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Magical Desire


Markus removed his shirt and used the stained cloth to wipe the remaining blood from his face and arms. The battle had been a long and bloody affair, with a great deal of it ending up all over him and his companion. Markus had already removed his armor and intended to scrub it off in the lake nearby just as soon as he wiped his face. He wasn't too concerned with the blood stains on his arms and pants, it was part of the job. His armor, however, was a different story. That armor was a symbol and his trademark. He needed it to be clean when he rode back into the village. His companion, a tall, slender woman named Quin, felt a bit differently about the blood.

"Markus," she said, "How can you be OK with blood stained hands and face but go out of your way to clean your armor? Why not just clean everything at the same time?"

Markus smiled. This beautiful woman had no idea what it was like to be a warrior. Sure she was a skilled mage and fierce fighter, but what did she know of a warrior's pride, of being a symbol for an entire kingdom. They had been fighting together for just over a week now and never really had more than a few minutes together to talk. Markus had thought her to be pretty but never pursued a dialogue with her about it for fear of it interfering with their working relationship. Now that it seemed that they had some time to get to know each other better, he decided to get some things straight.

"You see, my dear mage," he began.

"Quin," she corrected, "I told you to call me Quin."

"Alright, Quin, let me tell you about my armor and why I am not worried about being blood stained."

"Can it wait just a little bit?" she asked.

"Wait for what?"

The mage began walking towards the lake as she talked, unfastening a clip on her robes as she went.

"Until I am done bathing and washing my robes."

A look of bewilderment came over Markus's face. He had never been brushed off before, and certainly not by a woman. As upset as this made him, he couldn't help but feel a bit turned on by her confidence. He stared at the mage as she finished unfastening the clips of her robes and let them drop to the ground. Finally seeing what the bulky robes had been concealing, the warrior was taken aback. She had a petite figure -- small waist, long, slender legs that began with a plump, onion shaped ass. She let down her dark hair and let it cascade down her slim back, barely touching the crack of her perfectly shaped ass. Quin turned to face Markus and he nearly stumbled at what he saw. She saw this and smiled. She stood there, quiet, for a few more seconds to allow the warrior time to take her all in before she spoke to him.

"Care to join me?"

Markus found it difficult to answer. He could not find the words. All he could think about was her very large and very perky breasts. Her smooth stomach and the apparent hair free area around her vagina. Outside of his armor, Markus was hit by the realization that she could probably see the hard-on that was currently residing in his pants. She gave a little giggle and turned back towards the water.

"Suit yourself," she said, "But if you change your mind you know where to find me."

Her slim body slowly disappeared into the water, piece by piece being enveloped by the still waters of the lake until only the tops of her breasts to the top of her head were visible. She took a few handfuls of water and pushed it up and through her long dark hair, the excess running down her face, over her round lips, down her slender neck, and over and between her large breasts. Markus had seen enough. He quickly began removing his boots and then his pants. He made no effort to hide his haste and this seemed to amuse the mage. Fully naked and with the hardest hard-on he had ever had, Markus quickly entered the water and waded out to the beautiful woman waiting for him.

"I see you have decided to join me." Quin said once he was finally in front of her.

"I hope you don't think this too forward, Quin, but you are very beautiful and I would greatly like to get to know you better."

"I figured as much from the very erect penis you were sporting up on the bank." she replied with smile.

Slightly embarrassed, Markus allowed himself to float away just a bit. Quin put a hand on his left cheek and he could see in her eyes that she wanted him to stay. He moved in closer and she put a hand on each cheek. He noted how soft her hands were. Hands that only hours ago were shooting spells of fire and ice at their enemies, but now felt as smooth as silk. Quin cupped some water in her hands and gently washed it over the warriors face, most of the blood washing away after only a few times. She repeated the process with his shoulders, back and chest. Inside, Markus was exploding with desire. He wanted nothing more than to grab her by the hips, lift her to his now pulsing penis and have his way with her. On the outside he remained calm and collected, or as calm as he could, while she continued to wash him. Several times her thin fingers lingered on his chest for a moment before she continued. He took that to mean that she was as attracted to him as he was to her, and not just for the sake of her pleasure. The thought made his hard penis throb again and this time he could not suppress a moan. She smiled and moved in closer.

