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Magical Christmas


Chapter 1

It took Nathan more than the one hour that he had promised his brother that day, to think through. The planning took more than a month, but he had delayed the execution for another one month. He gave it consideration countless times, each time led to only this last resort.

"Nathan, she's here. The storm is coming. We don't have much time."

"I don't know, Patrick, I really don't know," He lifted his gaze towards the red head in front of him.

"I understand your hesitation. But really, we have no choice. Trust me; Father will be more appeased with my backup plan should this one fail." Still, Nathan's hands clasped in front of him and his elbows stayed on his sitting knees, praying one last time for a miracle.

Patrick walked closer, patted on his broad shoulder," Come on, Bro. I know it's hard. But you saw the way she looked at me. You've delayed long enough. You don't want him hiring a professional, now do you? I like her too".

"Well, grab this chance while it's not too late. C'mon," Patrick shoved his head towards the opening of the woods, beckoning him with encouragement. A silver sparkle appeared from behind the woods.

Panting, a middle aged man called Jack ran towards them, speaking to him in low voice when he was close enough, "Nathan, C'mon, boy, we're running out of time, don't let it be too late again. Let's go".

With his last words of prayer, he stood up, tightening fists at his sides, and followed them towards the lake inside the woods. If destiny wants it this way, so be it.

Rebecca walked in a hurry towards the lake. Her backpack wasn't heavy on her back. But she didn't have much time. Her time for sneaking out of the castle was almost over. A storm warning had been broadcasted, so she had to return before dark.

This ritual of sneaking out her castle-like home unescorted was her favorite part when she had to stay home alone. Alone? Bah. There were always Nancy and Mr Atkins, and every time she left her home, escorts were compulsory. Being the only daughter of a billionaire, she hardly had any privacy. What with the Paris Hilton scandal, and the rave parties that these rich girls her age had been throwing, her parents sticked to their conservative religious background. Instead of a wild sexual venture with her elite schoolmates, she had to remain a virgin, at least until she's married to some arrogant elite heir their parents chose in future. She had to bluff about her sexual ventures to her friends, and pretend that she was going on a wild camp with other friends, while actually she had been locked at home if she didn't want the escorts embarrassingly tailed her around.

Browsing her green eyes towards the hill, she made sure nobody was around. Of course, nobody knew of this secluded place, it was her secret escapade. Sighing over her own paranoia, she put her bag on the bushes, and walked to the clear watered lake, stripping off her cotton dress. The calm water was so beautiful and shiny, she just couldn't wait.

She enjoyed the splash of fresh water against her well-pampered skin. Scrubbing her back and washing all over her petite body, she sighed and smiled in contentment. This is my favorite kind of adventure. Silently she prayed to her maker, with much gratitude that just 2 hours walk from her home, happened to be the neck of a mountain with such wonderful lake. Plus, nobody could come here without breaching the perimeter her parents had placed, to prevent anyone from coming into their fortress without permit. A sly smile appeared on her face, the perimeter guard had been asleep, and so were Nancy and Atkins. What are the odds!

After swimming around the edge, she walked back to the land, laid down naked for a bit of rest before returning home. She shut her eyes for a while under the sunshine, enjoying the rustling sound of leaves caressed by the gentle wind. Oh if only the sun could stay still to delay the storm, she would indulge in a nice afternoon nap here. Sighing again, she enjoyed the wild nature blowing gentle wind to her hourglass body. Her silky black hair contrast to her milky white skin, and fanned around her rebellious head. She needed more tanning if she were to make her friends believe the next story about a wild adventure in Mexico. Mexico... Bah!

Suddenly, pairs of rough hands grabbed her naked body and tapped her mouth. She couldn't escape in their overpowering clutches, but still tried to struggle, draining out her energy. They carried her deeper into the woods. Finding no chance to see the face of her captors, she saw only features of huge men towering against the sunlight.

They chained her limbs to the two trees at her sides, leaving her bound at a spread-eagle position. She quickly gazed to identify her captors; three men in casual clothes, she couldn't tell their occupation. She gasped, recognizing one of them, as Patrick. She used to have a crush on him in high school, but he moved away, without a chance for her to introduce herself. He had been such a mysterious babe magnet with the handsome face and the athletic built. The chicks were disappointed for the sudden loss of gem, all of them, including her. But what is he doing here now?

