Maid to Order


Mary Sanchez felt self conscious in the little maids outfit, for all that she had been wearing it for a week now. The middle aged Hispanic woman was not used to dressing very sexy, and the maids uniform she had been given fit tightly to her mature, lush body, especially clinging to her round, firm ass and large, d cup titties. Even with the top button all the way fastened, the uniform left a good hint of cleavage available.

The two young men standing on the front porch were staring holes in the tight little outfit; they were both young black men, perhaps as old as her daughter, who was eighteen. Not much older than that, but they made up for it with their bold eyes.

The middle aged maid blushed as she handed the larger of the two, Rex, the key to the garage where the yard equipment was kept. The house did not have the master there yet, but the rest of the crew was arriving, and these two young black men had been hired to care for the lawn.

They were both good looking, Mary thought as the men walked away. They had strong, bold, handsome faces, and each stood at least four inches over six feet. Mary was only 5'6, and in the heels she was still quite a bit shorter than the two men.

The maid went about straightening the house, unaware that Rex and his assistant Pete were talking about her luscious body, and the way her firm, round breasts filled out the maids uniform., the way the outfit showed off her slightly curved belly and her wide, luscious hips flowing into her plump, firm ass.

Mary missed her husband. He was a merchant marine, and was away on a four month cruise. She had taken this job in the meantime, to make up for some unforeseen expenses. She looked out the back window an hour later, and saw both the young men hard at work in the back yard. They had shed their shirts, and were now dressed only in shorts.

Mary stared down at the sweating young men, and swallowed, her throat suddenly thick and her breath coming hard. She realized she was squeezing her right breast, and then stepped away from the window.

She did not notice one of the boys peering up at the window.

Another couple hours passed. Ms. Filmore, the head mistress of the house, peered at her over her glasses. 'I'm going to town, dear," she said. "Will you please check on the yard boys?"

"Yes, of course, Ms. Filmore," Mary said softly. The older woman nodded sharply. She was in her forties, but like Mary she looked much younger than she was. Her breasts were not quite as large as Mary's but they were nice and firm, about the size of grapefruits.

Mary Sanchez's tummy churned slightly as she walked to the back yard. She heard splashing, and walked around the corner of the garden to see the two young men splashing around in the pool.

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked, aghast that they would be in the pool.

"We're coolin' off," Rex said. His nearly black eyes cut into hers. "We're done with the yard," he said.

Mary nodded – it did look very good, they had just had to finish up today.

"Well, get out of the pool right now. It's not what you should be doing to cool off," Mary said. She felt a trickle of sweat run from the fine, silky skin of her throat down her generous cleavage. She was uncomfortably aware of the boys staring at her again, eyes hard with lust. Mary shivered slightly. She had not had men stare at her like that since before she was married.

For some reason she did not move, but stood there staring at the boys. She realized she was studying their bodies as well. Both of them had well defined torsos, thick with muscle, and wide shoulders. Rex had the bigger arms, but both of them looked as though their arms were almost the size of her slim thighs.

They stepped up the stairs, and Mary realized quite suddenly that the boys did not have on any clothes at all. Both of their penis' were suddenly visible, both of them half hard and unbelievably large!

Her husband's cock, when fully hard, was only five inches. She caught herself staring, and looked away from the two boys. "Get your clothes on, and you can see yourselves out," she said in a stammering voice. The image of the boy's fat tools was burned in her minds eye. Sammy's was larger, even half soft he was ten inches long. Rex was not far behind at about eight inches, and both of the boys rods were as big around as her wrist, with Rex's perhaps a bit fatter.

"Yes, I think that's best," she said, and went towards the pool house. She opened the door, and stepped inside, and then gasped as she realized the boys were right behind her, both of them still naked.

"What's the matter, Mrs. Sanchez, you looked like you never seen a cock before," Rex said, following her into the pool house. Mary Sanchez glanced at the boy, and then made a small sound in her throat as her eyes dropped helplessly to his stiff penis. It was now a good ten inches, and at least as thick as her wrist. The woman could not believe both the boys were standing there naked, as though it did not matter. Although, she had to admit he seemed genuinely concerned for her. He reached out and touched her arm. She automatically backed away, and bumped into the bar behind her.

