way, unbelieving at my relaxed display of flesh. I fixed the drinks and returned to the deck, her look still following me. I noticed Lyn behind her stripping off her shorts, having already disposed of her blouse. I spotted the change immediately.

"Linda! You shaved!" I yelled out to her.

Jude turned and her mouth dropped open. "Linda, what the hell are you doing?" she stammered.

"I know you said you ran around naked, but out here? In the daylight? What if one of the neighbors sees you?" she continued in a shocked voice.

Linda turned to me and asked, "Yeah Jackie, what if one of the neighbors sees us?"

"Well,' I quipped, "I hope they like what they see! Seriously Judith," I continued, "there is a big fence all around and lots of trees and scrubs, if anyone wants to see anything they will have to peek out the second story window. None of our neighbors are home during the day, they all work. So don't worry about it."

She didn't really seem any more at ease, but Linda and I just went about our normal routine ignoring her discomfort. I had dragged another lounger over to where Lyn and I sat in the sun and she settled in to join us. Her capri pants and short sleeve blouse wouldn't make for much of a suntan, but that was her problem. Linda and I had to be sure there were no tan lines for our trip to Jamaica next month. We had new "no strings attached" bikinis that we planned to wear.

"Ok Linda," I pressed, "back to my original question, when did you shave?"

"When we got home last night Al wanted me to model the new swimsuit for him. I told him I needed to get a wax first, but he volunteered to shave me," she told me, "I thought, what the hell, it might be fun. Boy was it ever!"

I was laughing, and Jude was looking at us like we were nuts.

"Did he lick it off?" I asked.

"No, but he licked it for an hour afterwards!" she replied.

Jude was blushing.

"Come on girl," Linda prodded, "lighten up, it's just us girls here. Tell me did my brother start you on the pills yet?"

"Yeah, Friday night," she whispered.

"So…come on what happened, tell us about it, did you get laid?"

I've never seen a girl blush so much! She didn't answer, just turned beet red.

"Come on Sister-in –law, tell me all about it?" Linda coached her.

"Well yes, I did get laid as you so grossly put it. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday if you must know!" Jude said trying to look confident and failing miserably.

"Wow!" I said, "When was the last time that happened?"

"Not since our honeymoon, " she replied a little disgusted."

"Wait a minute here!" Linda chimed in, "these pills are supposed to take three or four days to start working and here you are after the first night screwing like a bunny rabbit?"

Jude blushed again: damn this girl was going to have a heart attack from blushing so much.

"I don't know what they are supposed to do, but Mike and I hadn't had sex in over a month until the night we had dinner at your house. Then Friday he slips a pill into my drink and the next thing I know we are in bed. When he touches me I get turned on. Saturday he stayed home instead of playing golf. He took me to my mother's, helped around the house, listened to me when I talked to him and even complimented me on how nice I looked. I mean he was an absolute angel all day. He did the same thing Sunday.

All day long he was touching me. I don't mean fondling me, just touching me, putting his hand on my shoulder, or holding my hand. It was nice. It was the first time in a long time that I felt he loved me!"

The tears started. Tears of sadness for what had been, tears of joy for what could be. Linda went to her and hugged her and they both ignored her nakedness. They broke the hug laughing, both wiping tears from their cheeks.

"Has he made any suggestions to you yet?" I asked softly. "It's important to respond to his early ideas, that helps to build his confidence.'

"He told me how pretty I was and how much he liked to see me dolled up as he put it," she answered still dabbing at her eyes with the drink napkin.

"So?" I asked.

"Sunday I did my makeup and hair, I don't usually do that around the house," she allowed.

"Why not? If you were still dating him would you let him see you without makeup, with your hair a mess?"

"Well no," she said, " I guess that we have just gotten into a rut and I stopped thinking about that sort of thing."

"He also suggested that I get my nails done, just something he mentioned once on Sunday," she continued.

"Well I'll go get the polish, you go sit by the table over there and we will do your nails!" I said bouncing up.

