tagRomanceMahal Kita

Mahal Kita


Mahal Kita is Tagalog for I love you.

"Mahal Kita"

Jake looked deep into her eyes and replied, "I love you too."

He bent down and kissed her deeply. Their lips joined, she reached up and pulled him closer. Their fires kindled by the embrace, Jake chose to press his passion further. His tongue reached through her mouth seeking its mate, only to find it waiting in turn. For long, blissful seconds they stayed thus joined. Only the beating of their hearts kept time in their endless world.

Jaclynn retreated from Jake suddenly. She backed away from him panting, her breath striving to reach her. She looked deeply into his curious eyes. Those soft watery eyes of his were rich and dark like fine brandy. She found herself drowning in his gaze. She turned her head away shyly.

"I can't believe what you to do me. No one has ever done these things to me before."

Jake reached out and turned her chin to face him. He stared longingly into her gaze. She seemed to tremble in his hands. He leaned forward and kissed her again, softly this time. Retreating, he whispered...

"You haven't seen anything yet."

With a smile he began to kiss her face with soft, gentle pecks. Each and every kiss a small sigh of love across her unmarred skin. He twirled her around to face away from him. Suddenly he clutched her to his chest, his arm draped over her. Her excitement increased. She found she could not breathe. Her heart thumped heavily in her chest, anticipating what he'd do next.

Jake held her close in his embrace. He kissed the back of her head softly. He lingered there taking in the sweet scent of her hair. Sighing with pleasure, he moved his hands to her shoulders. He began to rub them. Gentle at first, but slowly increasing in pressure, his fingers reached deep into her flesh. Jaclynn began to melt into his embrace. Her legs felt heavy, as if they could not hold up her weight. She shivered and felt as if butterflies were trying to free themselves from her stomach. Most of all she felt a warm wetness spreading between her legs.

Jake's hands spread from her shoulders to her neck. The soft downy hair on her neck tickled his nose as he nuzzled her behind the ear. He alternated between his firm massaging fingers to the soft, sweet, wet kisses of his mouth.

Jaclynn was enthralled. Her neck was so erogenous to her. Every touch he gave her sent a jolt of electricity down her spine. Every kiss also sent a sweet drop of moisture down to dampen her silk panties.

He continued to kiss and nibble at her soft neck. She tilted her head offering her neck in supplication. Eagerly he took it. His teeth glided over her pale skin in mock devour. Her moans and sighs increased with each biting touch. Smiling, Jake lapped at her neck. His tongue glided over her skin. Tracing the lines of her neck up to her ear. There he whispered his sweet nothings and kissed her again. He could taste her sweetness upon his lips like sweet honey. While she sank into his embrace, he reached around her and cupped her breasts. Her large, ample mounds warmed in his grasp, her hard nipples already greeting him through her clothing. With his fingers he rubbed and played with them. They hardened even more as if inviting him to explore them. With his strong hands he rolled and kneaded her bosom like an artist sculpting with clay. She quivered even more and tried to speak. She looked at him hungrily trying to convey to him her desire where her words could not.

Jake looked down upon his lover with gentle passionate eyes. Where as she pleaded, he denied. Shaking his head he whispered, "Not just yet, my love. I have more to share with you."

Her heart fluttered in her chest. His soft ministering was like sweet candy to her. Greedily she desired more, but did not know how much more she could take. No one had made her feel such desire before. She yearned to take him and show him her own passions. But for now she could only wait in sweet, wet anticipation.

She looked down at his hands molding her womanly flesh with precision. Grabbing his hands she pressed upon them to grasp her breasts harder and faster. She needed more. Complying with her demand, Jake rubbed them harder. She moaned with each caress of them. Knowing that she was ready to go on, Jake proceeded to unbutton her blouse slowly...button by button.

Jake watched his hands as they worked to reveal his sweet surprise. As the last button fell he parted her blouse. Her heaving breasts greeted him. He could see the rise and fall of her chest. Her sweet cleavage was slick with sweat. Her breasts, still enclosed in a black, silken Victoria's Secret bundle awaited him. Already her nipples jutted forth from their prison. The silky fabric seemed as if to burst under their pressure. He rubbed over them enjoying the smooth liquid feel of the fabric. Obviously, she felt more of his touch as well. With each pass of his hand her nipples tingled. It was as sweet as before but now only more so.

