Maid to Serve

byLucky Mann©

Naina answered with only a slight hesitation. "I cannot return to my family. That would be much too shameful to my family and myself. I was sent here to be Master John's servant, and I will do my best to do what is expected of me."

Abby smiled at her replacement. "Very well, Naina. Your training will begin as soon as we return home."

It was late that afternoon when Abby and Naina headed home. They had bought Naina a complete wardrobe. They had purchased several dresses Naina would wear on a daily basis while working around the house. All of them were made of thin material that clung closely to her body. They were also low cut and showed a great deal of Naina's ample breasts. The skirts of the dresses hung loosely from her hips and came down to just above her knee. No bras or panties were purchased for daily use.

Naina questioned the lack of these things. "Abby, if I don't have undergarments, these dresses will allow the light to go through, and my body will be seen.

Abby explained the reason. "This is your first lesson of the duties you will be expected to perform. You will not wear panties or bras while at home. Master John likes to see his servants' bodies as they work. Do you have a problem with the Master seeing you?"

Naina thought for a brief time. "No. I think that will be OK. I suppose since Master John brought me here, he has a right to look at me."

Abby smiled at her trainee. "Good choice."

They had also purchased some elegant dresses for entertaining Master John's guests. These dresses, like her daily dresses, had very low cut tops that barely covered breasts. The very short skirts would show her ass every time she bent over.

Naina's travel attire consisted of conservative pant-suites. Several pairs of shoes appropriate for wear with the various outfits were added to their purchases.

Finally, a stop at the lingerie shop completed their shopping. Naina left the shop with several pieces of nightwear. They included a long white silky gown like the one she had borrowed from Abby. She also had bought a French maid's outfit, a white low cut top and thong panty set, and finally, an extremely provocative baby doll nightie with crotchless panties in pale blue.

As they left the lingerie shop and climbed into the car, Naina questioned their purchases. "I don't know about wearing some of these things. They show much too much of me."

Abby looked at Naina with a stern glare in her eyes. "Naina, you will wear whatever Master John wants you to wear. If he wants you to wear these things you will wear them. Hell, if he wants you to parade around nude, you will do it. That is unless you want to go back to your family. You now belong to Master John. He doesn't own you, but if you don't do as the Master wishes you will be on your way back to India before you know it. He has already spent a lot of money on you. Is this how you will repay him?"

When Naina didn't answer, Abby grabbed her upper arm and pulled the teen close. Face to face with anger in her voice, Abby demanded an answer. "Well? What will it be? Will you obey and accept the clothing and training Master John wants you to have. Or, does he have to send you back?"

With tears welling up in her eyes, Naina lowered her head. She remembered the promise she had made to her father, Master Price, and herself. She had promised to be the best servant she could be. The teen was beginning to realize what was meant by 'personal services' to Master Price. With tears welling up in her eyes, she replied in a very soft voice. "I am sorry. I'll obey."

"What? Speak up so I can hear you, Naina!" Abby insisted.

Naina looked up and repeated her words. "I'll obey."

Abby's face immediately returned to the usual friendly expression. "Good! Now, let's enjoy the ride home. We will begin your training as soon as we get back home."

Over the next few weeks Naina quickly learned her household duties from Abby. She proved to be an excellent domestic worker and supervisor of the other staff. Abby also showed Naina Master John's travel and bookkeeping systems. Her schooling in accounting allowed Naina to quickly grow into an excellent bookkeeper and travel agent for Master John. She seldom saw Master John during her training period.

Then, late one evening Abby knocked on Naina's door.

"Enter." Naina called from within.

"Naina, Master John wants you to put on your white nightie and come to his quarters." Abby informed the teen.

She had already taken her evening bath and shaved. So she could quickly change from her silky gown to the outfit Master John had requested. As Naina left her quarters she glanced at the full-length mirror hung on her wall. Her lips curled into a smile. The low cut top allowed a great deal of her breasts to spill out. The thong hid nothing of her firm young hips and butt. She thought to herself. 'I look pretty good. I hope Master John will like what he sees.'