"Sounds like you have a problem, Markus." she said in a low, sultry voice.

"You have no idea." he answered.

"Oh, I think I do."

The mage put her left arm under the water and touched the head of his penis. This was enough to cause a gasp from him to which she responded by using her right hand to pull the warrior in for a deep, passionate kiss. They kissed for a long while, the entire time she continued to rub and massage his erect manhood. As they continued to kiss, Markus's hands moved to her breasts and began to play with her now hard nipples. From her moans between kisses and her more furious rubbing of his penis, he could tell that she approved. After several minutes of kissing and rubbing, Quin put a single finger to the warriors lips and smiled deviously.

"Do you trust me, warrior?" she asked.

"Yes, of course." he answered.

The mage then dipped down below the surface of the water. Markus saw a bright blue light under the water at the same time that he felt a cold sensation around his waist, ass, and penis. This cold continued on his waist and ass, as if they were no longer surrounded by water but cold air instead. The cold air around his penis was quickly replaced by a warm sensation coupled with what felt like a tongue. She had put his penis in her mouth and was massaging it with her tongue. He could feel her moving her mouth over the length of his shaft and up to the head, then back down the shaft before repeating. He tipped his head towards the sky every time she got back to the head. His mind was blown at how incredible this felt. The longer she maintained this rhythm, the closer he could feel himself getting to orgasm. He had never had a woman do this to him before, never mind the fact that it felt like any second he could explode inside her mouth instead of her vagina like he was used to. It was obvious to him that she had done this many times before and knew what she was doing. His erection began throbbing hard, a sign that he was nearing climax and would orgasm at any moment. This seemed to please the mage because she moved quicker now, up and down his length until finally he did explode with some force, her lips still firmly encasing his penis as he unloaded a hot explosion of pleasure into her mouth.

Markus shuddered as he unloaded and when Quin reappeared in front of him, the cold being replaced once again with the water, he exclaimed.

"By the Gods!" he gasped. "That was incredible!"

Quin didn't say anything, she just grinned. Markus, seeing her devilish grin, grabbed at the hips and pulled her in tight. He kissed her deeply again, then moved his kisses down her cheek to her throat, then to the tops of her breasts. His mouth disappeared only for a moment beneath the water, enough to tease a nipple with his tongue then he was right back up to kissing her mouth. The now eager mage placed her soft, magical hands on his broad shoulders and with her steamy eyes, begged him to fill her with his erection. He happily obliged.

Markus cupped an ass cheek in each hand, gave them a squeeze, and used this to pull her up through the water to his waist where she wrapped her long, powerful legs around his waist. Momentarily using a hand to guide his penis to the opening of her very hot vagina, he easily slid into her and put both hands back onto her ass. Using her hands on his shoulders as leverage, and his hands on her ass as a guide, Quin raised and lowered herself on his rock hard shaft. She moved slow at first, gradually moving faster and faster until she was sliding up and down on his large shaft as fast as she could. Her head tilted to the sky, back arched, and breasts pushing against his chest, Quin was moaning with pleasure as the warrior and the mage became one. Quin was so lost in her moans of pleasure that she did not notice that with each thrust into her, Markus was pushing off the bottom with his feet, sending them in the direction of the bank. It wasn't until he was sitting on the bank with her straddled to him that she realized what he had done. As if she finally caught on to what he was wanting, and without saying a word, Quin ever so reluctantly slid off of his erection and positioned herself on all fours and her back to the warrior.

Markus took up position behind her, gripped one hand to her hip, the other he used to guide his throbbing penis once again to her vagina. This time, being out of the water, he could feel just how hot and wet her sex really was. As if begging, it pulsed as the head of his penis first touched, then disappeared inside her followed quickly by the shaft. Quin let out a long, deep moan as he entered. With both hands now firmly braced on her hips, Markus began with slow, deep thrusts in and out of her moistness. She groaned with pleasure on each thrust, the interior walls of her vagina constricting and squeezing around his shaft as he pulled out, then went back in.

