tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaid to Order Ch. 03

Maid to Order Ch. 03


Mary Sanchez had her long, raven hair tied in a loose bun on the back of her head, but as always she was wearing the outfit of the house - well, the new outfit. There had been a change that morning, handed down by Ms. Filmore.

The new dress was made of a different material, silkier and shinier than the last - but it still buttoned all the way down the front to the bottom of the short skirt. It was just slightly shorter, so that her stocking tops were easily visible, and scooped just a bit more in the front. She found herself constantly checking to see that her nipples were completely covered. That was another thing. The dress had no panties, and the bra did not even cover half of her breasts, it simply pushed them up and out (as though she needed that).

She found herself supremely aware of her nipples, plumping up to the size of strawberries and just under the edge of the dress, and thanked God that her husband would never see her in this outfit.

She was supervising the loading of some summer banquet furniture in the large, back house of the estate - it was called the Hall, and consisted of one huge central room, and then some other rooms such as kitchens, a small coat room and others.

There was some furniture that stayed in the room always - long, low couches and small coffee tables set against the walls, the custom designed bar stools to match the huge bar, and the expensive Persian floor rugs and wall hangings.

But today five workmen were bringing the season's dining tables and chairs and services in. They were all in good shape, which Mary tried not to notice, and ranged in ages from Troy, at eighteen, to a man called Mark - he was somewhere in his fifties, but was built like a tank.

She took an especially good liking to Troy - he was a tall young black man, handsome with short hair, and had an easy smile that made Mary feel good. It had been two weeks since the last consultation with Ms. Filmore and there had been no more embarrassing events since then - though she had accepted a cup of coffee this morning, and it had come with a wink. She laughed at something one of the men said, Ben she thought his name was, an attractive, slim man with an old fashioned mustache.

She tried not to think of the fact that she was isolated, and that her head was beginning to feel nice and light, that her body seemed to be even more sensitive than usual. The men worked quickly, but it was a long process and Mary found herself at the bar, fixing drinks and snacks for the men and talking and joking with them, and trying not to notice that they were all staring holes in her, even Troy. He was about the same age as her son at eighteen, but the way he looked at her deep cleavage and long thighs did not make her feel particularly motherly.

"Get ahold of yourself," she said softly, and told herself that nothing would happen - nothing had happened at the party after all!

There came a time when all five men were on break at once; Troy was leaning against one of the tall stools, and Mary was all to aware of the way the men were glancing at her mature, lushly curved body. Mary glanced around at the men through a long silence - they were all staring at her now, and she thought her dress was a bit low, so she reached up and tugged upward on the edge, at the same time biting her lip. She had no idea how sexy she looked, pulling the dress up, causing her big melon sized breasts to ripple and bounce slightly.

"If I may say so, Mary, that dress looks great on you," Ben said, actually twirling one tip of his mustache.

"Thanks - I feel like it makes me look like a porn star most of the time," she said, and then bit her lip as the men stared at her with wide eyes, and then a chorus of agreement, ending with one of the guys saying, AI wish you were, I'd come all over your big fuckin' tits!"

"Ohn, my! Sometimes I wish I was too," she said, and then almost hit her head - "I mean, you know, for the money," she choked herself off in embarrassment, and stood there for a long moment blushing furiously as the men stared at her. She felt one of the guys behind her pat her on the ass. The big hand lingered for a second to long on her plump ass cheek, and then squeezed just a bit before she could brush it away.

"We know what your saying, Mary," Mark said softly from directly behind her, and she knew he was the one who had so casually felt her ass.

"Hey, maybe you could help Troy with his problem, Mary," Don, the other black guy said. He was a lot bigger than Troy, taller and wider and not very good looking, but he did have a rough charm about him.

Mary decided to ignore the way her gut was roiling, the way her breasts were swelling up. She should just usher these guys on with the job and stick to her assignments, she said to herself, but she almost saw Troy blushing, and wanted to help him: "What is the problem, Troy?"

"Well, it's my girlfriend," the young man said, staring at Mrs. Sanchez=s big, firm tits. They looked like they were going to come right out of the sexy little maid's uniform.

"What's the matter honey?" Mary asked, trying to ignore the situation she found herself in.

