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Magic Theatre

byDr S Crow©

That morning, as she brushed past the weather-beaten oak door, something hard and long jabbed into her crotch. For the first time in her life the key was waiting in its hole and all she had to do was to grasp and firmly turn it.

The soft oiled click.

The Magic Theatre of Sex had, at long last, unlocked its heavy old doors for her, the blind usher had taken her by the hand and lead her through the convoluted, dream-like corridors decorated with fresques, sculptures and paintings of men and women in the throes of passion, passages impregnated with the odour of exotic over-ripe fruits and spices (in fact the odour of copulation seeping through velvet draped doors) and he had seated her in the deep purple couch in front of the heavy curtains. The overture was climaxing as the curtains slowly parted, lights dimmed.

Spotlight on Angel.

Young, beautiful and desirable but she didn't know how desirable she was. This 24 spring rolls of petite Chinese monkey-girl, small breasts, wide hips and smiles. She did not know how beautiful and sexy she was. But she was beginning to learn as she discovered her naked self, as her hands wandered over her soft body imagining his hands and lips nuzzling at her nipples and her belly, his face slowly kissing down to her hot wet dark jungle of sex spices where his tongue slowly unfolds her most intimate parts, licking, sucking, nibbling.


She watches the fantasy.

He has her spread, an X, ankles and wrists softly bound to the four posts of the huge bed with silken scarves. As she lays there naked he has been telling her stories. Her pebble nipples puckered and hardened, her luxurious pussy softened and moistened like the sweltering undergrowth of a hot rain forest, scuttling lizards, giant snails horning slimy paths. And her pebble nipples? Flotsommed on small perfect pacific island breasts.

He told her he had to educate her, to teach her to enjoy her body and his to the maximum. His soft British voice coached her in oozing honeyed sex words, massaged her sensual brain centres. And as he did so she sighed and whimpered and made little pussy cat noises that kept him constantly hard and erect, his balls stirring with lust for his sweet young Asian girl.

He ached to fuck his angelic niece, to feel his hardened member of a private club slipping into her warm wet sexual grip, tight and milking him like a hungry hand maiden. He had been brushing the tip of his glistening cock upon her body, painting her soft cunt lips with pre-cum as he told her about the 101 ways he would make love to her, how she would cry and beg for more, how she would wrap her little body around him, urging him deeper into her soul.

He had told her how he loved her wide hips, how he would turn her over and take her like a dog, a monkey, a tiger, a bear, a slug, like some sort of creature, anyway, from behind, holding onto her hip grips as he pounded into her obscenely spread slim thighs.

He loved to see his peach-tanned girl dressed only in white ankle socks and tight white panties, kneeling on the bed, ass up and head buried in the sheets, hands pressing into the pillows. He loved to see that his little slut had no bikini line, see her pubic hair proudly bustling out of her knickers. He loved when she whispered, "I am your little Chinese slut, fuck me Uncle Donal.." With that Chinese little voice.

But right now she was still spread-eagled over the bed, her lower body squirming for release. And as he spoke he took a large realistic cock-like vibrator from a drawer and switched it on to maximum leaving it buzzing and lying over her soft pubic hair. Her sex pushed at it needing to feel the stimulation.

He untied her left hand which instantly, urgently, flew to the vibrating sex machine, pressing it against her hungry vagina, only needing to have the perpetual, imperceptible on/off/on/off/on electric tickle upon her swollen clitoris, hips swirling and gyrating to the music of the urgent sex dance.

"So, now my angel, what do you need?" he teased her and she replied without hesitation, "I need you to teach me how to enjoy sex, my uncle Donal.. Teach me how to make love and to fuck, how to please a man and at the same time pleasure myself."

His head was between her thighs, he was inhaling the intoxicating smell of pure lust, was drinking and drunk on the juices oozing from her cunt, his tongue lapping and licking, his face covered in her. She pushed against him as his thick tongue plunged as deeply as it could extend into her most intimate being, orgasms lapping and licking through her belly, to her Electa-tipped nipple and to the ends of her long soft beautiful black hair. Yes, even her hair was cumming.

She had sometimes fantasised about such moments, had lain sleepy and sexy in bed letting her hands explore her flesh but this was a million times more intense than any sensations she had ever brought to her tender young body. She had suspected that this was how it would be but had not suspected how she would never want it to stop. She was becoming addicted to these feelings that his mouth was lavishing upon her.

She watched, longing to be an actress.

So she slowly stood and walked onto the stage, the script was engraved upon her mind and had been for many millions of years, she walked into the first act of the play called Uninhibited Sex, all the curtains had opened, everything had been revealed to her and now she was drooling. Her closest friends would not have recognised her as she let her soft pink tongue lick obscenely over her swollen lips. Blood was pumping to her every erogenous zone, her brain was filled with images of man stroke woman sex, she was a goddess, a queen, a pornographical star. She was the woman that every man wanted to fuck and she was going to suck his cock like it had never been sucked. Yes, she drooled as she imagined how her mouth would swallow him right down to the back of her throat, one hand caressing his balls the other slipping and turning over his saliva greased shaft.

This sweet young semi-innocent Chinese girl was becoming the mistress of her passions, the door to the theatre had not been unlocked - she had unlocked it and hidden the heavy, thick key in the eye of the volcano where only intrepid men with long sensual heat-seeking fingers could find it.

He was now sitting in the spectator's couch as she squatted on the floor in her white dress slowly sliding above her thighs and spreading open as she sat in a Karma Sutra Lotus.

Was that her dark bush, shadows or a black thong he could see up at the top of her legs?

She smiled up at him like a woman losing control of her sexual sanity, eyes rolling back, animal twitches from the groin. (You know what I mean. It doesn't happen every time but when it does you don't forget in a hurry.)

Uncle Donal was a man and this angelic devil-niece was a woman. And Uncle Donal was not her uncle at all. But the thought that there may be some sort of perverted incestuous relation going on between this seemingly innocent-sweet China doll and this British man old enough to be her... uncle. Well, it excited both of them.

Angel smiled knowing the effect she was having on her old uncle as she now performed for his pleasure. In the past he had told her she was beautiful and sexy and this had made her feel good even though she had only three quarters believed it. Now she knew it was the truth. She was beautiful and sexy and desired. And this young Asian girl was decidedly horny for this dirty old white man.

She had met him on ICQ many years earlier, had got to know him and his wife, had shared many things with him: love and life, had even moved to the country where he lived to be nearer him, had spoken to him on the phone, seen his photos, sent him photos. She had grown to love him but it was an ambiguous love. As his was for her.

Was this really him? Was this her? Were they really in the Magic Theatre?

Yes, it was. Yes, it was. No, they weren't. (But yes, they are...)

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