tagLesbian SexMaid to Order

Maid to Order

byMaggie Red Rose©


This is the fourth story in a series involving the characters Ashley and Penny with Marina joining them in the third story and now in the fourth in which a new character, eighteen-year old Ginger, is introduced. The setting for all the stories is Sydney, Australia. The stories are: An Itch Needing Scratching, Caught in the Limelight, Never Too Old, and now Maid to Order.


"Hello. May I speak with Ashley, please," asked Lady Rose in her thin voice.

"This is she," answered Ashley, thinking she recognized the voice.

"Ashley, Darling. This is Lady Rose," she said in her upbeat, bubbly way.

"Oh, Lady Rose, what a pleasure to hear from you," Ashley replied, not sure why Lady Rose was calling her.

"Yes, yes, Dear. It's been far too long. Not since that unforgettable evening when we had the lingerie party at my home and Penny and Marina were our lovely models as well as our sexual toys afterwards," Lady Rose said with excitement in her voice.

"Why, Lady Rose, you sound very naughty. And to think a woman of your age," chided Ashley playfully.

"Oh, posh, Ashley. You know yourself that even though I am seventy years old, there are still embers of passion smoldering within my erotic self," Lady Rose said with certainty.

Ashley smiled at what Lady Rose had just said to her, but she had to admit all that she said was true. For a lady of seventy Rose was in the best of health, kept herself in good physical and mental health, and her memory was still sharp. Besides all that, Lady Rose was still a woman of passion who enjoyed making love with women ever since she had reconciled within herself at the age of eighteen while still in high school that she was a lesbian, and from that day of self-recognition she lived a lesbian lifestyle to its fullest.

She was able to do this quite comfortably since she received everything after her father died, her mother having died when she was very young. She inherited the huge Victorian mansion on Pippin Point and the two department stores that were both located in different parts of city centre Sydney.

As Lady Rose grew older and regularly frequented the gay section of the East End where all the action was and in which both gays and lesbians could feel comfortable, she had throughout the years financially helped quite a few of the businesses get their start. So, as the years went by Lady Rose became a living icon within the gay community.

"Well, I can't argue with that, Lady Rose. At your age you are still a vibrant woman who looks more like fifty than seventy," Ashley complemented Lady Rose.

"Why thank you. That's sweet of you to say, but I didn't call just for idle chitchat. I called with a purpose in mind," Lady Rose said.

"What might that be?" Ashley asked.

"Well, Dear, since the lingerie party was such a success that afterwards led to intense lovemaking among all the guests, I've been thinking we ought to try something new to spice things up a little," Lady Rose said coyly.

"What do you have in mind?" Ashley asked.

"It is that dreadful time of year for Board Meetings to go over the previous year's books we hope will show a rise in sales—at least I hope they do—and hear reports from the various heads of each department in the two stores, including the all-important financial statements of the Treasures so we can see our earnings for the year that will help us decide on the direction we should go for next year," Lady Rose said authoritatively.

"Yes, but what does that have to do with me?" asked Ashley.

"In truth, Ashley, nothing," Lady Rose quipped. "However, in appreciation for the fine work my Department Heads have done during this fiscal year, I'd like to give a special dinner as my way of thanking them," Lady Rose said.

"But I still don't understand how this affects me, Lady Rose," Ashley said as she continued to think what possible reason Lady Rose had called her.

"Now, Ashley, I'm getting to that. You know all my Department Heads are women for which I'm sure you might know the reason," Lady Rose said.

"Yes, it's that way at the boutique where I'm the Manager," she answered.

"But I still don't understand how that affects me," Ashley said.

"Patience, my Dear. Remember, 'Patience is a virtue,'" said Lady Rose.

"Yes, I know that," Ashley said.

"Now, Ashley, this is how you fit into all this," said Lady Rose enthusiastically. "And I know this is going to sound rather kinky even coming from me.

"I would like you, Penny, and Marina work as maids during and after the dinner. But, of course, you won't really be maids. There will be hired maids to get things prepared and to serve most of the meal. However, you will do a few things asked of you so that your being there won't look too obvious. What will distinguish you three from the other maids will be you outfits, and you will serve in a much different way. Ah, let's say, each of you will not be an ordinary maid. Each of you will be Maid to Order if you catch my play on the word."

