Maid Service


Being unemployed sounds fun and easy but it's not especially when you want to work and nobody wants to hire you. I've been out of work now for almost a year; my severance long since gone and my unemployment insurance is just enough to pay for our mortgage.

Fortunately Laura my wife of 10 years has a decent paying job which covers more than everything else.

Laura started as a low on the totem pole; a legal secretary at 20. Her talents allowed her to quickly rise through the ranks (her 36C assets didn't hurt either) and was soon assigned to one of the senior lawyers at the firm.

About six months ago, Laura seemed to be getting more and more irritated with me not working and seeming to just lounge around. Five months ago she finally voiced her displeasure.

"Martin, I know you've been trying to find work and I know how hard it is." Laura said. "But I could use a little more help!"

"But Laura!" I replied. "I give you the entire unemployment payout! And to make it worse, it's ending soon."

"I mean, more help around the house." Laura pleaded. "Washing; cleaning; grocery shopping and stuff like that. You can be like my little maid!"

So reluctantly I agreed and started more chores. I learned to keep the house and do both our laundry. I even started learning to cook.

A while back, I started to notice her clothes got more designer and fitted as she grew at the firm; very business-like but border line sexy. Hems were a little shorter; heels were higher. Under garments too: from plain and cotton to lacy bra and panties. Pantyhose changed to thigh highs or stockings and garters. I thought nothing of it mostly because I was working at the time, I hardly had the time noticed.

Responsible for the washing, it now was plainly evident as I rinsed out her nylons, carefully wash her delicate undergarments and neatly put them away. I don't think she owned anything granny anymore. No cotton; silks, satins, and lace only. More push-up bras and bustiers to accentuate her cleavage.

Our sex time diminished to a mere trickle. I was luck to get a hand job from her some times. I had to rely on myself for satisfaction most of the time. Tehn for some reason, I started using Laura's panties and nylons to jerk off with. As I rubbed them along my cock and balls, the softness reminded me of her skin (when she allowed me to touch her) and her smell often made my head euphoric.

This method made me come quickly, but sometimes I needed to slow my climax down. I would spend time rubbing her panties over my body, along me legs and over my ass before jerking off and spewing hot cum hard over my chest.

Then it seemed logical to me at the time. If I wore her panties, I would get that feeling all the time especially when I jerked off.

I slid one leg then the other into the leg holes of her panties and shimmied them up my butt. I was right! The feeling was exquisite! I almost exploded inside the gusset without having to touch myself. Then it became worse than taking drugs. The more I did it, the more I wanted it. Panties soon became not enough. I started putting on her bras, then stockings and garters.

Even though I did not have a lot, my body hair insolated 100% of the contact of my ensemble. I trimmed my pubic hair to a neat little bush. I started shaving so that all other body hair was gone. I justified it as man-scaping in case someone asked, but the feel of my undies next to my naked skin was exhilarating.

So addictive was my habit, many times right after Laura dressed and left for the office, I would transform myself. I stripped off my clothes, inspected myself for unwanted body hair. I would invade Laura's drawers and lay out my outfit I would wear.

Sometimes I would wear her things under my jeans and shirt when I went grocery shopping. I kept the garter straps tight so they would bite into my thighs as I walked with a more than gentle swaying of my hips. I would stand with my hands in my pockets in front of a rack pretending to ponder my purchase, but in reality, I was playing with my strap.

More than a couple of times (maybe on purpose), Laura would come home before I had the chance to change back. If it was cold, I would keep my bra on and put on a sweatshirt otherwise braless under a t-shirt then quickly jump into a pair of loose sweat pants. I wore socks on to hide my nylon toes which I started to paint a pretty pink. Then we ate the dinner I prepared and set in front of her like her maid. After sitting down to join her, I would slip a hand under the table and play with my clips and strap. Or inside my track pants and play with myself through my panties. I could almost make myself cum like this.

So today, I selected a black and red lace inset corset giving me a more curvy and delicate female shape. The padded cups gave me a set near to what Laura owned even though I had none. I found my favourite pair of her matching panties. The crotchless opening was tied closed with red ribbons easily controlling my stiff four and a half inch clit, but I left the ribbon closing the rear most part untied for that more than slutty appeal.

I carefully rolled on a pair of white nylons with red reinforced toes and Cuban heels and a red seam that ran all the way up the back of my legs and attached them to the straps dangling from the bustier; three on each side.

I squeezed into a pair of her 4-inch red stiletto mules to strut around in (after many practice walks). I felt so hot! So slutty! So horny! I wanted to come right then but restrained myself from premature relief.

I grabbed a feather duster and started pretending to clean my already immaculately clean house.

I was dusting and humming to myself. Legs tightly together and still in my high heels, I bent over at the waist to feather a low book shelf. All of a sudden, the front door opened. With my exposed ass in the air, I turned to see Laura in the door way with her mouth agape. I quickly stood up and faced her. She looked at me from head to toe and up again.

"What the fuck are you wearing?" Laura demanded. Suddenly with recognition she continued, "Hey! Those are my clothes! Martin, what the fuck is going on?"

"Oh hi honey!" I tried to change the subject; how could I change the subject standing there in Laura's lingerie and heels? "What are you doing home now?"

"I forgot to bring the file I worked on last night with me this morn .... Forget that! What are you doing wearing my things!"

Caught literally with my pants down, I could do nothing but fully confess. I told her everything from how it started; to shopping; to dinner times, to how I like to clean and primp around the house.

"Eww! That's sick!" Laura cringed.

