tagMind ControlMaid Wife Ch. 06

Maid Wife Ch. 06


Chapter 06

Melody and Jim visit a Casino

The taxi ride home from the restaurant had been terribly frustrating because she wanted him but couldn't do a thing about it. She couldn't face telling him she had very nearly given a stranger a blow job in the restaurant as it would be just so degrading. Yet the narrow escape had left her feeling so aroused she desperately needed him.

It was difficult to tell whether the terribly naughty incident was firing her up or she was behaving like a slut. Melody had been told too many times she was a slut while under the influence of hypnosis that it was taking a hold of her. If she asked Jim to try and break this shameful state she might have to tell him what happened with that stranger. She simply couldn't face that.

Melody was thankful she had been ordered to speak normally as usually she was unable to utter a word except in response to her young master. As soon as they got through the front door she was at last able to tell him what she wanted although still hypnotised. "Jim, please, I need you." She blurted out. It was shameful but it was impossible to hold back. "Your slut needs you so badly."

He grabbed a hold of her bottom in both hands to pull her close and kiss her deeply. He was no longer looking after her for her husband or just for convenient sex he had fallen in love, even if this moment was driven by lust. While exploring her mouth with his tongue they tore each others clothes off. At the foot of the stairs he dragged her down where in a tangle of clothes and limbs they copulated like wild animals.

She yanked the crotch of her panties aside and took hold of his rock hard penis. There was no need for foreplay he simply sank into her yielding flesh piercing her roughly. She pulled her legs up wrapping them around his waist, bucking up at him in a frenzy of passion. The sounds were feral guttural grunts and groans meaning nothing but reflecting the wild passion of their thrusts.

They both knew each others bodies so well the climax was synchronised unconsciously with none of the gentle play of young lovers. This was the red hot heat of madness driven by a hunger for an orgasm. This was the true meaning of being turned on, with only a one way switch.

Melody gripped hard as though squeezing every last drop of passion from his body, needing it to fulfil a burning desire. He had succeeded as she knew he would. She felt him filling her with his seed of life and felt reborn. A glorious glow of satisfaction began to develop into a delirious happiness.

Jim felt spent, deflating upon her body sinking into it wanting her soft flesh to engulf him. He nuzzled her breasts knowing they would be sensitive so licked them and sucked them gently. The wild beast had trotted away leaving behind a human compassion caring more for her than his own life.

Hand in hand they stumbled up the stairs to shower where they soaped and caressed their tired bodies. He patted her body dry and in turn she towelled him, not wanting to be parted in the after glow of an emotional togetherness more magnetic than sex.

Cuddling in bed like innocents they murmured sweet words to each other until the seriousness of sex subsided enough for them to laugh. "I want to lick and blow into your ears. Your cute nose is so kissable. Your full lips are so biteable. You are so delicious I want to eat you up. Terramazoo." He whispered in her ear.

"What?" She giggled feeling young and alive as though rejuvenated from an injection of his youthful sperm.

"It's an Italian desert." He said.

"I know but what does it mean?"

"I love you more than my favourite desert."

She laughed but the little word sobered her. She was a married woman and that word reminded her that she had broken a sacred promise to be faithful to one man. She had worked out Angus had set up this arrangement so he could escape to fulfil an ambition. The death of his mother had driven him into thinking this might be his last chance when the opportunity arose with Jim turning up.

She still felt guilty and it showed on her face. In case he saw the pain she drew his head to her breast not wanting him to ask questions. At that moment she realised he must have said the phrase earlier to release her from the hypnotic state. They had made love without her being hypnotised which confirmed how carried away she had been as well as how emotionally attached she had become.

This would have to stop. Angus would return some day soon. They had never had such a passionate love life, even when young newly married lovers. Perhaps each of them had been too concerned with their own needs as an only child often is. Inexperience then habit born from years together had drained the passion from their lives.

Tears formed in her eyes and dropped upon his cheek. Jim looked up into her face seeing sorrow there. "What's wrong?" He asked, his voice laden with concern.

"Just tears of happiness lover." She lied.

