tagRomanceMaiden Voyage of the Amethyst Dream

Maiden Voyage of the Amethyst Dream

byD A Stone©

Man: As I drive along Shoreline Drive, enjoying the cool breeze off the bay, I am a bit nervous. Thinking of her waiting for me at the hotel, I am hopeful that she will enjoy the evening I have planned for the two of us. It has been so exciting these past few weeks since I first met her and I really want tonight to be something special. I pray that all of my preparation and planning will make the impression on her that I desire.

As I slow the car to turn into the hotel parking lot, I am almost tempted to turn around as my anxiety grows suddenly at the unwanted thought that she might not feel as deeply for me as I for her. Chastising myself for this foolish thought, I can only pray that I have not misread her so badly and quell my panic. I pull up to the hotel and step from the car.

"Keep the motor running," I say to the valet, "I’ll be back in just a moment.” I hand him the keys and turn to enter the lobby.

Glancing at my watch, I see that I have a few moments still, and stop to check my appearance before heading to the lounge where I have told her that I would meet her. I think to myself that I have cleaned up very well. My hair and beard are freshly trimmed and groomed, my black silk blend shirt is freshly pressed and my tie, impeccable. The crease in my dark gray slacks is so sharp that you could almost cut yourself on it and my shoes shined to a mirror finish. I hoped that I have remembered correctly and that she will find the Aramis cologne I am wearing appealing. I think to myself with a chuckle, you are one handsome devil, but am momentarily embarrassed when I turn to notice her watching me primp in front of the mirror and stifling a giggle. I only hope that I did not look too foolish and I cross the lobby to greet her.

Woman: I see him enter the lobby from my vantage point at the bar and try to hide a giggle as he sees me watching him. He is so cute standing there at the mirror, checking his appearance, grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary. I am so glad he did not see me doing the same thing a moment before he turned. He has not told me what we are going to do this evening, but seeing what he is wearing, I am pleased at my selection of dress. I think to myself that you can never go wrong with a basic black dress. I chose this one to show off my figure and legs to their fullest advantage and seeing the appreciative look in his eyes as he looks me up and down, I can tell that he likes what he sees. I walk over to him slowly, smiling, and see a slight blush in his cheeks at having been caught admiring himself.

"Hello," I say with a sheepish grin, "you look very nice".

Man: As she approaches me from across the room, I cannot help but be amazed at how lucky I am to have found such a beautiful, stimulating woman. I reach out to take her delicate fingers gently in mine, and I bow to her slightly, kissing her hand, amazed at how stunning she looks. I again find myself hoping that she will enjoy the evening I have planned for the two of us.

"Hello my dear,” I say as I kiss her. “I have the car waiting, if you are ready."

Woman: The touch of his hand sends an electric charge through my body and I cannot help but wonder if he felt it also.

“Yes, I am ready. But you haven’t told me where we are going.”

Looking into his mischievous eyes, I wonder what he has in mind.

Man: Wiggling my eyebrows and grinning, I say, "It's a surprise, my dear."

Woman: Wondering what deviltry he has planned, I smile and say, “Ok...lead on and I will follow. I just love surprises”. Man: I offer my arm and escort her to the door, opening it for her to pass through and signal the valet to open the car door for me. Giving her my hand to help her into the car and closing the door behind her, I walk around the car and tip the valet generously before getting in and pulling away. We have only a short distance to go and I admire her as I drive from the hotel to the Peoples Street T-head and park. Quickly getting out of the car, I open her door for her and offer her my assistance to step out of the car. I begin to lead her down the pier to a waiting yacht, the Amethyst Dream, a large motor launch that I have recently acquired.

Woman: As we are walking down the pier, my heel gets caught in between the planks and I stumble forward. He quickly catches me, holding me in his arms, and as I look up, I see concern in his eyes. At first, I check to make sure everything is ok, but I act as if my ankle is hurt for a moment just so I can be in his arms. It is then that I catch a whiff of his cologne, Aramis, one of my favorite scents. I linger there enjoying the masculine smell.

Laughing, I say to him, "Well as you can see, Grace is not my middle name."