She seemed to be standing there thinking. I stood there like a servant waiting for her command.

Suddenly, she went to her office and retrieved the forgotten file. As she left, she told me "No changing. You stay dressed like that until I get back tonight; I maybe a later than usual. Have dinner ready. I'll deal with you then!"

Well staying dress as I was, was no concern. In fact I had planned to anyway. More important was what Laura would do? Leave? Kick me out? Tell everyone?

Standing in the middle of the living room in my corset and panties, I started to cry like a little girl. I stood there fretting about what Laura might do. "Oh my gawd!" I groaned. "What if she starts to tell everyone? I'll be a laughing stock!"

I shook my head a little and dried my tears. "She really didn't appear to be that angry." I thought. "In fact I think there was a bit of a smile!"

I started to feel better about myself. I decided I'd fix her favourite dinner. I know she said not to cover up but I needed go shopping.

Dressing quickly, I covered my girl clothes with my ugly man clothes. I rushed to the store and bought my food supplies and couple of bottles of wine.

After I arrived back home, I stripped off my man clothes and remained in my girl clothes as per Laura's instruction. I quickly prepped everything for the evening meal and then waited.... And waited.... And waited.....

One hour later than normal, Laura finally entered the house. I was there to greet her with a suitably chilled glass of wine. I took her things except for a bag she refused to let me take.

"Take those things to my office and come back." Laura told me. I obeyed as instructed.

"Well I had some time to think about this today." Laura started. "At first I thought you were sick and I was going to toss you out dress like the fag you are."

I gasped, but before I could say anything, Laura continued. "Then I thought since you like playing dress up maid, you can be my girlie maid!"

I looked at her with puzzlement. Laura opened the red opaque bag and pulled out a white crisp cotton pinafore apron with a Chantilly lace border. "Put this on!" She threw it to me.

The bust part clipped onto the cups of my bustier. I tied the strings behind. The length of the apron came to my upper thigh; just above the welts of my stockings. You could still see the clips.

Then she threw me a wig. It matched my hair colour. "Wear this until your own hair grows longer." I fitted it on my head. The hair was styled in a short bob with bangs hanging down over my eyebrows.

"And these." Laura tossed me something else. White cuffs with cuff links; a white maid's hair band and an inch wide black satin choker with a large stone in the centre. "That's to hide your Adam's apple."

I finished putting everything on with Laura's help and direction.

"You will dress like this every day." Laura started to instruct me. "You will get up every morning before I do and help me get ready for work. You WILL do as I tell you to. And don't cross me or you will regret it!"

Outside I was shaking with fear. Inside I was shaking with excitement. I was so happy to be able to dress as I really wanted and still be with Laura even in a subservient position.

"Oh and you can keep what you are wearing." Laura scolded me. "I don't want that stuff back after you soiled them. We'll get more of your own stuff later."

We, or should I say she ate dinner. Maids were not to eat at the same time or place as Lady Laura (I decided it was improper for a maid to call her superior by only her first name).


"Go run a bath for me Martin." Lady Laura posed for a second. "Hmm? That doesn't really work does it. How about Marta? Yes, I like that name. Go run me a bath Marta!"

"Yes Lady Laura." I smiled at my new name as I skipped off to fill the bath.

I returned to help undressed Lady Laura. I removed her blouse to take to the dry cleaners. I unzipped her skirt and held it so Lady Laura could step out of it and then hung it up in her closet. I undid Lady Laura's bra. Her bosom is so beautiful. I wish mine were something near to their size. I rolled the thigh highs down her legs to rinse them out later.

She entered the bath and I softly soaped and washed Lady Laura. As I stood there with my legs parted so I could soap Lady's breast, Lady Laura ran her wet hand and fingers between my legs; stroking the skin between my stockings and panties and sometimes caressing my hard clitty.

"Seems Marta is enjoying her new station." Lady Laura smiled. "Maybe I'll give you a reward later."

Lady Laura stood up. I thoroughly rinsed the soap off using a hand sprayer before toweling Lady Laura's body.

For bed, Lady Laura selected a soft pink baby doll with chiffon panties. As part of my reward for the evening, Lady Laura also wanted to wear white stocking and garters. I carefully unrolled them up Lady Laura's legs and clipped them. It was so difficult since my hands were trembling so much.

I turned down the sheets to the bed as Lady Laura got in.

"Marta!" Lady Laura called. "I need some satisfaction. Lick me!"

I crawled between Lady Laura's legs. Initially I lapped Lady Laura's outer lips gently with my tongue, only to have her grab the back of my head and smash it into her soaking cunt.

"Fuck me!" Lady Laura commanded. "Fuck me with your tongue."

I did as I was ordered. The old Laura always love me eating her. My tongue was as long as my hard clit.

"Yes, that it Marta!" Lady Laura started to thrash. "Fuck me with your tongue! Make me c..u..m.... I'm cu..u..u..ming...g...g...!"

A flood of juice started pouring from Lady Laura. I greedily lapped and drank it all up. Not wasting a drop. The excitement also made me explode inside my panties.

Exhausted Lady Laura pants. "Thank you Marta. That was wonderful. You may now go to sleep."

Beaming with delight, I started to crawl into bed beside Lady Laura.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" Laura asked. "Maids don't sleep with their owners."

Stunned and no longer smiling, I retreated. After cleaning everything up and rinsing out Lady Laura's things, I retired to bed in the guest room. As I laid there recounting everything that happened, I fell asleep smiling to myself.

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