Beside him, a brunette man, seemed busy pressing the buttons on his camera, and setting his tripod. Beside the brunette, her eyes widened, was a more handsome and more tanned version of Patrick. His facial feature resembled Patrick's. He was slightly taller, but also had Patrick's swimmers body. His hair was dark blond, and his deep blue eyes... there was something about his eyes that she couldn't recall, and wouldn't bother to. Still, she would rather call him handsome beast. Yes, a beast, but handsome. They were all savages because they had abducted her this way, regardless the regal composure they possessed. Damnit, she couldn't think properly at this state of panic. How dare they bind her in the open like this?

The handsome beast walked closer, observing her. He had this authoritative aura, a predatory yet elegantly straight back. She raked into her mind, trying to recall on where she had seen him before. He spoke to her in low voice, while looking deep into her eyes,

"First, I have to apologize for the inconvenience, Rebecca. But we need your cooperation. I shall remove the tape, so we can converse better. Only, if you promise not to scream. Save your strength, there's nobody around and we don't have much time. Now nod if you agree to cooperate please." She was right, his tone was elegant too. Still pissed despite his courteous words, she just nodded anyway.

He removed the tape on her mouth.

She glared at him in full hatred. Staring at her eyes, he stood so close to her, that the edge of his nose was just an inch in front of hers.

"Now Rebecca, I've pulled all my strings here to keep you alive. And I implore you to please cooperate with us. I do not want to harm you." Bollocks, she thought.

"State out your business and quick release me!" She demanded.

"The matter concerns your parents. I understand that they are attending a wedding in Tokyo?" her eyes flew in surprise. Her mind darted to two possibilities; he might be just an unsatisfied competitor, or perhaps he was urgently trying to help her parents out.

"It is very important that you'd cooperate with us, and talk to your parents about our matter, as soon as they come back from...."

"What do you want from them?" She was very direct indeed, as sharp as her tone.

"We need them to apologize, to our Patron, for the mistake that they did in the p...," her spit landed on his cheek. Stunned, he wiped it off with his large fingers.

"This is none of my business. Now untie me!" She demanded. How dare they use her to get to her parents!

"Do not forget that you are captured, Rebecca, you must...," She spat at his other cheek this time. His eyes expressed rage. Her angry glare matched his now, trying to pull on her restraints, hoping that they would come loose somehow.

"For your own sake, Lady, listen to me now before fighting back. It is very crucial now and the time is running out. Now all you have to do, is to ask your parents, to apologize to our...."

"No way! Let me go, you brute!" She was growing defiant.

"Nathan...," Patrick held the back of his shoulder to interject, but he held up his right palm, stopping him, "We don't have the time, Nathan."

Still, the handsome devil spoke to her again.

"Put your panic fear aside. As long as you cooperate, nobody will hurt you. One last time, all I'm asking you is...," She spat again at his cheek.

"Let me go!" She yelled at him.

"You leave us no choice, Becca," His glare warned her.

"Now I have to let Patrick do this, for your own life." She didn't respond, just glared him back. If this were a battle of guts, she would have won, but this was not a game show.

He wiped her saliva off his cheek, and nodded his head at Patrick, who replaced him immediately in front of her. The handsome devil walked over to the Brunette, who apparently had set his camera on the tripod. She saw him fetching a little red tube for the handsome devil called Nathan. Nathan took the tube, and ordered, "Leave us." The Brunette grinned and left, towards a couple of parked cars that were almost visible to her, because the window reflected some sunshine.

"Hi, Becca. I'm sorry but we have to save your life, and you refused to cooperate, so...," Patrick said to her while stripping off. She gasped in panic and terror, realizing what he was about to do. But still, she was enraged at the arrogant devil called Nathan, who was pressing on a button at the camera, and then sat about 1 meter beside them, on a foldable chair, watching with arms folded in front of his chest.

"Cooperate, Becca. All you have to do is cooperate, and we will stop this unnecessary loss of your virginity," Nathan said calmly but firmly to her.

"How did you...", "Yes, we have reliable sources," Patrick grinned as he proceeded by taking off his pants, and briefs.

"Cooperate, Becca," Nathan still tried to offer her another chance.

"Over my dead body," Her parents were more important than a maiden shield to her.