"Markus..." she trailed off in a moan.

"Yes, Quin?" he said between breaths.

"Harder...faster...almost there..."

Happy to oblige, Markus began thrusting first harder, then worked to faster. Soon he was moving in and out of her as fast and as hard as he could, the whole time trying to postpone his orgasm as long as he could to keep her going. He was by no means an expert female orgasms, but by his count from what he was feeling around his penis, she was up to about eight already. Finally he could not hold out any longer and tightening his grip on her hips, unleashed his load into her throbbing sex where it was happily accepted. His shaft and her sex continued to throb for what felt like eternity but eventually eased off enough that he could pull out of her all the way and they both collapsed in the dirt at the waters edge.

"By the Gods," she said echoing his earlier exclamation, "I have not been taken by a man like that in many years. That was amazing."

"You are an incredible woman, Quin." he said.

"I do have one more trick you might like." she said with a grin.

The mage stood over the warrior, hands outstretched, and recited the same magical words he had heard numerous times over the past few weeks. A faint green mist swirled around them both for a few moments then dissipated.

"A slight variation of my healing spell." she said with a hint of pride.

"You healed us?" Markus asked. He didn't immediately understand. She gave him a second to figure it out.

"You want to go again." the warrior realized.

"Only if you are up to it." she teased.

Markus stood and pulled Quin tight against him, his erection already started. Feeling his hard penis push up against her, the devilish grin returned. Markus grabbed her by the ass again and pulled her up to where she could wrap her legs around him, but this time he did not need to guide himself into her. Her throbbing sex eagerly accepted his erection all the way to the base. Leaning her against a nearby tree, he thrust in and out of her with fervor, her moans growing louder and more frequent with each push. Once she had moaned her way through her fourth orgasm, Markus changed positions. He turned her around, now gripping her waist instead of her ass, and entered her from behind. She immediately had another orgasm. She begged him for more and he happily obliged. Soon he was nearing his climax and to prolong it he slowed his pace. Quin didn't at first understand why he was slowing but it didn't take long for her to catch on. She made him let go of her hips and she eased herself down to the ground and got down on her knees in front of him. With his large, rock hard erection staring her in the face, Quin took his entire length into her mouth. With her lips tight around the shaft she moved up and down his length slowly. Markus moaned. She could feel him on the verge of exploding and moved faster and faster until finally he exploded and her mouth was filled with his hot orgasm. She savored every drop and once she was sure he was done, she licked the head slowly to catch any she had missed.

Quin slowly stood up and looked Markus in the eye. He found it impossible to look away from those sultry brown eyes and that amazing figure. She kissed him deeply and he fondled her breasts. She grinned wide and asked what she already knew he wanted.

"Should I heal us for round three?"

Before he could answer, an arrow whizzed past her head and landed in the water. Their enemy had found them. Instinct kicked in and both immediately went into battle mode. Markus moved for his pants and sword, she for her robes. As the arrows continued to fall and the enemy charged over the hill, the two battle hardened warriors positioned themselves for battle. Markus now in his pants and chest plate, holding his sword at the ready, and Quin back in her robes and readying a fire spell, stole a longing glance at each other.

"You better live through this one." Quin warned Markus. "Because I am not leaving this lake until I have you at least one more time."

Markus smiled, nodded, and turned to the enemy.

"Aye, milady. You shall have me, then."

As the two fought, they stole glances at each other and flashed a smile with each one. Before long forty bodies lay strewn about the banks of the lake and the mage and the warrior stood grinning at each other. First a quick check to make sure they were all dead, then without speaking they undressed and Quin climbed atop his throbbing erection once more. Her mind rolling with pleasure, Quin was struck by an interesting thought. She wondered how long they could keep this up until one or both of them just could not go anymore. She relayed this query to Markus between orgasms and he responded with exactly what she wanted to hear.

"Lets find out."

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