tagInterracial LoveMai Needs It

Mai Needs It


Mai felt nervous as she stepped though his door. The date had gone pleasantly, as they usually did. She looked up at him. He was tall and broad shouldered. His dark hair was cut short. More than anything she looked into his ice blue eyes. They captivated her as they stared though her. She knew that he was not just looking at her, but into her. He knew her mind better than she new herself. It made her nervous, but it also sent a thrill of exhilaration though her body. Mai was generally considered a "good girl", so what was it that made her want this "bad boy" so much.

"I had a nice evening," she said in her quiet voice. He moved closer to her and she felt her heart start to race. As he stepped into her personal space their physical differences became more pronounced. He was a tall Caucasian; she was a petite Korean girl. She knew what was coming next. She always said that it would not happen again, but it always did.

His eyes ran over her body. He started with her shoulder length hair. Her round face and almond shaped eyes. Her red lips, which she licked nervously. He smiled as he saw a light red blush forming on her cheeks. His eyes worked their way down to her chest. Her ample breasts were covered in a white blouse, which was rising and falling as she breathed faster. He let his gaze continued down to her black skirt and to her toned legs. He brought his appraising gaze back up slowly till Mai was once again enthralled in his gaze.

She had backed up against the wall till her back was pressed to it, but he simply moved forward till she was trapped. He placed is hands on either side of her to cut off any escape. He did not need to; he knew that she was already his. Mai had told herself that tonight would be different, but here she was again. She knew that it was useless to try and stop it as soon as she heard the words from his mouth.

"The evening isn't over yet," he says as he leans in. He presses his lips to hers in a hard kiss. Her resistance breaks down almost immediately under the intensity of it. His tongue slips in and rubs hers. As he sucks on her lips he slides one of his thighs between her legs. He smiles as hr hears her groan though the kiss as he presses against her. His hands tear open her blouse. She winces as the buttons pop off, but she can do nothing to stop it. She tries to stop him from yanking her lacy white bra down, but her arms have gone as week as the rest of her.

His strong, skilled hands roughly massage her breasts. He pinches and twists the nipples. He kneads the supple flesh in the palms of his hands. He is not gentle or slow. He knows what he wants, and he knows that she likes it like this. He understands that she wants to feel alive like a woman, not some innocent little girl. Her moans are proof of that even as he squeezes harder. She tries to protest, to be a good girl, but she is not.

"No...stop...," she says weakly as he breaks the ferocious kiss. "Pl-please not...this—," her plea is cut off as she gasps in air and her eyes roll back. He has clamped his lips on to the nape of her sensitive neck. All of her will power drains away as lips, tongue, and teeth play up and down the delicate skin of her neck. She wants to move her arms, but they hang limply at her sides. Her palms press against the wall, her nails lightly scratching at it. She knows she has lost all control and is nothing but his toy now.

Quicker than Mai can even realize one of his hands replaces his thigh between her legs. It slides up under her skirt till it is pressed against her wet panties. The thin white fabric is soaked, its purity gone. He presses his palm firmly to the fabric. He grinds his hand against her then slides the tips of a finger along her slit, pressing the fabric in.

She lets out low moans and whimpers. At first she tried to hold them in, but she knows it is pointless. Her hips buck forward wanting to feel him against her. Mai's cheeks burn as he plays with her, but the blush deepens more as he whispers in her ear, "Your soaked slut."

She wants to deny it, but that would be pointless. Instead she tries to control herself. This comes to no avail as her body tries to press his fingers deeper into her. Her lips part to beg, "Pl-please...."

He looks down at her with a confident smirk. That was just what he was waiting for. He lets his hands fall free of her and steps back. He looks her in the eyes and tells her, "If you want it, you know what to do slut."

Mai silently begs herself not to, but her body has already dropped down to her knees. Her trembling hands reach up to undo his pants. She knows that her body knows what it wants and what it has to do to get it. His hardening cock seems frighteningly huge in her petite hand. She strokes up and down the shaft as she leans forward. Her tongue slides out of her lips to lick across the head.