As she closed her door, she remembered her promise to be the best servant she could. She knew this visit to Master John's quarters was not just to be given more job instructions. Again to herself she thought. 'He's going to want have sex with me. He'll want me to do things I've never done before. I will do the best I can at whatever Master John wants me to do.'

Naina took a deep breath and swallowed hard. She softly knocked on Master John's door.

"Come in, Naina." John Price called from behind the door.

Naina slowly opened the door and stepped into Master John's quarters. She found him seated at his desk wearing a long dark robe made of silk. He appeared to be going over his books and travel agenda. 'Maybe he does just want to talk about my job.'

"Naina, come stand next to me. I want to ask you about some of your entries here." Master John instructed.

"Yes Master John." Naina smiled at him as she approached the desk at which he was seated. She visibly relaxed as she walked across the room. She was a bit disappointed Master John hadn't even mentioned her appearance. Naina stepped up to the desk and stood next to Master John's right side.

"Naina, your work has been excellent thus far. I have just a couple of questions for you. Can you please tell me what your comments mean where I have made notations on the ledger and travel log?"

"Yes, Master John. It will be a pleasure to explain my work." Naina then bent slightly over the desk and proceeded to inform Master John of the meaning of her notes.

As Naina spoke of her work, Master John reached out with his right arm and patted her bare left leg. He then slid his hand up her leg and patted her firm teenaged ass. The startled Naina gasp and stood upright with a jerk. Though she was nervous and frightened, she said not a word.

"As you were Naina, and continue with your discussion." Master John told her. He then raised his hand to her shoulder blades and gently pushed until she bent over again. He then lowered his hand and began rubbing all over Naina's backside.

Slowly the nervous teen resumed her explanations. She quickly got used to Master John's hand on her backside. She even began to enjoy the attention her Master was giving her butt.

When she finished explaining her work, Naina stood up and smiled at Master John. "Will that be all, Master John?"

"No Naina. Please bend over again. I was very much enjoying the feel of your tender ass."

Without a word, Naina bent over the desk again. This time she bent a little further and Master John squeezed a hand full of her ass cheeks.

"That outfit makes you look absolutely wonderful, Naina."

"Oh thank you, Master Jooooohn." Naina gasped as Master John slid his hand low on her ass and rubbed a finger over her thong covered pussy. Though she was frightened, Naina didn't move. 'I will be the best servant I can. I will please Master John.' She reminded herself.

"Naina honey, please spread your legs a little." He told the teen.

Naina did as asked. She spread her legs giving Master John easier access to her virgin pussy.

He gently stroked his fingers up and down Naina's dampening pussy. He soon realized she was getting very wet. Her sexual aroma was beginning to waft up to his nose. She smelled delicious. "Naina, stand and face me please."

She did as instructed without hesitation.

John took both of her hands in his and looked her up and down. Her nipples were clearly visible through her thin top. They were erect and pushing firmly into the thin silky material covering her tits. Her pussy's juices had made a large wet spot on her thong. "You look beautiful, Naina. You have been doing your other duties very well. Now, it's time for your final phase of training to begin. Are you ready?"

Nervously, the teen nodded her head. "I think so Master John. I promised to be the best servant I can for you. Do what you want with me. I don't know what to do, but I will learn."

Master John smiled at her. He then stood and hugged Naina firmly to his chest. "I know you are a virgin, Naina. That is part of what attracted me to you. We will soon take care of your virginity. I believe you will soon become one of my best servants." He then scooped her up into his arms. She put her arms around his neck and hugged him back. Master John effortlessly carried his servant to his large bed.

