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Maid To Love


I am a lawyer for a British firm located in business district of London. Our C.E.O. is a full Lord with a huge estate in the north-country. On many occasions I have had the opportunity to spend working week-ends at his regal country manor. It has sixty-five rooms and a full staff of eight.

Among these is a lovely Scandinavian wench named Olga. She's one of three maids and it is concerning her that this narrative is about.

It was late fall and our firm was involved with a rather complicated trade contract with a European conglomerate. The Boss asked several of us to spend the week-end with him at the estate to rough things out. I jumped at the opportunity to visit that marvelous place again.

We spent most of Friday and Saturday working in his library and by Saturday night were nearly finished with our briefs. Early the next morning, Sunday, the Boss decided to do some horseback riding and my two colleagues accepted his invitation to go along. Whereas I begged off, wanting to spend a few minutes alone with my paperwork and another cup of coffee. It was only sunrise and the air was very cool. I decided to do my work in the den with the ornate brick fireplace.

I had just finished my work and was sitting by the fire, when Olga, the maid, walked in. Seeing the feather-duster in her hands, I realized her intentions. Upon seeing me, she halted at the door.

"Oh, Mister Ambrose, I did not know you were here. I'll come back later."

"No, no," I implored. "Go about your business. You won't disturb me in the least bit."

She studied me for a second, then smiled and nodded. "Very well, sir. I won't take long at all." She entered and closed the door behind her. Soon she was flitting about the den, busy at her task.

Sitting there, in my robe and panama bottoms, I watched her unobtrusively. Not wanting to make her self-conscious as she went from shelf to shelf, whipping her duster over the spines of my collection. Once or twice, her eyes flicked in my direction and I had to bury my gaze back into the open book on my lap.

Olga was a stunning girl with a full, ripe Scandinavian figure. I could not fathom who the twisted pervert was who designed the traditional maid's uniform. The little black dress that barely touched the top of her knees was demurely covered by a short white apron. Her top was straining at the full roundness of her breasts, that rose and fell ever so subtlety with each breath. Her long, shapely legs were encased in seamed nylons, their tops attached to garters becoming enticingly visible whenever she rose on tip-toes to reach the top of the shelves.

This was all beginning to have a noticeable physical results on my personage. Eyeing the straight black seams down her long elegant legs, I was amused and simultaneously excited by her choice of shoes. No dull, boring flats for Olga. No, rather shiny polished black pumps with four inch stiletto heels that made walking on them a skill she was more than equal to. As she moved about the room, her heels clicked on the hard wood floor, her hips swinging fluidly from side to side with each perfect step.

I found my hands were sweating and I set aside my papers on the end table to wipe them on my housecoat.

"My, but that fire does make it warm in here, doesn't it," I offered up indicating my sweaty palms.

Olga smiled and stood by the shelf to my right.

"Yes, Mister Ambrose. Almost stifling, sir." Then she did a curious thing. She unbuttoned the two top pieces of her blouse and opened them to reveal the tanned flesh beneath. She fanned this exposed skin, breathing deeply so that my eyes locked onto the ripe swell that was the top part of her ample bosom.

Again she caught my glance and I must have flushed red as a beet as I averted my stare. I sensed her approaching and kept my head down.

"I'm done, sir. Will you be needing anything more?"

She was standing in front of me, her hands and the feather duster behind her back so that her magnificent chest was above and before me.

"Ah, ..Er.no, Olga. Thank you."

"Is something wrong, sir? You seem a bit flushed."

"Er ..No, no. Just a curious thought, my dear."

"Yes, Mister Ambrose?"

"Well, ah . . . your shoes . . . "

"My shoes?" She looked down and again afforded me a view of her breast, so ripe and bursting at the corset beneath her opened blouse. "Is there anything wrong with them?"

"Er..No, not at all, my dear. I was just perplexed that you would wear them. I mean, with the heel and all...I mean..."

Olga smiled and raised her right leg before I could protest, setting the tip of the shiny black shoe on the left arm of my chair.

"Do you like them, Mister Ambrose? They were very expensive, you know?" she asked perfectly innocent.

I sat up straight, my eyes on the shapely leg now in front of me. The shiny black pump was reflective and I could see my distorted face in the toe. Without thought, I touched it, rubbing the smooth texture of patented leather and the softness of her nyloned foot.

"Yes, I can see that. Quite lovely. Very nice indeed."