After scant seconds, Jake converged down her cleavage to the middle of her chest. Taking the clasp of her bra in hand he twisted and pulled. With a snap her bra flung away. Her breasts, freed from their prison bloomed in the open air. Jaclynn inhaled sharply feeling the cool air upon her hot, wet skin. It felt so, so good. She smiled at him and begged more with her eyes. Yet even as she looked to him, his hands found their playthings.

"I love you." she gasped at his naked touch.

This time he did not respond with words. In reply he pinched her nipples sharply but softly as not to injure them. She yelped in surprise, her eyes betraying her excitement.

Jake knew that as she was losing herself to desire he was losing as well. Already his large cock bulged in his pants. The tight constraining fabric pinched his skin. It needed its own release...and soon. It was time to up the stakes.

Jake walked around in front of her facing her naked breast. Her exposed skin glowed and glistened with sweat. Smiling, Jake suddenly rushed forward and kissed her. His lips met hers with a crushing strength. With his momentum he pressed her forward until she backed into edge of her bed. She pulled away and looked into his eyes coyly. With a smile she began to unbutton his shirt all the while humming a little tune. His bare chest exposed she tossed his garment away and clawed at his chest. Her warm fingers and sharp nails streaked like tiny shocks over his skin. Sighing, he continued with his advance. He stepped back and with a gentle shove pushed her upon the bed. With a laugh and moan she lay back upon her bed with only her legs dangling over the side.

Triumphant, Jake moved forward. Like a stalking tiger he glided over her. His bare skin glided over hers. Her hot flesh contrasted with the cool skin of his chest. Crouched over her, Jake admired her like a predator stalking his prey. In her own way Jaclynn withered under his gaze like a frightened, yet still amorous, animal.

Jake started to kiss her breasts again. Remembering such blissful sensations Jaclynn thrust her chest out to him. He kissed her nipples and suckled them softly in turn. Cooing in pleasure she reached up and ran her fingers through his hair while also prodding him downward. Not stopping for a second he continued to appease her. Tracing his tongue is soft circles; Jake coiled around Jaclyn's areola. Spiraling up her nipples he gave them a quick nibble.

"Oh, Jake!" she moaned.

Not pausing to acknowledge her Jake proceeded to move down. Blanketing her with kisses and licks Jake moved from her large tits down her stomach. The slowing movement of her breathing threw Jake off slightly from his ministration but he didn't let it deter him. Jaclynn giggled at the ticklish motion of her lover.

Finally Jake came to her waist where Jaclyn's pants were fastened. With her legs under him he could feel her legs shivering. Laying his head upon her waist he could feel the heat emanating from her sweet mound. Jake's mouth was practically watering from the taste he soon hoped to savor. Jake grasped the button of her pants with his teeth. With a playful smile he looked up to Jaclynn. Her head was cocked to monitor his progress. She stared down at him with both trepidation and anticipation. With a slight growl Jake tore at her pants and pulled them open with his teeth. Smiling in satisfaction he pulled at her zipper. With each metal clasp unfastening Jake felt his strength growing in his hard cock.

Peeking out from her pants, Jaclyn's black silk panties shined. Truly he had found a hidden treasure. Pulling her pants slowly off, Jaclynn continued to pant in increasing quickness. Finally getting them off, Jake dove readily to her sweet spot. Nearing his target, Jake noticed that the lining of her panties around her pussy was damp with her wetness. The sight and smell was intoxicating. It only served to heighten his excitement. But before he could indulge himself she covered herself with her hands.

Jake looked back up to her in confusion. She looked back at him blushing brightly. She almost seemed as if to cry.

"No, don't look."

"Why not?" ask Jake.

She paused for a moment then turned her head in shame.

"I'm so embarrassed. You've made me so wet I couldn't help myself. No one has ever done to me what you have so far."

Relaxing, Jake flashed her a smile. Taking her hands in his he kissed them.

"My, love. You've no need to be embarrassed. I love and accept you in all ways. I am more than pleased to have affected you so." To accent his statement he began to lick her wetness off of her fingers.

Jaclynn moaned at his tasting of her. To think of him savoring her sweet passion was too much for her to bear.

Just after Jake had licked her fingers clean, Jaclynn sat up from the bed. Startled, Jake eased back. Seeing the smile on her face and the glint in her eye he knew she could take only so much. She needed something from him as well.

"Stand up."

Jake nodded and with an anticipating smile stood up tall.

Jaclynn sat upon the edge of the bed and positioned Jake between her open legs. She could already see the large bulge protruding through his pants. It was hard to miss being level with her head. Rubbing it with her hands she could feel the long length of his shaft. It was warm and stiff. Each glide of her hand brought deep stirring sounds from her lover's lips. His deep moans touched her deep inside. She hoped she could give him as much as he had been giving her.

