tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaid to Order Ch. 02

Maid to Order Ch. 02


Mary Sanchez still had no idea what had happened. She had gone through the rest of that day in a daze, which she thought was because of the way the two young men had raped her and made her cum over and over.

She decided to talk to Ms. Filmore about it, and went to the woman's office.

"Come in and sit down, Mrs. Sanchez," Ms. Filmore said. She really was a striking looking woman, in her early forties but still quite beautiful, with a slim, well defined face with full lips and a tall, taut body that looked as firm as Mary's under her dress.

Mary was of course wearing the usual outfit; she was uncomfortably aware of how large her breasts looked as Ms. Filmore shut the door. "Umm," she started, but ms. Filmore cut her off.

"Would you like something to drink, my dear?" the older lady asked, and then smiled when Mary said coffee would be fine. She stayed facing forward, and Ms. Filmore poured some extra powder into Mary's cup. The Mexican woman took so much sugar and cream she would never taste the drug. She certainly hadn't tasted it the other day when the two boys fucked the shit out of her, Ms. Filmore thought to herself.

"Come sit on the couch dear - I take it this is a personal matter?" Ms. Filmore radiated sympathy, but her firm, grapefruit sized breasts were already swelling at the thought of what might happen in the next few minutes.

She urged Mary to drink her coffee, and put the maid at ease by talking of other stuff. She fixed Mary another cup, and poured more of the powder into it. The effects would last a while, but they would hit quickly as well. The drug was not even that powerful, Ms. Filmore reflected. It caused some euphoria, and made sensations a bit more exotic, but most of all, it loosened inhibitions by a fairly wide margin.

Ms. Filmore poured a bit more milk into Mary's cup, and then urged the maid to drink it down quickly. "Yes, that's good, dear," she said softly as Mary set the empty cup down. Her eyes were slightly unfocused now. "Now, what did you want to talk to me about?" she asked.

Mary blinked, and tried to focus. She was feeling strange again, but she had to tell someone, she had to get this off of her chest. She had never cheated on her husband, and she abhorred her actions. In a halting, stammering voice, she told Ms. Filmore what had happened. Ms. Filmore listened sympathetically, and rubbed Mary's shoulders as she came to the end of her story.

"How hard did you try to fight them off, dear?" Ms. Filmore asked, and Mary blushed prettily, and looked around the room. She had left out the part about her orgasms, and the fact that she had willingly swallowed Sammy's cum and fucked herself onto Rex's big hard cock.

Mary shook her head suddenly. What was wrong with her? She asked herself. The feel of Ms. Filmore's hands on her shoulder was suddenly making her nipples stiffen through the thin uniform.

"I suppose the first thing we should do is inspect you for physical evidence," Ms. Filmore said. "Did they leave any bruises on you?"

"I . . . I don't know," Mary stammered. She was just glad Ms. Filmore was taking charge, that she knew what to do. A sudden wave of dizziness swept over her - but a nice dizziness. For the first time, she thought something might have been put in the coffee, but she was too intimidated by the situation and the tall, blond woman to ask.

"Very well then, let's get this unfastened, shall we?" Ms. Filmore said, and reached up and unfastened the top button on the woman's little maid's outfit. Ms. Filmore had to admit, Mary's body was made for the outfit.

"What are you doing?" Mary gasped as Ms. Filmore's long, graceful fingers slipped the second button open.

"Don't worry, dear, I just want to inspect your breasts for bruises. If we're going to call the police, we need to see if there is any evidence that supports you."

Mary jut bit her lip; that seemed to make sense, after all, as Ms. Filmore unfastened her buttons all the way to her waist. Then the older woman was pushing the uniform off of Mary's shoulders and down her arms. Mary looked around, uncomfortably aware that her nipples were still as hard as little pieces of cork.

"I can't see any with the bra on," Ms. Filmore said, and before Mary knew what was happening, Ms. Filmore reached out and unfastened the small catch that lay between the Hispanic woman's large, firm, round breasts.

