tagBDSMMaids Turnaround Ch. 02

Maids Turnaround Ch. 02


A short recap of Part One, in case you didn't read it. Lauren was flat broke, destitute, and needed a job quickly after leaving an abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She took a job as a maid at a mansion owned by the lovely and rich Rickey. The job turned out to be Rickey's personal slave and to the large, affluent clientele of women Rickey billed to visit her extensive bdsm chamber. Lauren had a complete meltdown when Rickey started trying to dominate her, perhaps a product of all the pent up frustration and anger at her own years in a very abusive relationship. Anyway, she took over control, and began to switch the tables on Rickey, and much to her surprise, Rickey succumbed to her, and became the slave, as did the first customer how happened upon the switched role escapade.

In part one, we left Lauren whipping her two new pets, Rickey (the owner of the bdsm chamber) and Lydia (a customer of the chamber) as Lydia doggie fucked Rickey on the floor.

Lydia was grasping at Rickey's hips with both hands, and pulling her hot ass towards her as she pummeled her with her strapon. Rickey alternated between low moans, and high pitched whimpers as she started to feel her body building towards yet another shattering orgasm. Lauren, now content with having her two dogs fucking, began to stroll about the chamber, taking in all the tools of punishment, mixed with the elaborate décor. She stopped when she came to a desk in the corner. It was a rich mahogany desk, imposing in its enormity. On the desk she noticed an appointment book, and reached down to flip to the day's date. She saw Lydia's name at her appointed time, and noticed she was only listed for an hour. The next name on the list brought Lauren to a heightened state of hatred. There at 2:30 PM was her rat bastard ex-boyfriend! She picked up the appointment book and quickly walked over to her two pet doggies, still fucking like crazy. She walked up to Rickey and slapped her face with the book so hard it brought her back from her erotic trip.

"What the hell is this!" she screamed as she pointed out the 2:30 appointment.

"Darren has been a long time customer, he requests my most attractive maids, and thoroughly enjoys punishing them most severely. It has been difficult for me to find maids willing to go through a second appointment with him. He was one of my first customers, before I started trying to deal only with female customers. He pays dearly for his adventures so I have let him remain a customer, Rickey relayed.

"So you were planning on letting him have his way with me today?" demanded Lauren.

"Yes, once my previous maid saw his name on the appointment book, she quit."

Lauren took the crop she still had in her hand and whipped Rickey across her hanging breasts. "Get up now doggie." She also whipped Lydia across her now reddened buttocks and screamed "Let her up now bitch, you'll get more later."

As her two newly formed slaves stood up, naked before her, Lauren smiled and said, "Ok, I have a plan to make Mr. Darren's little visit here today one he will not soon forget, and I am going to need you two do to exactly as I say."

"Yes Mistress", they both whispered.

"Where are the maid's uniforms you use for his visits?" asked Lauren to Rickey.

"They are in the closet over there," Rickey said pointing to the corner of the huge room.

"Go over there and get one for each of you and put them on right now!"

"Yes Mistress."

While her two slaves busied themselves getting dressed, Lauren was still formulating her plan.

The built up hatred inside of her for this scum bag was beginning to give way to the excitement of what she was dreaming up for him. She felt the warmth of her pussy, and the ensuing juices beginning to flow. "Oh this is going to be so sweet," she said to herself.

Breaking out of her little spell of reverie she glanced at the old fashioned wall clock above the closet and saw that it was almost time for his arrival. "Hurry up you two, it is almost time, I need you dressed and ready to let him in and bring him down here." She whipped both on their butts, causing squeals of painful delight, and her two slaves rushed to finish dressing each other. Lauren could see they were beginning to bond somewhat in their new, shared position. She could see their hands lingering on putting on the push up bras that were part of the maid's outfits. She could see the looks in their eyes as they feasted upon each other's beautiful bodies. Making a mental note, Lauren told herself to use this in the future, but right now she had more important things on her mind. Her thoughts raced as she quickly devised how the turd's visit would unfold.

She walked over to her now tantalizingly dressed maids and began to tell them how they were to proceed in her master (Mistress) plan. Both maids giggled as they heard the plan unfold and their parts in it. They marveled at their new Mistress's imagination and quickly learned punishment practices.

