tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMaid Service Ch. 02

Maid Service Ch. 02


"What the f ...?"

I was awoken by the strong, early morning sun pouring in through the chiffon curtains. I was totally confused since our bedroom window faces west and the blind usually negate any attempt by the sun to light up the room prematurely. But as I came to my senses, I started to replay what occurred the evening before.

"Oh." Smiling to myself. "Yeah. I remember now."

I ran my hands over my body feeling the clothes I had on from last night: corset, stockings, garters and panties (still slightly damp from my own climax).

My hands stopped their caressing when I started to think, why did Laura seem so unsurprised of my hidden fetish? She didn't seem upset or disgusted or have any typical kind of reaction of revolt.

"Shit! Laura!" I cursed to myself. "I need to get things ready for Lady Laura!"

I jumped up still dressed in last night's skanky clothes, but grabbed a clean, white apron from the closet and put it on as I dashed to the kitchen. I metered out the freshly ground coffee beans, poured them into the coffee maker and started the machine. I drew a bath before going to wake Lady Laura.

I gently rapped on the door. "Lady Laura?" I asked in a whispered voice. "It's time to get up!"

Slowly I opened the door and peeked my head through. I saw Lady Laura starting to stir. She looked at me and smiled. "Thank you Martin .... I mean Marta!"

"I ran Lady Laura a bath."

Laura threw off the bed covers. She was still wearing the pink baby doll top, stockings and garters but no panties.

I rushed over to help Laura out of bed and followed her to the bathroom. I removed her bed clothing before she relieved herself on the toilet. I'm not sure why but watching her made me so hard.

"I see Marta is enjoying watching me!" Laura grinned. "Come! Wipe me!"

I scurried over and unrolled some toilet paper. I dabbed the driplets of pee from her pussy lips.

"Hm..m..m..." a moan escaped from her mouth as she parted her legs a bit wider. I took it to understand Lady Laura was enjoying my efforts and wanted more attention. I let the paper drop into the bowl and started to stimulate her clit directly with my fingers.

After a few minutes, she ordered me to "Stop!" I halted immediately. "Wipe my ass!"

I unrolled more paper and cleaned her thoroughly before discarding and flushing. I assisted Lady Laura into her bath.

"What would Lady Laura wish to have for breakfast?" I asked. I made Laura breakfast every morning since I became unemployed but today definitely felt and was different.

"I can smell the coffee." Laura replied, "Just English muffins and jam will be good."

I excused myself and went to set the table, and prepare to toast the English muffins at the appropriate time.

I could hear Lady Laura humming gaily to herself as she readied for breakfast. Then I heard the bathroom door open. I was about to start the toaster as I thought she would come down the stairs but she went back to her bedroom again.

I waited about 20 minutes before Laura reappeared and descended the stairs. She wore her white, silk kimono wrap and 4-inch slippers with a white Marabou trim. She had applied light make up and brushed out her short auburn hair. Perfect as always!

I was so in awe of Lady Laura, I forgotten about everything else.

"Is breakfast ready?" Laura asked.

Shaking my head I answered. "Please sit Lady Laura. I bring your coffee immediately." As I scurried back to the kitchen.

"Shit!" I muttered to myself as I pushed the button on the toaster before pouring her coffee which she drank strong and black.

As I brought Lady Laura the steaming cup of java, I informed her "Your English muffins will be ready in a minute. May I get Lady Laura something else while waiting?"

"Yes Marta." Laura replied. "Where's the morning Times? Would you please go get it?"

"Yes Lady Laura!" I had forgotten to get the paper. "Right away!"

My heels clicked on the floor as I quickly walked to the door. I paused as I reached to the door knob, realizing what I was dressed in. I had never gone out of the house fully exposed in my female persona.

"What are you waiting for Marta?" I turned to see Laura watching me. "Go get the paper!"

I turned the knob and opened the door. I cautiously stuck my head outside.

"Hurry up Marta!" Laura prodded me. "Don't make me tell you again!"

With trepidation I stepped outside to find the paper. It was in front of the landing only about 10 feet away. I was so nervous, if felt like 100 feet!

I looked left, then right and dashed as best I could to grab the journal as quick as I could. Just as my hand touched the newspaper, I heard a slam and click.

I looked up to see the front door closed.

I grabbed the paper and dashed back to the door. Locked!

I rang the door bell..... No answer! I rang it again...... Still no answer! Desperately I started ringing the bell and banging on the door. Finally the door opened. Standing there was Laura. She seemed to have a little smirk in her smile.

"Why Marta! Did you get locked out?" Laura asked in a so sickly sweet innocent tone. "I heard the door bell but assumed you would answer it! What do you think you are doing going outside half naked in only your underwear? Come in! Come in!"