Mary's mouth hung open as her breasts sprang free and wobbled prettily on her fine boned chest.

"It's no wonder the boys wanted to see your big breasts, my dear," Ms. Filmore said. She reached out in a casual way; so casual that Mary did not even think to object when Ms. Filmore's long, graceful fingers captured her nipple and pulled upwards, lifting the heavy globe with it.

Ms. Filmore ducked her head, and inspected the breast intently. She moved the globe around by simply tugging on the long, stiff nipple. Her aristocratic face was only inches away from Mary's firm, silky soft breast, her breath washed over it in soft, warm waves that had Mary squirming in her seat. The feel of the woman's fingers on her stiff nipple, pulling and tugging this way and that, and in between squeezing and pinching her nipple had her breath burning in her throat, and had her sensitive tit mounds throbbing and swelling.

She felt like she was about to jump out of her skin, but did not even stop to think that it had gone beyond a simple look for evidence.

Mary stared down at Ms. Filmore as the woman switched to the other breast, began pulling that one around by its nipple as well. "Your nipples are getting really hard, Mary. Is everything OK?" Ms Filmore asked. She was staring intently at Mary, and the middle-aged wife realized that her boss was still tugging and twisting her right nipple.

"Umm, did you see any bruises?" she asked.

"Mn, no, just a little hicky right here," Ms. Filmore said, and cupped Mary's big breast in her palm, lifted it slightly.

"How do you know that's a hicky?" she asked, looking at the red mark.

"Well, of course it is, dear," Ms. Filmore replied, and then said, "Look here."

Mary stared in shock as the older woman suddenly bent and began sucking softly at Mary's firm, shuddering titflesh. She sucked hard for a moment, and then raised up. There was now another hicky on Mary's breast. "Did the men suck your breasts like that, my dear?" Ms. Filmore asked.

"I . . . that's none of your business," Mary said. She stared down at her boss' hand as Ms. Filmore began squeezing and kneading her large, firm titglobe.

"I just want to get to the bottom of this, Mary," Ms. Filmore said softly. "Did they suck them like this?" she asked, and then was bending down. Mary let out a long breath as she watched Ms. Filmore's full, luscious lips wrap around her distended nipple.

"Ohhnnnn, fuck, I don't think you should do that right now, Ms. Filmore," she said softly. She was sitting on the edge of the couch, and could not resist the urge to arch her back slightly. Her fists were pressed into the couch cushion, and her breath was coming in little gasps as Ms. Filmore's tongue curled around her supersensitive nipple.

She stared down at the woman sucking and licking her shuddering, heaving mound, and just gasped and shifted on the couch as Ms. Filmore's hot, wet mouth slid to her other nipple, leaving her right breast gleaming wetly from her boss' spit.

She felt something fooling with her waist, and realized suddenly that the woman had unfastened her dress the rest of the way. She blinked as Ms. Filmore flipped the dress aside so that the middle aged maid was suddenly naked.

"Perhaps we'd better look for bruises here as well," Ms. Filmore said, sliding to her knees. She pushed Mary's thighs apart - Mary made only a token effort to stop her. She knew the woman was looking directly at her now wet pussy through the thin silk panties.

Mary gasped and twitched as Ms. Filmore's long, cool fingers traced the silky skin on the inside's of Mary's thighs. "Mm, I don't see anything," Ms. Filmore said, and then put her hands under the woman's knees and lifted Mary's legs up. She pushed them back until her knees were at her shoulders, and then said in a no nonsense voice, "Hold them here, my dear, yes, that's the way," she said as Mary reached out and grasped her own legs, holding them up to her shoulders and apart so that her pussy was in plain view for her boss. "This won't take a moment, and then we can discuss what to do."

"Umm, Ms. Filmore," Mary started to say, and then she gasped as the blond bent and began eating her cunt through the thin silk panties. "Ouhnnnnn, what are you doing?" she gasped, and then moaned loudly as Ms. Filmore's fingers hooked her panties to one side.