Delicious, she thinks to herself. She is shocked that even her mind is starting to betray her. Still, her soft lips slowly envelope his cock. She slides her lips up and down as she sucks on the throbbing head. His hands tightly grasp her hair and start to force her head down farther. She lets her tongue trace along veins as her lips take more and more in. Her mouth works its way down the shaft at his prodding till the head is pressed to the back of her throat. She tries not to gag as he fucks her mouth.

He lets her slide her head back up to the top of his cock. She continues to hungrily lick and suck his cock. Mai has forgotten about wanting to resist. She knows that the only way he will give her what she needs is if she sucks his cock like a good little slut. She keeps licking at every angle, doing everything that she knows will please him. She rolls his balls in her palm. The other hand slips up and down the shaft that is now slick with her saliva. She massages his head with her lips and tickles him with her tongue.

Her only warning is a loud groan. His hot, salty cum bursts into her mouth. There is too much and it comes to fast for her to swallow it all. Soon it is leaking out the corners of her lips and dripping down onto her exposed tits. She licks her lips as she looks up at him. She had forgotten just how good he tasted. What little modesty she has left forces a blush to her cheeks as she thinks about how much she loves sucking cock.

Mai knows what to do when he starts to pull her up by the hair. She gets to her feet and follows him to the ottoman. He roughly bends her over the back of the chair. He uses to pieces of rope that extend up from the chairs front legs to tie her hands. He reaches under the chair and produces a spreader bar. He attaches it to her ankles so that her legs are spread just the way he likes. She blushes when it becomes apparent he knew this would happen tonight by having all of this prepared.

He laughs as he flips her skirt up over her ass then slides her panties till they are down around her knees. He rubs her ass then gives it a sharp slap. "Ahh!" Mai yelps out. She feels him slip his hand down between her legs and tease her pussy. He lightly traces his fingers over the edges then slides them slowly along her slit. Mai trembles and makes futile attempts to suppress the whimpers that escape her lips.

"Look at you," he tells her as he stokes her pussy. "You're soaking wet. I can see juice drips running down your thighs," he told her, and it was the truth. "You must be one horny little bitch. I know what you want, but you'll have to beg for it."

"Please, I need it. I need to be fucked hard. I need you to fuck me. I'm a little slut that needs your big cock in her tight, wet, hot pussy. Please fuck me. I need you to fuck me," Mai blurted out all at once. She need it bad and was willing to give up any pretences of being a "good girl" to get it. She was to horny now to pretend otherwise.

She felt his hard cock press against her pussy. If she weren't bound she would have thrust back onto it. He wrapped one strong hand tightly in her hair and griped her hip with the other. It seemed to take forever to Mai, but then with a single, sudden thrust, he pressed his cock deep into her folds. Mai let out a loud moan as her tight pussy griped him firmly.

He starts pumping in and out. His thrusts are hard and fast. He presses in deep then pulls back to the edge till he is almost out. He slams into her, filling her like no one else. He pumps in and out with speed and strength as he pulls her back by her hair. He slaps her ass in time to the way his hips slap against her.

"Yes, yes, yes...more...harder...please harder," Mai moans as he fucks her harder. She can feel her orgasm building. With each hard thrust she comes closer. She feels the energy building till she cannot hold it in any longer. "Yesssss!" Mai cries out as the energy explodes inside of her. Her back arches as her pussy clams tightly on his cock. She can feel pleasure spasms race though her body. Her eyes roll back as she lets out a long low moan.

He keeps fucking her even as she cums. He keeps pounding into her hard as she moans. The spasms of her pussy soon sending him over the edge. He shoots his hot cum into her pussy as she releases her juices on him. He groans loudly, but slowly he starts to trail off his thrusts till he stops.

He pulls his cock out of her then goes to clean himself off. Mai is left tied, bent over the chair. She tries to tell herself she won't act like a slut again, but knows it is not true. This isn't the first time this has happened and it won't be the last. Mai knows this because she knows that she needs it.

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