"And what does that mean, Lady Rose," asked Ashley unclear of what it meant to be a Maid to Order.

"Exactly this," explained Lady Rose. "I want the three of you there as an added bonus for my Department Heads, at least those who would enjoy this little something extra I have in mind for them; although, knowing them from firsthand experience and the foibles of each, I'd say they all will desire this added bonus. You Ashley, Penny, and Marina will be with the maids as if you are just one of them, but you'll be more than maids. You'll be maids that will do more than serve food to my guests."

Even though Lady Rose had explained what their duties would be, things were still a little fuzzy for Ashley.

"Surely Lady Rose doesn't need Penny, Marina, and me just to help the maids serve at the business dinner she is having for her Department Heads," Ashley thought. "There has to be another reason."

As if Lady Rose instinctively understood the brief moment of silence while Ashley tried to think things through, Lady Rose cut to the chase, "Ashley, before I go on I want to tell you I am willing to pay each of you 15,000 pounds as I had done for your services at the lingerie party; although, then Marina received only 10,000 pounds. A tidy sum wouldn't you say," Lady Rose smiled to herself.

"Fifteen thousand pounds just to dress up like maids and help those whom you hired to do the work," Ashley said in a questioning tone.

Lady Rose said, "No, no. You are still missing the point. You three will do more than the other maids. Each of you will be a special Maid to Order, having duties above and beyond what a maid is expected to do."

"And just what might that be?" asked Ashley.

"You, Penny, and Marina will not be wearing the ordinary maid's uniform. You three will wear very sexy, black, silk corset ensembles that will reveal your bodies for my guests' enjoyment. While serving them, you three will allow any and all my guests touch and fondle you wherever they want as a prelude to things I hope will come as a special 'course' of the dinner. Those are the reasons I offer you three such a large sum of money, Ashley. I also need you to tell Penny and Marina about this idea of mine and how much I am willing to pay if they decide to participate in another of Lady Rose's quirky evenings," explained Lady Rose more fully. "Oh, before I forget, as part of the arrangements I'd like to have Marina come over earlier than you and Penny. I have something special I want her to do."

Ashley's face turned a little red as she heard Lady Rose's proposal. Penny and her younger sister Marina were good friends, and Penny was not only her friend but her lover, too.

It was not that Ashley was embarrassed with Lady Rose's decadent wish—She was accustomed to those—she was uneasy about bringing up the subject with Penny and her sister Marina. Her uneasiness was due to the fact that she still felt as if she were pimping for Penny and now Marina, but she couldn't deny 15,000 pounds each was something hard to pass up, especially since Lady Rose's request of Ashley was not for menial labor but for one of her erotic adventures in the lives of others, this time the Department Heads of her two department stores.

Having carefully thought it through, Ashley had her answer. "Well, Lady Rose, as you know, I'd have to broach the subject with Penny and Marina before I can give you an answer for the three of us. Although, I should think the amount of money you are offering us for one evening is outstandingly generous. I know I could use it. I get paid well as Manager at the boutique, but I have a tendency to live beyond my means at times, like my having bought that Jaguar. Owning it is like a symbol of my success. So, as for me, you have a definite yes, and I'll do my best to win over Penny and Marina; although, I think the money will be a good incentive for them to say 'yes,' too," said Ashley.

"Wonderful, Love. Simply wonderful. You've made an old woman happy," said Lady Rose.

"Then I'm glad," said Ashley. "Anything else, Lady Rose?"

"No, not for now. Once you have Penny's and Marina's answers, ring me up. Will you?" asked Lady Rose.

"You know I shall," said Ashley reassuringly. "Bye for now."

"Bye-bye, Ash," said Lady Rose, smiling contentedly as she put down the phone onto the receiver.

"Well, here I go again," said Ashley to no one but herself as she got up from her large, brown leather sofa and walked over to the window of her penthouse apartment that overlooked Hyde Park. She looked at all the people walking far below either along the sidewalks or through the park. They looked like ants rushing to and from the colony.

"Now how do I approach Penny and Marina with Lady Rose's latest proposition," Ashley pondered. "The best way is the direct way," so she walked over to the phone and dialed Penny's number.

The phone rang, and on the seventh ring Penny answered.


"Oh, Penny, it's you. Good. This is Ashley."

"As if I didn't know that, Love. Your voice is forever in my mind," Penny sighed.