I continued to rub the foot. My hand had a life of its own as it moved up her leg, traveling effortlessly along her shin and then around the back to her curved, soft calf. Olga gave a little gasp.

"Oh, Mister Ambrose. What would you be doing?" But she did not move the offered limb.

Emboldened by her obvious approval, I slipped my hand carousingly over her knee and across her upper thigh.

"You have very beautiful legs, Olga. Very long and well shaped. I am quite fond of them."

"Yes sir, I could tell the way you stare at them whenever I'm about."

"Do you mind?"

"Oh no sir, I rather enjoy having you watch me. It sort of makes me feel all warm and hot inside. If you know what I mean."

I could feel the heat emanating from her inner thigh as I my fingers found the hosiery top and a garter snap. I pulled at it gently. Olga reached down and put her hand on my wrist, urging my hand further under the cotton of her skirt. I looked into her sparkling blue eyes and she smiled, licking her lips with the tip of her tongue.

"I've often had dreams about your touching me like this, Mister Ambrose," she gasped.

"You have?"

"Yes sir. Your hands exploring my body just like this; feeling me all up. Touching my secret places. OOO, yes. Right there."

My exploring fingers were pressing against the lace fabric of her panties, feeling the tangle of pubic hairs beneath the fabric. I rubbed the spot hard and Olga shivered.

"And what do you do when you have these dreams, Olga?"

I pulled the fabric aside gently and probed with my index finger, immediately knowing her to be wet.

"I play with myself, your Lordship. Dreaming it's yourself loving me all over. Ah."

I slipped the finger up inside her and she shivered, both her hands pulling her skirt up to allow me freer assess. I took in her black lace panties, with a floral lace edge, her soft pink skin exposed between them and the bottom of her matching corset with the attached garter snaps that held her stockings. And of course my right hand lost beneath the panties as I continued to probe her with my moving finger.

"Oh yes, my Lord. Deeper, if you will...AAGHH."

Clearly the girl was enjoying my attention as much as was I in providing it. A twinge from my own anatomy indicated that my own sexual awakenings were manifesting themselves in the shape of the rock hard bulge rising from my lounge pants. I reached down with my left hand and peeled back the crotch to grasp my penis and bring it out into the open. It was stiff and erect, its tip aiming upward toward the vagina only inches above.

"Oh Olga, my cock is so very hard for you."

Her eyes widened like twin moons as she stared at my manhood rising triumphantly. She gulped, her tongue licking her lips.

"Would you like this, Olga? Would you like my cock shoved way up deep inside your warm, wet pussy?"

"Yes sir," she nodded wildly. "After you lick it all up."


The look on her face was wanton with animal desire. "Please," she begged.

The time was foreplay was indeed over. I removed my wayward hand from her lingerie and indicated she move away. This done, I rose, peeling off my lounging jacket and tossing it aside quickly.

I took Olga in my arms and pulling her into me tightly, kissed her for all I was worth. My mouth forced her sweet lips apart and my tongue went to feverish work inside her mouth. All the while my hands roamed over her backside and mashed her plump posterior crazily. Her entire body squirmed happily against me.

As quickly as I began the embrace, I pulled away. Taking her by shoulders, I moved us around so that she was standing with her beautiful legs against the padded chair. Next I went down to one knee before her, lifted her skirt and took hold of her damp panties. I yank them down her legs easily and she skillfully raised each leg to free herself of them. I pushed her back into the chair. I took one quick sniff at the lace underware before tossing them onto my crumpled housecoat.

"Put your legs up on the arms of the chair," I directed.

She complied eagerly, the motion raising her maid's skirt up to her tummy and fully exposing her tantalizing, moist cunt.

"Oh, Mister Ambrose. Do it! Eat my snatch."

I dove into her like a starving fool. Holding her inner thighs, my mouth clamped onto her pussy and my tongue slid into the wet folds of her vagina. Like a cat lapping milk, my hungry tongue ravished her. Lick after frantic lick, I devoured her honey both with vigor, driving my tongue deeper and deeper with each new stroke.

Olga went wild, her body vibrating fiercely under my oral attention. Gasp after gasp escaped her throat and she took hold of my head with both her hands, forcing it down. Urging me on with her calls, "Oh yes, it's wonderful, sir. So very good."