"Well, she say's I'm to big," Troy said sheepishly, and at her blank look said, "You know, that my penis is to large."

"Oh, umm, well, I . . . I'm not sure what to say to - umm, to that . . ." Mary slowly trailed off.

"Why don't you show her, Troy?" one of the other men said, she was not sure who. She felt a hand slip onto her hip, but decided to ignore it. Her arms felt as though they weighed a thousand pounds.

Troy was staring at her eyes, and casually reaching down to his zipper. "It really would mean a lot to me - you seem so nice, and I would really value your opinion," Troy said, and when Mary did not say anything he flipped open his pants and then pushed them down his thick, muscular legs and leaned back against the barstool.

"Um, well, that doesn't seem over large to me, Troy," Mary said, and licked her lower lip. The boys cock was already impressive - not even half hard, it was already quite fat and at least seven inches long. The bulbous, purple head was almost the size of a small lemon.

"It doesn't get that big till it's all hard," Troy said, looking at the woman's exposed cleavage. "It sure would help if you, you know - and then you would see how hard it gets, to," he said, smiling at her again.

She felt Mark's other hand slip to her hip, and then he was talking softly against the silky skin there, "Go ahead and give him a feel, Mary - see how hard he gets," he whispered into her ear.

Mary shook her head no, but then Mark was grasping her right forearm, and pushing her hand outwards. Mary shook her head again, and made a small sound of protest, but then her hot little palm was pressing against the silky hot flesh of Troy's bulbous, smooth cock head. She squeezed it automatically, and it responded by twitching and growing a bit harder.

"Yeah, that's great, Mrs. Sanchez, just keep that up for a minute - it won't take long," Troy said, smiling at the beauty. She was still staring down at his growing dick, and began squeezing and rubbing the hardening, rubbery head with her small hand. Her mouth was opened slightly, an intense look on her gorgeous face.

Mary told herself that she should just leave, that there was no way this was an innocent thing any longer - good god, she was squeezing his cock head while four of his buddies simply stood there. She felt Mark's hands once again rubbing and squeezing her curvy hips, and felt something else against her taut ass. She decided to ignore the fact that she could feel Mark's stiff rod quite well through the thin dress, and she gave the bulbous head in her hand another squeeze.

"Oh, my gosh, it is getting quite large, isn't it, Troy?" she said softly, and ignored the fact that Mark was telling the two on either side of her to feel how soft the fabric of her uniform was. "Would that be OK, Mary?" Ben asked.

"Yes, it is quite soft," Mary said. Her hand was squeezing rhythmically now, and she slid it for the first time down the shaft of young Troy's big cock. It was at least eleven inches long now, and as hard as a piece of wood.

Ben's hand slipped onto her slightly rounded tummy, and began rubbing in soft circles there, and then Don was reaching up from the other side, and began rubbing the underside of her breast, his hand also moving in circles so that his palm and fingers trailed over the tip of her breast, right at the edge of her fabric, and then down to the underside.

Don could not believe it! He was rubbing this chick's big, firm tit, and she just smiled at him and kept jacking Troy's big dick. She really was a fucking porn star! He said to himself, there just ain't no cameras around.

Of course, there were, though.

"She said it made her jaws hurt," Troy said when she asked him what his girlfriend did not like about his penis.

"Oh, well, uhn, maybe, umm . . ." Mary trailed off for a minute. Mark was now openly grinding his big dick into her soft ass, and Ron was just now beginning to knead her breast with more force.

"If these guys would stop molesting me, maybe I could see what you are talking about and, umm, you know, give you my opinion."

"Yeah, guys, back off for a minute!" Troy said, winking at them - the short Hispanic woman was still staring down at her hand as she fisted his cock up and down. "Ben, get her a pillow for her knees," Mark said, and Mary actually flashed him a smile of thanks.

"That's so nice, Mark! I knew you were a gentleman," she said as Ben laid a small pillow in front of Troy's sprawling legs. She smiled at the young man, and slowly sank to her knees, never letting go of his straining cock. She felt Mark slip down beside and slightly behind her, and felt his hand on her back.

"This is really nice of you to help Troy out like this," Mark said. "Maybe it would help if you just licked it a little bit first," he said, slipping his hand a bit lower on her hips.

