tagGroup SexMaid To Take Ch. 03

Maid To Take Ch. 03


The Wife’s Story

Having been married to Jay for over a couple of decades now, I am perfectly aware of his wants and needs. By no stretch of imagination is my husband a sexual pervert. Let me just say that he has a practically insatiable libido and I don’t blame him for that. It does take all kinds of people to make this world.

From the time that we met and before we were engaged, I do admit that I saw glimpses and shades of this side of his life. He was perpetually horny and still is. Not that he ever tried to get it on straight away when we first met. He is too much of a gentleman for that kind of stuff.

He really loves me; I know that. He would never do anything to hurt me. In fact, we were both virgins when we got married and it took us over a week to consummate our marriage! (Inexperience, I guess)

As for his sexual preferences, the first thing that comes to mind is how much he likes French kissing. He spends long times kissing me and I too have started to love it. He particularly likes me to suck on his tongue and goes crazy when I let him lick the roof of my mouth and my teeth.

Then, there is this penchant for breasts. When we married and before the children came, I had perfect, firm pear shaped breasts; now, though they have enlarged by almost two sizes (I wear a 36C now), he never stops worshipping my breasts. He spends so much time kissing them, kneading them, teasing my nipples with his talented tongue and licking the flesh all over.

After our marriage and after we got it right, he continues to rub one nipple and suck the other when he makes love to me. Most of the times, we do it in a side-by-side position and he slips one arm around my shoulders to pinch and rub my left nipple while engorging himself on the right one.

Nowadays, more than actual intercourse, he gets me off by rubbing my clitoris, which is extremely sensitive. I reciprocate by giving him head and of recently; he has taken to sliding his prick between my breasts. (A fetish he picked up from one of his man-to-man discussions with my elder brother, who has a wife with very large breasts). Initially, I did not feel turned on by it. But as we progressed and we began by experimenting the various ways of getting his prick to glide between my breasts as also the oils we used for lubricants, I have begun to enjoy it. I admit that it now feels more erotic than having to have his prick in my pussy; for when he is engrossed in fucking my breasts, he invariably manages to play with my clit. And boy, my clit is super sensitive.

I had begun to suspect that he had a thing going with Maya when I had started to watch the two of them stealing glances at each other: the slow, seductive smiles that Maya gave him and the winks he gave her.

And so it was that I pretended to leave for school (having requested the day off) and crept into the basement by using my key to the outer door.

I watched them all right. The porno film turned me on as I had a clear view of it. Maya had huge breasts and I could understand Jay wanting to fuck them.

Truth to tell, I wanted to see them fucking! But all Jay had been interested in was fucking the maid’s monstrous tits.

I had almost walked in when they began to neck heavily but decided to bide my time. I wanted to see if Jay would fuck her eventually. But the film playing on the video concentrated more on breasts and I knew my husband: a quick fuck and then he would slide his prick in her cleavage.

If I had a camera, I would take a picture of the two of them when I walked into the living room. Stark naked, Maya, now having slipped onto the floor, knelt there while he still had his glorious prick clamped between her breasts and an awful amount of his semen splashing all over her flesh.

“Nita, I-I didn’t k-know,” he stammered, trying to pull his prick away from between her breasts.

For her part, Maya hid her face by pushing it into the sofa.

I was wearing my standard dress: the one I wore when I went to school. It was a pure white sari, the border pinned to the high-necked blouse. The blouse had a black lining and the border of the sari was conservatively draped over the chest.

“I heard her saying she wanted to experience two pricks at once,” I said in a flat voice.

To say he was astonished would be the understatement.

They did not say anything; so I decided to take the matter in my hands.

“Are you up to it?” I asked.

“Uh?” he was stunned.

“Can you raise a hard on again?”

Maya turned around, a look of complete amazement on her face.

By this time, she had pulled the sari she had been wearing and covered her body as best as she possibly could. Likewise, my husband had pulled the pajama and covered his wet prick with it.

“The two of you are covered with spunk,” I told them calmly. “And this dress I am wearing is not cut out for what I want to do. So get into the bedroom in the guest room and have a shower while I change into something comfortable.”

Jay leaped up from the sofa, a smile breaking across his face, as he understood the implications of what I was saying. He bent down and pulled the maid by her armpits.

“Come on baby, we are going to have some fun!” he said.