Sammy, the other man, was a good three inches taller than Rex. Poor Mary Sanchez could not help noticing that he was at least an inch longer also. "Umm, look, guys, we may have got off on the wrong foot," she started to say, but Sammy interrupted her.

"Yo, bitch, I got this hardon because a you, prancing around in that little outfit!" the bigger man snarled down at her, and for the first time a worm of fear uncoiled in Mary's taut, slightly rounded tummy.

She swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry. For some reason, she was uncomfortably aware of how large her breasts looked in the tight maids outfit; she was uncomfortably aware of the fact that her stubby nipples were starting to itch and stiffen.

She blushed red when Rex noticed this too. "Hey, look at this!" he exclaimed, and then was reaching out. He gripped the stiffening bud in his thumb and forefinger, and began tugging and twisting on it gently.

Mary stared down at the boy's hand, and then looked up into his wide, handsome face. She saw not a speck of mercy there. There would be no telling what these boys were capable of, she told herself. His hard, strong fingers kept twisting and pulling on her stiffening nipple, and Mary sighed and shifted slightly.

"Rex, I . . . ohn, I really wish you would stop touching me like that," she gasped softly. She reached up, and laid a hand flat on his naked chest as he pulled harder on her pulsing nipple. Both her breasts felt swollen and sensitive, and she let out another large gasp as Sammy reached up with his hand. He cupped her left breast in his right hand, and instead of pinching and twisting just the nipple he began kneading the whole firm, silky soft globe.

Mary thought her eyes were going to roll up into the back of her head. She was scared to make too much of a fuss. She did not know why, for the boys had made no threat against her. She was just afraid of what might happen if she actually showed too much resistance.

She gamely told herself she should be able to talk her way out of anything, that they would in all likelihood just feel her up for a few minutes and then leave. That's what she told herself as she found herself leaning harder against the desk behind her. She felt herself lift her other hand up, and then it was pressed against Sammy's hot, muscular chest.

"Why don't your husband feel these big titties up for you, bitch?" Rex asked coldly, and then he was squeezing a big handful of her breast as well, lifting and kneading the heaving, soft

globe and then once more concentrating on her stiff nipple.

"My, I mean, he does, when he's home! Ohnnnn, oh, ohn, please guys, maybe you should just not touch me there. It, it makes me . . . ohhnnnn, my, unh!"

"It makes you what, Mrs. Sanchez?" Sammy asked, leaning down and nuzzling her slim, silky throat. "Doe sit make you all wet?" he whispered into her ear.

"So, why isn't your husband home, Mrs. Sanchez?" Rex was saying. He was back again to pinching and twisting her nipple. He saw Sammy's mouth open on the woman's throat, and heard his man whispering something to her.

"Umm, he's . . . he's in the merchant marines," Mary said finally. She was getting used to the fact that the boys were squeezing her big, sensitive, heaving breasts. They were sending the most unwanted pulses throughout her lithe, firm body. She had the soft, sweetly rounded ass of a mature woman, but all the tautness of a woman that worked out religiously, and she gasped and moaned when Sammy's other hand slipped around and began kneading her firm buttocks.

"How long is he going to be gone?" Rex asked. Sammy was still nuzzling her fine neck, and Rex could not help but notice how she had her head tilted slightly, giving him more room to kiss and lick the silky skin.

"Ohn, god, Sammy, I . . . Ohn, umm, about four or five months this time, I guess," Mary finally said, feeling as though she were betraying her husband.

She felt first Sammy's hand on her wrist, forcing her hand downwards, and then her palm was drawing across the man's fat, thick hardon. It felt like a bolt of electricity went off when the fat piece of meat came in contact with her soft, sweaty palm. Before the middle-aged maid knew what was happening, her long, slim fingers were wrapping around the fat penis. It felt so different from her husbands! It felt so hard!

Mary blushed when she caught herself wondering what something that large and hard would feel like in her tight wet little pussy, and she could not stop the urge to squeeze Sammy's cock.

"There you go, you can jerk us off while we feel your big titties up for you," Rex said. Mary glanced at him, blushing furiously, but did not say anything when he guided her hand to his fat, rock hard piece of meat. She began running her sweaty, hot hands up and down the fat length's of cock. Her head felt curiously light as the boys continued to caress and knead her firm breasts. Mary's breath grew short in her throat from the sensations the boys were creating with their naughty hands, from the feel of Sammy's hot, wet mouth nuzzling at the silky skin of her neck

"Yeah, you like that shit, don't you, bitch?" Rex said. Mary glared at him, but then Sammy's mouth was moving against hers. She tried to no avail to twist her mouth away, but his lips seemed to capture hers, and then his tongue was spearing into her defenseless mouth.