"Ok, you both understand your parts?"

"Yes Mistress".

"Go wait for him at the door, and promise him an appointment he will never forget!"

The two maids scurried out to the main entrance area, giggling, excited to put their Mistress's plan into effect.

"Welcome Mr. Darren" Rickey said as she opened the door and let him in.

"Wow Ms. Rickey! You? In a maids outfit? And who is this delicious tender morsel?"

"This is Lydia, she will be joining me in your session today, one you will truly never forget!"

Lydia cringed at this obviously chauvinistic pig's remarks. "God I cant wait for his "treatment" she thought to herself. "What an asshole" Rickey mouthed to her as she turned to bring Darren into the chamber. Lydia smiled and winked, Rickey winked back, but hers what not a smile, but an evil grin.

Lydia could see how Lauren might have fallen for this guy. He was what could only be described as a hunk. 6' 3" tall, with a totally ripped body that he was not shy about exaggerating in his tight clothes. His bright blue, almost bedroom eyes set off his attractive face. His blond hair was cut in a Marine wannabe crew cut, which allowed his tanned face to be seen clearly. It was quite evident, that if someone wanted to love him they would be second in line. No one could love him more than he loved himself.

He strode with his forced confidence as he followed the two maids, marveling at the show they put on with their asses wiggling freely beneath their skimpy maid skirts. He gazed up and down their wondrous legs and almost licked his chops in anticipation.

Rickey opened the door to the chamber, and the lighting had been dimmed, there were a few scented candles (lavender) burning, as well as some lavender oil in the incense burners. Soft, romantic music was playing in the wonderful surround speaker system.

"Ok you two, directly over to the wall shackles you go! But before I chain you, both of you take off my clothes, so you can see the treat you will be enjoying as soon as I am done with you!"

The two maids quickly responded by undressing him, Lydia gasped a bit when she saw the size of his penis. Even flaccid as it was now, it had to be over 8" and huge in girth as well. "What a shame to have this wondrous body wasted on this fool" she thought to herself.

Rickey of course had seen him many times before so was no longer attracted to the body, for the man inside made the outer shell very forgettable.

Darren reached out and grabbed Lydia by her left wrist and tugged her mightily towards the wall shackle area. He reached out with his other hand to grab the left wrist shackle and locked on Lydia's wrist. He continued with the other side and the two leg shackles that were spread so far apart, Lydia was almost beyond her stretching limit. She had never felt so vulnerable in her life as she stood on tip toe, he legs spread wider than she thought they could spread, with her arms also spread, showing her naked backside to this cruel animal. She looked over her shoulder to see Rickey getting the same treatment.

Darren picked out the cat o nine tails and walked back over to his two chained slaves, his anticipation causing him to become erect, his large, hard penis flopping around as he walked towards the women.

He reached back and let loose a tremendous blow to Lydia's back, causing her to scream out in agony, and tears to begin to flow. She was not used to being on the receiving end of these blows and was not prepared for the enormity of the pain she felt. As the pain began to subside just a bit, he rendered another practiced blow, this time a little lower, just above her beautifully rounded ass cheeks. Once again she recoiled in agony, screaming loudly for him to stop. This of course only fueled his fire and his next blow was a direct hit on her ass cheeks. The pain made her body go limp, being held up only by the shackles.

She heard him shuffling and knew she would have a reprieve as he now turned his attention to Rickey. She heard the swish of the whip before the crack on Rickey's back, and then her scream. She mustered the strength to turn her head to look over and could see the welts oozing a bit of blood on Rickey's back, and could only wonder what her own backside looked like. She wished Lauren would put her plan in effect soon.

"Ok bitch, get ready for another," she heard Darren scream. Once again she strained to look back to see his arm pulled back in readiness to strike another blow to Rickey. This time however his arm got stuck, as it had a snap lock wrist shackle applied to it that had been attached to a whipping post by a pulley aided chain. The pulley lock had been snapped just as the wrist shackle had been applied which held his arm pulled back. He tried to regain his balance, but the pulley wench motor had been turned on, and it now pulled him off his feet. His naked body was now being dragged across the cold tile floor towards the whipping post.

