tagIncest/TabooMagical Incest Ch. 01: The Black Candle

Magical Incest Ch. 01: The Black Candle


All characters and the story itself is purely fictional. All parties in the story are 18 years or older.

I would like to greatly thank Todger65 for taking the time to review my story.


Dean was your average 20-year-old who still lived at home with his attractive 39-year-old mother Macey. He never knew his father since he ran off when he was still an infant. Things were hard for them both but Dean consistently was very proud of his mom. He always realized how hard she worked to give him the best she could and even suggested skipping college and get a job to help out. However, Macey wouldn't hear of it. She worked as a waitress his entire life and was able to save enough money for him to at least attend the local community college.

Dean studied to be an electrician. However, the group of guys he hung with paid more attention to the girls and partying than doing actual work.

The worst thing they did was harass this one particular boy in their class named Cathal. A day didn't go by that they wouldn't call him a mama's boy and put him down for his choice of clothing.

Dean did feel guilty joining in with his buddies. However, he didn't want to lose favor with them; that was until the day he found out how similar he was to Cathal.

The word around school was, like Dean, Cathal lived with his single mother at home. Except her occupation was that of a palm reader, and when the guys got wind of that they added her to their jokes.

This carried on until the day, they knocked the books out of Cathal's hand, and his papers flew everywhere.

Dean couldn't take it anymore, and as the guys laughed, he bent down and helped Cathal pick them up.

"Hey dude, let him pick up his own mess." One of the guys yelled.

Dean looked at Cathal on a bent knee, "Sorry about that Cathal. Sometimes they can be ass holes".

Cathal shuffled his papers back into a pile as he mumbled in a painful tone, "I'm used to it now."

Dean felt like a heel, as he handed Cathal the last of papers, "Here you go".

"Thanks, someday I'll return the favor." Cathal said, as he took the papers off Dean and added them to his pile.

"No need, it's the least I can do for being such an ass myself."

Dean stood up, and walked over to the guys who were still laughing and calling Cathal names.

"Come on guys, give him a break already. I think that's enough."

"Hey... You getting soft on us? You're not feeling sorry for that loser, are you?" one of the guys said.

However, before Dean could answer, another buddy yelled out, "Maybe he's a mama's boy also?"

Dean grabbed him by his shirt and slammed him against the wall; lifting him in the air, "You're two seconds away from this mama's boy kicking your ass!"

"Hey cool it dude. I was only joking."

Dean dropped him and let go of his shirt, "That's enough!"

The gang didn't say another word and just walked away.

Dean followed along and looked back at Cathal, who smiled and waved, as he walked away.

At home that evening, Dean's mom asked how his day went, and he explained what happened. Macey just shook her head.

"Why are you hanging around with such jerks?"

Dean just shrugged his shoulders and replied, "I really don't know mom."

"Well, it sounds to me like Cathal might be more of a friend then those other boys."

"You're probably right mom." Dean replied, as he got up from the dinner table. "I'm going to my room mom. I have a report I have to do."

"Okay sweetie." Macey said, and gave him a peck on his cheek before he left.

Dean entered his room and closed the door. He tossed his books on his bed as he sat on the chair next to his wooden study table and then noticed a paper had flown out from one of the pages. Picking it up he noticed the handwriting on it wasn't his.

Whose is this? He pondered as he read what was on the paper.

Across the page were written a bunch of numbers that looked like an IP address.

Being curious Dean fired up his laptop and typed in the numbers which loaded a page with nothing but titles that were web links. The Names of the titles were odd which only added to Dean's curiosity so he click the first one labeled "The Black Candle" and another page opened revealing what appeared to be a story of some kind.

Dean settled in his chair and began to read.


"Hi my name is Caiden, and this is how I got to have sex with my mother.


"Holly Shit!" Dean yelled out, as he rocketed from his chair.

"What's wrong?" He heard his mother yell from beyond the bedroom door.

"Umm... Nothing mom, just remembered I forgot a paper at school."

Flabbergasted, Dean sat back down and read some more.


You see a short time ago, the idea of having sex with my gorgeous mother came to light and now I find myself fantasizing about fucking Johanna, 'my mother' all the time.