She gasped in extreme fear and bewilderment as she had her first look of Patrick's erecting penis. It was monstrous, voluminously long, and as thick as her fist. He was at least 9 inches long. She had seen cocks in movies and pictures, but she had never seen one in real life, especially not one like this abnormal-sized thing.

"No... No...," she murmured in fright. He was holding his shaft, stroking it up and down, the men's face hopeful over her fear.

"Cooperate, Becca, just say yes," Patrick demanded.

"No... Don't you dare! Let me go! Let me go!" She was straining over her bonds, rotating her hands around, trying to escape the soft leather cuffs, but it wouldn't break. He looked at Nathan, who nodded back at him.

Patrick reached his hand out to her naked body, touching her almost bald pussy, his thumb rotated around her pleasure nub. She started screaming out for help, but nobody came. The cars were in too much distance, and the thick woods absorbed her voice.

"No! Let me go! Please stop! Please! Don't!" Her voice grew louder as Patrick brought his gigantic mushroom head to touch on the opening of her pussy.

"Cooperate, Becca," Nathan said again, urging her to change her mind and stop the unnecessary deed. "No! Let me go! Please! Just let me go!" She started weeping.

"She's dry, Nathan," Patrick said, looking at him. He stood up and applied a generous amount of gel from the red tube, all around her private south. He touched at her nub, rubbing it, and rotated his finger around it. She started to feel the gel grew warm around her, and his touch made it even warmer, heightening her sensitivity, heating up some desire for a wild unknown. A slight bit of flame started to light in her. Couldn't believe she was about to be soiled by these brutes.

Her sobbing turned to an angry retort, compensating the new hot sensation she felt, "Let me go, you pervert! Brute! Don't touch me! No, Patrick, No, Nooooo!" She squealed as Patrick started putting a little bit of pressure to her opening with his head. He groaned. She felt him stretching her, and her sobbing grew severe.

"Say yes, Rebecca, just say yes and I will pull out," Patrick had a flicker of lust in his eyes, but still tried to persuade her.

"No, Please Don't! Please! Let me go! Just let me go please!" She cried, pleading him. He looked back at Nathan, who nodded again. Then he looked down on his long rod, slowly stroking up and down her pleasure nub, then returned it to the lips of her hole. She sobbed uncontrollably.

Very slowly, he pressed a little into her opening, stretching her again with half of his head, then tried to stir it a little but couldn't, because she was too tight, and she squealed in pain and terror. Ignoring her plea, Patrick proceeded by pressing ever so slowly deeper into her by 2 mm, stretching her pelvic bones apart. She gasped, trying to breathe, almost choked on herself. Then squealed again, "No! Please! Don't! It hurts! It hurts!" she was straining in her bonds, finding no relief. He was barely touching her maidenhead, and she already felt the pain of his thickness.

"Nathan?" Patrick called without looking at him, dared not to move for fear of hurting her. Nathan came over, then used his rough calloused hands to caress on her breasts, squeezing them and her nipples. But she didn't stop crying. He trailed fingers down her middle, to her belly button, and lower to her clit. Finding it, he used the lubricating gel to stroke her gently and slowly. She felt a strange sensation of heat growing inside her, and shamefully a sense of longing emerged. She almost moaned from the wonderful sensation, but her eyes turned fiery, she compensated it with her rage.

"No, Patrick! Let me go! Don't touch me! Let me go! NOOOO!" she screamed out as Patrick inserted an inch of him deeper, feeling her maiden shield, groaning from the sensation her tightness provided. She gasped again, gagging. He was incredibly huge.

"Say it, Rebecca," Nathan demanded, as he continued fingering her clit, which grew wonderfully warm.

"No! Let me go! No!" she shivered but still murmured her defiance, sobbingly. She was starting to like his fingers.

"Nathan...," Patrick said to Nathan, his eyes fiery with lust. Nathan's jaws clenched tightly, and disappointment came into his eyes, as he muttered, "Do it, Patrick!"

With a groan, Patrick slowly inserted deeper by millimeters, feeling his cock tearing her maiden layer, and still slowly glided deeper with much difficulty as her tightness clenched around him furiously. She screamed to the top of her lungs, and passed out.