"What the FUCK!" he screamed.

"Why hello Darren, long time no see'" purred Lauren as she looked at her now helpless ex-lover.

"Lauren?!?!? What the hell are you doing?"

"Well Darren my sweet this is your lucky day, for you are now going to get a taste of your own medicine. Yes, my dear, paybacks are hell, and you will be wishing you were in hell, rather than here, with me and my two maids." With that she whipped her crop across the tip of his penis that was laying on the floor as his body had been turned to its side by the powerful wench motor.

"Now don't go anywhere hun, I'll be right back to attend to your 'needs'", cooed Lauren as she walked over to her two maids, and unfastened them from the wall. She took the soothing cream/healing ointment and rubbed her two slaves backs for them with a tenderness that made both Lydia and Rickey melt. She also noticed that it started to make Darren hard, so she took her sweet time, to really massage in the lotion, taking special care of each of her maids sweet asses, letting her fingers slide in and out of their cracks, creating beautiful moans and whimpers of joy from the two.

"I'm sorry you had to go through that, but we had to get him relaxed enough to not hear me come in and get the post ready"

"It's ok Mistress, we are happy to help you in every way," whispered Rickey, and Lydia nodded her approval. Both women pushed their asses back to Lauren's nimble fingers, trying to make them enter their now wanting puckered rosebuds

Lauren smiled at her lovely slaves and said, "Ok ladies, let's get started. We need to use the wench to get him up on the whipping post, put the leg spreader on him and get down to business."

Lauren's maids gladly began following her instructions and in no time, Darren was lashed to the whipping post, his arms around it, and chained tightly together. The steel spreader for his legs had the ankle locks put on, tightly, causing much discomfort to the still bewildered Darren. Several times he tried to compose himself, but in the compromising position the ladies had put him in, composure was not an option.

Lauren waltzed around her new found toy, marveled at the work her two lovely maids had done, and complimented them on their fine work, much to their enjoyment.

"So ladies, after the wonderful job you've done to prepare our subject for his initiation into the power of Femdom, I think it only fair that you two should get the first turns at our so far unwilling subject.

"OH YES Mistress" they both cried out in unison. They did not have to be told twice. Lydia went straight for the same cat o nine tails Darren had used on her, Rickey wanted something a bit stouter, and went for the 2' paddle, with sandpaper and holes drilled through it to allow for maximum speed and discomfort. They took turns, smiling at each other as they began the torture of Darren. Lydia was the first, and her practiced knowledge of the nine tailed whip soon resounded with wonderful cracks on Darren's back. As soon as she pulled her whip away, Rickey used a two handed approach to wielding her paddle, and was able to apply a powerful smack to Darren's butt cheeks. He jumped in pain, screaming out, cursing them and threatening them with all sorts of depraved threats. The women just laughed and told him to just relax and enjoy the pain, for this was just the Hors d'oevre of the feast of pain they had in store for him.

Lauren was content for now, just to watch her two lovely maids applying their blows to her ex-lover. She loved watching their beautiful bodies, in their skimpy maid uniforms, with the push up bras showing their aroused and hardened nipples. Lauren loved the intensity Rickey showed as she waited her turn to deal her punishing blow. As she stood at the ready, her long beautiful blond hair with a slight tussle from the power of her blows made her almost irresistible to Lauren, who was still trying to sort out all these new emotions and thoughts she was going through.

She then turned her attention to Lydia, her dark skinned gorgeous maid. Her dark eyes now smoldering with the pure lust of one used to dealing out punishment and enjoying it to the fullest. She loved the beautifully toned muscles in Lydia's arms, and the way her lovely ass tightened up as she dealt her blows. So many new sensations, feelings and emotions had surfaced in Lauren in such a short time; she wondered what was happening to her. Here she was getting ready to punish the evil son of a bitch who had put here in the needy position to take a job as a maid, yet instead of thinking about that, she was getting turned on by her two new mail/slaves bodies. She shook her head and cleared her mind for the task at hand.