He asks if I am ok, and as he kneels beside me to check my ankle and free the heel of my shoe, I respond that I am fine. We start walking toward a yacht, his arm firmly around me. Then I notice the name of the vessel.

“Oh my, look at that yacht, it's called Amethyst Dream. You know I have a passion for Amethyst. Who owns it, do you know?"

Man: Relieved that she was not injured when she stumbled, I catch her up in my arms. Worried that she might be hurt, but also enjoying how she feels next to me, I hold her for a moment. I then kneel down next to her to check her ankle, at the same time freeing the heel of her shoes, and I feel a stirring in me and pray that I can keep it under control.

I grin at her joking remark and ask, “Are you ok?”

She lets me know that she is fine and I relax. I see her catch sight of the name of the vessel and her look of surprise.

When she asks if I know who the owner is, I reply, "It is a recent acquisition of mine, named in your honor, dear and I wanted you here tonight so that I might christen her and take you with me on her maiden voyage”.

Woman: He tells me he is the owner, and I stop in my tracks and look at him, puzzled.

"You own this?" I say as I back up a bit to get a better look.

Turning to look at him again I say, "Oh it is beautiful, I can't believe you named it for me. No one has ever done anything like this for me."

I am amazed that he would do this. We had been going out for a while but I never expected this. I walk back up to him and embrace him.

Whispering as we embrace, I ask, "Can we go aboard?"

He tells me we can go on board after we christen her. I am overwhelmed by all of this and feel like I am in a dream as we walk down to the bow of the vessel to christen it.

Man: Taking her in my arms again, I return her embrace and kiss her gently on her cheek. I am so glad that she likes the name and wants to come with me on the voyage I have planned.

In answer to her request to go on board, I say, "Of course, my dear, once we christen her, I'll escort you aboard."

I lead her to the bow of the launch and open the locker located nearby to retrieve the bottle of champagne that I had purchased for the christening. I step close to the yacht, and standing behind her, I wrap my arms around her so that we can hold the bottle of champagne together.

Together, we swing the bottle towards the ship and with a firm blow, break the champagne bottle on the bow as I say, "I hereby christen you the Amethyst Dream."

I then escort her to the gangplank and lead her aboard by the hand and say, "Please have a seat, while I untie us."

I move quickly to the stern, untying the boat and throwing the line to the pier. Then move to the bow and untie there as well. I then return to her and offering my arm to her, I escort her to the bridge, where I start the engines. I then blow the horn to signal the harbormaster of my planned departure. I maneuver the craft away from the pier and watch her sitting beside me as we clear the protected harbor and head out into Corpus Christi Bay.

Woman: Leading me across the gangplank my first thought is, please do not fall in. I stifle a giggle as he asks me to take a seat while he unties the yacht. Feeling like a little kid, I look around at everything. He walks up, offers his arm to me, and leads me to the bridge. I have a thousand questions I would like to ask and am just about get the first question out when he blows the horn. I jump at the sound and then start giggling. Oh please, I think to myself, do not get the giggles now. I watch and admire the skill with which he maneuvers the boat away from the pier. For the first time, I really look at him and notice that he is smiling at me. He is strikingly handsome, and I feel a flow of warmth surge through my body. Walking up to him, I lean over and give him a kiss on the cheek.

In response to his quizzical look, I smile and say, "Because you've made me so happy."

Leaving him to his piloting of the craft, I walk away to explore the bridge.

Man: I chuckle to myself as I watch the wonder in her eyes at the vessel and her kiss is a wonderful signal of her joy at being here with me. I push the throttle forward firmly but slowly to pick up speed as we move away from the shore. The smell of the sea breeze is refreshing on the hot night and I cannot help but be pleased with myself. Once we are well clear of the shipping lanes headed into the harbor of Corpus Christi, I get ready to set the autopilot so that we can go below to the main cabin.

As I am doing this, I explain to her, "Just allow me to set the autopilot and we can go below to the other part of my surprise."

I set the GPS driven autopilot and then turn to her.

She is busy exploring the bridge, and I say to her, "Please escort me milady to the main cabin below which has been prepared for your arrival."