We all sat around the pool side table and I did Judith's fingers and toes as we talked. An hour later there was a coat of our now trademark "Whore Red" polish drying on them. Funny how a little thing can make such a big difference, but her attitude had improved constantly during the process and by the end she was almost bubbly.

Finally Linda said she had to go so she could be home for Alan. She stood and retrieved her blouse and shorts, then slipping them on hugged me goodbye. Judith promised to call and update us on a daily basis.

To my surprise Jude called me the next morning. I was used to her communicating through Linda. I assumed she thought Linda was the saner one of us. She didn't know Linda very well! I considered it a big step that she went directly to the naked slut.

Jude told me how she had been waiting for Mike when he got home. She had slipped on a light summer dress without a bra. She claimed she was not ready to shed the panties yet, but that the dress clearly showed she was braless and Mike's reaction was immediate. He took her in his arms and hugged the stuffing out of her.

She had a nice dinner ready and they had a pleasant meal before settling in front of the TV to watch a video. It wasn't a hot movie she claimed, but a chick flick, the type of thing that Mike would never watch with her.

The movie viewing turned into a necking session, then to petting and before the movie was half over they were both naked and not the least bit interested in the heroine any longer.

Judith said she couldn't remember the last time they had fooled around anyplace other than the bed. She was having a great time and didn't give a damn if the sofa ended up with a small stain on it by then.

"Jackie," she went on, "Mike asked me to do something that he has never asked before. He said he wanted to see my pretty fingers wrapped around his hard dick!"

"So did you?" I questioned her.

"I was caught up in the feelings and so surprised that Mike spoke to me like that I just reached out and held him. Mike has never used profanity during sex!"

"Honey," I told her, "dick isn't profanity, cock maybe, but only if you're not horny at the time."

"That isn't all; he wrapped his hand around mine and began to move mine on him. I used to listen to the girls in school talk about giving hand jobs to their boyfriends, but I have never done anything like that!"

"After a couple of minutes he moved his hand away and I just kept it up. I don't know what it was, but I wanted to do it now, to please him this way."
"The pills girl, don't feel guilty, the pills just removed your inhibitions," I reminded her.

"Maybe so," she allowed, "but by then I just wanted to watch him, you know, watch him get a climax."

"Oh I can understand that!" I told her.

"I've felt him a few times, and helped him find the right spot sometimes, but I had never really held him and stroked him before. I was surprised at how the skin felt, moving under my hand. He was both hard and felt soft at the same time, it's hard to describe."

"You don't have to describe it to me Jude, I know exactly what you mean," I replied.

"I guess I never really paid attention to just how big he is. My fingers wouldn't go all the way around him and when I used my other hand, both of them didn't cover all of him. Is that normal?"

"They come in all sizes girl, but it sounds like you have a healthy specimen there!" I laughed.

"I just kept moving my hands, mesmerized at the way the skin just slid up and down. I made sure to keep my hands turned so he could see my nails because he said he liked that. Then he started to get wet."

"When I pulled the skin up over the top it came back wet, like he was leaking. The wetness worked its way down until it was under my hands and then the sensation of gliding, of softness surrounding hardness was so intense that I was amazed by it."

"Mike was mumbling to me all the time too. He has never done that before and never said the things he did before. He kept saying how good it felt and for me not to stop. He said he wanted me to make him cum. "

"I was watching his face. I don't know how to describe it but he looked completely relaxed and totally intense at the same time. He was looking at my hands moving on him. We were both watching, waiting."

"I felt his body stiffen and then shake like he was having an internal earthquake. Then he erupted! It was like watching a car wreck, everything was crystal clear and in slow motion. I had him pointed straight up and the first stream leapt into the air. I followed it with my eyes as it reached to the peak of its flight and started to fall back. Just then the second burst came out and they collided in midair. Like one of those aerial fireworks it just exploded and flew everywhere. Then more came, and more."