Naina was placed on her feet next to Master John's bed. He sat on the edge of the bed facing her. He turned Naina and pulled her backwards until she was standing between his legs with her back to his chest. He used both hands to again pat and rub her ass. He fondled her almost as if he were inspecting the teen. When he pushed a hand between her legs, Naina spread her feet without being told. After petting her pussy just a short time, Naina had become very wet and was moaning softly.

Master John slowly slid his hands up her sides and reached around to cup a tit in each hand. Her tits were soft and firm. Her nipples rock hard. She moaned again when Master John pinched and rolled her nipples.

He then turned Naina until she was facing him. With a finger under each gown strap, Master John slipped them over her shoulders and let her nightie fall to the floor.

Naina stiffened a bit, but soon relaxed again.

Master John pulled Naina close and began sucking her nipples. He alternated between them until Naina was moaning loudly with desire. "You have such wonderful tits, Naina."

"Thank you, Master John." As her lust built, Naina pulled Master John's head tightly to her chest. He released her nipple took a tit into each hand and began kissing between them. He soon left a half-dollar sized hickey in the center of her chest between her tits.

While still seated, Master John slid his hands back down Naina's body and hooked a thumb into her thong's waistband. As his hands slowly continued over her ass and down her legs, the thong went with them. When her thong was draped around her ankles, Naina stepped out it.

Naina then stood nude before Master John. He then pushed back from her chest and admired his newest servant.

"You are very beautiful, Naina." Master John told her. He then bent forward and sniffed at her wet pussy. He took her by the hips and pulled her pussy closer. He let his tongue take a quick lap at the top of her slit.

Naina gasped loudly.

"Ummmm. There's nothing like the aroma and taste of a fresh virgin pussy. Come lay here by my side, Naina." Master John patted the bed next to where he was sitting.

Naina did as she was told, but her nervousness was returning.

Master John realized this, but he knew she would soon be relaxed again. He stood and moved to the foot of the bed. As Naina watched in awe, Master John untied and dropped his silk robe.

Naina gasped again and her eyes snapped wide open. She got her first look at a man's cock. Master John's cock was about seven inches long and somewhat fatter than the norm.

Master John chuckled when he saw the shocked look on Naina's face. "Relax baby. I think you will like what happens next. Will you spread you legs wide for me, Naina?"

Naina was visibly shaking as she slowly did as she had been asked.

Master John slowly crawled up the bed between Naina's spread legs. Master John started at her right knee and kissed and licked his way up Naina's leg until she could feel his breath on her virgin sex.

Naina tensed in anticipation. She was disappointed when Master John avoided her vulva.

Instead, he started over at her left knee kissing and licking his way up that leg. This time, when he was close enough to feel the heat from Naina's virgin pussy, he planted a deeply passionate kiss directly on her soaking wet sex

"Ooooh!" Naina gasped and jerked her hips.

He then took another deep whiff of Naina's aroma. He then gave her a long slow pussy lip parting lick from her asshole to her clit.

"Oh my God!" Naina cried out and thrust her hips up. She tried to follow Master John's tongue.

There was no need to follow his tongue. Master John and his tongue attacked Naina's pussy with enthusiasm. He repeatedly drove his tongue as deeply as he could into her virgin pussy. He occasionally flicked his tongue over her clit.

Naina was soon rapidly thrusting her pelvis up to her Master's mouth. She reached down and pulled his face tightly to her awakening pussy. Her first orgasm was quickly approaching. Her breath was coming in rapid pants. "Oh my God, yes! Oh Master John don't ever stop that." She begged. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Yeesssssss!" Naina's first orgasm washed over her body and shook her to the core. She thrust her pelvis up and held it well off the bed until her orgasm began to ebb. Naina then collapsed back to the bed in a dreamy post orgasmic state.

Master John kissed her pussy one last time before crawling up beside the dreamy eyed Naina. He put his arm under her neck and shoulders and pulled her head to his. For the first time, he kissed his servant on her mouth. She cooed and melted into him. She eagerly pressed her body tightly to his.