"Unhh, um, umn, umnhhh!" Mary gasped and moaned softly as Sammy frenched her, and no sooner than he had finished Rex was leaning in, and kissing her wetly as well. At some point Mary became vaguely aware that someone was unfastening the buttons of her uniform. She somehow wrenched her mouth away from Rex's, and then stared stupidly as Sammy continued to casually unfasten the buttons of her uniform. Already, her skimpy half-cup bra was visible, her fat stubby nipples right at the edge of the cup.

Mary blushed red, but she kept her hands moving slowly up and down the two fat dicks. Both of her hands were smeared slightly with precum now, and it was making this strange scene even weirder.

She was beginning to wonder how far the boys would go. Surely they were just joking with her, unfastening a few buttons!

But Sammy continued down the line, unfastening th small fixtures with fingers that were surprisingly graceful. Already her slightly curved tummy was visible, and then she forgot about what Sammy was doing as Rex reached inside her loosened uniform and cupped one of her large, round, almost naked breasts.

A long, low moan was torn from the middle-aged wife's throat. "Ohn, god, your hand feels so fucking hot!" Mary cried out softly, and then gasped again as Sammy's long fingers were suddenly exploring her skimpy, silk panties. Mary's mouth sagged open from the feel of his hard fingers through the silk. He pushed her already wet panties up into her crack, and just as she was about to protest, his hand moved in just such a way, rolling her protruding clit against the edge of his finger. "Ohn, oh my, Ahhh," Mary moaned softly, and bit her teeth as she quite suddenly jerked. She was supporting herself on the desk with her arms, and could not help but roll her hips against Sammy's magic hand. She knew what she was doing was evil, she was cheating on her husband.

But no, they had just kissed her and touched her a bit, and ohhnnn, she moaned to herself, is this fucking orgasm ever going to stop?

At some point she realized that Rex had pulled one of her bra cups down and was sucking wetly on her stiff, sensitive nipple. She realized also, some time later, that the two boys had somehow peeled her dress all the way off of her slim arms, till she was dressed in just her half bra and panties.

Sammy lifted her suddenly, till she was sitting on the desk. He stepped between her legs before she could close them all the way. She looked around, but Rex had suddenly disappeared. "You got some beautiful breasts, Mrs. Sanchez. Do you mind if I feel them up a little bit? And then I'll let you go."

Mary was staring down at his penis. She started when she felt his fingers grazing over her curved, sexy belly. Her skin twitched, and she bit back a gasp. "What will you do if I don't want to let you?"

"I don't know about that, Mary," Sammy said. She was staring at his fat cock. He turned slightly so his huge cock head, slick with precum, was brushing her thigh. Mary bit back another gasp, and spread her legs a bit further apart, then realized she had been tricked as he stepped further between her thighs.

His hands slid from her belly upwards till her was gently cupping her breasts through the thin silk bra. "Ohnnn, my god, I didn't have a chance to . . to . . . Ohhnnn, fuck, what are you doing to me, Sammy?" she gasped.

Mary Sanchez did not know what came over her. She had always been a very virtuous woman, had always been able to keep her evil urges at bay. But there was something going on today – her head was buzzing as though she had been drinking, and she simply stared down at his hands as he began lifting her firm, solid breasts and started kneading them gently. Mary's breath caught in her throat as she felt his bulbous cockhead rubbing her pussy right through her thin panties.

Mary leaned harder against her arms, and bit her lower lip as Sammy's hands continued to squeeze and caress her sensitive titmounds. She was starting to breath heavier, and she was starting to realize she could not ignore the way the man's huge, bulbous cock head was pushing her sheer panties into her wet, pouting cuntlips.

"Slide your panties to the side," Sammy whispered against her neck. He did something with his hands, and then he was squeezing and cupping her suddenly freed breasts. Mary let out a long, low keening wail, and without thinking she followed his directions, reaching up with her left hand and grabbing her panties, then pulling them to one side.