"Alright, alright ladies, enough for now, let's loosen the wench so we can turn him around, I want my turn now" said Lauren. As her maids did her biding, she felt her juices running down her legs, her heart pounding in her chest, and her breathing becoming gasps. She gripped her crop and felt the wave of hatred once again submerge her. As her maids stepped away, the pitiful Darren's nude body was presented to her, his head down, and little sniveling's barely audible emanating from him. She used the handle of the crop to put under his chin, to lift his sorry face. She let her eyes bore two holes through him as the tidal wave of anger began to take her. She laughed out loud as she saw the tears welling up in his eyes.

"You will regret the day you crossed me you miserable son of a bitch, you will regret the way you mistreated me. You had the best thing you will ever have and you blew it because of your selfish egotism." Lauren heard her words yet they sounded like they came from somewhere/someone else. Rickey and Lydia shuddered at the severity of her tone, and almost, almost felt sorry for him. Before Lauren started with her crop, she took her right arm all across the left side of her body, as far as it would go, then brought it back as fast and hard as she could to bring her back hand to the side of his face.

Her blow landed with such force, his face contorted and he ended up spitting out blood along with some of his "pride". His face and eyes no longer showed the shock, but now seemed dulled by the pain. Rickey and Lydia cheered their Mistress as they stepped closer to each other.

Lauren regrouped from her massive back hand, and dropped her fist to her knees, then brought it straight up, once again as fast and as hard as she could, landing a powerful bunch right to his chin. This blow threw his head back and actually caused him to black out for a minute. Rickey and Lydia cheered again, now arm in arm, then reached down to the buckets of water by the side of the whipping post and took turns to splash Darren's face with water.

He sputtered and returned to a somewhat state of consciousness. Lauren was now ready to begin with her crop. She first whipped each cheek, and then each nipple received a hard blow. Darren recoiled at each blow and the whimpering now became cries.

"Please Lauren, please! No more, PLEASE! I cant take anymore! You win, I will pay you back all the money I took, you can have the apartment and all the furnishings. I will be gone and leave you alone forever!"

"You can and you will take more, you will take everything I give you. And yes, you will return all my money, doubled! You can keep the stinking apartment, for I live here now, and as the new Mistress, I will make sure this is your very last visit to our grand establishment. I am sure today's appointment will see you leave, not ever wanting to return." And with that outburst, Lauren directed a perfect set of back to back crop shots to each of his balls, causing him to scream out louder than any time before, filling the chamber with his wails. His body made itself into an arc, trying to double up in pain, but with his wrists tied to the top of the post, and his legs clamped to the bottom of the post, and arc was as far as he could go. Rickey and Lydia both cooed their approval, as clapping was no longer available since they each had their hands caressing the others now exposed breasts.

"Move your show over here, in front of him, I want you to make him hard, giving me a larger target," directed Lauren to her maids. They quickly shuffled over, not releasing their grip of the other's breasts.

"Now, take off your clothes all together, and Rickey, get down and eat Lydia to orgasm. Lydia, you wait until I command you to cum." Rickey did not have to be told twice and eagerly got down on her knees in front of Lydia. She first feasted her eyes on Lydia's clean shaven pubic mound and how wet she already was. She reached up and spread Lydia's delicate folds and went directly to her now engorged clit, taking it entirely into her mouth, flicking the tip with the tip of her dancing tongue. Lydia moaned and closed her thighs around Rickey's head, forcing her even further into her. Rickey held Lydia's hips with her hands and moved her tongue to enter Lydia, then slowly move down between her two holes, and then a long languid swoop upwards again to the treasured, throbbing clit. Lydia could take no more and screamed "OH FUUUUUCK!!!!! I'm CUUUUUUUUMING!!!!" Her body convulsed as Rickey held onto her. Finally the throes passed and Lydia slumped into Rickey's arms.

This little show, even in Darren's sorry state had made him hard as a rock, his penis standing at full attention, even if the rest of his body could not.

Lauren took her eyes away from her two maids and noticed the show had produced the effect she had desired (as well as made her own pussy dripping wet with her flowing juices). She once again wielded her trusty crop and proceeded with a brutal all-out attack on Darren's raging hard on. It didn't take long for the pain of several direct hits to his very tip to reduce him to flaccidity again, with a reddened and bleeding penis. His shouts and cries throughout this current ordeal once again filled the chamber, echoing off the walls and floor.

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