Let me describe her. She was 38 at the time, and five foot four with a slim waist. When mom cleaned she did it bra less, and wore these light colored shirts that clearing shown her nice large areolas, protruding outward from her wonderful size c breasts. Mom's hair is jet black, cut to her shoulders, and she has dark brown eyes. Lastly mom has a pair of soft puffy lips that on more than one occasion I imagined were wrapped around my thick cock as I blew my load in her mouth.

So now that you have an idea of what she looks like, I'll try and explain how my obsession came about. It was the day I came home unexpectedly. I was supposed to be over a friend's house for the night and we had a big fight, so I just bailed and went home. When I got there, the house was dark and I just figured my parents had retired early. Unknown to me at the time, dad had left on an overnight business trip and it was just mom at home.

As I crept up the stairs to my room, I heard a faint moan, which grew louder as I ventured closer to my parents open bedroom door. Cautiously, I peeked inside the dark room my jaw dropped. There was my sweet loving mother, on her back stripped naked, with her slender legs spread wide, rubbing her right hand, index and middle finger feverishly from side to side over her clit. While her left hand grasped at her luscious breast. The sight of mom indulging in such wicked self pleasure, opened my eyes to her being more than just my caring mother, and it was way too much for my young soul to handle.

My dick quickly became super hard, as mom moaned and gyrated her hips off the bed to her prying fingers as they hastily worked in and out of her most sacred spot and I couldn't help but rub my stiff member over my jeans.

I became fixated at the sight of mom and my new dark desire to fuck her just exploded inside me. I couldn't stop thinking about what it would be like to slide my rock hard prick inside that snatch and as she buck hard off the bed I began to jerk off in the hallway. My grunts matched moms' moans as her fingers rammed steadily inside her cunt. I couldn't hold back when mom pushed her hand tight against herself as her legs squeezed together, and exploded grunting loudly while mom groaned. My grunts caught mom's ear over her own whimpers and she looked up gasping "Caiden!"

In a panic I shuffled as fast as I could with my pants still down to my ankles back to the safety of my room.

As I closed my door, mom barged inside. She was wearing a black feathery long night shirt she must have quickly tossed on and yelled, "What are you doing home? Why were you spying on me? Why were you doing? Well... Doing you know what in the hallway?"

I stumbled over my words, as I tried to explain what happened over my friends.

But mom cut me off and scolded me again saying, "That doesn't explain why you were masturbating in the hallway!"

I held my head low, as I mumbled how I just got excited seeing her that way, and couldn't help myself.

Mom replied, with her arms crossed. "Well I guess it's my fault for not closing my door." She then shook her finger at me and added,"But watching me was just wrong!"

I just kept my head down and nodded.

There was a long pause before I heard mom say, "I guess if you understand why it was wrong I can forget this ever happened." and turned away closing the door behind her.

That night I jerked off several more times not able to shake the image of mom climaxing and wished it were me and not her fingers filling her up. It became apparent to me dad wasn't doing his manly duties.

Why else would mom be masturbating right after he left? I thought to myself.

So that was it. I was set on finding a way to have mom want to fuck me. But how? I trolled through hundreds of pages on the internet about the subject and they all seemed lame. More fictitious than true, until by accident I came across a webpage about witchcraft and how different spells could make someone be sexually attracted to you. After ready more into the subject I read about a black candle and it appeared to be the best option for me to try.

So I ordered a couple online and began to memorize the phrase I would need to say for the candles magical powers to take effect on my unsuspecting mother.

Four days later the candles arrived and that night when I was sure my parents were asleep I began my new nightly task.

Following the instructions, I shed all my clothes and lit one of the black candles. As I sat in front of it, I said the incantation and placed a picture of mom next to the lit flame. I stared at her picture as I jerked off until I exploded. Saying the last of the phase I blew out the candle.

I repeated the entire process again the next night, and did this for a solid week. I then began to see a subtle change in my mother. Mom was giddier around me and had a sparkle in her eye I never saw before.

Besides burning the candle every night I also did more stuff around the house. Which I think helped even more. Since then, mom became more touchy and her clothes a little more revealing when dad wasn't present.

Then came the Saturday dad told mom he was going golfing with some buddies from work. I could tell Mom was bummed and heard her say how he promised to take her to see the new romantic movie that was showing at the local theater.

Quickly I interrupted and said. "Hey mom I'll go with you."