She didn't remember anything except for the exquisite pain, and the sound of Patrick's groaning and panting, stroking half of his length into her, stretching her beyond the limit. She felt Nathan behind her, holding onto her body, protecting her from the danger of slumping and tearing her wrists. His face beside hers, murmuring words that she could barely catch as the blissful unconsciousness kept on tugging at her mind.

Slightly aware of what happened, she tried to whimper, "Please... Nathan... Stop Patrick...Please...," and surrendered herself back into unconsciousness. She didn't know why she trusted him, but something in his eyes all this while had been the kindest to her, and he had this bewitching effect on her mind. She still couldn't recall why.

Unbelievably, between the unconscious world and reality, she felt them suddenly stopped, Patrick pulling out of her, releasing a trail of warm blood down her thighs, and she slumped forward, leaning against Nathan's supportive hands. She felt her cuffs being released one by one, but her limp body had no more strength left to move. She fell into Nathan's arms, which lifted and carried her away from the dreadful place. She heard sounds of cars being started, a low vibration indicated that she was inside one. Unable to open her eyes from the exhaustion, she could only feel someone's warm embrace. She was being held by a pair of huge arms, rough skinned but gently cuddling her in a comfortable hug. She thought she had died and gone into an angel's arms.

--<-@ --<-@ --<-@ --<-@ --<-@ --<-@ --<-@ --<-@ --<-@

Chapter 2

She slept all the way through to the third night, totally dead to the world. She woke up physically clean on a smooth bed, in a wonderful silky layer of clothing. Yet she opened her eyes feeling dirty and deeply ashamed of herself. She groaned from the aches all over her body.

First, she noticed a wonderful Lavender fragrance. Then she noticed a huge bed she was on, the size that would accommodate four people at once, with bedposts at each edge. Towering walls beautifully engraved in gracious golden carving at the lining. A huge mirror was framed at one side of the wall, so huge that if it were a spying mirror, the whole room would be visible. The beautiful window was barred like a cage. It was a very large bedroom, alike that of her own, but this was definitely not hers. And then she noticed an IV Drip. Nutrients were transferred into her through the IV on the back of her hand.

She was not chained, but that was unnecessary as her body ache still evident. She grimaced from the pain, and slightly remembered how Nathan had carried her for trips to the bathroom many times; he had been sleeping with her too. Countless times her mind wondered why he was here, but she was too exhausted to refuse his help or ask the question.

Someone must have been watching her, because soon footsteps could be heard approaching. Patrick came in, she gathered strength to wake up and flee, but he was faster. He held down her shoulders so she wouldn't be able to move. "Shhh, you can't go anywhere." Still too weak to resist, she quit struggling anyway.

He pressed on a red button beside her bed, then sat down.

Together with Nathan, another handsome chap with dark hair opened the door and came in, she recognized him as the Brunette from the other day. They were wearing casual shirts and boxers. The Brunette now smiled sweetly, and brushed her hair lovingly. Her green eyes flew open, they expressed fear and puzzle.

"Hush now, Love, calm down". "This is Leslie, he is here to assist us. Calm down, sweetheart, nobody wants to hurt you here." Patrick explained, still holding her down, just in case.

"Where am I? What's happening?" She was a bit soothed down by the gentle approach but still traumatized.

"Shhh... Nothing happened... You slept for 3 days straight. Dr Lewis has been examining you constantly and we took turns watching you", he spoke gently as he continued on caressing her hair.

"I... I was bleeding..." Her mind wandered in memory recollection. In the incident, she had seen the blood and bits of dots came out of her before she passed out.

"Yes, your hymen... we helped you losing your stiff. No longer an uptight bitch, you should thank us," Nathan, the rudest of them all snorted. The spit humiliation still haunted his mind, despite his gentle treatment towards her the last couple of nights. Patrick shot a glare at him and Nathan was immediately shut.

"Doesn't matter now, we are taking good care of you", His voice gentle and deep.

This is "taking good care"?

Her questions went unanswered. Creeping slowly, as Patrick continued explaining, Leslie proceeded taking his boxer off, and suddenly they were all over her. Patrick hugged her on the bed, his muscular arms were now fastening her position. She was now laying on top of him, her breasts against his, her smooth back exposed to the air; the nightgown material provided no protection against the cold air. Leslie was suddenly behind her, holding onto her hips, his body as well as the men's hands, warmed her.

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