Maid's Help


Let me start by saying how much I love to jack off, but not just jack off but to get caught doing and being humiliated is such a turn on for me.

So as I check into a room at a local hotel I asked for a ground floor one so I could start my plan on getting caught. First I wrote a note to put on the outside of my door saying "Be Right Back" and taped it just above that new card key thing slot. Then proceeded to get naked and start rubbing my cock to full mast, after I was all worked up I called the Front desk, and told them the room they had given me had no towels. The women on the phone sounded so sexy I almost shot my load on the spot, so I released my cock, I was so hard at this point it hurt. She was so apologetic say "Sir, I am so sorry I will send a maid right away". Now my plan was on the move.

The maid thinking there was nobody in the room she never knocked thanks to my little note and came right in. She didn't see me right away till the door had shut behind her. She was a beauty. How they got her to work here looking like she did I don't know. But she was speechless her eyes got big she tried to talk but nothing came out. That is when I reassured her while stroking my cock, "It is alright can you please just stand her and watch" she came right back with a sharp "NO" but she made no move to leave. I think she was memorized at the sight of my stroking my cock up and down. Then I had to tell her " You can make fun of me and joke" "If you want to go get some of your friends and you can make a party of it."

Now she was getting into it. She said "OK" without taking an eye off me and walked toward the door. All she could muster was "Don't you even think about cumming till I get back you dirty little boy" WOW that was awesome I had to stop before I blew it. A few minutes later the door opened again and a group of 4 maids came into the room. All of them giggling and pointing at me stroking my cock and covering their mouths. The one that came in the first time got brave and started saying "Look how cute he has a hard on" "then they would all chime in "AWWWWWW" "How cute"

Then it started more then I bargained for they surrounded my bed One of the maids went to the bathroom and returned with the toilet brush saying "Let's fuck him with this and really make him cum and feel like a dirty boy". The other maids approached me and bent me in half, so my cock was pointed inches from my face. They started to spank me while laughing and saying, "Look at how pathetic he is with a hard on and beating off can't even have sex with a woman has to jack off in front of women to get off." "Oh is that cute his cock in hand stroking it looking at him getting spanked like a little boy".

They continued to spank me, warning me if I came to quick they would each spank me till I cried. How bad could that be my ass was already red and pain was shooting through me, but then I felt the cool feeling of the hand lotion they were speeding on my ass when I looked up they were lubing up the shaft of the toilet brush handle. "Ok little boy are you ready to get fucked by four clothed women making fun of you jacking off?" I could feel the cum building up in my balls as they started to tighten up the one maid noticed this and grabbed my hand off me shaft and refused to let me to continue to jack off. The continued to laugh at me. But hey they were looking at me up close and even touching me but then I felt it the end of the handle enter my ass again. I tightened up, they started chanting to the other maid, "fuck him like a little bitch, fuck him hard and deep". Again I felt myself getting ready to shoot my load but they noticed this again and pulled the handle out "Not so fast we aren't done with you yet dirty boy".

They started to pet me like an animal, "That's a good little boy, that's a good boy" after I got past that stage of cumming they traded the handle off to the next maid who proceeded to fuck me like a whore. This time they let me stroke my swollen cock, one of them started to smack my ass while one fucked me and they all made fun of my jacking off, this time I couldn't stop myself I was stroking so fast it was a blur they all started laughing again. "Look he is going to cum isn't that cute" "stroke that dick, stroke it harder" they were chanting and they made sure my cock was pointed right at my face, "Open your mouth boy" they ordered me. I did as they said I just wanted to cum at this point I could feel the handle going in and out of my ass faster harder and deeper then before I couldn't hold back any more. I started to cum, the first jet hit my nose the next right in my mouth followed by another then the last two hit my chin. The forced my mouth shut and told my to swallow my own cum. "There you go, dirty boy, eat your cum" the one was saying to me.

They still didn't stop fucking me, the handle kept going in and out of my ass, one of the maids started to strip saying. "This little slut is going to eat my pussy till I cum". She got up on the bed the one maid unfolded me but left the handle in my ass. Next thing I knew her pussy was on my face, she was grinding it hard on my nose and mouth telling me "Fuck me with my tongue you little freak and don't even think about putting you little dick beaters on me" she started to moan out loud. The other maids had pulled their skirts up and were rubbing their clits what a sight to see next thing I knew the maid on my face was cumming and I tried to suck it all in. I swear they all came at the same time. With that they said they were going to leave but not before they tied me up so they could come back throughout the day and make fun of me and fuck me when they wanted to. They tied me up so again my cock was inches from my face and the handle in my ass.

What they did next got me hard again instantly, they all left but they propped the door to my room open so now anybody that came by would see me. Then they wrote a note and read it to me. "Please come in and make fun of me and if you want to fuck me feel free and ram the handle in and out. If you are a man you can fuck me if you want and if you are a women you can make me cum. and eat my own cum" They all started to laugh and left the room.

Every time I heard footsteps I got excited and scared. A few hours later the maids returned to see me with used condoms all around me cum dripping from my ass and my mouth. 5 men must have fucked me and I came eight times that day and ate so much cum I wouldn't have to eat for a week. They started to laugh at me but I guess they felt bad and cleaned me up but they said they needed to fuck me one last time so I spent the next two hours getting rammed by the toilet brush and made to get theses maids off and cum in my own mouth. Boy I can't wait to go back to that hotel.

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