Dad looked puzzled with my response but said he'd even pay.

Mom looked at me and replied; "Now why would my son want to spend a Saturday in a theater with his old mother and watch a movie he didn't really want to see."

"I don't mind honest mom. Besides I don't have anything else planned."

Mom smiled and palmed my cheek before saying, "I'll go get myself ready." Then she walked away.

Dad handed me some cash and softly spoke, "Thanks son. I owe you for this."

"No problem dad." I said as I put the cash in my wallet.

Dad had all ready left when mom came downstairs from changing and I tried not to gawk when I noticed the little black dress she choose to wear.

"What do you think?" She said and did a flirtatious spin.

"Hot mom. I swear."

Mom laughed and playfully slapped my arm. "You better get ready yourself if we're going to catch the next show."

"Okay mom I'll be quick."

Flying up to my room I tore off my clothes and changed into a pair of black dress pants and a white button down shirt.

I rushed back down the steps and heard mom say, "Now don't you look handsome."

"Thanks mom but I'm the lucky one. Being with such a beautiful woman."

Again mom chuckled and we walked to the car. I held the door open for her and mom slid inside. Again saying what a gentleman I've become. I kept complementing mom on her appearance until we reached the cinema and once inside I let her decide on where we should sit. Mom picked a spot halfway down and towards the center and we settled in. When the lights dimmed mom took my hand in hers and rested her head on my arm.

It felt wonderful having her so close to me and made me want to get even closer. So I let go of mom's hand and put my arm over her shoulder. Mom cuddles in and placed her arm on my thigh as we watched the movie.

The movie definitely was a chick flick, but I didn't mind at all because every time a romantic scene would appear on the screen, mom would snuggle her head into my arm pit and lightly rub my leg while I ran my hand over arm.

When the movie ended mom sighed as she patted my thigh and cheerfully said, "Wasn't that great."

"Yea mom. I enjoyed it."

As we walked outside mom turned on her phone and noticed dad had left a message.

"Well your father is going to the pub with his friends and won't be home until later on." She said then sighed.

"Well that's okay mom. We can order some takeout and still enjoy a nice evening at home without him."

Mom smiled and moved next to me putting her arm around my waist. I put my arm over her shoulder and we walked like a true couple back to the car.

Once in the car mom called a Chinese place and ordered for us. She was happy when we arrived home and walked inside, arm in arm like we did leaving the theater.

Mom went into the kitchen to get some plates and told me to put the stuff on the dining room table. I did and was surprised when mom came in holding a full bottle a wine.

"Wine mom?"

"Yes I'm in the mood for a nice tall glass tonight."

We talked and laughed as we ate and drank the wine. The bottle was half empty when I suggested we take it in the living room and watch another movie on the blue ray.

Mom agreed and already had a movie in mind. So as I sat on the couch and poured us another glass, I admired mom's ass as she bent over to pop the movie in. I think she caught me staring, as when she stood up and turned around she smiled with a strange devilish grin before turning out the lights and sitting beside me.

I handed mom her glass and made a quick toast saying "To the most beautiful woman in the world." And tapped her glass with mine. Mom smiled big and gulped the last of her glass before sitting back nestling next to me as my arm draped over her shoulder like before.

Mom's hand was once again on my thigh but this time she was playfully rubbing my leg as I ran my hand up and down her arm. It was halfway through the movie when I felt mom's hand slowly rising higher up my leg and felt my dick become stiff when I realized how close her fingers were getting next to my groin. I squeezed mom's arm and she did the same to my thigh.

It's now or never. I thought and leaned over kissing mom's forehead as it lay on my arm.

Mom stretched extending her left hand out as her right hand rubbed all the way down my leg to my knee and slowly back up to just below my manhood. She looked up at me and whispered, "This is so nice."

I lowered my head once more and kissed mom on the tip nose and felt her hand just graze my crotch as she cooed in contentment. Again I kissed her; this time lightly on her lips which mom welcomed by opening her mouth and kissing me back as her hand ran across my crotch sending a shiver up my spin. Our passion built as we kissed more deeply and I extended my arm from the top of mom's shoulder to across her chest and slowly fondled breast. Mom's hand cupped my balls as she seductively whispered, "We shouldn't be doing this."