“While we are at it,” I told him sternly, “please continue calling her by the names you have been doing so far. As far as I am concerned, she’s your bitch, whore, slut or whatever else.”

“Come on, bitch, let’s get into the bathroom!” he said, now getting into the spirit of things.

“And no fuck play there,” I told them. “You better keep the door open so that I can check. We will meet in the den. Assuming that this was going to happen, I have set up everything over there, including fresh and hot water in the bed and cushions.”

I trusted Jay and didn’t have to check, of course. Instead, I walked into our bedroom and selected a particularly sexy outfit.

It was a mini-skirt that hugged my curves. Even at this age and having borne children, I was proud of my figure. I had taken a lot of care to preserve the firmness of my body and to make sure the curves remained intact. Of course, they weren’t what they were like before the kids arrived; I had filled up. But the filling up of all that extra flesh was at the right places and I still boasted of good (though they were now large) breasts, narrow waist and flaring thighs. My buttocks were still rounded, shapely and firm.

I wore my skimpy, purple nylon panties that barely covered my crotch. In fact, they were so flimsy; I could clearly see my mound as I inspected myself in the mirror.

I wore a matching half-bra that struggled to contain my bulging breasts, exposing almost half of the tops. They too were flimsy enough to show my now-erect nipples.

A word about my nipples: I had seen Maya’s and they were really huge. Mine were about average; say half an inch when erect but the areolas were very spread out. Jay was particularly attached to them and liked to rub the tip of his prick over the nipples.

I pulled on a dark, blood red blouse, with hooks at the front and a cleavage that plunged down so much it was almost obscene.

The den as we called it was located beside the basement and its one outstanding feature was the positioning of the various mirrors. There were mirrors on the ceiling, mirrors on the walls, one-piece mirrors, three-piece mirrors with hinged and adjustable sides. The mirrors were visible only when one pulled a switch concealed in a small recess above a wardrobe. I had already decided that I wouldn’t use the mirrors today; instead, they would appear to look like flat opaque glasses.

We had furnished the den with a queen sized water bed, a narrow ottoman, a couple of deep-leather chairs and a fairly large size swing that not only rocked back and forth, but also had the facility to go up and down at the touch of a button at its sides.

The swing was Jay’s idea and was meant for the kids because they had seen a similar one at their cousin’s place. The rest, including the waterbed and the concealed mirrors were of course our ideas.

I stepped into my special high-heel shoes. They were black with wide golden colored straps around them with an opening in front so that my red-painted toenails peeped out from within. I splashed some perfume and brushed my long, silky hair.

When I entered the den, I saw Jay and Maya, towels wrapped around their bodies, walking from the opposite direction. The two of them were thoroughly scrubbed and even from this distance, I could smell the soap on them.

Jay’s jaws dropped when he saw me.

“Oh, wow! That’s great!” he gasped.

I gave him my special sexy smile. I noticed that Maya’s eyes too bugged at the sight of me clad in this kind of a dress. Normally, she saw me wearing either a gown, a housedress or a sari. This was the first time she was watching me clad in this type of a tight, short, skimpy and provocative dress.

“Let’s get in,” I said, pushing ahead and switching on the hidden soft lights. Maya gasped when she saw the room; she had never seen it before.

I walked to the ottoman and lowered myself on it, crossing my legs, letting the tight skirt ride up my shapely hips. I watched them standing beside each other. Jay looked both sheepish and excited while Maya seemed to be overwhelmed by the situation.

“Well, darling,” I addressed my husband. “I saw the whole thing. What I would have liked was to watch you really, really fuck this whore till she would beg you to stop!”

Maya colored deeply and Jay grinned. I could detect the bulge between his legs, straining against the towel. His chest was bare and heaving. Maya had wrapped a larger towel around her. But it wasn’t large enough to expose a lot of her breasts and covered her hips so little that if it was another inch higher, I swear we could see her pussy.

“You just fucked her a while and then it was just tit banging, huh?” I continued.

“W-well,” he stammered in reply. “You know how crazy I am about tits, honey.”

“But can you do it now and can you hold it long enough?” I asked.

“I think so,” he replied thoughtfully.

“I don’t want you to think. I don’t want you to spurt your spunk until this bitch is begging for you to stop.”