Jim didn't believe her but said nothing. Instead he buried his head between her breasts. When he said no more she guessed he was thinking the same thing. This thing they had was on a time limit with neither wanting it to expire.


Melody left him sleeping in the guest bedroom for they never shared the master bedroom. Next morning she arose early to go shopping. She wondered the aisles in the usual pattern lifting cans and packets without seeing them, just dropping them into the cart.

She reasoned you could love both parents equally and if there had been siblings every one of them would share her affection. If they had been lucky enough to have children they would be different yet equally adored. So could she love two men? Had Angus thought this through or just escaped to fulfil a selfish ambition. Angus was her rock in life yet this young man was exciting leaving her feeling fulfilled, or was it just the sex?

Not wanting to agonise over the dilemma any longer she drove home. Hearing Jim in the shower she prepared lunch. Managing to keep her distance was difficult but he picked up on her mood and gave her space. So now she knew what that meant. It was as though they were a married couple settling into a routine. That evening they slept in separate rooms and behaved like respectable landlady and tenant.

Sunday evening came round after what seemed an age of quietness. Washing up the dinner plates she jumped on feeling his arms snake around her waist. He whispered in her ear, the words not heard, the sensation enough to know what was meant. She shivered at the feel of his lips on her neck producing goose bumps on her arms.

The delicious attention couldn't be passively accepted for long. "If you wanted more to eat you should have told me. I'm not a very good landlady if I'm not providing what you want." She giggled. "I guess I'll just have to be your desert, if you think I'm good enough to eat." She teased.

"Oh! You just can't help yourself young man, you have to ask properly. You know what to say." She stated trying to sound like a respectable landlady. She heard the words that released her inhibitions and assuaged the guilt. Melody was no longer able to decide anything for she was under the control of this young virile man.

She stood placidly, hands to her sides, with soapsuds dripping onto the floor. He led her into the lounge and asked. "It all started here. That first night what did you think?"

"I was shocked. It was terribly embarrassing, yet you excited me so much." She stated knowing everything would have to be said however revealing.

"Since then we have." He faltered from embarrassment. "Come a long way, experienced a lot. I think we should make the most of it while we can. Do you want to?" He asked mildly but with a desperate hope she too wanted to carry on.

"Yes!" She exclaimed, surprised at the depth of feeling expressed in that one word.

"On the floor then, I want my desert; I'm going to eat you all up." He laughed with relief. Jim crawled over to her lifting the modest skirt just above her knees and kissed them. He lifted her legs and licked behind the knees sending a tremor to her feet. One shoe fell off and he licked her toes and stroked the soles of her feet. With legs now parted he caressed the inside of both legs with tongue and finger tips.

Crawling between her open legs he nosed her inner thighs. Her wide open eyes stared at everything he did not wanting to just feel it she wanted to take it all in, to absorb every sensation.

"You aren't wearing panties, as ordered." He smiled.

Melody hadn't even noticed. This morning she had dressed and went shopping wearing these modest clothes yet so daringly without panties. His order not to wear them had permeated her mind even when not hypnotised and it was thrilling to be so helplessly under his spell.

She watched and felt intensely the stroke of fingers and the gentle nips of lips and teeth mark a progress up her thighs. She lifted her hips for him to push the skirt up above her waist where he kissed her bellybutton. He paid attention to the slight bulge of her stomach when all the time she waited and craved for the intensity of a lower more delicate place to be devoured.

"You have kept this treasure well shaved." He smiled into her eyes.

She gasped from the intensity of the feeling when he kissed her lips. The sound was also motivated from the illicit naughtiness of shaving her pussy for him. Unable to stand it any longer she lay back flat upon the floor like a rag doll letting him do what ever he liked with her body.

A single intense idea shook her, that it wasn't her pussy any longer it was his. She kept it cleanly shaved, panty-less and ready for whenever he wanted it. 'I'm just a slut for ever ready for him to use.' She thought.