"My hands were soaked and Mike's belly and legs were drenched, but I was still holding onto him tight. His eyes were closed and he looked like he was holding his breath. I didn't know what to do. Part of me wanted to run and get a wash cloth, and part of me just wanted to sit there holding him in my hands. Mike opened his eyes and look at me. He silently mouthed, "I love you."

"He sat up and turned me on the sofa, placing my back against it, then he slipped to his knees in front of me and lowered his head between my legs. God it was awesome. I didn't realize that I was wet, but I was very wet, soaked. I don't even remember what he did to me, just that it felt terrific and that in a minute I was jerking and twisting in an orgasm of my own."

"Oh you lucky girl!" I applauded.

"We went upstairs," she continued, "and washed each other off and by then he was ready to make love again. So we did!"

I was horny as hell just from listening to her and Joe wouldn't be home for hours yet. I tried to focus on Jude and helping her.

"Have you got any plans for tonight, anything special for him?" I asked trying to steer her thinking a little.

"Mike wants me to dress sexier and I was hoping that maybe you and Linda could go shopping with me. Maybe you could help me pick something out to wear for him."

"I think that's a great idea!" and I wasn't lying. She was already responding to his suggestions magnificently.

"Linda and I will pick you up in about an hour." I told her and then hanging up hurried to call my accomplice.

We spent a couple of hours helping Jude shop. Linda and I tried to curtail our show off tendencies for the day, and I think we did a good job of it. Of course if someone just happened to get a peek under our skirts or down our blouses, well that was their good luck. Our objective was to help Jude. We had to be careful not to go too far in our recommendations; we didn't want to scare her.

She ended the day with several pairs of stockings a lacey new bra and panty set, a thin blouse to cover it with and a short skirt. We couldn't get her into the shoe store, she claimed to have what she needed at home. We took her back home and wished her luck.

By the time I heard Joe's car drive up I was about to bust with horny! When he came through the door I was waiting wearing heels, garters, stockings and a half bra. He loves me in black and I was all decked out in his favorite color.

I had dinner on the table when he came in, everything but desert, and I quickly unwrapped that! Once he was naked I led him to the table and we ate. There is something about having a naked man sitting near you that just gets things going.

When the meal was done I took my wineglass as and moved to him. He slid his chair back and I sat on his lap facing him. I lowered myself onto his hard shaft and just settled in. We shared my wine as I thrilled at the feeling of him deep inside me, just holding still and savoring the pleasure it gave me. Then I started to move. I rocked and rolled and shimmied and shook on him as his hard cock plunged fully into me. Near the end Joe stood and sat me on the edge of the table so he could take control and he started long stokes into my pussy that very soon drove me over the top. He came right after me.

A fertile woman could get pregnant just swimming in our pool! That's where we ended up. Joe's cum was still running down my leg when I stripped my lingerie off and dove off the side. We floated and swam, we cuddled and petted, we kissed and then we made love again in the water. Finally we went to bed, and we made love again.

Jude reported that her new outfit was a great success and that things had never been better with her and Mike. She talked to me or Linda everyday, but we didn't actually get together until about a week later.

Linda and I were lying out by the pool, (I know that it sounds as if that's all we do, but we each have a part time job. Linda sells real estate and I consult for an ad company. Linda also volunteers at a hospital once a week and I give a couple of days a month to the women's center) when Jude showed up. She let herself into the backyard and took a seat between us. She had gotten used to our nudity by now and just paid it no attention. She was looking much better and dressing better, even for just a visit to us.

It was pretty obvious that she had something on her mind, she looked troubled. We became concerned immediately.

After the usual pleasantries Linda broke the ice, "Ok sister-in-law, what's the problem? You look like you just found out there is no Santa Claus."

She looked at the two of us and giving a deep sigh and dropping her shoulders said. "Mike wants me to give him a blow job."

"What!" Linda yelled.

