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Magic Room


If you ever want to live out a fantasy then this is the place to be. You see it all began while I was out hanging with my girls. On this particular night we decided to go bar hopping. We finally settled on this spot called the Tango Sweet. It sort of reminded me of a lush hotel. The exception being that it was an extravagant ballroom party.

After dancing non-stop for about seven songs the girls and me plopped our ass at the sports bar and ordered our drinks. It was then that I noticed people going in and out of this double door. I really didn't think too much about it because I thought it was where people were going to get their grub on.

Toni, one of my girls asked the bartender, "What's back there?"

"If you ever want to get your freak on that's where you go," he replied.

We all looked at each other and then turned back again to stare at the bartender. My mouth was wide open and so was Bubbles. Toni just had a smile on her face while Terri was trying not to laugh. It didn't last too long because one by one we all burst out laughing.

"Well, the sign above the doors do say Magic Room," Terri choked trying to hold back her laughter.

The bartender didn't say a word. All he did was just grinned at us. He handed each one of us our drinks. He lingered a bit longer with Bubbles.

"Oh my God!" shrieked Toni. "Do you know how many times I would have to visit this place in order to even catch up to my fantasies?"

"Everyday for the next two years and then some," smirked Terri.

"Girl my pussy is like gold"

"And mines is like honey," countered Terri.

"Excuse me Mr. Bartender man," Bubbles interrupted. "How do they know what type of fantasy we want? Do you have to fill out something?"

"Yeah." I asked, "Do you need to make an appointment or something?"

"Nah, just sign in and pick a room if it is available. Grab your man or woman and everything else will be waiting for you," he responded back.

"Mmmm," Bubbles said below her breath as she slurped her drink. "I've already got one in mind."

He winked at my girl and she started to blush. He had that lopsided grin on his face and sparkle in his eyes. I knew what was going down.

"Okay already," Terri grumbled. "Time to head back to the dance floor and get our groove on."

"Damn! I can use some dick about right now," Toni whined. "My pussy hasn't had any in a while."

"I know that's right," chimed in Bubbles.

"Yeah right!" I exclaimed. "What about the day before yesterday?"

"Girl, that was then this is now."

"Fuck that," Terri shouted above the music. "If it was up to her she'd do it everyday."

"Hell yeah," Toni said as she grabbed a nice looking man and dragged him to the dance floor. It was evident to us that he wasn't about to complain not the way he was gyrating all over her.

After about three more dances curiosity got the better of me and I found myself wandering around the club to see what's what. Eventually I found myself gravitating towards the Magic Room shall I say, to investigate. Once I made it to the doors I slowly opened them up and crept inside just to take a quick peek. I'm not one to take chances but like I said curiosity got the better of me.

I'm not sure what I expected to find but the first thing I noticed was this huge hallway leading to a foyer. Naturally I moved in a little farther to see where it led. Another ballroom? No, it was like walking into a dream world. There was this huge foyer with winding steps leading up to some more individual rooms. A hotel extravaganza is the only way I could describe it. There was a humongous crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It was beautiful, classy and elegant.

Instead of room numbers I could see that there were signs above the door. The signs were labeled something like Smooth n Creamy, Fire n Ice, Molten Lava, Big Daddy, any erotic name you can possibly come up with I think it was there. Now I really knew what was going on.

I could hear moans and grunts. I could hear furniture moving. You could just smell the sex in the air. I started feeling an ache between my legs so I decided to head back to the dance floor. As I was backing up I bumped into a wall. That was until I turned around and found out that the wall materialized into a fine ass man. As a matter of fact I could have sworn I was just dancing with his fine ass not to long ago.

I was so embarrassed. I started fidgeting. He wanted to know how I liked this place. I played dumb and I told him I was actually looking for the restroom.

He arched his eyebrows as if to say yeah right and then asked, "How could you mistake this for the bathroom?"

I just shrugged my shoulders because I couldn't think of nothing to say.

I noticed him slowly licking his lips. They were nice and thick and the first thing that came to my mind was where I wanted him to put them. As I started to go around him Bubbles came out of one of the doors marked Smooth and Creamy carrying what looked like a bowl peaches and ice cream. A few seconds later out came... no not the bartender but the guy Toni was dancing with!

She walked over to us and then she had the nerve to wink at me and said, "I see you made it to the Magic Room?"

She kept on walking. "Have fun I know I did," she yells over her shoulder.

She blew my cover. We glanced at each other. I was so busted that all I could do was blush. I tried stammering out another excuse but I gave up. I decided to try and catch up to them but he stepped in my way.