No lie there. I was enjoying myself completely. This lasted of all five minutes before her orgasm came on her. Olga let out a high shriek and clamped her lovely legs tightly around my head, her body rocking uncontrollably as each new wave of sensual pleasure swept over her. When she finally settled down and released her hold on me, it was with a soft, contented sigh.

"Crikey, that was so nice, Mister Ambrose. Now will you be fucking me up good?"

I laughed and jumped to me feet. My erection was huge and straight, pointing right at her. Olga leaned forward and took hold of it. She brought her head forward and lightly kissed the head of my engorged willy. It sent shivers through me. She took me into her mouth and began to suck away. It was heavenly. So much that I had to pull out. Her lips making a smacking sound as I did so.

"Stop," I said, struggling to stop her caresses. "You'll make me cum in your hands."

"Alright, sir," she sounded sad. "But we'll have to see to that another time." Now there was a sweet promise.

I helped her to her feet again and once more we exchanged positions. Once back in the chair, my cock rigid with excitement, I pulled Olga towards me and had her straddle the arms. Since the chair was thickly padded, she was able to get into a comfortable posture that had her love gash centered directly over me.

Holding her hips, I pulled her down and at the same moment raised up. Like a sword sliding into its custom made scabbard,

I went into her. It was marvelous. Her wet insides lubricated my taut skin and made the fucking motion easy. Up and down I moved, sending sparks of joy through both of us.

Olga was once again reacting physically. As I held onto her hips to keep the fucking going, she reached down and all but ripped her blouse open. Then with a few minor tugs, managed to pulled down the bustier covering her large, firm tities. What a sight they were. Without losing a beat, I began sucking on them, going from one juicy pink nipple to the other until each was a hardened cone poking out from their aroused mams.

"Oh heavens, I'm going to come again!" Olga yelled as I was playfully biting her. "YES, YES! FUCK ME, MISTER AMBROSE!"

I was glad to oblige, my pecker now near bursting with my own ardor. And as Olga climaxed a second time, her pussy walls clutching my stiff member, I too erupted with a powerful ejaculation that fired load after load of jism into her. Her pussy muscles draining it dry. My own groans mingling with hers.

When it was over, she collapsed in my arms, her head coming to rest on my shoulder. I continued to play with her amble breasts as my willy slowly returned to its normal stature and slipped out of her.

"Oh, Mister Ambrose, that was divine."

"Indeed, dear Olga. I'm thinking you're going to have to quit this job."

"Oh, and why would I do that, sir?"

"Why to come to work for me, of course. I'm in need of a maid. One with long, shapely legs."


Suddenly her head jerked up and looked toward the door. "Blimey, someone comes!"

I pulled my hand from her crevice and sat up while she set her foot down and turned away from me, her hands frantically straitening the front of her uniform. The door behind me creaked open as I maddeningly shoved my erection beneath the cloth of my pants and threw my the flaps of my house jacket over my legs.

"Henry? Are you here?" I recognized the lilting voice of Lady Alice, my wife. "Ah, there you are."

I scooped up my fallen book just as she swung the door wide.

"Hello dear," I mumbled, a huge smile plastered across my face, hoping it was no longer red. "Do come in."

Alice was decked out in her blue outfit that included a short skirt and matching turtle neck sweater. By the prominent jutting of her nipples I could she wasn't wearing a brassiere. Alice is a small brunette with a very lovely shape. Her legs, tanned from days on the tennis courts, were trim and healthy as she came over and gave me a small, friendly kiss.

"Reading, are we?"

Olga had turned and was busy at another book shelf.


"Yes, Lady Ambrose," she replied happily as if nothing at all had been going on when Alice arrived.

"Don't forget to do up the dining room. We are having guest this evening."

"Of course, Lady Ambrose. I'll get right on it." With a little bow, she turned and walked away.

I tried to keep my eyes averted from her swaying hips and long, graceful legs but saw Alice watching her intently.

"What a silly girl," she said after the maid was out of the room.

"Excuse me? How so?"

"Why those ridiculous shoes with their preposterous heels. It's a wonder she doesn't fall and break her neck."

"I rather like her shoes?"

"You do?" She studied me with a stare I was all too familiar with.

"Well, yes. I think they're awfully feminine."

Alice tilted her head slightly and put her hands on her hips.

"You mean sexy, is that it?"

"Well, ..Ah, yes." I couldn't believe I was saying these things.

"So, what is wrong with that, dear?"

