Maid to Order


Mary blushed red, and then let out a long, low moan as Rex's hand moved suddenly over her pussy. He pushed the slick folds of her panties deep into her still sopping cunt, and then was rubbing the edge of his hand against her swollen clitoris, rubbing the silk over it.

"Ohhnnnnnn, fuck!" she sighed deeply, and leaned her head harder against her arms. A tremor swept through her body as Rex pulled her panties to one side again, and began screwing first one and then two long, thick fingers in and out of her spasming box..

Mary grunted, and she shook her head as she began moving her hips, swaying her tight pussy against Rex's magic hand. Then she froze as she suddenly felt his fingers leave her pussy. His slick finger tip pushed against the tight ring of her anus, and Mary gasped and shivered as her muscle resisted, and then gave into the tip of his greasy finger.

Mary was panting heavily now, and she gasped and looked around, startled as Rex's other hand slipped down her belly and once again began teasing and rubbing her hard little clit, this time with his bare fingers, for she realized they had slipped under her panties.

"Ahhnnnn," she moaned softly, and bit her lip as she rocked involuntarily, accidentally pushing her tight asshole backwards so that more of his finger slipped inside her. "Ohn, no, that's disgusting, Rex, please, just fuck me the normal way, please, OK?" she asked.

"Alright, come over here and climb on top of me," Rex said, and then he was stretching out on the floor, a perfect specimen of manhood. His body was thick with defined muscle, his face open and intelligent. Mary crawled over to him, and hen straddled him without instruction. She pushed her wet pussy against his torso, just above where his fat prick stood out from his body, and then she bent over and began kissing the man sensuously, battling his tongue with her own. And all the time, Sammy stood above them, and zeroed in on the action with the video camera.

He recorded Mary's panties being stripped away by Rex, recorder how she slid herself over his fat prick, and then angled her hips and trapped the bulbous head in the pouting lips of her vagina.

Mary bit her lip, and looked down into Rex's face with a serious expression as she began screwing herself onto his massive cock. It felt huge bulling its way into her tight pussy. Mary moved her hips, letting out small grunts of agitation as she began raising and lowering her body. "Ahhhh, ohhnnn, I can't believe I'm doing this!" Mary said softly. Her pussy was really wet now, and she finally sank all the way onto Rex's stiff boner. "Uhnnnnnmmmm," she groaned loudly as she got off, and ground herself against him, mashing her protruding clit into his pelvis while she ground her pussy down around his fat cock.

Mary felt the man playing with her asshole again, and then he was once again screwing his finger into her ass. For some reason it felt better this time. It was still slick with some type of goo, and Mary screamed louder as she burst into another orgasm.

Rex was bucking underneath her, fucking her as hard as she was now fucking him. He grunted, and they both heard a car pull up outside the pool area as he jerked and shot his load deep into Mary's belly. 'Fuck!" he muttered, over and over again, and then said it one more time as he hurriedly pulled on his shorts. Mary had barely gotten herself straightened up when the two pool boys walked into the pool area.

Both Sammy and Rex had slipped out the other side of the poolhouse.

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