Mary's body pulsed in warm, wide waves of pleasure as the older woman's tongue slipped inside her wet, shaved pussy. "Ohn, ohn fuck, what are you doing to me?" Mary gasped and held her legs tighter, unaware that she was helping the older woman get the best angle to her juicy pussy.

Denise Filmore loved eating pussy - she loved getting fucked by men to, but there was little she enjoyed more than breaking in a woman who had never been with another woman before. She heard Mary squealing, and felt the maid's lithe, lush body bucking up against her hungry mouth.

Mary's pussy tasted wonderful, and it was one of the juiciest pussy's Ms. Filmore had ever had the pleasure to lick and nibble on. She traced Mary's pouting cuntlips, and then drove her long, agile tongue deep into the panting maid's tight snatch. Then she began nibbling on Mary's distended clitoris as she fucked two, and then three fingers inside Mary's spasming cunt.

Aaooohn, god, ohn, god, I'm cumming, Ms. Filmore, I'm cumming!" she wailed, trying not to make to much noise. It would not have mattered - Ms. Filmore's room was quite soundproof. Mary's hips bucked and writhed, and Ms. Filmore grinned to herself as she continued eating the middle aged maid's sweet, juicy pussy. Mary's panting and twitching subsided, and then Ms. Filmore was standing up, leaning back against her desk and pulling her dress up to her hips.

"Come here, you little slut," she commanded, and Mary blinked, and then without thinking blushed and nodded, and slipped to her knees in front of the intimidating woman. "French kiss my pussy, Mary," Denise Filmore said, reaching out and grasping a handful of Mary's hair in her hand. Her other hand slipped down and began kneading one of Mary's heaving, silky titties again.

"Ms. Filmore, I . . . I don't think . . . I mean, did you put something in my cofee?"

"Yes, I did Mary - it's a little mixture I made up - it's all quite legal, and designed to allow you to have a good time. Do you like your job, Mary?" Actually, there were several illegal ingredients in the mixture, but Ms. Filmore kept that strictly to herself. She was very careful about who she hired for the Governor's private mansion.

Mary bit her lip and nodded, trying to ignore the fact that Ms. Filmore's skilled hand on her breast had her breathing heavy again already.

"Answer me Mary! Do you like your job?" Ms. Filmore's tone brooked no argument, and Mary's pussy clenched at the command in it.

"Yes, I don't want to lose my job," she said, and moaned softly as Ms. Filmore pulled her head forward.

"Then french kiss my pussy, you little slut - yessss, that's the way Mary, work your tongue in there - ohn, yes, that's a great job you little whore!"

Mary wished Ms. Filmore would stop calling her a slut and a whore, but she had to admit that it sent a naughty thrill through her taut, voluptuous frame to be pushing her tongue into Ms. Filmore's tight, wet snatch. It tasted clean, and not like fish at all, and was adorned with a little Mohawk, not shaved clean like Mary's.

Mary tilted her head a bit further, felt Ms. Filmore letting go of her hair. She felt the woman leaning back on the desk, and saw her hands gripping the edge of the desk tightly. "That's the way, my little slut," Ms. Filmore said, and then: "Move your wonderful mouth up to my clit, slut, and start putting two of your pretty little fingers into my snatch. Yes, God, that's the way, now wrap your lips around your teeth and chew on it, love, ohnnn, god, yessss, you little slut, suck my clitty! Suck my fucking clitty!"

The thing that Mary could not get over, as she rammed two fingers in and out of Ms. Filmore=s tight little snatch, and as she chewed at the clitoris and lapped it and flicked it with her tongue was how Ms. Filmore could sound so high class, even when she was calling her a slut and telling her to chew on that fucking clit!

Ms. Filmore=s legs spasmed, and her body bucked and writhed, and then she was pulling Mary's hungry mouth away from her pussy. "I have to get on with some things, Mary - go attend to your duties now, and don't forget the pool guys are coming."

"Yes, Ms. Filmore," she said meekly, and sealed her fate.

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