They were both watching what she was doing with her hand intently. Sammy smiled to himself. She was right on the edge of the desk, and her big plump pussy lips were pouting outward, already covered in her juices. He looked over and saw Rex with the video camera. Sammy grinned hugely for the lens, and then was moving forward.

Mary gasped loudly as the boys fat, bulbous cockhead came in contact with her shaved pussy lips. She bit her lip as he dipped slightly, and then rose up and forward. "Uhhhhhnnnn, whaaaaaa, ohn, Sammy, I didn't say you could fuck your cock into me!" Mary cried. She could not tear her eyes away from the sight of the huge, young black cock bulling its way into her sopping, tight pussy. Despite her protests, she was doing nothing to try to get away from the boy.

Sammy rocked forward, and another inch of his cockshaft sank into the beauties tight, tight pussy. Mary Sanchez let out a long, slow breath. The thing felt impossibly large as it pushed at the walls of her tight pussy, but Mary blushed when she realized she was stretching to fit the monster cock – and that the reason she was stretching was because her pussy was wetter and hotter than it had ever been in her life.

"Ohhnn, god, uhnn, ummmm," Mary gasped helplessly. She was leaning back on her arms now, lying much closer to being flat, and she watched with wide eyes as Sammy gathered her thick, muscular thighs in his big arms. He lifted them straight in the air, and at the same time rocked forward again.

All pretense at nonchalance was shattered as Mary cried out loudly. She could not stop the viscous urge to buck and grind her hips against the boys slow, strong thrusts. Her body jerked in orgasmic betrayal; the feelings rushing through her body were turning her into a slut, that's all there was to it! She realized dimly, and then quit thinking of anything as the soft, unbearably strong waves of the orgasm rushed over her.

Mary twitched and cried out as her lithe, lush body pulsed with pure pleasure that stretched time like an elastic band. Finally, she realized she was having two or three orgasms in a row, and then she realized that Sammy had withdrawn his fat prick from her dripping, abused pussy.

Mary laid all the way back on the table, her legs still splayed. She had thought the boys were gone when she felt someone gripping her arm, helping er to her feet. Mary blinked at Sammy as he guddher towards the couch. She felt his stiff penis against her belly, and reached out till she was gripping it in her small, sweaty hand. The fat shaft was still wet with her juices. Mary looked at the young man as he sat on the couch, and then blinked at him as he pulled her to her kneesa between his legs.

"You know what I want you to do?" he said softly, trailing her jawbone with his thick thumb. The he rubbed it over her lips. Mary was uncomfortably aware that she was still almost completely naked. Her small panties had settled somewhat, and her fist was still wrapped around the man's penis.

She slowly leaned forward, and began licking at the hard, silky smooth piece of meat trapped in her fist. "I should never have let you fuck me," she said in a strange voice, and then was ovalling her lips, and sinking her mouth down around his stiff tool.

Sammy watched with a delighted grin as the housekeeper began sucking softly on his fat, leaking shaft. Her tanned face looked gorgeous, stretched out of shape around his glistening penis. He reached out, and rubbed her shoulder as she began bobbing her head up and down, taking six inches of his straining meat into her hungrily sucking mouth.

Mary tried to ignore the fact that she was giving this young punk a world class blowjob; she was making slurping sounds, and had to constantly keep swallowing to keep up with the amount of precum leaking from his shaft.

It felt so different to be doing this with a large penis. Her husbands cock was so small, she had never really realized how fulfilling this perverted act could be with a tool the right size, stretching her face out, making her feel whole!

She managed to slurp another inch inside the wet, juicy ring of her lips, and began jacking the base of his cock with her other hand. She felt his heavy body jerk and buck again, and smiled to herself when he cried out. Then his fat cock erupted in her mouth, and she was taken by surprise at the amount of jizz coming from his stiff dick.

She swallowed without thought, but even so some of the stuff leaked from the corner of her mouth and dripped to the rug.

She felt someone behind her, and looked over her shoulder to see Rex kneeling beside, her, totally naked. His chest and arms were thick with muscle, and his fat hard cock was poking outward like an angry spear.

Mary felt his hand trail along the small of her back, and then he was squeezing her lush ass cheeks. "Oh, Rex!" she sighed, and leaned harder against the couch in front of her as Sammy slipped out from under her.

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