"We have to talk. Marina, too," Ashley hurried on as if she hadn't heard what Penny had just said to her.

With some anxiety, Penny asked, "Is something wrong, Luv? Whatever it is, it sounds urgent."

"No, nothing's wrong. I'm sorry if it sounded that way. I just have to talk with you and Marina, and I was wondering if you two could possibly come to my apartment. I'll go into details then. It would be difficult over the phone," Ashley said reassuringly.

"Well, I can come, and I'm pretty sure Marina can come, too. She has the day off and is up stairs in her room," Penny said.

"Great, Penny. See if she will come. It's not urgent, but it does involve the three of us," Ashley said excitedly.

"Well, then, we'll be there in about an hour. See you then, Ash," said Penny.

"All right, Love. I'll be waiting. My nerves on edge, so I think I'll keep busy and make us a light lunch," said Ashley.

"Sounds good. See you soon," answered Penny.

Penny and Marina showed up on time, and the three sat down to a nice lunch Ashley had prepared for them. Even though Penny wanted to know as soon as she walked through the doorway into the small foyer what was so urgent that made Ashley ask Marina and her to come to her place, she kept herself under control, knowing Ashley would tell Marina and her when she was ready.

During lunch the three of them just talked about small things, but after lunch was over, Ashley looked at Penny and Marina and said, "Let's go into the living room where I can share with you what is so important. At least I think it's important, and I think you will, too."

Ashley and Penny sat on the large, brown leather sofa facing the window and held hands while Marina sat in a large, brown leather chair across from them.

"Well, then, tell us Ashley before we split a gut," Marina said.

"All right. It involves Lady Rose again and another of her parties, only this time it is a business dinner for her Department Heads of both stores who are all either lesbians or bisexuals," Ashley said, and then she told them all that she and Lady Rose discussed earlier that morning.

After having shared all that she knew, Ashley looked at Penny and Marina to see if she could read their reactions.

"Well...what do you two think? Does it sound good to you? It's 15,000 pounds for each of us. For one evening," Ashley emphasized.

Penny looked at Marina. Marina looked at Penny. Penny and Marina looked at Ashley.

There was a pregnant moment that just seemed to hang over the room as if it would never go away.

"Well, Ashley, you can count me in again for that kind of money," Penny said.

"That goes for me, too," added Marina.

"Just tell us when, Ashley," Penny said.

"I'll do that as soon as I get back in touch with Lady Rose and give her our answers to do it. That will please her since she seemed so excited to have us there for this special dinner," Ashley said.

Penny and Marina stood up and got ready to leave Ashley's apartment. Ashley hugged Penny, and they kissed, and then Ashley kissed Marina on her cheek.

"Good-bye, Love. Talk with you soon," said Ashley as she closed the door behind Penny and Marina and then went directly to ring up Lady Rose to tell her the good news.

"Hello, Lady Rose, this is Ashley. I have good news for you. Penny and Marina agree to perform as French maids at your home during the dinner party you are giving for your Department Heads," said Ashley.

"That's wonderful, Ashley. Simply wonderful. I so look forward to it," Lady Rose said. "Now, since I know Marina is going to accompany you and Penny, let me remind you about my special request."

"And what is that again, Lady Rose?"

"I want to have Marina come to my house two hours before you and Penny get here. Three o'clock. Tell her I have something special I'd like her to do for me before all my guests arrive. You don't have to know the details because you and Penny, in your own ways, will be a part of this," Lady Rose said. "Oh, yes, and tell Marina I'll have my driver pick her up at her house."

Ashley smiled and said to Lady Rose as a Mother sometimes speaks to her child, "Oh, I think I already know what that 'something special' is."

"Oh, my. Am I that obvious?" asked Lady Rose sheepishly.

"Yes, you're that obvious. Your strong libido often speaks between the lines of what of say," said Ashley.

Lady Rose's blushed and she said, "You know me all-too-well, Ashley."

"You may have a guess about why I want Marina to come early, but don't ask me to go into details because that would spoil some of the surprise for you and Penny," said Lady Rose.

"All right. I won't press the issue, but tell me, how many Department Heads will be at your dinner?" asked Ashley.

"There will be ten, five from each department store. I'll make eleven. As before, you three will be an extra special treat for these ten women, some of whom you might know from the lingerie party," she told Ashley.