Woman: I turn my attention to him as he tells me he is setting the autopilot. I have a thousand questions, but something in his tone makes me hold my tongue as he asks me to go below with him. Taking his arm, I allow him to lead me below. Feeling excitement growing as we walk to the main cabin, I have no idea what to expect. Every time he touches me, my body becomes alive and I cannot help but wonder if he is feeling the same way. I dare not think about it.

Man: I escort her from the bridge to the main cabin, which is shrouded in darkness.

I say to her, "Close your eyes dear." and seeing that they are indeed closed, I open the door on the main cabin and turn on the lights using the dimmer switch by the door.

I can see that my instructions have been carried out by the concierge service I hired and that everything has been prepared as I requested.

I guide her gently over the doorjamb and escort her to a love seat with the admonishment of "No peeking".

Woman: He tells me to close my eyes, so I look up at him and close them so he can see that I have obeyed his instructions. I take his arm with both of my hands knowing I will have to step over a doorjamb. He leads me to a chair and as I sit down, I cannot wait to see what he has prepared. I keep my eyes closed tightly however, as something in his voice makes me want to keep them closed. Anticipation welling up inside me, I think that it is funny how when your eyes are closed, your other senses take over. I smell the scent of lavender, and the fabric of the chair I am sitting on feels so good on my skin. I can hear him moving about and wonder what he could possibly be doing. I fold my hands in my lap and wait for him to tell me to open my eyes.

Man: I reach over and adjust the lights a bit, and light a few more of the lavender scented candles I have placed around the room. I see that the floor has been strewn with fire and ice rose petals as I had requested and there is a bouquet of them on the table next to the assortment of fresh fruit and wine that I ordered.

I pick up the bouquet and move back to kneel before her with the roses in my outstretched hands and say to her, "Open your eyes dear."

Woman: The scent of lavender grows stronger, and I am amazed at how he has remembered all the little things I like. He tells me to open my eyes and I see him kneeling before me. In his outstretched hands, I see that he is offering me the most beautiful roses I have ever seen their petals red at the bottom, but white at the tips. My mouth opens a little as I look at the roses, his smiling face, the room with the rose petals everywhere, candle burning all around. I turn my awe struck gaze back to him. He is looking at me, as if he knows how much I want him. I take the roses from him, bring them up to my face and breathe in their sweet scent. They smell so wonderful.

Lowering the flowers, and peering over them I ask, "What is going on?"

Man: His voice, deep and sensual, says, "I just wanted to show how much you mean to me my dear. You are very beautiful and the time that I spend with you makes me happy beyond belief, so I wanted to let you know and this is my way of showing you just how special you are to me."

Woman: Stunned, I lean forward, and touch his face. "You just made me the happiest women in the world. I can't believe you did all this."

Leaning forward I give him a kiss. It is soft and I feel desire rising deep within me. I lean back, smell the roses again, and look at him. Do I dare hope there could be more?

Man: Emboldened by her kiss, I decide to take the next step. I stand and pull her to her feet, taking her in my arms, lifting her off her feet, and kissing her passionately.

"I'm so glad you like it."

I set her gently back down on her feet and twirl her across the room to another door.

Looking at her I say tentatively, “More than anything else at this moment, I would be the happiest man in the world if you would make love to me."

Woman: I was taken aback by his kiss. I can feel the longing he has for me. The desire I have been feeling almost explodes and then his next words send my head swimming. As he holds me, I am not sure I have heard him correctly. I want this more than I care to admit to myself. I need to be sure this is truly what he wants.

So I ask, "Are you sure this is what you want?" and I hold my breath as I wait for his answer.

Man: "More than anything else in the universe at this moment," I reply.

As I stop twirling her around, I open the door to another room.

"In here, you can freshen up if you like."

I look at her with hope in my heart and move to the table to open the wine and pour out a couple of glasses, awaiting her response, hopeful that she will not reject my advances.