A powerful orgasm overcame her body swamping her mind with feelings wiping away thoughts leaving her sated. She groaned out load but did not move. Her legs were either side of his shoulders as if he were burrowing in like an over ambitious caver.

She had offered herself as the after dinner desert and he was making the most of it. He lapped at her pussy pulling upon her lips, nibbling on them. She wanted to lift her head to watch the erotic sight as well as experience the sensational feel of it but couldn't move. She knew what he intended, he was going to eat her until there was nothing left.

A finger pressed against her bottom and her little hole gave way. She felt a delicate touch in both once private places, sensitising them for more to come. His tongue lapped at her nub pushing her once more toward an orgasm. A finger touched the 'G' spot and she flinched. Her legs wrapped around his head and her stomach tightened for another deep orgasm.

Relentlessly he used his tongue, his nose, fingers and lips upon her body. Her pussy, asshole and breasts became so sensitised she hardly needed touching before an orgasm rushed over her like a wave breaking across the sands. A continuous whimper was breathed between her lips, in and out like the surf on a moonlight beach.

She lost count of how many orgasms shook then stroked her body but when at last he had eaten his fill she lay there almost unconscious in a deliriously happy state. He helped her up to bed and cuddled her until she slumped into a peaceful sleep.

It hadn't been his intention to trick or force her into continuing their games but to show how much he cared, without using words.

The rest of the week they shared the pleasure of love making, in the lounge, in the kitchen, and in bed. Each time they had committed an intense marathon, as enjoyable as ever and more so, with cuddles shared and whispered love notes.


Friday came around and Jim arranged an evening out. "Well at least this time I won't be embarrassed with my panties on the table for all to see. I don't wear them now!" She giggled. Melody twirled the figure hugging red silk dress Jim had bought for her. Her figure wasn't so slim at her age but more voluptuous and enticing which pleased her young lover leaving her feeling delighted.

"It's so lovely." She cooed.

"When you do that it shows off the cheeks of that cute bottom. It's so gorgeous it should be shown off." He laughed. On seeing her face redden in embarrassment he told her. "Go up stairs and put on some panties you silly slut." He said with a devilish glint to his eye.

She climbed the stairs with a wiggle to her hips knowing he was watching every move. Only a short time ago she would have been disgusted being referred to as a slut and as far as having to be told to put on panties, she would have died of shame. Showing off her body to a young man, letting him look up her dress would have been impossible.

With a light heart she joined him all ready to go. "Show me." She didn't need to ask what he meant she just lifted the dress to display a pair of lacy red panties. She was too pleased at his concern to feel embarrassed rather she felt he was looking after her. It was a little strange standing there with the dress held around her hips showing off her panties but then since meeting him her whole life had been turned upside down.

Melody didn't ask where they were off too it didn't matter so as long as they were together. In the car they swapped records, each playing a favourite track, switching genres from the Beatles through upbeat jazz to northern soul. A wrong track selection brought on a sentimental country and western which they both laughed at on realising it had been a mistake.

"Have you ever been to a Casino?" He asked. They drove passed the entrance toward the parking area and the sheer brilliance of glittering bulbs and neon signs took Melody's excited her. Angus would never have visited this palace of fun deeming it a trivial waste of money. This occurred to her as they parked up and made their way across acres of concrete but she didn't care.

Walking in Melody was assaulted by a cacophony of noise from bouncing coins on shiny metal troughs. The sheer size and splendour of the Casino took her breath away. Looking from machine to machine like a child's first visit to a sweet shop she was hooked.

They played the slots dropping coins by the bucket full. "I've run out, I don't know how much money I've just thrown away." She laughed, knowing her husband would have disapproved and not caring, finding it all the more exciting.

"Not much, they're only quarters. Let's play roulette. Remember that film Casino Royal, well I'll be James Bond and you can be Pussy Galore." Jim teased.

He may have mixed the films but the audacity of him using that word in front of all those people excited her. "I'm your slutty pussy." She teased back at him.

"You look it in that red dress." He told her. She blushed, not quite matching the dress. They crowded in among a raucous group of players straining to see the table. He told her the rules and how simple it was. "Just bet low and you will lose slowly."