Quickly easing my free hand I slipped it under mom's short dress until it was against her mound and replied, "I want this to."

Mom sighed as her eyes closed and her head tilted back. Then as I pressed my hand firmly across her mound, I heard mom mumble lustfully, "Oh my god."

With mom's head still leaning back I lightly pecked her neck and her legs split wider giving my hand more access to her hidden sacred spot. I could feel the heat building between her legs and pressed my thumb hard into her mound until I found her hard clit. Mom's hips pushed at my thumb as her hand fumbled with my trousers until my stiff cock was wrapped in her fingers.

"Oh fuck mom." I groan as she slowly stroked my cock. Kissing mom hard; I slipped my hand inside her panties and snaked a finger into her sweet snatch for the first time.

Unfortunately that caused mom to break our kiss as she released my cock and shrieked. "Caiden we should stop. This is so wrong. I'm your mother."

However I ignored her plea and swiftly went to my knees. Shoving her dress up past her ass before she could protest I hastily tore her panties off and flicked my tongue across her puffy folds. Mom gasped and made a half tempted effort to push me away with her hands whimpering, "Please... Ugh... This is incest."

Mom's pleading became silent as I continued my assault on her pussy lips and when my tongue tickled her clit I felt her hands no longer pushing but pulling at my head. The faster I tongued her little bud the harder she pushed until mom was grinding my face against her pussy as her ass rose off the couch.

As mom wailed and gyrated her love hole on me I managed to slip off my trousers undetected before easing two fingers inside her snatch.

Mom quivered and moaned in contentment as I inserted a third digit and nibbled on her clit.

She then squirmed wildly as I twisted and finger fucked her and when it appeared she was lost in the moment I stood up and moved between her legs. Easing myself forward I kissed mom hard catching her moans in my mouth as I felt my stiff dick bumping against my hand as it feverishly finger fucked her cunt.

Mom's legs pushed her ass high in the air as she panted profusely in my mouth.

Timing her thrusts I quickly removed my fingers and caught her forbidden muff with my cock as it rose from the sofa.

Mom broke our kiss and huffed loudly as I pushed forward and jabbed my pole half way inside her. She gasped "Oh no! Oh my god! We can't fuck - Caiden!" But I had gone too far now to stop and as mom pushed on my chest with her hands I rammed the rest inside her and heard mom sigh loudly.

Closing my eyes I pushed and pulled my steel pole hard against my mother's wonderful womb savoring how glorious it felt to have my cock nestled inside her and croaked out, "It's okay mom. I can tell you like it. Your cunt is grasping my dick."

"But it's... Oh... It's incest. We mustn't be... do... ing... thisss..." She implored then opened her eyes widely and yelled, "Oh no! Caiden! You're going to make me c... c... cum!"

"That's it mom. Cum on your son's cock. You know you want to." I hissed as her pussy and legs tightened around me.

"Oh God help me! I'm cumming!" Mom howled as her body shuddered and I fucked her faster until I exploded inside her.

Resting my head on her pounding chest, I heard mom say, "We can't ever do that again." But I just looked up and smiled as I stretched up and kissed her. And as I kept my lips to hers I began to slowly move my still lodged dick and felt her cunt twitch. I pushed again and felt another twitch and yet again and again. Slowly my dick began to stiffen and as it did I increased my speed until once again mom was moaning as I shoved in and out of her.

No longer pleading mom lifted her legs up which allowed me to ease them over my shoulders and slam my raging boner deeper yet into her forbidden hole.

Mom thrashed and wailed yelling "YESS!! Fuck me Caiden! Fuck mommy harder. I'm cumming! Oh my god I'm cumming again!"

I felt mom gush as my balls smashed against her skin while she came for a second time. I fucked straight through her orgasm and heard her whimper, "Cum for me Caiden I want to feel you cum."

"Not... Yet... Mom..." I grunted and pulled out just long enough to spin her round and face the sofa. Mom put her arms over the back of the couch and eased her ass towards me as I took hold of her hips and slid balls deep back inside her cunt.

Mom was pushing back meeting my every thrust and screamed out. "Oh my god you're fucking me better than your father!"

I could feel my sperm getting ready to blow and grunted. "I'm going to blow any second mom." I felt mom tighten her pussy around my dick.

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