Woman: Seeing the look of desire in his eyes, and feeling my heart just pounding, I look through the doorway and see an elegant bathroom. I walk over to him and take a glass. I take a sip of the wine and I look around the room, taking in again all of the things that he has done to make this evening special. I already know the answer to his question, but want to savor this moment just a little longer, the anticipation building as he waits for my answer. A warm, sensual feeling washes over me, I look back at him, his eyes questioning whether I will accept or refuse. He is so cute at this moment. I set the glass down and stand inches from him, noticing again how he smells so good. I reach for his hand and taking his index finger, I dip it into the wine. Looking at him, seeing the question in his eyes, I place his finger in my mouth and suck the wine off it, giving him a taste of what is yet to come. I take a deep breath, look up into he eyes and reaching up to take his head in my hands, lower his head down and I kiss him with as much passion as he kissed me with before he asked. His arms go around my waist pulling me closer to him. My breasts are pressed tightly to his chest.

I pull back just a bit and whisper, "I would love to make love to you tonight."

Then pulling away from him, letting my hands slide down his muscular chest, I slowly walk into the other room and shut the door. I stand there for a moment as I collect my thoughts and catch my breath.

Man: She stops at the door but does not go through it and for just a moment I fear that I have moved too fast and she is going to refuse me. She walks over and takes the glass of wine that I have poured for her. I feel my heart stop beating as I wait for her answer. Could I have misread her so badly? Did I move too fast? She takes my hand and dips a finger into the wine. My heart begins to race. She raises my finger to her mouth and sucks it; her tongue moving around my finger, and the gentle, yet firm pressure she is applying sends shocks though my body. I am just about ready to sweep her off her feet when she pulls my finger out, reaches up, and pulls me to her lips. Her kiss is passionate; telling me that she desires me as much as I do her. Her whispered response electrifies me. Happy beyond belief at her response to my bold question, I watch her move back across the room and enter the bathroom.

As she pulls the door shut behind her, I call out to her, "There is a silk robe in the closet there if you would like to get more comfortable."

I gulp down the wine in my glass. I then move to pour another glass, which I set near the bed and pull out a final surprise from the chilled box on the table; chocolate covered strawberries. Selecting a few of them, I place them on a small plate near the glass of wine and move to the bed where I pull down the covers and quickly undress while I wait. I slip beneath the cool cotton sheets awaiting her return and using the remote, I turn on the stereo to play some light jazz.

Woman: Smiling, I close the door and begin to get ready. When I have finished I see the robe that he told me about, but I also see one of his shirts. I decide to put that on instead of the robe. I button only the bottom three buttons so it is open to the navel. I position the shirt so that it just barely covers my breasts. I open my purse and take out a small bottle of perfume; Ysatis, which I know he likes, and dab it behind my ears, down my cleavage, and behind my knees. Looking in the mirror one last time, I am pleased with how I look wearing his shirt, only showing enough to entice him. I turn out the light before opening the door. I stand for a moment in the darkened doorway and then tentatively walk into the room. A giggle escapes my lips seeing him in the bed, waiting for me. I slowly walk up to him, moving my hips to the music. When I reach the foot of the bed, I dance seductively to the soulful sounds of the jazz playing on the stereo, giving him a hint of what he will have, but not showing him anything just yet, letting his imagination take over. When the song ends, I stand at the foot of the bed looking at him.

Man: Seeing her there, moving to the music, I am greatly aroused and beckon for her to come and lay next to me with a silent gesture. Seeing her dressed only in one of my shirts fuels my desire for her.

Woman: I crawl up to him from the foot of the bed, making sure that as I do, he can see down the open shirt. I can see how aroused he is and knowing the effect that I am having on him adds to my own excitement. As I approach him slowly, like a cat stalking its prey, I am already moist just thinking of him touching me. I do not lie down, but kneel at his side, both hands on the bed, leaning slightly forward.

Man: I can see her luscious breasts as she crawls towards me and devour them hungrily with my eyes. She stops short of laying next me and I see her, kneeling at my side. I shiver in anticipation as I wonder what her next move will be.

Woman: I sit back on my heels and spread my legs wider apart so that he can catch a glimpse of my sex just past the shirttails. My body is aching for his touch; wanting him, my senses singing with desire.

Man: Seeing her exposed sex, I can resist no longer, and I reach out to caress her gently, wanting to touch it, but unable to reach, unless she changes position and moves closer.

I am overcome with a desire to kiss her there and beg of her, "Please allow me to taste you?"

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