But Laura didn't move out of the way immediately. She grabbed the paper out my hand, unfolded it and looked at the front page. I stood in the door way for a minute before Laura moved. I had to wait until I could pass by without bumping her.

Finally being able to pass by, but still in front of the open door. "Thank you for letting me back in, Lady Laura." I said graciously. "I'm not sure why the door closed or why it was locked."

Laura stood there and nodded only slightly; pretending to be engrossed by an article before slowly closing the door. I think Laura wanted to push the limit to how much humiliation I would take.

Laura sat back down at the table and sipped her coffee. I brought the English muffins and place them in front of her. I stood there and waited.

Laura put the paper down, took a bite of the muffin and chewed. She looked at me and asked "What is it? Is there something else you want Marta?"

"Lady Laura, I know it is not my station to questions, but I was wondering about Lady Laura's reaction to finding out about me."

"You mean about you being a panty wearing sissy?" She asked me as I nodded my head up and down in response.

"Do you think I'm that stupid?" Laura accused me.

"No Lady Laura, but I ...." Laura interrupted me before I could finish.

"Shut up!" Laura glowered. "Don't you think I started noticing things?"

I stood there with my mouth agape.

"One: MY lingerie was not where or how I placed them when I put them away. They were almost always moved. Two: some of MY bras and MY panties were stretched out of shape. Even some of MY shoes were loose. Three: I wear lingerie everyday. Don't you think I wouldn't notice when you wore MY things under your sweat pants?" She told me.

I stood there stunned.

"I know you wore my things under your clothes in front of me. Didn't you realize Marta, that when you wore garters tightly as you did, they produced a kind of indentation and showed through? The garter clips show a bump and bras produce a small but notable bump in the back." Laura explained. "We won't even discuss the fact you played with yourself even in front of me."

"But you .... ah... Lady Laura never said or did anything!" I stuttered. "Why?"

"While I suspected, I really hadn't any proof." Laura admitted.

"I thought about it a lot. At first I was kind of pissed my husband was some perverted, panty wearing sissy freak but after I calmed down and I thought about it, I noticed I started getting a little wet in my own panties. I thought about how to catch you in the act. Maybe feel you up when you were all dressed up. And what I would do if I ever caught you. Well the rest is kind of history, don't you think!" Laura laughed.

Unbelieving of what my own ears had just heard. "You mean you had this all planned and worked out?"

"Well maybe not the maid part." Laura replied. "That came to mind when I saw you cleaning house with the duster."

Laura looked at her watch. "Shit! I'm going to be late for work!"

She stared at me. "Marta! Go get my blue suit out. My white silk blouse. Red camisole and the French cut lacy panties. Don't forget my stocking and garters. And my red pumps!"

As if on automatic, I scampered to the bedroom and started assembling her things. I laid the suit and blouse on the bed as I saw her do before. Pulled out a camisole then went to find her panties. I opened the drawer and stared.

I had never thought about how many different panties she had, let alone which ones she wanted today. I pulled out three of my favourite lace ones: a high cut with a small triangle in front and a thin lace strip running in back; a high cut full front and back paneled and a cheeky panty with black lace trim (my most favourite).

I paired her shoes, made sure they were polished and then set them along with the ensemble just before Lady Laura entered and peeled off her kimono. She was naked underneath. I noted just a slight shiny wetness glinting on her protruding clit.

"Marta! Help me get dressed!" Laura instructed me.

"I was unsure which panties Lady Laura would like so I laid out a selection for her." I said meekly.

"Those ones!" Laura pointed at the red cheeky ones. I smiled as I knelt down in front and held them open for Laura.

Laura pointed through one foot then the other. As I started to slide them up her legs, I could not resist and licked the dampness from her cunt lips. Laura let me tongue her for a minute. I could hear her start to moan. My tongue started to penetrate when she pushed my head away.

"I've got no time for your gratification right now Marta. Finish dressing me!" Laura reprimanded me.

I pulled the panties up over her bum. I helped her on with the garter (which she always wore over her panties because she felt more slutty that way), and rolled and clipped her stocking on. Camisole then blouse; skirt and jacket. I slipped on the shoes.

Laura stood in front of the mirror and inspected herself. "Thank you Marta."

I was beaming.

"You look like crap though." Laura's comments cut me. "Stay there!"

I waited as she went to her drawer. She pulled out a number of things quickly.

"Wash up and you can change into these." Laura instructed. "Tomorrow we can work on getting you your own wardrobe. You can keep what you are wearing as your own. I don't want it back. And make sure your apron is clean and pressed before I get back tonight. Dinner ready."

With that, Laura left the house for the day. I cleaned everything up before washing and changing into my new outfit.

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