"I thought I was supposed to win." She stated, with a guileless look.

He laughed at the innocence of the expression and statement. "Maybe you are, but I just do it for the buzz and hope not to lose too much. Here jump on that stool and have a go." The pile of chips grew and he wondered if it was beginners luck or the fates really did mean her to win. Every time she lost a larger win followed.

They took a rest and she asked. "How come I've just got this handful of chips?"

"They swapped them for high value ones. You can cash them in or we can play something else." He said.

He didn't look so pleased having lost his stake. She wanted to cheer him up. A young waitress wearing a tight low cut top and high cut around the hips took their order. He eyed her leaving Melody feeling jealous and more determined to please. "You could get me to remove my panties before we saunter back to the car." She said to him with a mischievous grin.

She looked around at all the busy people reckoning no one would notice for they were too busy watching their money tumble away.

"So you want to go home to something important you need to do?" He asked, perking up at the suggestion. Remembering the frenzied sex of last Friday he readily agreed.

She heard the words whispered in her ear and stood there as though mesmerised by the wild sounds and lights of the casino. "Act naturally but remember to obey. You must be carful to do as you're told." He ordered her.

She noticed he had omitted to say 'obey me'. It was too late now to do anything about it but she would warn him for next time. In any case he was waiting for her outside the restroom and would protectively hold on to her all the time. She felt so shy in front of these people wearing the little red dress without panties.

Anywhere else and the colour alone would attract attention. If the hem bounced up the red suspenders would hardly notice she reasoned. They had a long walk back to the parking lot through the whole length of the casino. She felt a little buzz of excitement knowing any one of these people could command her if they knew how helpless she was.

"Hi Jim, how are you doing? I didn't know you came to casinos."

"Hello Ronny, this is Melody a friend. Yea, I like to play cards, can't stand the slots." Jim said. Melody nodded and smiled.

"There's a game about to start, I've been looking forward to it why don't you join us, at least take a look. What do you say, Melody, do you like to play cards?" Ronny said with hand on her arm.

Jim could see how wound up he was and couldn't just push him away from Melody. "OK. Let's take a look at this game. It's on our way." He said, protectively taking a hold of Melody so the guy let go of her arm.

Only players were allowed into the roped off area where a few poker tables were about to start. Melody could see on his face a look of longing. He wasn't addicted but did like the friendly banter and tension of a game.

"Here take these." Melody pushed the chips into his hands. She was still hypnotised but could act naturally unless ordered to do something. She wanted to see him enjoy himself.

"I can't leave you out here." He started to say, but Ronny interrupted.

"Looks to me you've been given permission to play by the pretty woman. You go and enjoy the roulette until were finished." Ronny told her.

The white rope was clipped shut with Jim standing watching her disappear into the crowd. For a moment he wanted to follow her but Ronny pulled him to a table where the last two seats were waiting for them. He looked up to where she had disappeared reasoning he had told her to act natural so she should be alright. She had given him most of the chips without prompting so she was able to act on her own initiative.

There were so many security guards around she would be safe. Still he worried.


Melody hadn't noticed this was a high stakes table and quickly lost the remaining chips and wondered what to do next. Ronny hadn't meant to give her an order but she was stuck playing roulette until they finished playing cards. It was so annoying to be caught out like this she would have to tell Jim to tell her to obey only him in future.

The croupier looked at her meaningfully and thankfully she wasn't completely helpless so asked him. "Can I play with a credit card?" He shook his head but a pit boss looked her over and glanced at the card. Distracted by her thighs and stocking tops he merely glanced at the card. Mistaking it for a casino card he gave the go ahead before turning to another table where the crowd was becoming too boisterous.

The croupier pushed over a stack of high value chips. She still thought they were five dollar chips and bet accordingly with the stack building and falling until there was nothing left. The pit boss had more time now to take a good look at the card. He blanched and knew he was in trouble. He called the manager over and whispered in his ear. They looked at her and the manager talked into his sleeve. Within a minute a smartly suited man stood beside Melody.

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