Finding his pants button, she pulled it open and pulled his pants down. She could not help but hurry. Her lust was a wanton beast craving its meal. His hard cock strained against his underwear. It looked almost comical being too large to fit inside them. She tucked her fingers into his waistband and firmly holding it tugged them down.

The sight of it was awe-inspiring. His large thick cock bobbed free of its prison. It stood proudly before her, warm and inviting. She stroked its shaft in long smooth glides. His skin was hot. She was amazed at the feel of it. It was soft and supple like baby's skin, yet it belied the stiff rigidity underneath.

She took it between her fingers and slowly stroked his rod back and forth. She stroked softly and gently at first, but increased in strength and speed as she continued. She could hear his deep, rumbling sighs of pleasure as she did so. To add to his ecstasy she planted soft kisses upon his stiffness. Jake moaned at the touch of her lips. Jaclynn knew what he wanted from her.

Her mouth opened wide and she took of his sweet manhood. Long and deep she drove it inwards. The touch of it upon her tongue sent waves of pleasure down her body. She could hear his moans as she sucked on his cock. To pleasure her love in the way he deserved served to satisfy her almost as much as his pleasuring of her. She sucked and sucked. Up and down, up and down. Deep into her mouth she took him until she could take no more. She let it linger there at the back of her throat, careful not to gag. His quick panting breaths were like music to her ears. She wanted more from him. She sucked on him and began to swallow her spit. The swallowing motion of her throat tickled the tip of his cock.

"Oh...Jaclynn." he panted.

She withdrew his hard, wet cock from her mouth. His cock was now slick with her saliva. She looked up to him with smile on her face.

"Yes, my love? Do you want something?"

Jake breathed deeply. Words couldn't express the feeling he was having.

"I love you."

Still smiling, she replied... "Mahal Kita"

Admiring her handiwork, she started to pump his cock up and down. Her saliva made her job easier as his cock was slick and wet. As she pumped him for several minutes she could hear his breathing increase. His cock began to grow larger. It shined with an inner glow. Its bright reddish color made it seem to burn with fire. She slowed her stroking and let his passion subside. As she did so, a small drop of a milky white fluid emerged from the tip of his cock. It shined like a new pearl in the bedroom light.

"Oh, my baby. Is that for me?"

Jake was too stunned to reply. He could only nod his head dumbly. Licking her lips, she extended the tip of her tongue toward him. With the tip she lapped up his pre-cum. She tasted its salty-sweet flavor and savored it as a prize from her love. It took no time before she swallowed it.

The act she just performed had a profound impact on Jake. She wasn't sure whether it was the sight of her tasting his seed or the actual feeling of it that turned him on more.

Jake could not express the pleasure he had been receiving. The woman he loved more than life was showing him such pleasure. True, the act was small in comparison to the coupling they had yet to perform. But it was somehow more personal. The fact that she initiated the sucking showed more of her love toward him than the actual sucking itself. Nevertheless, the sweet sucking of her mouth on his long hard cock reached deep within him and pulled forth his inner fire. She was so skilled even with her lack of experience. Enthusiasm made up for a lot...or so it seemed. When she started to make him cum he could not help but grow. Hotter and harder his cock became. She felt his fire and thankfully had slowed. His pre-orgasm subsiding, he felt the droplet of cum seep out of his shaft. He wasn't sure what her response would have been, but the swallowing of it was the last thing he expected. She deserved a reward.

"Enough of that. It's time for me to continue." said Jake as he reclined Jaclynn back down to the bed.

"Awww." she moaned disappointedly.

"Now, now. Time enough for that later. Its time for me to show you more."

Jake climbed over her and hovered over her waist. His hard cock perched between her legs and rubbed up against her pussy. The tip pressed against the wet cotton lining, their fluids mixing together. As he moved against her, he could feel her lips parting slightly. He could almost imagine himself rubbing up against her clit. From the sounds she was making it was probably close to the truth.

Unable to take anymore, Jake pulled down her panties and flung them across the room in a grandiose gesture. She giggled in delight, as they now lay naked upon one another. The sensation was so good. Her hot skin was like a balm that soothed his desire. She was so soft and delicate. He wished he could press closer upon her but feared crushing her under him. As was typical, his member tried to enter her as if it had a life of its own. Softly spreading the lips of her labia, Jake's cock found her wanting nest a most comfortable place.