"You mean you haven't!" I exclaimed.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Linda demanded, "You mean that you have never given Mike a blow job? How the hell have you stayed married to him?"

She blushed a deep red and shrunk into herself more. "I want to, really I do!" she started, "but I'm afraid if I do he will want to, well, he will want to cum in my mouth."

"Of course he will," Linda said more kindly, "and you'll let him too."

"And if you don't," I said playing the bad cop, "I'll take you out behind the pool house and kick your silly ass!"

"You guys do it?" she asked incredulous. "You let them cum in your mouth?"

"Of course we do," Linda answered for us, "Jackie I think you need to explain your cocksucking theory to Jude."

I gave my lecture on male domination and female submission, explaining that they were not at all the same thing. For us to submit to our lovers was a gift of love from us demonstrating our adoration of our man. When we get on our knees in front of them and take their manhood in our mouths we are telling them that they are the most important thing in the world. When we let them cum in our mouth it is our complete surrender to their maleness, to what they are.

"Do you actually enjoy it?" she asked me, "I mean doesn't it taste awful?"

"Do you remember the candies Sweet Tarts?" I asked her.

"Sure, used to eat them by the box full," she said.

"Well that's what it reminds me of, except warm and liquid, and jet propelled."

Jude laughed, "It's that jet propelled part that scares me I think!"

"Whether I am lying on the bed between his legs, or kneeling on the floor in front of him I like to watch his face." I went on. "With Joe you can see everything he is feeling right in his eyes. I get such a kick out of seeing him have so much pleasure from what I do for him. When he gets close he makes these funny faces and he starts to tremble all over then goes really tense just before he cums."

"When he cums he just melts. Sometimes he moans or calls out something, but mostly he just sort of dissolves into my mouth and gets this look of complete satisfaction, total relaxation. It's the best feeling in the world to do that for the guy you love, sometimes I cum just doing that, with no other help."

Jude and Linda were both looking at me, I guess I had a funny look about me as I was remembering loving my Joe. "So how often do you do this?" Jude asked.

"I don't know, maybe four or five times a week, something like that." I mused.

"What's he do? Tell you that's what he wants?" she asked.

"No, that's always something he wants, I just do it when I feel like it, or want to do something special for him. This morning for instance, " I explained.

"We were getting ready for work, or he was anyway. Joe had finished his shower and was standing at the sink shaving. He looked so cute standing there naked, with shaving cream all over his face. He was making all these funny faces as he twisted his jaw or pulled his nose around to shave. His butt was flexing, his cheeks getting tight and then loose as he moved. He just looked so cute and sexy! I moved behind him and reached around and got a handful of his soft dick and started to play with him. He got hard fast, he usually does, especially in the mornings.

I turned him around and got on my knees in front of him and took him in my mouth, He smelled of soap and male musk and tasted delicious. I was horny and wet so I played with myself as my head bobbed on his hard and hot cock. He just leaned back against his sink and let me work on him. He still held the razor in one hand and the other had lather on it, his face was still covered in shave cream, but his eyes were bright and happy.

I've done this enough that I have gotten pretty good at controlling him with my mouth and I wanted to cum too, so I made sure to keep him on the edge until I was ready. Just as I was about to let go I made him cum and when he shot into my mouth I came too. It was great!

I just stood up and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and then went downstairs without a word. He came down a little later and you know what he said? He said, "If Bill told Monica that isn't sex she must not have been very good at it!"

That was as good for both of us as any regular sex we ever have had," I finished.

Jude was still inclined to blush a bit and she was then after listening to my story. Linda added an important comment to complete her day's education.

"Remember not to spit it out," Linda said, "that's insulting to them. When a man is horny the only thing bigger than his dick is his ego!"

Her cell phone rang just then. We listened to her side of the conversation, obviously with her husband. When she hung up she turned to us to explain.

"That was Mike, he's getting off early and wants to come by and pick me up," she told us. "I told him this morning that I might walk over here and talk with you guys."

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