He grinned, pulling his towel, revealing his thrusting prick. The bitch must have fondled it, or soaped it considering that it was so hard so soon. Or perhaps, the fact that I was participating had turned him on.

“How and where?” he asked me.

I paused, thinking for a while. Then, I gestured towards the waterbed. “I want you to fuck her there. Fuck her from behind.”

Dumbly, Maya followed him to the waterbed. Jay and me have had the most beautiful and satisfying times when we made it on the bed. Even the couple of cushions that lay on top were filled with the water.

“Get on your hands and knees, slut,” Jay told her, pushing her onto the bed.

Apparently she had never been on one of them because she squealed (in delight, I think) when she got on top and felt the waves rocking her body up and down.

“Don’t laugh or say anything unless you are told to, bitch,” I told her scornfully. “Or, unless Jay’s cock makes you to scream and shout!”

She scampered onto her fours, looking at me. “Like this?” she asked Jay, looking back at him.

“Yeah, like this,” he said. “It’s better that way on the bed. Maybe you can lean on that fucking cushion if you prefer it that way.”

She shook her head, her weight transferred onto her knees and elbows as he stood beside the bed and whisked off the towel. I felt a kind of electric spark course through my body when I saw her extraordinary breasts spring out, dangling down. Her long legs and her round and robust ass cheeks looked good enough to eat.

My husband was apparently filled with confidence, now that he had realized my desires. He wrapped his hand around his prick, stepped close to her face and stroked the foreskin back and forth over his swollen cock head.

“I figure I could last longer if she sucks my dick,” he said, looking towards me.

“No, she can’t suck you now,” I replied. “However,” I continued, rising from the ottoman and walking towards them, “I can.”

He seemed to get more excited.

“Don’t move and don’t change your position,” I admonished when he tried to turn.

Maya’s face was quite close to his cock so that when I bent down to kiss the top of the shaft, my face was scarcely a foot away from hers.

I noticed that she was breathing heavily, her nostrils flared. Her eyes were fixed towards my mouth and Jay’s stiff cock.

I reached out and took his swollen balls in my hands, licking the helmet with tentative licks. Then, leaning further into him, I took as much of his prick inside my mouth as I could manage. I moved back, only to push my head forward again. I did not close my eyes as I sucked him; instead I let my eyes flutter from his eyes to her astonished face. I let the flat of my tongue stroke the underside of his fat prick, slipping my hands down to his straining hips and then gently encircling his ass cheeks. This allowed me to keep my head steady and instead pull and push his ass to and away from me, his prick firmly embedded in my mouth.

Jay began to rock his hips to and fro, groaning his passion, sliding his hands down to grip my head. I pulled away long enough to say, “Play with the slut’s tits. Look how they are dangling.”

So as I pulled my head back to lift his prick up against his belly to lick his balls, I watched him reaching down under the maid to grab one swaying tit.

Maya, to whom I hadn’t yet spoken a word or she to me, moaned in ecstasy as Jay pulled on her long erect nipples. He groaned as well when my tongue flicked over his balls.

“Would that do for now?” I whispered to him fondling his cock and looking up at him.

He nodded, looking down at his glistening prick. I stepped back to watch him climb the waterbed, positioning himself between her long legs. She moved her knees further apart and I walked around to watch her pussy blink out between her legs, his cock caressing the folds of her pussy.

She pulled one cushion towards her and lowered her face onto it, lewdly wiggling the cute cheeks of her ass. As the tip of his prick pushed against her slit, he palmed her ass, spreading them apart.

I thought that maybe he was finding it difficult to penetrate her pussy, so I stepped forward again and grabbing his stiff prick, maneuvered the head between her lips.

She moaned aloud, her body visibly shuddering as his swollen knob pressed in. Now that I had helped him to guide at least the tip of his prick inside her lips, I drew back to watch him slam his hips forward. She bucked her hips back into him as his prick sank completely inside, disappearing from view.

Her ass squirmed and she ground her hips further back onto the impaling thickness of his stiff prick, until his balls touched the insides of her thighs.

“Oh god!” she yelled uncontrollably. “Fuck me, please fuck me!”

Since I had allowed her to speak in the event that Jay’s prick compelled her to, I didn’t ask her to keep quiet. On the contrary, her screams of passion aroused me.