He was so close to me that my chest touched his upper rib cage. That's when I noticed his hands were on my ass and his groin was pressed against my belly. He gently squeezed my ass and pushed it up towards his dick. My pussy felt the thickness of his dick and I starting throbbing down there.

I look up at him and his eyes seem to look droop. I felt my breast tingling and my pussy getting wet.

He asked, "Want to give it a try?"

"I would if I had a man."

"Consider it done," is what he replied and proceed to grab my hand.

He gently pulled me down the hall. We were almost at this door before I realized I had actually moved and followed him. I was so stunned. Suddenly I came to my senses and jerked my hands away from his.

"I can't go in there with you."

"Why not?"

I snorted, " I don't know you like that."


"So what?"

"So now is your chance to get to know me."

"That's alright next time I come here it will be with my man."

"Do you have a man?"

"No," I retorted. "And it's none of your damn business anyway."

He just looked at me with this silly look and this huge grin on his face. His grin started getting wider. My heart skipped a beat. At first, I thought he was joking, but then he was still looking at me. Oddly what I really wanted him to do was to grab me and just take me in the room and fuck the hell out of me. Of course I was going to put up a fight.

I didn't quite turn out like that. Needless to say, as much as I wanted I couldn't let him take me into the room.

"Some other time," I said as I waved goodbye to him.

As I turn around to walk away from him I was suddenly pushed against the wall. He started kissing the nape of my neck. Man! His lips were so soft that I turned my neck so that he could have better access to it. I felt his hand massaging my breast and that felt so fucking good. My nipples started getting hard and my pussy was throbbing.

I was aching so bad to have his dick inside my pussy right there and right now. I needed to relieve my aching sensation. I arched back towards him to let his lips find their way further down my neck to my ear.

My mind was telling me no but my body was telling me yes. Just like R Kelly sang in his song.

He started to put his weight on me and I felt his dick imprint on my ass hard and thick. He was grinding it against me and I was returning the favor. His hands trailed down my stomach to find its way to inside my skirt to reach my panties. He grabbed my panties and ripped them off. He found my pussy already wet and inviting.

"I see you're wet for me already," he stated.

"From the minute I saw you."

"Why try to perpetrate like you didn't want me?" he said in a husky voice.


"Because what?" he asked as he was rubbing and kneading my clitoris.

I can tell that he was smiling and so was I. I'm not one to take chances but since this is...

Oh my God! He used his fingers and opened the slits and inserted a few of them inside my pussy while dick up against my ass. He was stroking and flicking the hell out of me with his fingers inside of me. The tickling sensation got stronger and I was on the verge of having spasms.

"Because I really don't know you," I gasped.

"Now you do," he whispered in my ear. " If you want me to stop tell then you better tell me right now because I'm not going to be able to in a minute."

It only took me a few seconds to decide. I said to myself I'll never se him again so why the hell not? I'll just consider this my fantasy fuck.

I removed his hands slowly from inside pussy and turned around to face him.

"I've never done this before," I squeaked.

"Neither have I so don't feel bad."

I put his hands back on my pussy and I put my hands inside his pants and fondled his dick. As he was stroking me I was stroking him.

He asks me my name. I told him my name was really Toyia but he could call me Hot Chocolate. It was so funny we both had to laugh. He turned out to have a sense of humor.

He pushed his fingers deeper inside of me and I almost lost my balance. I was ready to come. His dick was getting harder by the second and I felt something wet and sticky at the tip of his dick so I pushed down on it a little. I started stroking the tip and pumping his shaft up and down.

When he moaned in my ear his breath was hot and intoxicating. He was basically holding me up against the wall with one hand palming my breast and his finger inside of me. He slowly removed his hand and put it in his mouth to taste it.

"Mmm! You taste like chocolate candy."

I was so caught off guard my jaw dropped as I gaped at him. The next thing I knew I was tossed across his shoulder and he was making his way inside the called Strawberry Delight. Now I was officially in the Magic Room.

The room was gorgeous. Red, purple and lavender was the theme for this room. The bed was a soft deep purple while the pillows were layered the bed with a mixture of lavender and purple. The room itself was elegant yet it had a kinky touch to it. The candles were rose scented and alluring with a calming effect to it. On one of the nightstands sat a big bowl of strawberries, a can of whip cream and a small container of chocolate syrup.

He looks at me and blows me a kiss. I grabbed that airborne kiss and put it on my pussy. We both start to smile.

I blurted out, "Where's the ice-cream?"

"We'll make our own," he whispered in my ear as he lowered me closer to the bed.

My clothes were off of me before I even realized he was taking his off. All I could do was stare at his dick as he finished. I started getting wet all over again. He was well endowed.