After snuggling a while, Master John slid his free hand down Naina's body to her dripping wet pussy. She immediately spread her legs for him. He gently inserted first one then a second finger into Naina's hot virgin hole. He used his thumb to gently rub her engorged clit. He fingered her pussy until she was thrusting up to meet his fingers. "Naina, are you ready to loose your virginity? Are you ready to get fucked for the first time? It will probably hurt."

"Oh yes, Master John. I know it will hurt. Please take me. Please!" Naina was so horny she was begging for Master John to take her.

He kissed her tenderly as he rolled his body onto hers.

Naina spread her legs widely to give open access to her virgin sex.

Master John reached down and rubbed his hard cock up and down her slit several times. Naina's lubricating pussy juices and his precum mixed to make both of them very slick. He then placed his cock's head at the entrance to her cherry pussy. Slowly, he pushed its head into her horny hole. Another push and an inch or so more of his cock burrowed into Naina's tight pussy.

"Oh!" Naina gasped. She was not hurting but merely a little uncomfortable with Master John's cock pressing into her and spreading her pussy's lips for the first time. She could feel her pussy stretching to adjust to the invading cock.

With the next push, Master John's cock bumped up against Naina's hymen. She gasped again as a sharp pain registered in her mind.

"Are you alright, Naina? I will take your cherry now and it will hurt."

"Yes, Master John, I am alright. Please take your servant. She was ready for you Master John."

Master John pulled his cock back just a little. He then covered her mouth with his and passionately kissed the teen virgin. As he drove his cock fully into her hole, he felt her hymen give way.

Naina screamed as the searing pain of her hymen being torn away sent a shock through her. Naina's body stiffened and a single tear ran down each of her cheeks. Her cry was muffled by her lover's kiss. She soon began to relax while the cock in her devirginated pussy remained pressed against her cervix. "I am OK now, Master John. You may continue."

"Very well, Naina." Master John began to slowly take small strokes in and out of Naina's stretched and tender pussy. When Naina began tentatively returning his thrusts, Master John took faster and deeper plunges into her tight hole.

It didn't take long before Naina was writhing on the bed beneath Master John. She eagerly returned Master John's thrusts. Her second orgasm was about to overwhelm her.

Master John began slamming into Naina's pussy. His cock battered her cervix with each deep thrust.

She grunted with lust each time Master John's cock was driven into her depths. Naina soon exploded in orgasm. She rapidly humped up to take more of her Master's cock.

His cock erupted deep in Naina's pussy and sprayed her cervix with his hot cum.

Naina began bucking like a rodeo horse trying to throw its rider. Naina wrapped her legs around Master John's legs and used them for leverage to thrust her pussy up to him. She wanted to take all of the cock she could get. "OH GOD MASTER JOHN! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM! I AM YOURS MY MASTER!" Naina screamed out as her Master continued to flood her cunt with cum.

Soon both Master John and Naina fell back to the bed in exhaustion. When their breathing had returned to near normal, Master John asked. "Are you alright, Naina?"

A wide grin covered Naina face. She dreamily looked up at her lover. "My God that was fantastic Master John. You are truly my Master, Sir. You may have me any time you want me."

John lay comfortably on top of Naina. His cock slowly softened and slipped out of her devirginated pussy. He looked down at Naina and said. "You will be my favorite servant soon. You still have much to learn, but you are such an eager servant. You will soon learn to suck and swallow my cock and take me up your ass. I look forward to fucking those beautiful tits too. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master. I never knew being a servant could be so wonderful. I will enjoy learning anything you wish to teach me." Naina said with a wide grin.

"Good! You will take over Abby's position, including her quarters, as soon as she leaves and begins her well deserved retirement. She has become wealthy serving me. I am certain you will become happy and wealthy as well. Now sleep my servant. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow. We will be flying to South America to buy coffee beans."

Dreamily, Naina looked up at her lover and smiled. "Yes, Master." They slowly drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

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