My wife continued to study me like some specimen under glass.

"Mmm...and tell me, Henry. Would you like to see me wearing shoes like those?"

"Yes, I would, love."

"You would!"

I reached out and took hold of hand, pulling her onto my lap.

"Yes, but only in bed."

"What?" Then the look of understanding came over her pretty face as my right hand crept under her sweater.

"Well, we wouldn't want you falling and breaking your neck now, would we?"

At that I kissed her longingly. My dallying with Olga had gotten me worked up and I was horny as a deprived bull in an empty pasture. My hand found her breasts and began playing with them. She squealed happily, her mouth opening so allow my tongue entry. As her nips became hard, my already teased member again began to harden with determined rapidity. So much so that it soon pressed up against her tight little buttocks.

"Oh, Henry," she giggled, squirming purposely to arouse me further. "Whatever is that thing I am sitting upon."

"As if you didn't know. Damn it, Alice. I want you. Right now."

"What," her eyes wide in surprise and merriment. "In the den?"

I pulled on her tits playfully to prove my ardor and she pushed my hands away. Squirming, she stood up and smoothed out her clothes, laughing.

"My, my, Olga and her sexy shoes do seem to greatly effect you, Henry."

I wasn't exactly sure how to take that one. Did she suspect anything? Alice was liberal about sex, but not that liberal.

Then she reached down and pulled aside my housecoat, revealing my pajama bottoms with the lump at the center where my poor, unattended penis bulged.

"What is that suppose to mean, Alice?"

"Oh, don't get in a frump, dear Henry. Here, let me have a go at this magnificent creature of yours."

"But I want you?"

She knelt down before me, opened my legs and reached in to the slit of my pants to find my swollen penis. "Henry, love, there simply isn't time. The Bonivelles will be here soon and I must see to the dinner. But don't fret, I'll see to this properly before I go."

Then she licked her lips and dropped her head down to swallow me in one soft, wet gulp. Alice was a fiend when it came to giving fellatio and she went at it with relish. Her tongue lapping up and down the head of my stiff cock all the while massaging it with expert care as she did so.

"I really don't mind you flirting with the maid," she announced during a break to catch a gulp of air before renewing her attack on my erection. "She is a rather voluptuous little bitch, isn't she?"

Then I felt my blood boiling deep inside me. Running hotly toward climax and I arched my back to push myself deeper into her hungry mouth. I reached down and took hold of her head forcing her down. "Oh Alice baby! Suck me up!"

Her head kept bobbing back and forth making loud sucking noises that only added to the pleasure she was administering. Taking a second to catch her breath, I watched her lick off a smear of clear goo from her lips. She could feel my trembling and knew I was about to explode and shoot my load.

"You'd probably like to screw her good, wouldn't you love. Bang this big, huge dick into her soft, tight pussy. I'll bet you can imagine it right now."

It was all I needed. She was right, of course. The vixen. I had only to close my eyes as the first gob of jism started to gush forth to see Olga in my mind's eye. Beautiful, tempting, seductive Olga, spread out before me on a huge bed, still in her little black and white maid uniform, but now with her legs wide open and panties gone. And I was diving into her, driving my cock hard into her. Deep, deep, deep. DEEP!

"Oh baby," I cried. "I'm coming, I'M COMING!!"

Alice jerked my rod hard and I shot my load, repeatedly into her loving mouth. She swallowed fast, enjoying the taste of my cum as it splashed against tongue and throat, sliding messily away. Making sure not to lose a single drop, her sucking mouth like a vacuum on me, working me to the thrill-jerking end.

Then I collapsed, drained and exhausted. My fingers still in her soft, silky hair. Alice lifted her face from quickly deflating rod and smiled, wiping the her lips with the back of her hand.

"Hmmm, that was sooo good."


After leaving the den, Olga went directly to the dining room and commenced her dusting. Her body was over heated from her intimate encounter with Lord Henry and she could not escape the needful desire growing within her loins. Her pussy was still wet as she remembered his hand there. The look of abject longing in his handsome face as he jerked on his huge, king size cock. Olga had all she could do to keep her thoughts on the job at hand. If done poorly, she would be severely reprimanded. She could even lose her position. A thought that was most sobering.

Gritting her teeth, Olga dug into her work and soon was finished. Everything looked spotless and clean. Secure in her task completed, she sought to alleviate her sexual frustration.

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