"And just when will this dinner be held, Lady Rose? I need to know so I can share this with Penny and Marina," asked Ashley.

"Oh, yes, you do need to know the date and time. Don't you?" said Lady Rose. "It is planned for Friday, January 5th, the first week of the New Year—2007—and it is scheduled to begin at seven o'clock with Champagne cocktails at six. Therefore, it is imperative to have Marina here at three o'clock and you and Penny coming later at five o'clock. You two will need time to change into your French maid's ensembles for what I want all three of you to do.

"Any questions, Ashley?"

"No Lady Rose, that explains it all very clearly. You can expect us to do as you wish as your friends, but each of cannot get over your generosity of 15,000 pounds," said Ashley.

"Well, as I see it, Ashley, I have the money, and if one wants quality, one must be willing to pay for it. And you three are definitely quality," said Lady Rose complimentarily.

"Thank you, Lady Rose. It's good to know you appreciate Penny, Marina, and me as much as you do," said Ashley. "So, I'll share all what you have told me with Penny and Marina, and we shall see you on the 5th of January at the specified times."

Thus, the evening of the dinner party was set wherein she and her Department Heads would celebrate the end of the profitable year 2006 and look ahead to the year 2007.

Lady Rose had ordered stretch limousines for each of her guests to be picked up at her residence and to return her after the gala event. Her in-house cooks prepared the seven course meal, and the five maids she hired for the evening would set the dinner table and take care of the needs of her guest's such as taking their coats to the cloakroom where one of the maids gave a numbered ticket and serve the dinner. She also hired three butlers to work under the direction of her main house butler who had held this position for the past thirty years, their duties consisting of escorting her guests into the Great Room to the right of the large foyer and serving the before-dinner Champagne cocktails.

During dinner the butlers would serve the wine, a 1992 Penfolds Grange red Shiraz, Bin 95, and stand against the wall to assist in any way they could.

For Lady Rose the waiting seemed like forever, but at last the sun dawned on Friday, January 5th, on which she would entertain her Department Heads of her two department stores, one being the David Jones, the oldest in Sydney, and the other a collection of stores that collectively formed her second department store ever since Lady Rose went upscale and bought into what is considered to be the world's most beautiful shopping mall located in the Queen Victoria Building.

Lady Rose busied herself with last minute details, wishing the time would go by quickly. She was like a little girl waiting for Christmas to arrive.

Earlier that day Lady Rose had her permanent hair stylist come to her house to do her hair. She washed, dried, and brushed Lady Rose's grey hair and then plaited a bun that she wove into the hair on the lower back of her head and surrounded the bun with a single row of natural pearls. Lady Rose always wanted her hair combed back so it would stay in place no matter what she did, including making love.

Her undergarments consisted of a form-fitting, 32 A pink bra; a lacy, pink garter belt whose straps snapped into the top of her sheer, black nylons; and a pair of revealing, pink, crotch-less panties. Many would say a woman of seventy shouldn't wear such naughty undergarments, but Lady Rose, looking twenty years younger than she was, was an outstandingly beautiful woman, and because she was small and dainty and had had no children, her breasts were still pert and didn't droop. Her soft pink areolas and perky nipples were like crowns of her breasts.

She wore a simple, ruby red dress that just covered her shoulders and was cut down into a deep V, a symbolic shape of a woman's "V"-shaped genitalia. The bra made especially for Lady Rose pushed her small breasts together, creating cleavage. The dress had been tailored to fit the shape of her body, being tight against her sides that went down to her small waist. From her waist the dress hung straight down without folds and came just below her knees. She wore low heeled, toeless black shoes with straps over the heels.

On the left breast of her dress Lady Rose wore a beautiful rose pearl pin set in a gold setting.

Once Lady Rose was satisfied the way she looked, she went downstairs from her bedroom to sit in the Great Room to wait for Marina to come.

Before then, however, Lady Rose had one of her very young female acquaintances she had met in a lesbian night club in the East End agree to come to her house to do a little something for her. She told her she would give her 500 pounds for her services. The young girl's name was Ginger, and she had just turned eighteen. Lady Rose and Ginger had danced a few times that night, but they mostly sat in a booth in a corner, and talked, but before the night ended, Lady Rose and Ginger went back to the Ladies Room, entered a stall, where Ginger got down on her knees and ate Lady Rose's hungry pussy.

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