"That seems like a good idea," Mary said, and then bent forward and began licking at Troy's bulbous knob. She turned her head slightly, and licked up and down the shaft as well until the thick, heavy veined staff was covered in her spit. She felt Don get down on her right hand side, and then he was once again cupping her breast.

She tried feebly to push him away, but when her mouth went back to the tip of the rod again, Troy nudged at just the right time, and the heavy knob slipped in between her pouting lips. "Mmmnnn," Mary moaned softly, and quit trying to push Don's hand away. It was immediately back, now cupping and kneading her melon sized breast strongly.

"You should feel how soft her tits are, Ben," Don called. Mark was completely behind her now, and had spread her thighs so that he was crouched in between them. She made a small moaning sound of protest, but she was holding her head still, one hand wrapped around the base of Troy's cock, the other steadying her on his thigh.

She shook her head and moaned "No,!" as Ben and Don both began rubbing and squeezing her swollen, sensitive knockers. Troy began moving his hips slightly, and Mary continued to hold her head still, allowing the young man to fuck about four inches in and out of her soft, wet, silky mouth. She found herself wrapping her tongue around the his shaft, and began sucking softly on it, hopping none of the men would notice her wanton, sluttish act.

But it was impossible to ignore as Mary's cheeks began collapsing with her more and more vigorous sucking, and she actually blushed as she heard the slurping sounds she was making. "She would get pissed when I would do this other thing, too," Troy said, grinning down at the sight of the gorgeous woman raising her eyes to look into his at the same time he was feeding his fat shaft into her classy, beautiful face.

She pulled her mouth away from his cock, finally, and decided to just ignore the way the men were feeling her up. She did do one thing, though - without looking at any of the men she reached up and unfastened five buttons on her uniform. "Maybe we should loosen this up so it doesn't get dirty," she said quietly, and then looked back up at Troy as the two men beside her started peeling the dress back from her shoulders. Mary shivered at the feel of the dress being stripped slowly away from her, gradually exposing her heaving, stiff strawberry sized nipples perched on the tips of her knockers, barely concealed by the silky little bra, at the feel of Mark's hands now rubbing her lower thighs, and then starting to push her skirt up her full, firm ass. She had completely forgotten that she did not have any panties on.

It would not have made any difference anyway - she had passed the point of no return, though she was rather enjoying denying it to herself. "Now, what other thing are you talking about, Troy?" she asked, and allowed Don and Ben to move her arms so that they were peeling her dress all the way down and off of her.

"Well, I would just grab her hair sometimes and really just fuck the shit out of her mouth, Ms. Sanchez," Troy said, staring down at her. She moved her hands to his thighs once again, and was staring at his cock. She completely ignored it when Don and Ben peeled her bra off, and then they were cupping and squeezing her naked breasts, both of them pinching and twisting her large, pointy nipples.

"Umm, maybe it would help me understand if you showed me, honey," she said. Ben and Don were squeezing and pulling on her breasts, and they felt like they were on fire, her nipples were stiff, and every time a finger brushed them or pinched them she gasped in pleasure.

Troy reached out and gripped her hair in two handfuls, and then one time when she gasped he moved his cock forward, sinking it into her pliant, willing mouth. She gagged the first time his weapon bumped against her throat, but the second time she swallowed without thinking, and then the boy was fucking her face, mouth and throat, moving her head in time with his slow thrusts.

Mark's hand finally pushed her skirt all the way out of the way, and then he was rubbing his fingers into her wet, swollen cuntlips. Mary moaned loudly, and swiveled her hips back against his magic fingers.

She sucked and slurped at Troy's giant fuck stick, and shuddered into her first orgasm when Mark's fingers began tweaking her inflamed clit. At the same time, Troy's rod suddenly swelled, and began spitting thick seed into her mouth.

Mary swallowed without thought, licking and sucking at the stiff cock until all the come was gone. "Get her up here," Mark said, directing them. He had her bend over one of the thick stools - it was at exactly the perfect height. She lay her arms flat on another stool placed in front of her, and looked over her shoulder at Troy as he stepped up behind her. Her legs were splayed open, and her sweet, swollen little pussy was spread beautifully for the young man.