Whimpering with pleasure she pulled at him trying to force him into her.

"Give it to me! Please...I want it."

Jake had to admit he wanted her too. Nothing would satisfy him more than plunging deep into her. Feeling every sweet drop of her wetness on his skin and to also feel her warm silken folds wrapping him and welcoming his presence. But his ultimate goal was to lavish her with an abundance of foreplay before the consummation of their mutual love. Torn by the conflict between his loving heart and his wanton lust he decided to compromise.

"Ok. But just a little bit. You don't want to spoil your appetite."

Adjusting his position over her, Jake placed his cock between her moist pussy lips. Its hot tip parted her skin and delved into its silky wetness. Her breath came in short gasps as she felt every inch of his hard manhood slide into her. Deeper and deeper he plunged. The warm satisfying embrace of her sweet womanhood was like paradise to him. It seemed that the ecstasy would never end. Then his long shaft stopped at her cervix. There were still a few inches outside of her.

Jake took hold of Jaclynn tightly in his arms. He wanted her to feel as warm and safe as she was making him.

"Ohhhh.... Jake. I love you."

"I know you do. And I you." Jake replied.

Jake lingered there inside her. He wanted to make sure that she adjusted to his size and strength. He wanted to stay and press forward with his love but he had to stick to his plan. He knew he mustn't give in to his lust... not yet.

Pulling himself out of her sweet vaginal embrace he started to make his way downwards.

"Wha... what are you doing?", she gasped.

"Mmmmmm.... Finishing what I started."

"No, Jake. I want it. I want you!"

Jake looked to her and flashed her a wicked grin and responded with only one word.


Jaclynn groaned at that word. She so hated to hear it. It was the one feature about herself she knew he hated. She so wanted him on top of her and in her. Pounding his sweet love muscle into her. With a sigh, she knew she had no choice to be..."patient".

Nestling between her thighs, Jake looked fully into her wet, waiting womanhood. Her smooth shaven features gleamed like fresh snow before his eyes. Her soft puffy labia were a soft pink in the snowy landscape of her skin. Small beads of moisture seeped from its sweet embracing folds. This was his next service for her.

Jake's long, hot tongue touched the surface of her labia. It seared her flesh with hot passion. His wet tongue met her wet pussy and merged together in liquid passion. Her sweet wetness was like ambrosia upon his tongue. It only served to fuel his fire. He began to lick her in long intensive strokes. First, he licked around her and then inside of her. He moved intentionally around her clit. This had the effect of making her legs quiver.

She felt weak in her knees and thanked God she wasn't standing. Everything felt so good! Her clit was fully erect and on fire. It craved such attention that it was almost alive. He was doing it on purpose that loving bastard. If he didn't take her clit soon she was going to die.

As soon as she was prepared, Jake decided to take on his target. Her clit stood proudly before him. It seemed to glow and he knew that somehow it welcomed him. Taking his time, Jake pressed the tip of his tongue onto her clit slowly. At the slightest touch Jaclynn grabbed his head and pressed him into her hard.

"Give it to me!" she screamed.

Jake could not argue this time. She had earned it. He attacked her clit ravenously. His tongue pressed and circled it with an intensity he had not shown until now. This time both their passions could not be denied and he drank of her as much as she gave to him. His cock grew thick and long and needed it own sensation. He rocked himself back and forth upon the bed to stifle it. He could tell that she too was feeling herself open up to him.

Jake's face was drenched in her sweet fluids. She moaned and she panted. Each lick took her breath away and she was left stunned. No one had ever gone down on her before. Every new sensation was the first. With her shaven skin she could feel the heat from his tongue, the warmth of his breath and the ruggedness of his skin. It was maddening. She couldn't help but squirm beneath him. She thought that he would lose himself in her bucking but he held on like a tick and continued to suck her clit. She tried to grab his ears to push and pull at him but it was all too much. She felt like she was adrift on an ocean of pleasure. Waves of intensity washed over her. Her breasts grew hot and began to hum. Her nipples grew so hard they hurt. And as for her clit...it was numb. Something began to build inside her. It was as if all the energy in her body was being drawn unto one point...her clit. Her mouth became dry and it grew harder to breath. Jaclynn wasn't sure that something was wrong. She thought perhaps that they should stop. She tried to speak but her words came out in small squeaks. Then everything began to change. Her clit became hot and felt her pussy tighten. Everything that was taken from her began to rush back in intense waves.

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