Please tell me that's all you?"

"And you know it," he laughed. "Now you can feel it."

It sprung out some and then it started pulsating. He swaggers over to me styling and profiling until he stood between my legs.

Luther Vandross's song "If Only For One Night" was playing in the background.

He kneels down and leans over me kissing my breast to take a few of the strawberries out of the bowl. He started laying them on top of me one by one.

He started from my chin and worked his way down to my navel. He topped each one alternating between the syrup and whip cream. He takes another strawberry and bites it and pours what ever juice he can get from it down the middle. He bites another one and gives me the other half of it by sticking it in my mouth. He tells me not to eat it yet. The last thing he does is take a strawberry and slices it and lays them on my pussy and inserts one slice barely inside of my pussy lips.

He leans over and nibbles the strawberry that's in my mouth until our lips meet and he kisses me hungrily. I was quivering and shaking all over. As he starts to go lower he takes his tongue and the laps the juice up, grabs a strawberry with his tongue and kisses the spot where it was. As he picks or sucks up each berry he either nips me or sucks me there. Eventually he makes his way down south to my pussy. By this time I was squirming and gyrating to his every touch.

My pussy was tingling and it was very wet and throbbing by now.

He takes his hands and put them on my ass and lifts me up towards his face a little. I felt his tongue flickering around, over and in my pussy. His tongue was strong and hot. I could barely hear him moaning over my moans. He stroked and sucked the hell out of my pussy like he was drinking cereal milk out of a bowl.

I started to feel the tickling sensation again so I grabbed the sheet. I grabbed his head pulling him deeper inside of me. I was in the throes of ecstasy. Between the lickings, sucking, stroking and the heat of his tongue I couldn't help but to cum. Spasms were hitting me left and right. His hand squeezed my ass and he pulled me closer to his mouth where he was grabbing my clitoris. I felt myself exploding! I didn't think I was ever going to stop but in one fluid motion his dick was now inside of me. He was thick and extremely hard.

My walls were stretching and I was still coming. I grabbed his ass and pushed him in deeper. I move up towards him to meet him halfway. He stopped and pulled out some and then forward a few times until I subsided. All the while my pussy was grabbing him from the inside. I knew when I clinched him because he bucked hard. I could feel every inch of his dick form the tip to the base of his balls.

He was looking at me the whole time. He finally said to me, "My name is J."

I stopped what I was doing and looked at him like he was crazy. He just smiled. He was still moving back and forth slowly. He his dick to the right and that got me started again. In and out, left and right. He was hitting it from all angles. First he started slow then it became faster. I was matching his pace and his movements. I arched up and he drove in deeper until all you could hear was our bodies slapping against each other.

When I felt I was about to explode and cum again he squeezed my ass pushing deeper inside until it kind of hurt. It was the hurt that felt so good. I wrapped my legs around him and he pumped into me fast and hard. We both were cumin. After our release he stayed on top and inside of me for a long time. When he started getting heavy I nudged him to lift up. When he was going to roll over I accidentally bumped his dick and it sprung back to life so I took advantage of it!

It was my turn to use the strawberries. I retrieved four of them and squeezed the juice on his dick and proceeded to lick him up and down. I licked up and around the tip while my hands were massaging his balls. Then I stroked him up and down in my mouth. It was getting too thick to keep in my mouth so I starting to use my hands. I was playing with the tip of his dick with my mouth. I had just sprayed some whip cream on it. I was sucking it when he pulled me away.

He sat me on his dick so that I could straddle him. He lifted me off just only to where the tip was still inside my pussy. He started moving me up and down for a while. I took over from there. Now it was my turn to stroke him up and down, left and right and back and forth. I rode and hump him nice and slow. When he grabbed my ass I knew it was over for me. He impaled me to where I couldn't do anything but accept him moving me back and forth while he was pounding up and down.

He put me closer for a kiss and that's when I heard him growl, "Oh shit!"

Surprisingly he didn't ask who's it? I could have sworn I heard him say, "This pussy belongs to me and only me and you better not let another mother fucker up in here."

I was in the throes of passion and I didn't care what he said. It was only for one night.

Afterwards when it was said and done we eventually laid down together to catch our breaths. One of his hands was on my right breast and the other one on my stomach and my ass against his dick. I enjoyed every minute of my fantasy.

As I nodded off I heard him say, "Welcome to the Magic Room your wish was my desire."

Needless to say every time I look up we are back in the Magic Room. After two years you would think that we should be tired by now. Nope! We created our own Magic Room and every time I wake up from the ecstasy there is a strawberry waiting for me.

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