He slotted his still hard cock into her pussy, and slowly pushed forward. He had to stop, and withdraw, and push back, and did this five times before he was even halfway in. "Damn, she's tight, guys," Troy groaned, and Mary bit her lip and shut her eyes as the young man began stroking her with longer and longer thrusts, as his giant cock slowly made itself at home in her wet, tight cunt.

Another hand grabbed her hair, and she realized Mark had stripped and moved around in front of her - realized also that the stools placed her at the perfect height in front as well as behind. His cockhead bumped into her lips, and the next time Troy pushed her forward with a strong thrust that finally sank all the way in, Mary's gasping juicy lips were open and waiting.

This time Mark's big tool sank between her pouting lips, and then she was once again sucking at the stiff piece of meat trapped in her mouth - the only difference was that this time she was actually being fucked by two men at once! They weren't even waiting to take turns with her lush body!

She rocked in between the two men, grunting and groaning at the feel of her body being used for such illicit pleasure. She bounced between the two men; Troy's thrusts were gradually getting stronger, and his hips and flat loins were making loud slapping sounds against her smooth, round ass - his thrusts bounced her forward each time, but also caused ripples in her ass flesh, and made her big sensitive breasts rub back and forth against the smooth leather.

Mary ground her body backwards, and then discovered that by tilting her hips in just such a way, she could get his massive rod to press tautly against her g-spot, while at the same time grinding her swollen clitoris against the smooth leather of the stool seat.

Mary shuddered into orgasm, her body twitching - she had to pull her mouth off of Mark, and then he was shooting off in her face as she screamed in orgasmic delirium. Troy roared at the same time, and dumped another huge load into the hapless, horny maid.

Mary twitched and could barely stand as she was helped to her feet. Someone handed her a wet cloth, and she knew instinctively to wipe her cum covered face with it, and then with the dry towel. She was guided over to Don; we was laying flat on the floor, his big cock, every bit as big as Troy's, was standing straight in the air.

"Ohn, my god, I don't think we should do this anymore," she said, but did not really try to stop the two men on either side of her while they lowered her down on top of Don.

"Now, don't worry, Mrs. Sanchez," he said. He gripped her hips and ass and maneuvered her to his liking, at the same time pulling her up slightly, he sucked one of her stiff nipples into his mouth.

"Ohn, god, your mouth feels so nice, Don, ohhhh, but you shouldn't - ohn, my!" Mary gasped as she felt his fat knob pushing against her soaking wet slit. "Uhn, god, no, please don't fuck me!" she gasped as he pulled her down another inch.

Don had a sudden idea; he liked this game, and thought he would be rewarded for it. He reached up as she braced herself, letting go of her hips. He noticed that she did not pull off of his fat dick - the tip of his weapon was just inside the ring of her swollen little pussy lips.

His hands cradled her big, heaving breasts and he began kneading them softly, and then a bit harder. "Tell you what, Mary - if you fuck yourself onto my big ole cock one time, I will let you get up and walk out of that door, and I will beat the crap out of anybody that tries to stop you," he said, now pinching and twisting both of her stiff nipples in his big, hard fingers.

Mary was having a hard time thinking; Don"s big cock head felt huge perched just inside her pouting, hungry pussy, and his fingers, growing rougher and rougher at her silence, were making her belly twitch and her pussy gush juices.

She pushed back on Don's fat cock, nodding to accept the deal, not trusting herself to speak. She breathed through clenched teeth as she seemed to bottom out; his cock was to big. She knew what she had to do, though, so she raised herself up and then pushed back down, and could not stop moaning in delight as Don shifted her slightly so that he could suck one of her tits into his mouth. He did not just suck on the nipple, he sucked as much of her pliant, melon sized globe into his mouth as he could and then began sucking and chewing on it gently.

Mary raised herself up, and pushed herself down again, and then again till she was finally seated all the way down on his fat cock. His hands found her ass and began squeezing her firm buttocks, his mouth breathed its way to her other breast, and Mary tried to stop herself from squirming down on Don's fat rod; his hips tilted, making his loins come in harder contact with her clit and Mary moaned loudly, swiveling her own hips so that she was grinding herself into his.

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