“Like that, huh?” Jay asked resting there with his prick embedded inside her pussy.

“Oh my god, yes, yessss…” she hissed. “Come on, fuck, fuck me!”

Leaning over her, he slid his hands over her hips, down her firm belly till his hands were playing with her clit. She moaned as he began to stroke the bud, drawing away to allow his prick to reappear. He thrust forward again with a loud grunt.

“Oh yes, darling, ram her like that! Give her bitch cunt you’re the fucking it deserves from your cock!” I cried out, no longer able to control my own rising passion.

Keeping my gaze fixed upon the writhing twosome, I pushed my mini-skirt down over my hips, kicking them away.

He hunched over her, his hands sliding up to take a firm hold of her swinging breasts, working his prick feverishly in and out of her pussy. He turned and looked at me with glazed eyes as I gripped the waistband of my tiny panties and wiggling my hips thrust them down to the floor.

I watched for some more time as he thrust in and out of her, his prick making squelching noises as it rammed in and out of her pussy, the noise making it evident that she was leaking profusely.

The waterbed rocked in uncontrollable waves and I could hear the water rumbling inside it.

“Oh god, oh dear god,” he chanted. “Her bitch cunt is so tight and hot and wet, oh god, it is so hot!”

His balls slapped against her thighs as he continued to pump frantically in her.

“Take it easy, big boy,” I whispered. “I don’t want you to come in that slut cunt; nor anywhere on the bitch. I got plans for you.”

His eyes lit up when he turned and looked at me. Apart from the fact that I was naked below the waist, what I had just said, made him pause momentarily, his prick buried inside her pussy. She rocked back against him, trying to make him continue pumping in her.

“Oh god, don’t stop,” she implored. “Give me that cock! I’m almost there, oh yes, I’m going to cum!”

“What sort of plans?” he asked me, slowly withdrawing his prick till only the glans was lodged inside the hole.

I let my tongue flick across my lips and smiled at him. He plunged forward again, his prick yet again disappearing inside her pussy.

“You,” I told him, casually walking to the bed and climbing atop it, “are going to make this slut clean your cock with her mouth. You are not going to let her clean your cum because you won’t have cum then. Later, you are going to do to me what you did to this whore when you were watching the fucking TV together!”

I managed to stand in front of the girl despite the waterbed making it extremely difficult for me to do so.

“Raise your head, bitch,” I commanded her.

Jay understood what I had told him, so with his face grimaced with concentration, he began to thrust to and fro slowly; much slower than before when all he must have thought of was spurting his seed inside Maya’s cunt.

Maya looked up, her eyes crossed with lust, mouth wide open, chest heaving even as Jay continued pumping into her with his trademark long and slow thrusts.

I stood in front of her, my legs splayed apart.

“Lick my cunt, you little nasty bitch!” I instructed her, sinking my hands into her lustrous hair and pulling her face up towards my pussy.

I sighed with pleasure when her face crushed against the wetness of my pussy. I was hot and horny; there was no doubt about that.

“Hold on to my knees and lick my slit,” I told her.

She grabbed my hips and buried her face deeper between my legs, her tongue wildly flicking over my slit, trying to enter the folds.

I reached down and opened the petals of my pussy.

“Now, you dirty little whore,” I said. “Take that tongue of yours and push it inside my cunt!”

I grunted and moaned when I felt her tongue thrust into my insides. I watched my husband plunging back and forth, driving his prick inside the wench’s pussy. I leaned forward and putting my arms around his shoulders, pulled him towards me.

I opened my mouth to allow his tongue plunge inside as we kissed. I pushed my pussy harder against Maya’s sucking mouth. Jay was thrusting steadily into the maid and now, he reached with his hands to pull my skimpy blouse down over my shoulders.

He leaned back, his eyes lighting up as he saw the bra I was wearing. Slowly, a smile on his lips and his hips still rocking to and fro, he unhooked the bra and pulled it down. Jay likes for me to have my bra slung below my breasts. Now, both the blouse and the bra supported the bottom of my swollen breasts.

I arched my back when he leaned forward and pushed his face between my melons. His rapid and deep thrusts into Maya and the waterbed made me feel like I was being pushed behind by a massive wave.

“Ah, yes, yes, fuck me, push that cock inside my cunt! Harder, please, faster! Oh god, this feels so good!”

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